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10 Corporate Gifts to Please Even Your Pickiest Board Member

Oh boy, corporate gifts. We all know that finding the perfect gift for your company’s board members, VIPs, customers, and employees can be quite the challenge. You need something that’s professional enough for the office, but you don’t want it to be stuffy and boring. Ideally, you’d also be able to customize it with your company’s brand. Well, Ninjas, you’re in luck!

Just like last year, we’ve pulled together 10 creative holiday gift ideas that even the pickiest of people will love. Even better? They all have customization and branding options, and they start at just $5 each. We’ve even gotten thoughts from fellow Ninjas on each of the gifts. So, it’s time to spread some holiday cheer and get creative with the gifts you give your corporate contacts. Because—let’s face it—they probably already have more than enough fancy pens, business card holders, and leather portfolios.

1. Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

Company: eCreamery
Price: $50 + shipping for 4 pints
Minimum Order: 10 packs of 4 or 8 pints / 40 cartons total
Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours
Customization Options: Personalized title and logo
We don’t know about you, but we’ve never heard anybody complain about ice cream. So, it’s definitely one of those gifts that you can’t go wrong with. Flex your creative muscles by picking the perfect title for your eCreamery ice cream—it can be anything you want. Plus, you can add your company’s logo to the carton, so your recipients will never forget who’s responsible for those scoops of deliciousness. Be sure to check out eCreamery’s Corporate Gift Guide for even more amazing gift inspiration!

Ninja Thoughts

It would be great to have different teams create their own flavor and for the company to create one. – Tasha A., Operations Manager

One of each, please. And I promise someone will be onsite to receive the delivery. – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

My team loves ice-cream and to have it customized would be cool. – Corinne A., Executive Assistant to CEO

2. Send Them Packing

Company: Scarborough & Tweed
Price: Starting at $27.25 per bag, plus customization fees
Minimum Order: 24 bags
Turnaround Time: ~2 weeks
Customization Options: Logo’d ribbon, embroidery, stamped leather patch, zipper pull, and more | Bag Catalog

We all know that the holidays are an incredibly popular time for travel. So, send your professional contacts out in style with this Scarborough & Tweed durable canvas bag. These handy duffels are made completely in the USA, and there are plenty of different customization options for you to choose from. Plus, with their Give Back Program, each bag purchased will provide one meal for a person in need through the World Food Program USA. If that isn’t a way to spread the spirit of the holidays, I don’t know what is!

Ninja Thoughts

I especially like that Scarborough & Tweed ties it to a ‘give.’ – Linda P., Executive Assistant

I tend to lean toward gifts that are unisex, universal, and useful (the triple-U, apparently!) so I particularly like the duffel bag. – Nicole L., Administrative Assistant

They look well-constructed and the price point is reasonable. – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

3. More Sweet Treats

Company: Bottega Louie
Price: $5 – $200 each
Minimum Order: 5
Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours
Customization Options: Logo ribbon and/or sticker | Complete Gift Guide

Chocolate is the universal gift. And, much like ice cream, nobody ever whines about getting a box full of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. So, these Bottega Louie boxes of exquisite chocolates and macarons are sure to have everybody’s mouth watering. Add a logo ribbon and a sticker to the box, so everybody knows exactly who is responsible for this little slice of heaven. Oh, and remember our review of their delectable concoctions for Chocolate Day? Yeah, they’re so good, we just had to mention them again.

Ninja Thoughts

These look luscious… – Connie B., Executive Assistant

Just gorgeous macarons. – Corinne A., Executive Assistant to CEO

These look adorable and I’m sure anyone would be happy to receive a fancy box of sweets. – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

4. For the Wanderlust

Company: Moshi
Price: $32 each, plus customization fees
Minimum Order: 10
Turnaround Time: 3-5 business days, 2-3 weeks with customization
Customization Options: logo printing, depends on logo

As the perfect blend of tech and travel, this Moshi Xync is just right for the wanderlusters on your “nice” list. This handy tool fits right on a keyring and eliminates the need for hauling along extra charging cables when you’re on the go! How? It instantly turns into a Lightning to USB cable, perfect for syncing iPhones or iPads. Print your logo on the front, and all of your jet setting business contacts will be forever grateful to you for the added convenience!

Ninja Thoughts

I instantly honed in on the Moshi keychain. – Barbara G., Virtual Assistant

My husband would probably steal it from me and be a happy camper. – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

TOTALLY COOL. I want one, no a dozen, right now to hang on each one of my bags, in my car…. LOVE this. – Connie B., Executive Assistant

5. Healthy Snack Attack

Company: Love With Food
Price: $12-$50 each, depending on box type
Minimum Order: 30 boxes
Turnaround Time: one week minimum
Customization Options: sticker on box and/or greeting card

When you think of snacks, you might picture Doritos and chocolate covered pretzels. But, Love With Food proves that there are plenty of delicious munchies that aren’t totally terrible for you! Yep, this healthy snack box subscription is the perfect corporate gift, and you can even put your company sticker on the box and a personalized greeting card inside. As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, for every box sold, a meal is donated to a food bank in the U.S. Tasty snacks and amazing generosity? Well, say no more.

Ninja Thoughts

We are always looking for healthy alternatives for the office. – Corinne A., Executive Assistant to CEO

OMG, a gluten-free box! This would erase the dilemma of scouring the ingredients and hoping I didn’t miss a hidden wheat product. – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

How fun would it be to give these to roadtrip-bound employees! – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

6. Help Them Find Their Zen

Yoga Mat OfficeNinjas

Company: Abacus Marketing
Price: $13 each, includes 1 color imprint
Minimum Order: 40
Turnaround Time: 12-15 business days, rush shipping available
Customization Options: screen printed carrying bag

Let’s face it—life can get crazy. And, all of your board members and VIPs are likely dealing with hectic schedules, demanding assignments, and impending deadlines. Help them de-stress and decompress by gifting them this personalized yoga mat as your corporate gift. Screen print your logo on the convenient carrying bag, and they’ll always associate your company with peace and relaxation. It’s exactly what a busy person needs!

Ninja Thoughts

As a Yogini myself, I have not yet seen a mat with branded carrying bag. – Corinne A., Executive Assistant to CEO

7. Forget Business Casual


Company: Apliiq
Price: starts at $40 each, save up to 60% when you purchase 200+
Minimum Order: 5
Turnaround Time: 3-4 weeks, rush order available
Customization Options: Endless options!

Alright, so all of those people on your corporate gift list probably need to look pretty professional and put together during the workweek. But, come the weekend, they want to ditch the suits and pantyhose. Luckily, you can help them kick back and relax in style and luxurious comfort with these customizable hoodies from Apliiq. The customization options are literally limitless, so putting these together will be tons of fun!

8. Keep Things Fresh

The FruitGuys OfficeNinjas

Company: The FruitGuys
Price: $25 for a mini gift crate
Minimum Order: 5
Turnaround Time: 2-5 days
Customization Options: Personalized card at no extra cost

We all know that chocolates are absolutely wonderful. But, a crate full of hand-picked seasonal fruits and delicious nuts? Well, it’s delicious and healthy! The FruitGuys Holiday Harvest gift crate has their signature mix of farm-fresh fruit, as well as bags of seasoned nuts. The crates are available in four sizes, so you can pick the option that best fits your budget (or your recipient’s appetite!). And, they’ll throw in a personalized message on a card for no extra charge, making this gift extra special!

Ninja Thoughts

It is like giving/receiving a gift of health – yes! – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

Love them. We get 2 weekly deliveries and eat everything in about 2 days. Always fresh and sweet. – Kimberly Y., Executive Assistant

9. When in Doubt—Wine

Company: Winestyr
Price: Starting at $25, plus tax (one bottle) and $40, plus tax (two bottles)
Minimum Order: 1
Turnaround Time: 2-5 business days
Customization Options: Personalized, handwritten note at no extra cost, engraved corkscrews, logoed boxes, and much more

Who doesn’t love a great bottle of wine? Well, nobody. So, Winestyr is a safe bet for everyone on your list! Each box of wine includes a handwritten note to the recipient at no additional cost, plus an array of customized add-ons including engraved corkscrews and branded gift boxes. And, as an Office Ninja, we know you’re all about the details. You don’t need to worry about the quality of wine being compromised for the sake of convenience. The wine is top-notch, and the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

Take your creativity up a level by including this clever plant nanny with the Winestyr package. Your recipients will know exactly what to do with their leftover wine bottle. Reducing, reusing, and recycling—we love it!

Ninja Thoughts

I love that Winestyr provides additional branding options (everything is better branded). It adds that extra special touch. – Meg S., Operations Manager

I already have people in mind for the Plant Nanny!! – Lori L., Executive Assistant

Wine + green plants = great gift to give or receive. – Anonymous Ninja, Executive Assistant

10. Beat the Winter Blues

Company: Kiehl’s
Price: $18-$98 per gift package
Minimum Order: 10
Turnaround Time: 3-5 business days
Customization Options: personalized message

We all want to take great care of ourselves. But, that’s especially true in the winter months, when our skin gets dry and our lips get chapped. So, gift your corporate contacts with pure luxury with a set of amazing Kiehl’s products. They have tons of options for holiday gifts, like this $39 Men’s “Must-Haves” Collection. So, you’ll have no trouble picking out something perfect for everyone on your corporate shopping list!

Ninja Thoughts

I would like that myself since I am very interested in personal care. – Corinne A., Executive Assistant to CEO

You can’t really go wrong with Kiehl’s especially during the cold winters we have here. – MJ L., Executive Assistant

GREAT! It’s super cool that there are men’s and women’s sets! – Connie B., Executive Assistant

There you have it—10 clever and creative corporate gift ideas that will satisfy even your pickiest board member. Choose the perfect one for your brand and budget, be sure to include a handwritten note, and get ready to start spreading some holiday cheer! They can get another fancy schmancy pen from someone else this year.

What other great corporate gift ideas have you discovered? Share your favorites in the comments!


  1. These are helpful. We’ve decided to go the “thoughtful and useful” route by giving a custom framed print that celebrates service but doubles as a nice piece to hang in an office or home! We found it here:

  2. Thanks all for the input! I was curious if anyone had a tip for a distributed workforce/remote employees regarding gift cards for restaurants. I want to purchase one type of gift card that can be used across the US for dinner– any suggestions?

  3. Love gifts that appeal to both men and women. A few years of trying to customize gifts to clients individually was confusing and took more time than needed. When you pick a nice gift that appeals to both things go so much more smoothly. The wine would be a definite winner for our clients.

    1. Great point, Leticia! We’ve heard some cool stories about customized gifts, but it sure can take a LOT of time!

  4. We give out hoodies every year and people love them. The Apliiq hoodies look really cool, so I will definitely look into purchasing them.

    1. Awesome, Arrikka! Would love to hear your thoughts again if you end up going for it!

  5. Wow! So many great ideas to choose from! I love the wine, chocolate and ice cream options. If I had to choose just one, I would probably go with the wine, because that would be well received by all levels. Oh, and the fresh fruit would most definitely be welcomed by all. I have to keep healthy snack food on hand for various meetings, so I would definitely like to inquire with Love for Food. PS…I want that hoodie in my life 4-sure! Thanks very much for sharing!

    Evelyn Hall, Executive Assistant
    Time Warner Cable Texas Region

    1. Love it, Evelyn! The wine is definitely a good call for most recipients!

  6. What great, and different, ideas. Love the Moshi Xync. We’re a tech company. If we do gifts, I think this would be perfect

    1. Smart, Deborah! If you end up going for it, we’d love to hear what everyone has to say about the Xync!

      1. Hi Deborah! Thank you for sharing our love for the Xync. I carry one around with me all the time and it has come in handy on many occasions. Feel free to reach out to me ( if you have any questions about the Xync or any of our other stylish offerings.

  7. I love the idea of the Winestyr gift. This would be a good gift for all levels both internal and external. My second choice would be the Moshi Wanderlust. Kind of a nitch gift that would keep your logo in front of them all year long.

    1. The Winestyr gift definitely appeals to us on a few levels! And isn’t the Moshi keychain just fantastic? Perfect for any iPhone junkie!

    2. Hi Kim. You’re right! The Xync is a unique but practical product that recipients will use over and over. It’s great for both the iPhone AND Android Junkie! We also offer the Xync with the micro USB connector. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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