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TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Part 2: 6 New Software Tools Ready to ROCK the Tech Scene

Last week we shared our 8 favorite, mobile business apps that debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. To continue with the second of the three part blog series, today we are sharing 6 brand new software tools ready to ROCK the tech scene!

Part 2: Roundup of 6 Brand New Software Tools

1. Vurb

Founded in 2012 by a team of young, bright San Francisco Engineers, Vurb has a lofty goal of changing the way we surf the web (yes, they are challenging internet giant, Google!). Here’s how it works: Say you have to organize a dinner for 20 executives. It would typically take searching through dozens of websites to collect all the info you need. With Vurb, you can do all of this on one web page. Vurb creates visual boxes with all the info you need – from restaurant suggestions via Yelp and OpenTable to mapping out directions. Vurb’s goal is to let you input and search without having to leave the search engine. See the founder of Vurb pitch their winning idea below!

Availability: Currently in private beta, signup here, Price: FREE

2. DocSend

Have you ever sent a document to someone but wondered if they ever opened it? Well, wonder no more! With DocSend you upload a document (only PDF files for now) to their cloud and then get a link to that file for you to email to others. Similar to how sharing a doc on Dropbox works, but the big difference is that DocSend tracks the activities of that doc. You get to see how many times the recipient opens the doc, how many pages she went through, how much time she spent looking at each page and even if she forwarded the doc to someone else. WOW.

Availability: Currently in private beta, signup here, Price: FREE

3. smashdocs

Step aside Word and GoogleDocs, smashdocs wants to revolutionize how we create, review and edit documents collaboratively. smashdocs is a web application that tracks every edit and addition made to a document, as well as the user making the changes. We tested their beta version and quickly saw how it can make reviewing documents easier, faster and seamless by automatically recording everything that changes. So, say bye-bye to manual comparisons of documents, confusion with endless file versions and communication chaos.

Availability: Currently in private beta, signup here (click on “Let me in!” button), Price: FREE

4. Workable

Calling all People Operations and Startup Office Managers! Workable helps SMBs improve the quality and efficiency of hiring by simplifying the most time-consuming task: browsing, screening and managing candidates. Workable replaces resumes with online profiles filled out by applicants on online forms. It’s simple, efficient and easy to use.

Availability: online, Price: FREE 15 day trial, $19-$399 monthly fee afterwards

5. AirHelp

If you’ve ever experienced an airline delay or cancellation (really, who hasn’t?!), AirHelp is here to be your advocate. Did you know you are legally entitled up to $800 for the inconvenience? But who wants to spend countless hours filling out paperwork and being on the phone with the airlines. AirHelp takes on that hassle for you. The only thing you need to do is give AirHelp your flight info and they take care of the rest. And, they only take 25% if they get you compensation, zero otherwise. It’s just that simple.

Availability: online, Price: FREE to submit claim, they take 25% compensation only if you get paid

6. YumvY

This one probably won’t be used in the office but it’s most definitely a fun and helpful tool for your home. YumvY makes it easy to explore and cook complicated meals with friends from start to finish. Just create your menu from hundreds of specially curated recipes, select the number of people who are cooking with you, and decide how many people you are going to serve. From there, YumvY organizes the meal preparation instructions for everyone cooking and provides easy, step-by-step guidance while cooking. The automatic cooking timer tells everyone exactly how long each step will take, the amount of time remaining and alerts you when to move to the next step. If you need groceries, YumvY will automatically organize an aggregated shopping list based on the menu you created. This app really shines and makes it super easy for non-cookers to get involved and have fun cooking.

Availability: online, Price: FREE

Smart, supercool tools, right? Which ones would you use? Share what you think in the comments section below!


  1. AirHelp is by far my #1 – met the guys @collision and they F§$%ING ROCK!

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