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Count ‘Em, Ninjas—Admingling Is Coming to 12 Cities This Year

It’s true that Admingling started as a pregame. Back in mid-2015, we hosted mini gatherings to psych Ninjas up for OfficeNinjasIRL—but these intimate events gained traction fast and took on a life of their own.

After creating a model to scale and mentoring a few early volunteers, we realized we had carved out a core component of the community. The idea was to take everything Ninjas loved—interesting discussion topics, diverse attendees, offbeat venues, delicious food and drinks—and turn it into something that could be duplicated, and even tailored to a city’s needs, interests, and personality.

We’ve hosted over 10 events in a handful of major cities since perfecting the Admingling secret sauce. By blending the best of ‘who you know’ with ‘what you know’ in places like lounges and wineries, these events have covered everything from remote workplaces to career development. And we don’t have any plans to slow down in 2017.

In fact, the 2017 Admingling calendar is packed—and it’s got a bunch of new cities we’re launching throughout the year. To make each Admingling as awesome as possible, we need eyes and ears on the ground in every location from Dallas to London. (Yes, you read that correctly.)


These small teams, affectionately called the Events Crew, will help us source quirky venues and exquisite caterers while looping us in on the local admin community’s needs. Once those details are rock solid, the Events Crew will shout Admingling updates from the rooftops to reach newbies and loyal Ninjas alike.

Want to volunteer? Want to help spread the word? Want to sponsor? Fill out the form below!

Adminglings will always be small, intimate sessions of networking and indulgence, but we’ll group discussion topics by quarter no matter which city an event is in. Then, we’ll write a quarterly recap article to share highlights, and of course, pictures of the action.

Quarterly Admingling Themes for 2017


Q1: The Two Ps: Productivity & Processes

Bring your laptop! All Q1 Adminglings will focus on useful productivity tools (Slack, Asana, Zapier, etc.) to make your job a bit easier. Share your favorite resources and tools with your fellow Ninjas and together, we’ll uncover processes to streamline tedious tasks and improve inefficient ways of working. This meetup will benefit your entire office and make you a stealthier Ninja.

Q2: Cracking Company Culture

Get ready to talk people. All Adminglings from April through June will get into the touchy-feely aspects of teambuilding, remote offices, culture, and more. You’ll dish on what works, swap ideas with other Ninjas, and finally get the ask the questions you’ve been wondering about for months.

Q3: Innovate, Evolve, Impress

Time to revisit those New Year’s goals. From July to September, Admingling will dig into personal development as a component of career development. We’ll discuss innovation, growth, and making changes that benefit your career while satisfying your individual needs.

Q4: Turning Toward Tech in 2018

Things change fast, but we’ll help you keep up. Starting in October, the final few Adminglings will revolve around the future of work. New technologies, trends to watch, and interesting initiatives will drive discussions into the holidays.

Those sound pretty interesting, right?

Luckily, we’re making the rounds this year. We’ll be hitting up:

San Francisco / Silicon Valley / Seattle / Denver / Austin / Dallas / Chicago / Boston / New York City / Washington DC / Atlanta / London

To register for Q1 events, visit our event page. We’ll be opening up registration in new launch cities in the next few weeks, so make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter for updates!

Want to volunteer? Want to help spread the word? Want to sponsor? Fill out this form.


  1. Reno, NV…PLEASE!! :) Would love to help make this happen.

  2. I would love to have this in Philadelphia!

  3. When are you coming to Dallas?

  4. Question about admingling in Atlanta…I joined the mailing list months ago but haven’t received a single notification. Am I missing Atlanta events or is Atlanta still in the planning stages? #readytoadmingle

    1. Hi Jennifer! We apologize for the delay and thanks for taking time to reach out. We, unfortunately, had to delay our Atlanta launch plans but are optimistic for a 2018 event. We’ll reach out to you directly when we are in planning mode for AdminglingATL!

  5. When will you be coming to the Philadelphia/King of Prussia area. I would love to attend. These meeting look like so much fun.

  6. We need this in Sacramento, CA.

    1. YES… People head to SF or LA and forget that Sacramento is the capital of California. If you want to reach the leading Admin community in this state, you need to target an event in Sac!

  7. I just found you and really need some details.. Is this a one day conference? If I try to TDY (government approval required) do you have someone that would help with that? I noticed that you have D.C. as one of the sites, but did I miss it already?

  8. Is there an Admingling presence in the Baltimore area? Although 45-60 minutes away, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. have its own culture and metropolitan environment. It would be seemingly impossible to work a full day and make it to the Washington, D.C. events. Please advise.

  9. Can we have some love in Ohio? Am here in Dayton!

  10. I’m also curious if there is any presence in the Stamford, Connecticut area.

  11. Do volunteers get to participate? I’m in Washington D.C. and would like to volunteer.

    1. Volunteers are definitely in on the action, Heather! We’ll reach out to you next week :)

    1. We’re already in Austin and Dallas, so the Texan takeover is definitely underway!

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