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12 Affordable (Yet Awesome) Gifts for Your Office Friends & Gift Exchanges

Ah… the inevitable gift-giving season that comes around every year. Time to pick your Secret Santa, get involved in your team’s White Elephant exchange, and remind your fellow Ninjas and co-workers why it’s so great to have you around. (HINT: It’s more than just your fiendishly good looks.)

Now, we’ve been talking a lot about corporate gifting—finding just the right custom, branded gifts to impress your Board and VIPs. But, we get that these types of gifts (while still totally awesome) don’t really cut it for the more personal gifts you want to hand out to those special people around the office. So, just like last year, we’ve scoured the internet (and our own shelves) to put together this list of 12 Ninja-worthy gifts under $50!

Office Ninja Essentials

OfficeNinjas 2016 Desktop Calendar  $18

OfficeNinjas Calendar June

As much as we loved making our 2015 calendars, we’re pretty sure we (and our designer) outdid ourselves this year with our coloring book calendar! Your OfficeNinjas 2016 Calendar comes complete with a pack of OfficeNinjas colored pencils just perfect for filling in all the delicate lines and hidden Susy’s.

Compact, yet eye-catching, this calendar is the perfect addition to any desktop array—even when a bit tight on space. For a limited time, use promo code giftingninja to get 15% off!

MoMA Hidden Pencil Notebook  $15

MoMa Hidden Pencil Notebook OfficeNinjas (1)

If there’s one thing that’s a universally acknowledged truth (other than the fact that a single man of good fortune must be in want of a wife), it’s the fact that no one will ever turn down another notebook… especially if there’s a sneaky pencil attached!

These classy designs from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) bring the ninja spirit by hiding pencils in plain sight right in the notebook cover. Your giftee will never not be prepared to take notes in their next meeting!

Inspiring Reading Selections  ~$20

OfficeNinjas Books

We know how hard it can be to recommend a book to a friend or co-worker when you aren’t totally sure what they’re into. Luckily for you, our Ninjas have done the hard work for you, recommending collections of professional development books for those inclined and even a selection of non-business books that can appeal more widely.

With the Ninja feedback and our descriptions of each book, you’ll find just the right thing for the bibliophile in your life. (As a fun sidenote: Lead with Luv was co-written by Colleen Barrett, the secretary turned president of Southwest Airlines! The Admin Awards even named their most prestigious award after her!)

OfficeNinjas Chic Duffel Bag  $45

Office Ninja Retreat at Chaminade Resort & Spa #ninjaretreat-323

Clearly the ultimate gift for the other Office Ninjas in your life, the chic, classic style of our OfficeNinjas duffel bags offer the perfect carry-on, gym bag, or day bag experience.

And we’re not just saying that. Made by Scarborough & Tweed, these bags are built to handle the toughest travel experiences and day-to-day wear and tear. For a limited time, use promo code giftingninja to get 15% off!

Tasty Treats

Fruity Beer Jelly  $21

There are some novelties that just beg to be given to appreciative friends. But don’t worry Ninjas—this is no bacon-flavored gum (eww, by the way)—we’re talking beer jelly. While we may not recommend spreading it across toast like you would other jams and jellies, we think it could make an excellent addition to your co-worker’s next beer and cheese party. (Those are totally a thing, right?)

Bottega Louie’s Chocolate Heart Box  $50

Bottega Louie_ppc_heart_box_product (1)

You can never go wrong with chocolates (unless your giftee is allergic, in which case, maybe look to other items on this list), and you can definitely do no wrong when it comes to gifting Bottega Louie. This box of chocolate hearts shows your friends and co-workers how much you appreciate them without overstepping any boundaries… but we recommend you consider very carefully before giving a box to your office crush.

Winestyr “The Classy Thank You”  $37


What classier way is there to say “Thanks!” than with a beautiful box of delicious wines from Winestyr? Perfect for the lover of red and white, Winestyr has a presentation style that just screams to be gifted to friends in the office.

The Spice Lab’s Sea Salt Collection  $40

The Spice Lab (1)

Is there a foodie in your office who loves experimenting in the kitchen? The Spice Lab has the perfect gift for them! This collection of 11 gourmet sea salts will set your co-worker’s mouth to watering, inspiring them to try new recipes and maybe even bring one or two in for you to try as a show of gratitude. We can only hope, can’t we?

Fondue Mugs  $13

Who doesn’t love fondue? No one!

Who loves cleaning the full fondue set after dinner? No one!

We’ve found the perfect solution for your friends who are all about hosting small get-togethers without the muss and fuss. Microwave and dishwasher safe, prep is convenient and cleanup is a breeze. Plus, maybe this will mean you’ll be guaranteed on the list for their next game night!

Rad Gadgets

Moshi Moonrock Headphones  $40

Moshi Moonrock

Got a co-worker who’s always on the go? The Moshi Moonrock case headphones are perfect for the constant traveler, offering a compact earbud solution without the tangle of wires. And, if they’re as good at multi-tasking as you are, the built-in mic will even let them call into their meeting while driving to the airport. What could be better?

Misfit Flash  $29

There’s always that one person in the office who’s constantly working out, taking walking meetings, and trying to convert everyone else into gym rats. With a Misfit Flash from their favorite Ninja (that’s you), they’ll not only get to keep track of their steps and distance walked, but get insight into calories burned and the quality of their sleeping habits! Combine all of that with a stylish appearance and a crazy low price tag, the Misfit Flash is perfect for them and your wallet!

Aukey External Battery Charger  $15

Battery Pack (1)

We’ve all been there—you’re on the road waiting for an important call, when you realize your phone’s battery is dangerously low, and there’s no plug in sight. Not only is the Aukey External Battery Charger slim and easy to fit into your bag or pocket, but it has two USB ports and holds enough charge to power up your phone and tablet and have some to spare for the poor guy sitting next to you in the airport.

So when you draw the constant traveler in your office for Secret Santa, you know just what to give them.

What’s the best (or worst) gift you’ve ever received from a co-worker in a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange?


  1. I’ve been focusing on getting healthy and started working out so when you suggested the Misfit tracking device I ran to the store and picked one up. I absolutely LOVE it and had to let you know that it indeed is an Affordable and Awesome gift, to myself. LOL!

    1. That is music to our Ninja ears, Vonette! Thanks for sharing your story, we are SO glad you love the Misfit :)

    2. You’ll laugh, but while I was writing this, I did exactly the same thing! I especially love the sleep tracking! It helps me understand more clearly how much sleep I need in order to be my most productive self. :D

  2. Wonderful gift ideas! I need more OfficeNinjas calendars.

    Happy Holidays!


  3. Love the diversity of ideas; there really is something for just about everyone. I want that fondue mug for my desk.

  4. This year’s Ninja calendar brought so many visitors to my desk each time I changed it that it will have to be framed in a two-sided clear frame.. Coloring may bring in more students and faculty, a real group project, if I don’t do them all myself first. As for the other gift items…great ideas, all of them, so how to choose. Personal use, of course!

  5. Great ideas here. Only problem I see happening is having a hard time giving them as gifts and not keeping them for myself.
    Everyone was so envious of my 2015 OfficeNinja calendar and this year’s won’t be different!

    1. We feel you on that one, Leticia! But who said you have to get just 1 of the items you like as well? ;)

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