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TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Part 1: Roundup of 8 New Killer Business Apps for Office Pros

At OfficeNinjas HQ, we are constantly searching for the latest and greatest tech tools to help you be more efficient. Last week we traveled from SF to NYC to attend TechCrunch Disrupt – the largest, most coveted 3-day tech conference where hundreds of early stage tech startups from around the world gather to show off their products in hopes of becoming the next BIG thing. The conference also had amazing panels and fireside chats with tech industry’s leading superstars, such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Founders of BirchBox and CEO of the controversially popular app Whisper.

The startups we met were all in different stages, some barely had a prototype while others had the product launched for a couple of years. There were so many new products we found fascinating for office pros that we’re going to share with you the most impressive ones in 3 separate blog posts. Because many of these products are brand spanking new, you may experience some kinks, but who knows, one of these apps may very well be the next Uber (now worth $4B in just under 5 years!).

Part 1: Roundup of 8 Killer Business Apps for Office Pros!

1. AirSig

AirSig uses fingerprinting identification to login to your mobile apps. Let’s say you want to login to your Facebook app. Simply hold your phone as if it was a virtual pen and write “FB” in the air and BOOM, you’re logged in to Facebook. The authentication technology recognizes your virtual penmanship thus making it impossible for others to login. We were so blown away that we had to take a video to share how it works.

Availability: Android, Price: FREE

2. TicketZen

TicketZen is the easiest way to pay a parking ticket with your phone. Just scan the barcode, enter your credit card info and you’re done. Getting a parking ticket is a pain but TicketZen makes it easier to get it off our plate!

Availability: Apple (LA, SF, DC, Chicago, Boston, NYC) | Android (limited to Boston area), Price: FREE

3. Fetch

Fetch is a personal buying assistant that makes buying easy. You can describe any product you want to buy – using text, voice or photo, and one of their personal shoppers will find the best price available online and place the order on your behalf. Ordering anything for the office has never been easier!

Availability: Apple (US) | Android (US), Price: FREE

4. Paradine

Paradine is a restaurant recommendation app built for the business crowd. It allows working professionals to save and share their favorite restaurants among their trusted network, instead of digging through thousands of online reviews written by strangers. Use it for yourself or your executives!

Availability: Launching on the Apple App Store June 2014, Price: FREE

5. Calvin

Calvin promises to revolutionize the way people make plans. Calvin is the combination of a smart calendar, to-do list, and messaging application. Calvin not only allows you to view your current calendar, but also to create and store events without a final time, location, or invite list. From here, all invitees can collaborate on putting an event idea on your calendar. Skip the inbox and BEGIN making plans with Calvin.

Availability: Request an invite here to be an Apple App beta tester, Price: FREE

6. Parking Panda

Parking Panda makes it easy to reserve parking in advance from your computer or mobile phone. No more circling the block looking for a spot, with Parking Panda you can reserve and be guaranteed that a spot is waiting for you, plus you’ll get exclusive discounts to parking lots, garages and private spaces!

Availability: OnlineApple | Android (major cities in the US), Price: FREE

7. TravAlarm

TravAlarm is an intelligent alarm clock radio and travel companion. While you sleep, TravAlarm monitors travel networks and conditions. If it spots an issue that will impact your journey, it will wake you up a little earlier so that you can avoid the delay and frustration. During your journey, TravAlarm calculates your likely arrival time using real time network data. Never again will traffic, accidents and subway delays impact your travel!

Availability: Android, Price: FREE

8. reShoot

reShoot makes it easy for anyone to create perfect videos with their “edit on the fly” technology. Some key features: rewind to select the footage you want to discard and reshoot, pause recording to start a new scene, insert newly recorded footage or import a clip, record new footage on an old video and easily clip and stitch multiple video clips together.

Availability: Apple, Price: FREE

Cool, useful apps, right? Which ones would you use? Share what you think in the comments section below!