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Forget Ecards! Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Send Beautiful Physical Greeting Cards

Yes, there are sites that make gorgeous Ecards, but nothing beats receiving paper cards in the mail. As Office Professionals, we all know the importance of greeting cards. Birthdays, new hire congrats and customer thank yous are just a few of the countless reasons to send memorable cards. But, greeting cards from Hallmark or Papyrus are so passé. Here are 5 fresh ideas on how to send one-of-a-kind greeting cards using the convenience of the latest technologies.


1. Felt: Handwritten Cards – Sealed, Stamped and Mailed. All from your iPad. $3.99 per card

Launched just a few months ago, Felt lets you send handwritten cards straight from your iPad. Simply browse through their variety of card designs and write your message with your finger or stylus. Felt then transforms your digital masterpiece into a high-quality physical card and mails it to the recipient. Not only are their cards stellar, but the customer service (especially from Founder/CEO, Tomer Albert) is top notch!

2. Paperwheel: Modern Theme Cards with the Age-Old Craft of Letterpress $6 per card

Located in OfficeNinjas’ hometown (Silicon Valley, WooHoo!), Paperwheel handcrafts each card using a 1923 letterpress machine. The founder, Elizabeth Weil, works in technology so its no surprise her themed cards contain clever, techie messages. Our favorites include “I love you more than my iPhone”, “I was programmed to like you” and “You’re more awesome than inbox zero”.

3. Postable: Send thank you cards using ultra-realistic handwriting fonts. $2.46 per card

If you don’t have an iPad to handwrite your cards using Felt, the next best thing is to use Postable. Postable is an online site that lets you select from a variety of thank you cards and type your message using handwriting fonts or vintage typewriter fonts. This makes it super efficient, yet still personalized, when you have to send a bulk of thank you cards. Use coupon code officeninjas for 20% off!

4. Treat: Create personalized, one-of-a-kind greeting cards. $3.49 per card

Treat allows you to personalize a card, both inside and out. Just select a card and personalize it with photos, fonts, sassy messages – anything that’ll let your creativity shine through. Stuck and can’t find the right words to write on the inside? Treat conveniently inserts recommended messages for every occasion.

5. Postagram: Send real photo postcards from your smartphone $1.99 per card

The free Postagram app lets you select photos from Instagram, Facebook and your Camera Roll to send a postcard – in the comfort of your palm! We love how the photo part pops out with the message on the back. At just two bucks a pop (which includes the cost of postage!), this is a super inexpensive way to bring a big smile to the lucky receiver of your card.

Have you used any of these snazzy services? Which one do you plan to use? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Culture Greetings, offers multicultural greeting cards across all holidays and occasions. They also mail them directly to the recipient.

  2. I would also like to recommend another service for cards…and gifts! SendOutCards! Also has a great contact manager, reminds you of special occasions, and is cheaper than most…less than $1 a card plus postage! Use your own pictures… we can duplicate your handwriting… and more! Happy to help anyone set up a FREE account, too :)

    1. Ha ha I read through all 5 and every time I thought. How is sendoutcards NOT on this list?!?

  3. I recently tried Postagram after seeing this post. My fiancee surprised me with friends showing up to join us at a baseball game for my birthday. I took photos with each of them. I figured I could go to Tiny Prints for the thank you cards but would cost me more since I also have to buy postage plus s&h of cards to me. I took each picture and sent it to them separately. Postagram sent me communications with the order, expected delivery and delivery date. I received tweets and text messages thanking me for the awesome Postagram. I actually saw one and the quality was great. TOTALLY LOVE IT! Turnaround time was about 5 days. I ordered on Saturday and it was received on Wednesday.

    I had a couple of questions since I use a Droid but also have an iPad and the help desk is great. Zeno always answered my questions. If you get a chance, give it a go.

    Sincerely also had other products that I ended up checking out but have not tried.

    I also tried Felt. Waiting to hear from my BF what she thought of it. I ordered it on the 5th at night, went out on the 7th. I’m sure my BF has received it but probably having a meltdown that she’s turning 40 so I haven’t heard from her yet. LOL

    Thanks, Nancy and Edwin for the GREAT post.

  4. Cool! I’ll have to remember about the Postagram next time I’m on vacation :)

  5. I’ve been using Treat for over a year now and I love it! For an annual “membership” fee, the per card price goes down.

  6. Going to Maui in October and this will be a great way to share the trip with the people back home. Can’t wait to try it.

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