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We Asked, You Answered: How Can Office Ninjas Stay Relevant?

Hollywood and vintage Hanna Barbera would have you believe that, one day, all of our jobs will be performed by robots. While this seems like an extreme prediction, we get the thought process behind such a conclusion; the world and the workplace are ever-evolving, so it’s best to keep up with the times (lest you be replaced by a far more efficient android).

So, how can office ninjas stay relevant, up-to-speed and in-demand? We asked our online community via Facebook and LinkedIn and wound up with some pretty great ideas.

Keep Up With Technology

You know that super knowledgeable person who stays on top of upgrades and is always recommending new tech tools to make your life easier? BE that person. Office ninja Sheena agrees. She wrote: “Definitely keep up with technology and let your boss/clients know of any new developments that will help them… make yourself the ‘go-to’ person!” When you’re the office go-to, you’re more than just relevant—you’re invaluable.

Stay Social Media Savvy

This pointer comes from Michelle, for whom a working knowledge of social media has been a part of her last three out of four office ninja jobs. A solid understanding of social media trends can help you grow your role and is a huge asset to smaller companies as well as executives who need help managing their online platforms. Michelle advises reading “blogs, books, magazines” or connecting “with awesome websites/fan pages like OfficeNinjas!” We particularly like that last suggestion, Michelle.

Keep Learning

Make time for your own professional development and always look for new skills you can bring to the table and credentials you can add to your resume. Office ninja Brenda recommends seeking out certifications. She wrote: “I believe certifications help you keep up your professional development and, when looking for another opportunity, help you stand out from the crowd.” Seek out certifications in programs and software that relate to your job or industry, and consider picking up new, sought-after skills like coding or project management.

Be a Source of New Information

This is another way to be the “go-to” for your colleagues and your boss. Pay attention and understand what’s happening in your community, network, and industry so that you can be an active part of vital conversations and decision making. Office ninja Dru wrote: “I keep my executives informed of any changes in business activity, leadership and community involvement … so they are able to intelligently converse and see potential business opportunities on the horizon.”

Overall, ninjas warned against becoming stagnant. In order to stay relevant in any job, you have to continue to develop and grow professionally. Motivation, drive, and energy are key. Luckily, office ninjas tend to have these qualities in spades.

What are your tips for remaining relevant in an ever-changing work environment?


  1. In this ever evolving world of technology and information there is so much to learn. I love learning new information, tips, and tricks to help me be a go to person in my office and department. People are aware of the knowledge and help that I have provided to others and they are willing to come to me for help. I love being a resource to my colleagues and empowering them with knowledge. I am always reading articles, watching tutorials, and finding ways to improve my marketability.

  2. I make it a point of having a relationship with every one of our stakeholders. My peers, my bosses peers, and the chain of command above and below him. They are all important to our success. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make those connections. You never know when you’ll need to call on one of them for support. It also impresses the pants off your executive when you have their boss on speed dial. ;)


  3. I’m the ‘building maven’ – I know who’s moving in, who is moving out, what issues there may be, if repairs are scheduled, etc. I have a good relationship with the building super, and he lets me know when something is happening. I can then keep my staff informed if there are to be changes, updates, etc. It can be helpful to know NOT to park in a certain area because of construction/repairs instead of having to move your car later in the day.

    1. Such important info. Good pointer, Deborah.

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