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What Self-Care Means to Ninjas

OfficeNinjas All-Star Mimy Wraspir

Thanks to our Admin Week festivities, Admingling events, and vibrant online community, we get to spend time talking shop with Office Ninjas from all over the country. Between productivity hacks and goal-tracking strategies, we cover a lot of ground and touch on a variety of different topics. Yet, no matter what’s being discussed, one issue always seems to come up: self-care.

Ninjas value self-care. They know that overall wellness is important. Yet many struggle to prioritize it. It’s the whole “cobbler with no shoes” predicament; when it’s your job to make sure others have what they need to succeed, you don’t always remember to do the same for yourself.

Ready to finally prioritize self-care?

We combed all of our recent Admingling discussion notes to find what self-care savvy Ninjas — the pros who get it in theory and execution — have told us about their practices, including what self-care really looks like (hint: it’s more than just pedicures) and how to find ways to fit it into your everyday. We picked out the pearls and shared them below.

Note to Self: Care in 2020

There are many ways to start practicing self-care this year — or take your current routine to the next level. Here’s what wellness-focused Ninjas have to say. Pick two (or as many as you like, you overachiever!), and commit to more self-caring today.

Let Go of “Work-Life Balance”
It sounds counterintuitive, but chasing after an abstract concept of work-life balance may actually increase your stress level more than any perceived imbalance.

Savvy Denver and Los Angeles Ninjas have learned through experimentation to blend personal and professional demands, knowing that a 9-to-5 schedule or “leaving work at the office” just isn’t always realistic.

Maybe they answer emails at night BUT also periodically work from the comfort of home. Or they accept the long hours that come with big projects BUT make sure to be 100% present when they spend time with their friends and family.

Bottom line: the ideal work situation is the one that both you and your manager negotiate in partnership — and these Ninjas agree that taking the first step is on you.

Invest in Your Career
When you feel strong in your career, you feel good about yourself. Commit to making time for professional development, whether that’s taking a course, learning a new skill, reading educational material, or attending a professional networking event (like Admingling!).

In their notes, Dallas Ninjas were adamant that this is another case where you’ll need to take the initiative. Not every manager is clued in; so, if you wait for your boss to suggest professional development, you may be waiting a long time!

Make Time to Move
The physical and mental health benefits of exercise are undeniable, but remember, you don’t need to spend an hour at the gym every day to be fit.

Busy San Francisco Ninjas find creative ways to sneak movement into their packed schedules. Biking to work, lunchtime runs, breakroom yoga, 10-minute stairwell sprints — it all counts.

Bonus: Exercise is also a great way to clear your head or calm anxiety.

Approach the Day With Mindfulness
Worrying about the past or constantly fixating on what comes next only robs you of the present. But the anxiety can be difficult to silence. A study from the Max Planck Institute found that meditation not only changes the structure and function of the brain; it also changes how you think moment-to-moment.

Meditation and mindfulness practices help some Ninjas, including San Francisco Ninja (and 2018 All-Star) Mimy, feel calm and present, even when they’re surrounded by chaos.

Apps like Headspace and Calm, yoga stretches, breathing exercises, and even gratitude journaling are all tools they told us they use to stay centered.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
The majority of Ninjas we spoke to agree — there’s no better elixir than a simple breath of fresh air.

Make it a goal to step away from your desk and get outside at least once a day. Chances are you won’t have any trouble convincing your colleagues to have lunch al fresco, trade the conference room for a walking meeting, or join you for a coffee run.

Find Your Mantra 
Washington D.C. Ninjas shared the personal mantras that help them remain calm and focused, especially during challenging times. Ninja Ali likes to keep her mantra front-and-center at her desk (see above).

To create your own mantra, choose a quote, phrase, or word that speaks to you (scroll through Instagram or Pinterest if you need a little inspiration), print it out, and post it in a place you see every day.

If you’re feeling particularly motivated, turn your mantra into a piece of visual art, like a vision board, mixed media collage, or painting.

OfficeNinjas Oh My Green

Snack Smarter
You’ve noticed the connection between your nutrition and your productivity, right? Junk food gives you a temporary rush… followed by an inevitable crash. While healthy snacks (like the ones curated in an Oh My Green subscription snack box!) fuel your brain for hours.

Keep a few nutritious goodies at your desk or, better yet, use your Ninja powers to overhaul the office pantry and fill it with wholesome options for the entire team to enjoy daily.

Go Ahead and Get That Massage
Yes, there’s more to self-care than massages, manicures, and fizzy bath bombs.

But, as noted by Ninjas at Admingling events in NYC, SF, Denver, and Dallas, sometimes simply rewarding yourself with a spa-like treatment after a hard week really is the best medicine. Yet, many, in the same breath, admitted it’s way too easy to wave off those ideas as unnecessary…

In 2020, let’s stop categorizing self-care as a luxury or self-indulgence, and as the priority it ought to be instead.

Now, let’s hear from YOU!
Are you ready for a healthy change in 2020 or are you already self-care savvy? Which of these tactics will you try to prioritize your own self-care?


  1. The tactics I will use to prioritize my self care is making time to move through dance and hopefully massages to care for those sore muscles afterwards.

  2. This post is spot on. In our profession, it’s so easy to deprioritize our own well being. We are always focused on those we support and naturally put their needs before our own. Vitamin D/fresh air breaks are numero uno for me. A quick break away from my screens, a few laps around the building, make a huge difference in my day. I also believe professional growth and training should be a priority. Easier said than done, I know, but if you have a supportive manager, they will understand the benefit of you taking a few days away from the grind for professional development.

  3. We’ve been snacking smarter in my office for about 2 years now. I’ve been a member of an online fitness community that includes healthy meal plans and access to workouts on a daily basis which has helped me take better care of my body. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis who has taught me a lot about being in the moment and letting go – that’s helped me stay healthy and more focused. I always eat lunch away from my desk and just purchased a treadmill to take away my excuses like bad weather for not walking! Little steps to add up to big changes!

    1. THANK you for sharing your strategies, Lisa! Keep up the incredible work 🙌

  4. Mindful meditation always works for me. I also make sure that I stop whatever I am doing at 3:00 on weekdays to make myself a cup of hot tea and do my meditation.

    1. A winning combo if we’ve ever heard one! Keep up the great work, Karen 😌

  5. Mindfulness and time for myself – whether that be a walk or dancing around my office or home :-)

  6. This is awesome!! I don’t know how I haven’t heard of OfficeNinjas before!~

  7. Breathing techniques are easy to incorporate into a hectic day. Thanks for this reminder and many other good suggestions. I took time to move yesterday and walked around the block (15 minute break). What a treat!

    1. So glad to hear that, Colleen! It really doesn’t take a ton of time to be really powerful 😌

  8. I know Vitamin D is key but when you live in the northeast, we don’t have that luxury during the winter months. During tax season, my firm offers chair massages, time with therapy dogs and other self-care options to help break up the long hours at the office. It is really appreciated by everyone.

    1. Therapy dogs? NOW we’re talkin’! So glad to hear you’re being valued and given some time, Amy!

  9. Pretty health care savy in the office. Try to order healthy lunches and snacks when needed for longer meetings. We also have a wellness plan that gives us a kickback on our insurance.

  10. Starting with small steps, I have set a goal to pick a mantra to post at my desk.

    1. Small steps snowball into big changes 💚Keep going, Melissa!

  11. Our office provides massage and yoga sessions. I miss them because I get too busy. I will block that time to make sure I take advantage of those benefits. Also, my resolution is to read more and so I will bring my book to work and block time throughout the day to get in a chapter or 2.

    1. NEVER too busy for massages and yoga! You got this, Shelly!

  12. I’m ready for a health change in 2019! I’ve used a few apps to try meditation and have decided to attend a class to nail down some basics. Healthy eating is always a challenge, but eliminating some of the “bad” choices is high on the list!

  13. Snack smarter!!! It is so true and I would love for Oh My Green to be apart of that journey not just for me but the entire office. Silent stealthy ninja move! :)

    1. Right back at ya, Kirsten 👋Here’s to healthy snacking in 2019!

  14. My Mayor and I have developed a strong partnership based upon mutual respect for one another’s time. This helps with my work – home balance. I’m taking an 18 week Leadership Course to find my leadership style and I’ve increased my physical activity to include walking and bicycling.

    1. Sounds like a great combo, Pearl! Always great to hear about mutual respect for time 😌

  15. I plan to incorporate all of them, one at a time and as needed. Thanks so much for the reminders to take care of ourselves. Watch “Parks and Recreation” Season 4, Episode 4 – Pawnee Rangers and watch Tom and Donna’s version of Treat Yo Self – hilarious!!

  16. Wow, this is great! I plan to incorporate all of them, one at a time and as needed. Thanks so much for the reminders to take care of ourselves. #TreatYoSelf. Check out “Parks and Recreation” Season 4, Episode 4 – Pawnee Rangers and watch Tom and Donna’s version of Treat Yo Self – hilarious!!

    1. We’re well-versed in the Treat Yo Self lifestyle! Hoping you find what makes you happiest (even if it’s a batmat suit😉)!

  17. Our whole team is working on Meeting Effectiveness and using our time wisely by reviewing meeting agendas and determining if the meeting is a priority or not, thus giving us back time for work life balance.

  18. I work at a Christian school, so surrounded by lots of loving and caring people–great encouragement! My self-care routine starts in the wee hours before I get to work–with morning Bible reading and devotion time. That carries through to the “word of the year” that I picked which is (actually two words) “fully committed”. I love my job and co-workers; when I keep our goal in focus, that affects my attitude and is a blessing to myself and them and the children we serve at our school. I am active and recently started an exercise program at the Y.

    1. Sounds like you’ve found the perfect routine, Debra! Keep it up 🙌

  19. I’m looking forward to starting each day mindfully. 2019 is starting as a year of authentic transformation for me, and mindfulness is helping to bring that transformation to fruition.

    And delicious snacks, of course!

  20. I am pretty self care savy. I wake up and do exercises every morning taking time to walk and stretch in between working. I’d love to get my office on board and for them to see how self care can enhance their work life. I usually host meditation sessions at my job and next week I am going to try out gratitiude journaling!

    1. Sounds like you have a great routine going, Nicole! Keep on making strides 😌

  21. 2019 is the year of the sit-stand desk for. One more way to get out chair (and you can get a few dance steps in while your standing).

  22. I am working on myself this year. A better balance of work and home, furthering my career in the Fall and making healthy lifestyle choices and making a concentrated effort to move more through out the day :)

  23. I will invest in myself by working on my professional development and learning a new software or obtaining a new certification and finding a new personal mantra to help me with my goal of obtaining new certification. I like the example in article – old ways won’t open new doors.

    1. They sure won’t. Good luck getting your new certification, Sandra!

  24. This is a big focus in our org this year! I set up a mindfulness corner in each of our locations with coloring books, mindfulness prompts, word searches, breathing techniques and meditation videos on the computers in the rooms. I even added reminders to calendars org wide to take a mindful break (15 minutes twice a week). I am personally working both mindful visualizations and breathing techniques.

    1. Ooooh, coloring books a BOMB idea! Love these suggestions, Kristin. Thanks for sharing!

  25. In 2019 I want to continue to add movement in my day. Whether it be getting up and just walking around for a bit, walk to the building next door (gets me outside for fresh air as well!), or leaving for lunch just to get a way and re-group…..all of these really help my focus and brings clarity. I feel it is so beneficial not only for our position but for ourselves and our families.
    I also am working on personal development this year. I joined a local Admin group that gets together once a month. It is great for networking and learning. I am also looking into webinars to help me learn and grow in my role.

  26. Working with a group of psychology professors, we stress mindfulness (and they stress it with me – there are 48 of them I work for) to make it through the day without getting frazzled. I try to get a few minutes in the morning and afternoon to focus on breathing. Delivering items across campus is largely a good thing to break up the day and get some air while noticing nature at the same time. Always feel better when I get back from even a 2 minute walk.

    1. Love that you have a group of motivators, Carolyn 😉Thanks for sharing — keep it up!

  27. I love this article!! I will be trying the dose of Vitamin D. I usually eat at my desk and get a little more work done since I don’t have almost any interruptions during my lunch break. Getting up and out will be my new lunch routine.

  28. Getting up and moving more! Especially in the office. It helps clear the mind and come back focused!

  29. I strongly recommend getting a full body massage once/month. It does wonders. I agree, it is often thought of an indulgence or luxury but it helps you unwind and let your body relax. My husband was diagnosed with a serious illness and our world was turned upside down. One of the first things I did was to join Massage Envy and highly recommend you research them and join as well. Your monthly membership provides for a one hour facial or massage. The next thing I did was to hire a housekeeper. It wasn’t a choice of if we had the money or not – it was a decision to keep me from burning out as a new care giver for my husband while also working outside of the home full time and taking care of my family. I simply could not nor should not try to do it all. I hope this helps you realize how important it is to take care of yourself!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Sooz. It’s all about finding those things that will give you back the time you need!

  30. So Q1 2018 I was doing really well, 2x/week at a fit body boot Camp, even scored 2nd place in their challenge event then ownership changed and so did the instructors which was an easy way out. I had finally fit in and now I didn’t. Lost my motivation and here I am back
    20 lbs heavier. My excuse too busy fixing other things and people. My company broke off from Corporate and we formed our own company, stress, you name it – I did it and felt it.

    1. Setbacks aren’t final, Jane. We 100% know you can get back on track — and not focus on the numbers, but on feeling well.

  31. I struggled last year with a few health issues and had surgery on December 21st to remedy my chronic issues. I, unfortunately, was hit by a box truck on January 2nd while on the interstate and I’m nursing a few injuries. These two events back to back have really opened my eyes to health and wellness. I’ve always been active and an avid hiker. I want nothing more than to move and get back to walking my dogs twice a day!!!!! Once I’m back to 100%, I am not going to take it for granted.

    1. We are SO relieved that you’re alright, Valerie! We know you’ll bounce back from these setback and totally rock it. We’re rooting for you 🙌

  32. Taking care of myself is something I need to do more. Dealing with some health issues forces the issue at times, so I try to take time every day to listen to music that lifts me up. When I find myself getting too stressed, I take a break and breathe.

    1. Music, breaks, and breathing is the perfect combo. Keep it up, Debbi!

  33. I LOVE my lunch time swims. They keep me sane! I am also super grateful for a work schedule that allows for this extended lunch break! Yay for gratitue and swimming :)

    1. Oooh, we like the sound of that! Just keep swimming, Sarah 😉🐟

  34. I admittedly do NOT make myself a priority in general – always worrying about everyone else. I need to be better about prioritizing my own selfcare – so I started by finally scheduling that eye doctor appointment I’ve been cancelling all of 2018. Time to get these eyes checked!

    1. You CAN do it, Zoila! Help others by first helping yourself!

  35. Lots of good advice, thank you all for sharing. It’s important for each of us to take a moment and understand that it’s alright to not have anything to do. We spend so much time planning we can let it go for 5 minutes to do nothing. Getting used to that guilty feeling is a problem though ;D

    1. GREAT point, Lisa! Taking a moment to just “be” can be super powerful.

  36. MOVE! best advice for this year! i already am a yoga fanatic, but fell off my schedule in 2018, but have made a promise to myself to get back on track and so far so good! being that i sit for a majority of my day, being involved in activity that allows for stretching and movement of muscles is very important to me. gotta make sure my ninja moves are in tact!

    1. Ninjas need to keep their agility up somehow! Love the plan, Debra! You got this 👊

  37. I’ve been practicing self-care daily, starting with Dr. Andrew Weil’
    s The 4-7-8 Breath Meditation at night (with feet up!). Really helps me disconnect from the hustle&bustle, relax and drift to dreamland. I’ve also found a local SF distal acupuncture clinic called CircleCA, so that I could cycle my chi every week for atleast 1 hour :) I like to get acupuncture on Monday which helps me balance out the rest of the week. And, with the help of Marie Kondo, I enjoy ‘sparking joy’ daily finding that one thing that I want to do every day. All these daily self-care adventures keep me happy and healthy :)

    1. Jen, you are the self-care queen! 👑Thank you for sharing your routine and “sparking joy” for your fellow Ninjas!

  38. I love the suggestion of “Let Go of ‘Work-Life Balance.'” I am currently jumping from work, to internship, to mom, to wife, to self and I’m going crazy at times. I think letting go of the compartmentalization of those items and realizing that it’s more of a flow and mix than a separation will help me navigate this very busy point in my life.

    1. Exactly, Suzanna. Blend all those incredible parts of your life into your best self 🙌

  39. I’m into positive, happy attitude this year…..I’m also going to do more to help relax my mind such as yoga or mind resting listed here in Office Ninjas. Thanks for the suggestions.

  40. This year a big focus is on my own mental health. I can take care of my team if I am not at 100000%. So I am making it a note to make sure I express my anxieties. Me + happy = Happy Office :)

    1. Communicating and expressing your worries is a HUGE deal. Thanks for bringing it up, Eren — and good luck in sticking with it!

  41. I will utilize moving and motivation as ways to prioritize my own self-care. I already use my lunchtime to read two daily devotionals and will also begin to go walking around the trail that is right outside of our building!

    1. Yes! So glad to hear you’ll start utilizing a trail, Andrea! Keep going 🙌

  42. I set my fitbit to remind me to get up once an hour and walk around for 5 minutes. I also got a standing desk which helps.

  43. I’ve started meditating at night and also listening to calming instrumental music at the very beginning of my workday as I’m going through emails.

  44. I take “me days” at least once or twice a month. This is time away from work where I don’t even look at my work email or do anything that is work related. It is time for me to focus on whatever will make me happy in that moment. Sometimes it is being with family and sometimes it is a mani/pedi for myself. Other times, it is catching up with an old friend to shoot the breeze. Whatever I choose in that moment is what I do.

    1. That sounds PERFECT, Georgette. Hoping you have a “me day” coming up soon 😌

  45. When I start hitting my low point in the day, usually in the afternoon, I do jumping jacks or planks to get my blood flowing and boost my concentration.

  46. My word for this year is “well.” I started the year with a 10-day cleanse and now am in a 30-day healthy diet. As I feel better, my next step is adding exercise to my day (when?) and find ways to reduce stress.

    1. Sounds like a great progression, Leslie! May we suggest adding exercise in short bursts throughout the day? 😉 You got this!

  47. Hi fellow ninjas,
    I have to remind myself that self-care is important. I find myself running around at work that self-care is last on my mind. However, I have a sticky on my computer to remind me. :) I also always take the stairs when going to other parts of the hospital. Sometimes it is a challenge to fit self-care in my daily routine, but I am trying to make it priority.

  48. I will try to make my day as productive as possible. The thing I need to work on the most is moving around and eating healthy while at work. I have a tendency to sit at my desk all day long without taking regular breaks from the computer and snacking.

    1. It’s so easy to get stuck at your desk. Good luck making time to move, Trina 🙌

  49. I am already a self care ninja ;) I will say that I love the mantra idea! I plan to bring it up at our next team meeting, hopefully it’s something my fellow admins at work will love the idea of also!

    1. Mantras for the win! Let us know what you come up with 😉

  50. With the help of my awesome counselor, I am trying to embrace a new outlook on self-care, realizing that it will help me actually take BETTER care of those I work with every day. I am making yoga practice twice a week a priority as it is offered for free at my workplace on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sometimes it is difficult to peel myself away from my desk to get there, but I know it is what’s best for me, and thankfully, my boss and other colleagues encourage my attendance.

    1. It definitely is best for you! So glad to hear you’re prioritizing YOU, Emily!

  51. Starting yoga and my new grand baby keeps me young.

  52. Self-care is a New Year’s Resolution for me.

    Working full time, managing a house and husband, plus chasing a toddler, me time falls to the weigh side. Meditation and taking time to breathe is a focus of mine. Taking 30 minutes before bed to get my thoughts together then clearing my mind of all the anxiety tomorrow will bring.

    1. Before bed is a good time to breathe 😴You got this, Katie!

  53. I try to take the stairs when it’s reasonable, or walk during lunch, to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  54. My firm provided everyone a 15 minute massage last week and boy did I need it. I have made a decision to schedule two full hour massages this year. I feel that it is past time to treat myself and find that work and life balance.

    1. So glad to hear your firm started you on the massage path! It is WAY past time to treat yourself, Rosaline 😌Take it!

  55. I am ready for a healthy change in 2019!! This year I plan to devote more time to moving each day. Whether it’s walking the dog, going for a walk midday on my lunch break or going to the gym after work I know how important movement is each and every day. I also am also realizing that it is ok to say “no” to things if I really don’t want to do them. For example a friend asked me to go out for drinks the other night at 8:00. I was planning a quiet night in by myself, so instead of saying “yes” just to appease my friend and even though I knew I would have fun out with her I politely declined. Instead I took a nice hot shower, made a cup of tea and laid in bed with my pup watching movies. It was wonderful “me time!”

    1. Keep on saying “yes” to time for yourself, Melissa! You got this 😌

  56. Self care is so often watered down with ideas of meditation, yoga, walking, adult coloring books, etc. But it is so much more. Self care is prioritizing yourself and your wellness. It’s allowing yourself to say “No” to things. It’s allowing yourself to not feel guilty for taking time for yourself, or getting a pedicure, or binging on a book. It’s taking the same care you provide to your children, or animals, or spouse, and applying it to yourself. Talking to yourself with loving, kind words, giving yourself some slack! Mindfulness is an important part of self care, being aware of your existence and those around you helps keep what you are doing in perspective. Your job is not who you are, your to-do list is not your reason for existing, you can be present and just exist without feeling guilty that you have laundry that needs done. I’m ranting, self care is just so important and it is so easily neglected. Please love yourself, as RuPaul says; “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

    1. Sounds like you have an incredible handle on self-care, Christina! Keep up the great work 🙌

  57. Woooo. Self care is so important and I’m so glad to see so many people engaging with the topic! Thanks to the Office Ninjas for making this a thing.

    I know that my biggest personal opportunities are around nutrition and fitness right now. I keep talking about making time for the gym, but never do. (Maybe because I start and end my day in my email… :-p). So I love the idea of taking ten minutes to run the stairs at work. Or doing a quick plank here and there. I can definitely repurpose some of the mental breaks I take for some physical engagement.

    I also want to make sure I stick to the healthier snacks in the office. I try to keep most of our snacks healthy as possible, but we’ve definitely got some sweets around and some less than perfect snack bags, etc. I plan to stay away from processed foods and stick to the fresh stuff we stock for snacking!

    1. Great to hear your plan, Liz! It doesn’t take a ton of time — just some mental shifts to really create change!

  58. Self care is very important, without it you aren’t able to give 100%! I have recently started to mediate, 20 minutes a day, and WOW, what a difference in my productivity, at work and at home.

    1. So glad you’re experiencing a difference, Nicole! Keep it up!

  59. Self-care 2019 means definitely letting go of work-life balance. Sometimes we have to just roll with whatever comes. But, taking time for mini workouts and eating good food our my goals.

    1. Sounds like a perfect plan, Jenelle! Crush those goals 👊

    1. Especially when you’re taking care of others. Hope you can find some time for you, Jennifer!

  60. I try and make meetings walking meetings if not many notes are needed. I feel like getting out of the office and heart pumping gets ideas flowing and breaks up the day.

  61. I NEVER regret an afternoon walk with a coworker – it’s a great way to catch up on building relationships, get a few extra steps in, and a breath of fresh air, so I can clear my head and jump back in!

    1. That sounds lovely, Stacey! Thanks for sharing and keep on walkin’ 💚

  62. I’m already taking advantage of my #selfcare by doing my hair more, taking more bubble baths, making an appointment for a personal massage, reading more, eating healthier and overall doing what makes me happy. #treatyoself

    1. Some classic self-care is always a great step. Take that time, Felicia!

  63. I’m ready to make 2019 a healthy year! Starting yoga and with a can do attitude. Good luck everyone. Remember we are all WINNERS!

  64. Whenever I have a long proposal or document to read, I take it outside with a pen. It just seems less mundane when the sun is shining on my face.

    1. Great idea, Nakia! Taking time away from screens is so powerful.

  65. I try to take a walk with friends sometime during the work day, use the Calm app before bed each night, yoga a few times a week at the office and make sure I’m present with friends, family and nature outside of work!

    1. Sounds like you got a great routine going. Keep it up, Michelle 🙌

  66. Looking forward to continuing self care in 2019 and focusing on what’s important for me.

  67. Moving toward being self employed as a Real Estate Agency and Transaction Coordinator where you are working everyday, self care and taking the time for self care is even more important. From walks outside, a yoga class, or reading a book, and healthy eating is a must.

    1. So excited for you, Suzy. Keep up the important work in making time for yourself 😌

  68. Love that OfficeNinjas made a point to emphasize self care. As people who usually take care of executives, the office, and everything in between, I think it’s great that Office Ninjas focus on taking care of themselves, too!

  69. I started the year off doing 30 Clean and will be Moving More this year. Trying to work on more “peace” in my life. You can’t take care of your boss or children if you don’t take care of yourself – Self care is important.

  70. I set a goal of mindfulness for 2019. My mantra comes from an old album title: Nothing Matters and What If It Did?

    1. Oooh, love it Jeannette! Keep following that mantra 👊

  71. I just finished my own vision board this weekend and now will have a mantra at my desk!

  72. I am ready to improve my self-care habits! We have a hangry bowl at work but most of the time we put sugar in there which only leads to a crash. I am ready to step up our snack game with some healthy options. :)

    1. Sounds like a perfect place for improvement. Take those steps, Danielle!

  73. I agree that striving for work/life balance can add stress. It can be distracting focusing on “how much time do I have left before______” or “I have to hurry to_______”.

    Eating helathy always helps my brain and energy levels.

    1. It’s tricky to figure out, but listening to your own needs really does wonders. You got this, Susie 🎉

  74. Yes, I am ready for a healthy change in 2019! This year I plan to set a daily intention each morning upon awakening (mindfulness), bike or walk to work (movement), and add this personal mantra “Life Is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. – Helen Keller”. Self-care to me means putting on my oxygen mask first.

  75. At least once a week,I print out and add a positive quote to my office bulletin board. I am a very visual person so when I start to feel overwhelmed,I just look up and all those positive quotes stare back at me and actually put fire back into my day!

    1. Love to hear that you’re doing what works for you, Frankie!

  76. 1-minute meditation, walking meditation and nutritious snacking will be my priorities in 2019. I’ve found that meditation does eventually work! Because I work in a busy environment, I’ve learned to do 1-minute meditations to help me clear my mind. Walking meditation is another way to meditate while “on-the-go”. In 2018 I often skipped breakfast and/or lunch, going for long periods of time without food. This year I am making an effort to find healthy items I can take with me to eat on the way to work or at my desk–I’m already making some good progress.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Eddie! It’s great to hear that even if you just have ONE minute you can still take some time for yourself. Keep making progress 🙌

  77. I am grateful for the reminder that I need to be a priority. I will especially remember to get outside every chance I get and to not forget to take the time for rewards (massages and pedicures!)

    1. Sounds like a plan, Colleen! Hoping you have time to get outside today 😌

  78. time to rest and relax and get healthy!!

  79. I convinced my boss that we needed a Hot & Cold water dispenser and Stainless cups for all employees for Christmas so we could encourage hydration and getting up to MOVE! My desk is upstairs and I do a lap or two (downstairs, around the office, upstairs) at least once every hour. I also try to drink 2 (20 oz) cups of water per day from our new dispenser. I send out information once a week to all staff regarding self-care/healthy lifestyle info.

    1. Love the initiative, Cheryl! Thanks for taking time for yourself, and giving others that opportunity too 😌

  80. eating mindfully & exercising 2x a week makes a huge difference

  81. Healthy snacks = healthy employees = more productive employees!

  82. Last year I started my fitness journey starting CrossFit. I went from 2x per week to 4x per week. I love it. Physically it helps me deal with stress. In 2019, my focus is on nutrition mental and emotional well-being. I started journaling and I am cutting out sugar and “white” (bread, rice, white potatoes) from my diet.

    1. Sounds like you’re making great strides, Laura! Great work 👏

  83. I plan to move more and eat smarter.

  84. My iWatch reminds me to stand up on a regular basis. It is so helpful when I get lost in a project. And let’s be honest, sometimes I get sleepy staring at my computer screen so it is helpful to get up and MOVE!

    1. Moving is a great way to wake up 😀Glad to hear you’ve found something that works for you, Kathy!

  85. Thank you for this article! It’s such a great reminder to take time for ourselves considering we are always busy taking care of others. I must make approaching the day with mindfulness my priority.

    1. Ninjas do tend to prioritize others. Great to hear you’re taking steps for yourself, Veronica 💚

  86. I am very ready for a healthy change this year! Sometimes I forget to leave my desk and just take a breather and working 10-12 hour days do not help. I plan to take time, enjoy my lunch and use the gym at least 30 mins a day, starting today!

    1. Fantastic plan, Lynna! Here’s to taking time for yourself 😌

  87. My priority is to keep my inbox at 0, and either act, delegate, or put on project list. This way even though I may not have completed everything I have to do, I leave the office without worrying about my overflowing inbox. I also make sure I do a lap around the office once a hour, and keep my water glass filled. I can’t do my best work when dehydrated!

  88. I am going to invest in my career more. I go to talks and listen to what I should be doing from others but I don’t apply it in a meaningful way. This year I am not only taking continuing study classes, but I am applying what I am taught to my work and learning to accept a change within my self to better my career moves. Its hard to stick with but I know in the end it will pay off and I will be more happy with my workload.

    1. The application is a crucial step. Good luck taking it, Laura!

  89. I’ve definitely got my own mantra is live by: “be you. love you. all ways. always.” It’s SUPER simple but really reminds you to love yourself — faults and all. I’m also a pretty physically healthy person myself – I kick-box nearly every day after work – but my cravings could use some help. Working out so hard in the evening and then spending the whole day behind a desk chugging coffee, I tend to get really dehydrated. Now, at work, every time I get up to go to the snack drawer, I’m going to grab a glass of water first. If I still want a snack, I’ll have it after I drain the whole glass!

    1. Fantastic to hear you’re listening to your body and adding to your routine. Keep up the great work, Kimberly!

  90. I plan to get in the practice of moving more often at work. I feel like I run around, doing things however, I am not really present; it’s not really time for myself.

    1. You’re so right, Tahmeka. There’s a big difference in deciding to take a walk and chaotic running 😉Hoping you find the time to do the former!

  91. I am going to invest in my career more. I go to talks and listen to what I should be doing from others but I don’t apply it in a meaningful way. This year I am not only taking continuing study classes, but I am applying what I am taught to my work and learning to accept a change within my self to better my career moves. Its hard to stick with but I know in the end it will pay off and I will be more happy with my workload.

    1. It will absolutely pay off, Laura. Stick with it — we know you’ll rock it 👊

  92. I plan on taking a course, learning a new skill, or reading educational material in order to become more knowledgeable about other aspects of my position.

    1. Great idea, Dolores! Make sure you check out our resources (or attend an event 😉)!

  93. Great advise! My antra for 2019 is “On Task At A Time” this helps me not to get so overwhelmed on those crazy days.

    1. Lovely reminder, Jennie! Hoping it guides you toward a fantastic 2019!

  94. My goal is to make time to move during the day at work and encourage others to join too. For example, after lunch, I usually get a group of co workers together and we all go for a walk to the park near our office for 30 minutes. Get people outside, get some air, catch up with other teams and power through the day.

    1. What a great way to get moving, Agnes! It’s always easier when you have others with you. Keep it up 👏

  95. I will make time to move! My office is on the 5th floor of our building and I am going to try to take the stairs at least once a day. I also want to prioritize meditation and mindfulness so I can do my best to stay above the fog.

    1. Stairs are like built-in health hacks! Good luck in your 2019 goals, Jules!

  96. This giveaway was meant to be! I have for too long been ignoring my eating habits which have been created by my stress level! As 2019 began I made the conscience effort to begin eating healthier and am now into 2 weeks! Little steps but I’m determined! Since I am now practicing the self-care of healthier eating I now need to practice “work-life balance” , making more “time to move” and moving my mantra’s from behind my desk to the front of the desk (can’t see them every day)!

    Thank you for giving me the “EXTRA” push I needed!!

    1. Our pleasure, Debbie! Everything starts with little steps — we know you can do it 🙌

  97. I will be investing in my career and I like the comment by Ninja Olivia about waking up early to journal. That actually sounds like a good approach to becoming more mindful, too.

    1. Morning journaling sounds like a great step toward self-care. Good luck implementing, Kharma!

  98. Ready for a healthy change in 2019, will be doing more meditating and more walk-and-talks with my colleagues!

  99. Due to a stressful 2018, I was forced to make self-care more of a priority than it has ever been in my life. Since then, I participate in massage therapy bi-weekly, I detox my body in various ways, I meditate and use essential oils to help relax, focus, etc. My continuous goal is to maintain the balance between my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in life.

    1. So glad to hear you’re prioritizing yourself, Elizabeth! Keep up the good work of balancing those important needs 💚

  100. Just started a Biggest Loser competition at work. It lasts 12 weeks and top 3 winners win prizes.

  101. I use a pedometer and try to take a short break to walk outside just for a minute and rest my eyes from the computer. I also liked the idea of finding a mantra

    1. A walk does SO much good. Keep it up and good luck finding your mantra, Audra 🙌

    1. Absolutely, Sarah! YOU are important (and need to be treated as such)!

  102. I asked (and got) a FitBit for Christmas and I love that it helps me remember to get up and move when it recognizes I’ve been sitting too long. I often forget to step away from my work for a quick break. I’ve already noticed that I’ve started getting up to move around the office now without being reminded!

    1. Great to hear, Rachel! Love it when tech works in our favor 😌

  103. I like the idea of setting a mantra. Right now, it is, “I love my job; I love my job; I love my job…” While that sounds like a happy tune, often times, I use that in lieu of swear words. If I can find a positive mantra that will lead me forward, I can definitely be more positive than I am.

    1. Haha, yea we can see how that might turn a little…sarcastic 😉Good luck finding what works for you, Judith!

  104. Yes, I’m ready to make time to move! This year I WILL get away from my desk to take brisk walks around our building…no excuse!

  105. I haven’t done yoga in over 14 years!! I was convinced to do with my new work group and I love it! Although I am not flexible and prefer cardio (Zumba is my fav and a former Marathon runner who gained 40 lbs the last 4 years) I felt so peaceful and had the best sleep in over a decade.. What a difference a change in routine makes.. Really glad to give Yoga another chance..It is really life changing!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Jennie! Glad to hear yoga’s back in your life and it’s making a difference. Keep it up 🧘‍♀️

  106. Fantastic article! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading, Laura! Hoping you have a year full of self-care.

  107. Which of the Ninja-recommended tactics will you use to prioritize your own self-care? – Step out of the office once a day! Admins can get wrapped up in projects and forget to take 15 minutes for a break!

    1. They sure can. Good luck getting a little hit of fresh air, Kristen 😌

  108. Wellness walk breaks zap me out of the office funk!

  109. Better snacks and make choices about investing in my career. Setting future goals and working towards them.

    1. All meaningful things to push for. You got this, Nancy!

  110. Take time to move! Even if I’m on a call with someone or just to take a quick break, I’d love to make more time to just step outside, enjoy the sun and come back to work feeling refreshed.

    1. Calls are a great time to get moving 👏Keep up the great work, Jenny!

  111. The tip that spoke to me the most is “Let Go Of Work Life Balance.” I have found that for me it is not realistic to try to separate the two entirely. However I find that I do not fully plug in when I am with my family and I need to change that!

    1. Exactly, Carla! It’s about finding the “balance” without pulling them apart. Good luck!

  112. Healthy snacks! More sleep! Better mindset under pressure.

  113. I’m going to get more professional development in this year! I already have a day seminar on my schedule and a few books on my list to read this year: perform like a rockstar and managing transitions. Going to make the most of the recent changes at work and do even better this year!

    1. Great goal, Brittany! Make sure you check out Adminglings and OnCon too 😉

  114. I will Make Time To Move – I have set an alert on my watch so every hour I am reminded to get up and walk.

  115. Last year, I realized that I was merely functioning day-to-day and I didn’t like it. For me, self-care means feeling as though I’m accomplishing specific things that I decide I want to do. This gives me a true sense of calm. For 2019, I decided to LIVE INTENTIONALLY. For each month, I have set three goals: personal, for others, and professional. January’s goals were to get a pedicure (personal), to collect items for my local unwed mother’s home (for others), and to study for my CAP designation (professional). I look forward to crossing off each goal in my planner, and I feel GREAT when I’m doing each of these things. While these may seem small, I believe it’s important to write down specific goals. Over time these will add up, and I believe by the end of 2019, I will feel as though I’ve accomplished much for myself, for others, and for my career.

    1. What a fantastic framework and goal! Breaking it up like that will definitely help in being intentional 🙌 Good luck this year, Cecilia, and keep us updated!

  116. Headspace is a god sent. I love it so much! The only thing though is that it’s corporate program is not very small business friendly, would still recommend it though!

    1. Thanks for the insight, Lena! Hope it continues to work for you and your team 😌

  117. Scheduling more walking meetings to get out of the outside more regularly!

    1. Walking meetings are EVERYTHING. Good luck in scheduling more, Lindsay 💚

  118. I now have a Versa desk and try to mi e when on a call. Also changing my mindset to reduce stress.

  119. I have chosen a Mantr and have front and center in my office. I also have begun walking 30 mins per day.

  120. I started working out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before work!

  121. I am going to get outside more this year (Vitamin D!!)

  122. Isn’t it crazy how well we take care of EVERYONE… except OURSELVES??!!!! Here’s to a healthier 2019, Ninjas!!!

    1. It’s kinda a trend with Ninjas 😉Hope you find time to secure your health too, Sue!

  123. Great way to kick off 2019…will keep this a part of my bucket list.

  124. I am SO ready for a healthy change in 2019! I am already trying to change my sleep pattern to get better sleep and I’m looking into various ways to move more and cut sugar (I say down, not out!) in my diet.

    1. Never all the way out 😉Sleep and diet are great ways to make yourself a priority. Good luck, Dianne!

  125. I’m going to start by getting more sleep!!

  126. Invest in Your Career – I am currently reviewing my recertification needs. It’s a great reminder of all of the classes, training, and courses I have taken over the past five years to invest in my career.

    1. GREAT to hear, Cherie! We know you’ll be great in any role you take on!

  127. Remembering to take care of myself by eating healthy and drinking enough water

  128. When I got a fitbit, it reminded me to move every hour. It is great to get away from computer and also move throughout the day. For me personally, step counters have been a good motivation and reminder.

    1. Tracking really does a great job motivating! Thanks for sharing, Michi 💚

  129. I’ve been working more on moving during the day; taking the stairs, walking on breaks, etc.

  130. I have been working on adding meditation to my routine — and I really want to continue to make that a priority. The goal is to meditate DAILY, not just once in a while when I really need it. I also love the reminder to not stress about not stressing — that one is tricky! :)

    1. Great goal, Barbi. Hoping you find the time for yourself every day 😌

  131. Recently purchased a fitness tracker which provides reminders to “make time to move”, and it is already helping. My mantra is on my computer lock screen, so every time I need to sign in, I see that first. “Do something awesome today.”

    1. What an “awesome” mantra, Rebecca! Keep rolling with it!

  132. Thank you so much for all the helpful advice! I am committing to taking walks each day. AND I am going to propose to my boss to attend Office Ninjas Con! Looking forward to it!

  133. I plan to continue my daily meditation (600+ day streak on Headspace!). This winter I plan to work on eating & snacking more healthfully. Bagels and cocoa are yummy but not awesome fuel.

    1. Wow! What a streak! Keep it up (and treat yourself to the occasional bagel 😉)

  134. One way I find to bust stress is having one person in my life to text, slack or chat with when I need to VENT. I get whatever is bugging me off my chest and “poof”, I can get back to being a Ninja!

    1. Great strategy, Cathy — so glad you’ve found what works for you!

  135. I’m making self care a priority! I find that exercising 5 days a week even if only for an hour each day has made such a big impact.

  136. I’m making time to move a priority! I find that exercising 5 days a week even if only for an hour each day has made such a big impact.

    1. Killin’ it, Leslie 👊Keep up that incredible routine!

  137. I just started with my company and they are 100% about self-care! We take walks for all 1: 1’s and meetings when we can. It feels so much better getting fresh air. You must be happy with yourself that’s huge for self-care too! I’ve also implemented healthier snacks and happy music!

    1. Love to hear your company is on your side. Keep up with those walking meetings and healthy choices, Catrina!

  138. Are I ready for a healthy change in 2019 or already self-care savvy? YES! YES! Y’ALL!! Which of the Ninja-recommended tactics will you use to prioritize your own self-care? I am snacking smarter — away with the bits of chocolate and hard candies. Instead, I am stocking almonds and bringing string cheese to work!

  139. My goal to step away step away from my desk and get outside once a day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Most days I don’t leave the building until it’s time to go home, and I barely leave my desk. I got a pedometer and have challenge myself to getting a minimum of 5000 steps a day (working up to the daily recommended 10,000 steps :) )

    1. Tracking it helps a TON! Good luck, Brandi — you got this!

  140. Snacks – especially healthy ones – are very important to have around the office.

    1. It’s not ~if~ you get hungry… it’s when. Let us know your favorites when you find them, Kim!

  141. I am beyond ready for a healthy change in 2019! I plan to snack smarter, practice mindfulness. Another challenge I’m going to tackle this year is to invest in my development/growth at work and to exercise more. I notice that when I’m taking better care of my health, I tend to produce better work.

    1. It’s definitely all connected! We hope you find success in finding time for you, Nancy 😌

  142. In 2019 I need to remind myself to get up and move! I have a terrible habit of allowing myself to get engulfed in work and forget to get up and move – before I know it, it’s lunch or the end of the day!

    1. It happens to the best of us, Shannon! We know you can do it, though!

  143. Yes I’m ready for a change. I’m gonna become more active and start exercising more.

  144. I am ready for a healthy change in 2019! Currently I use movement as my form of self-care. I dance every night after work, mostly contemporary style. I am using this year to find a quote everyday and using that as a way to find my own personal mantra. Can’t wait to find it.

    1. Dance 💃 it 🕺out! Great to hear you’ve found what’s best for you, Loren!

  145. I’m ready for a healthy change in 2019, as an assistant I don’t have much me time during the day and at night I’m a mom and wife with all hands on deck. I want to make all of my doctor visit’s and check’s before the end of the year. I’m learning to say no after hours. Scheduling my life is so not easy! But I have high hopes, it’s only January ;)

    1. Thanks for the reminder to schedule our own appointments, Mary Lou 😉It’s tough finding time, but we know you can do it!

  146. My workplace (public elementary school) has a great wellness team that is always supporting us to make healthy choices. My focus in the new year is getting up out of my chair and moving around at least once every 30 minutes.

    1. Great goal, Jenny! We’re rooting for you (and your health) 👍

  147. I’m already self care savvy in general but I’ve just come off a very stressful time in my personal life. This year I’m focusing on learning more about meditation, aromatherapy, and getting myself back outside on a regular basis!

  148. I know self-care is difficult, but I am definitely an advocate for it. I’m more than willing to throw myself into projects with gusto, but my goal is putting in fitness as well. I play volleyball league twice/week. I am not one for working out, but this promotes me to socialize to a comfortable level, and have some fun while I sweat!

    1. Team sports are a great way to get moving and have fun. Thanks for the idea, Gwendolyn!

  149. My company is doing a competition to get us to move more, so that’s my goal – move more to win!!!

  150. I would like to hit the health reset button now that we are in 2019. Last year my work & commute made for long hours which forced me to sidestep a trip to the gym so my health took a back seat. I am committed to getting back to the gym, getting back in shape, and making small dietary changes to reach my goal.

    1. Good luck reclaiming your health, Vesna! We know you’re capable (and incredible!) 🙌

  151. I’ve decided that MOVING has helped me the most. I don’t have time to exercise during the work week before or after work. So I’ve built it into my work schedule by taking the bus to work and walking approximately 12 blocks roundtrip to/from the office in downtown Austin, TX. It has helped immensely with my stress level (and I feel good that I’m one less car commuter on the road contributing to pollution).

    1. Walking is so good at relieving stress! Keep up the good work and keep rockin’ that walk, Laura! 🚶‍♀️

  152. I have been trying to be more mindful of getting away from my desk a couple times a day to walk around our building. Too often, I find that I look up several hours later and haven’t moved! So I am working on my “move” goal!

    1. It’s very easy to get stuck to your desk. Good luck on your move goal, Jaclyn! 👟

  153. I have decided 2019 is the year of ME! I have been focusing on my health by being more conscious of the food I am consuming and my water intake. I recently got an Apple Watch to remind me to move and drink more. I also have made it a point to exercise 4-5/week. I was not making myself a priority before and I can already see the positive changes in my life since doing so!

    1. GREAT to hear you’re prioritizing yourself, Amber! Keep up the good work — we’re rooting for you ☺️

  154. Definitely ready for more self-care in 2019! I recently started using Headspace and need to incorporate exercise! I already make it a priority to leave my office during lunch at least 4 days out of the week to get that breath of fresh air….it really does a body good!

    1. It so does, Denise! We hope you’re getting all the fresh air you need 💙

    1. True that, Gayle 😉Here’s to finding healthy (but YUMMY) snacks this year!

  155. I am ready for a healthy change for 2019! Too easy is it to be glued to your desk or running around the office tackling projects. I will start by scheduling 5-10 minutes of my day to take a walk outside and take a moment to breathe and just clear my mind so that I can come back into the office and tackle the rest of my day!

  156. I am ready for a healthier 2019! I have already started exercising more and setting more time aside for myself. It is hard to find your own time in the middle of the day when you are constantly being asked questions and slacked problems that have arose in the office. The biggest thing I took away from this article is having your mantra front and center so you can see it, and live it every day. I am definitely going to do this, and do it grand, by making it an art project. I have a felling “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for” is going to look great above my reception desk. Thanks for the idea Ninjas!

    1. Love the mantra and love the art project idea, Maddi! Send us pics when you’re done 😉

  157. Last year our organization had a transition at the highest level of leadership. During this transition, many major projects ended up on my desk. This year I have promised myself to direct project traffic instead of taking them on. This year, I am saying NO to more work that I can handle.

    I have also decided to find every opportunity to not just live my motto of leading by example, but to also voice it in every opportunity that presents itself. It is my plan to lead my leadership.

    1. So glad to hear you’ve thought about effective ways to prioritize yourself, Monica. Delegate and lead away 🙌

  158. I’m generally pretty good about self-care. One of the things I’m trying to be better about self-care wise this year is setting better boundaries. I find that’s the biggest source of stress and overwhelm and if I can have better balance then I won’t feel as desperate for self-care activities that help me to de-stress and I can enjoy them in a more healthy and present way.

    1. Absolutely, Kristen! Thoughtfully choosing what to focus on makes a huge difference 😌

  159. One of my goals for this year was to learn self care! It has been a challenge for me so this article helped me out a lot. The two that I plan to focus on are Invest in Your Career and Make Time To Move. I have been wanting to move in more of an HR role but its hard to find the time to study for my aPHR exam so I am setting monthly goals of studying. For make time to move I will start taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

    1. GOOD LUCK studying, Tiffany — we know you’ll rock it 👊And we know you’ll tackle those stairs 🙌

  160. I do 15 minutes walk 4 x a week during lunch time, just around the building where I work. It helps a lot with my back problems, and I get to take a breather.

    1. It doesn’t take much to get major results! So glad to hear you’ve found what works for you, Zorina 😌

  161. I’ve taking up painting and doing Silent Nights with my husband without electricity, phones, where we just play board games, do arts or talk by candle light.

    1. LOVE that idea, Benny 🎲A great way to focus on what’s important.

  162. I’m pretty good at self-care. I write in my gratitude journal, daily. I eat food that nourishes my body. I get a good nights sleep and I’m up every morning at 4:30. While 4:30am may be VERY early for most, doing so gives me an additional half hour to “just chill”, or get in some nice stretches, before I have to leave for work. This way I’m NEVER rushed and always start my day calm, cool, ready, prepared, and collected.

    1. Love to hear it, DeNece! 🙌 Morning really is a great opportunity to find time for yourself. Keep it up!

  163. I get up every morning at 4:30 am and workout for 20-30 minutes at home. I work out with videos. I have loss 30 pounds since last May and feel great. Going out and getting some fresh air is a must for me.

    1. Congratulations, Joanne! Sounds amazing. Keep up the great work 🙌

  164. Make time to Move will be my tactic I will use in 2019. I’m off to a great start with going to the gym 4 times a week and taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking my vehicle far so that it makes me have to take those extra steps. I sit at an office job all day so I need to find ways to incorporate exercise.

    1. Wow — great job, Marlis! You’re definitely on the movement path!

  165. I meditate and journal (almost) every morning before anything else. I noticed Vitamin D mentioned in the article but didn’t see sunlight mentioned. Sunshine is the source!

    1. Mornings are a great time to take a moment for yourself 😌 Thanks for being a part of our community, Anthony!

  166. I am prioritizing my yoga practice to benefit my mind and body. I have been including my 3 year old, too! One self-care practice that I recently adopted was my weekend shower routine is much more robust. I don’t usually get much time during the week so once the kids are in bed I gather my supplies and exfoliate, mask and moisturize everywhere! It feels great to slough off the previous week and start the new week squeaky clean.

    1. LOVE 👏 IT 👏 Taking time for yourself in whatever way you need is SO important. Keep it up, Cassie 🚿

  167. I think this is so helpful, especially in the new year! I always try to meditate but sometimes it’s really difficult for me, even though I feel better after. After reading this I’m going to commit to meditation!

    1. You got this, Julie! Hoping you find what works for you to stick to it!

  168. Mindfulness has helped me manage my workplace stress (and keep me away from the candy bowl!).

  169. This is a great article! It affirms the things that I am already doing and gives me some more ideas. Such as, the Work-Life balance. Quite often I find myself not giving my 100% attention to my family or friends, I will definitely attempt to keep this one in check.

    1. That sounds like a great step, Melinda! People you love are SO important.

  170. I am the absolute worst when it comes to moving about at the office. It seems like once I get myself seated, I am there for the day. Much to my dismay, I may add. I have had some success with using the reminder nudge on my FitBit but I still manage to NOT get up and move about as much as I should. *SIGH*

    1. You GOT this, Bianca! Bring in a coworker or have a friend text you when they get up. If you want to move, you can do it 🙌

  171. I need to make time to move more. I tend to get hyper-focused and sit at my desk for hours trying to finish a given task or project. I recently got myself a Fitbit that gives me a reminder every hour to get up and get 250 steps. Here’s to being healthier in 2019!

    1. Fitbits are great tools — especially if you get others involved! Good luck, Sandy 👟

  172. 100% agree that self care is a priority. If you aren’t caring for yourself, how on earth can you “care” for the million things you juggle in the day that makes you the Office Ninja that you are. I need to make sure I’m moving more. I’m completely guilty of getting stuck at my desk because of work…but I also know that we have a walking treadmill that I could easily make time for. I’ve schedule myself to use it one our a day consistently at a time that is low traffic for my desk functions.

    1. Wow, love the walking treadmill idea! Sounds like you got a plan, Jennifer — you got this 👊

  173. I would say I’m pretty self-care savvy myself but there’s always room for more! I recently started working out again the past couple months and I already see how it has changed my everyday attitude and overall health. I love ending my days with face masks, and hanging out in my robe on days I can because your body matters too! My next step is creating my own little mantra or vision board to always have a reminder of the positive look on life and the things that make me happy :)

    1. Sounds like a winning routine, Cynthia 🙌 Can’t wait to hear the new mantra!

  174. I was literally talking to a colleague about being more aware of the foods we select to eat, why we select them, and how they make us feel. Then we brainstormed on ways to improve our selections based on readings, experiences, suggestions, etc. I’ve also started a “walk break” with another colleague. Out goals are to be healthier, not necessarily to lose weight.

    1. Love to hear the collaboration and the reasoning behind the choices, Kristian! Keep it up 🙌

  175. I’d love to get better about making time to move, especially in the middle of the day. Even if I walk to work, I still notice my lack of movement during the workday when things get busy.

    1. It’s hard! We like setting little reminders just to stretch our legs. You got this, Jessica 👊

  176. Looking forward to exercising more (since I work for a fitness company)! Also, we’re trying to beat those winter blues. I just got a sun lamp for the team. I’m going to park in front of that more often to help increase my Vitamin D, too!

  177. Finding time for self-care is so important. I’m so much more positive and productive if I get my daily yoga/pilates fix!

  178. I might check email after work but I get in a little early to read the NYT and do the mini crossword, usually work through lunch, but almost always make sure to leave by 5 pm so I can go to my workout classes 4 nights a week. I make sure to give myself blocks of “me time” every day.

    1. Sounds like you’ve found a balance that works for you, Monica 💚 Keep it up!

  179. I agree that self-care is so important – I ‘bit the bullet’ and invested in a recurring monthly massage membership because it was always so easy to brush it off as an ‘unnecessary’ expense (which it is not!).
    My personal challenge this year is to find more time to do the things I like again, such as reading books for personal pleasure, improving my Spanish skills, and take some educational classes (refreshers or new topics).

    1. Great to hear you’re at least taking time once a month for yourself, Ivona 😌 Keep up the good work incorporating more of what you like!

  180. The root of self care is about prioritizing your goals, hopes, and dreams – and creating a work-life harmony to help you reach them! Want to take the family dog for a long walk, but have an early meeting? Ask the meeting owner to add a call bridge and take the call from home! Cancel your schedule 2hrs after for a nice stroll in the sun with the pup (and get that extra Vitamin D!) My biggest 2019 goal is to find more creative ways to achieve work-life harmony like this one!

    1. This sounds incredible, Amanda — and we love the focus on being outside. Keep it up!

  181. I recently quit smoking, so I don’t go outside for breaks anymore, but I miss that time. I like the reminder to go outside, now I’ll be doing it in a healthier way :)

    1. Absolutely! Just take that time and go for a walk or relax. So glad to hear you’re making strides, Jennifer!

  182. It’s Make Time to Move…as someone who sits at a computer desk most of the day I’m working on getting up and away from it every hour! Striving to be a healthier me in 2019! :)

  183. Which of these tactics will you try to prioritize your own self-care? – I started using an essential oil last year to help me focus…it’s been great, but I’d like to add deep breathing to my self-care toolbox now. I think those two would pair well!

    1. We think so too, Angela! Glad you’ve found something that helps you relax.

  184. Love all these ideas and the sharing that Office Ninjas from all over do. We as a collective group are amazing and supportive of each other – that in itself, is inspiring and motivating.

  185. Our office admin team is going to focus on mindfulness in 2019 and being present in the moment. Taking a break some time in the day and resetting thoughts and positive energy is key.

    1. Sounds like a great plan, Carol! Let us know how it goes!

  186. I love the tips from other Ninjas. I really want to focus on controlling my snacks and eat healthier this year. Also getting up from my desk and walking is a big key for me to start doing. I spend too much time at my desk and my body feels it. I need to take time and stretch and move throughout the day. :)

    1. It’s so easy to just stay put all day long — but getting up makes a big difference! Good luck finding your wellness, Jamie 😌

  187. In 2019 I am focusing on breathing, stretching and functional movement. 2018 was the most stressful year I’ve had and I need to get back to basics and start to take better care of myself.

    1. We hope 2019 is MUCH less stressful for you, Christine! Hopefully these tips help 🤞

  188. Self-Care is about living your best life outside of work – I do that through volunteer work, plenty of time with friends and family, and eating well and moving my body as much as possible. It’s also about mental health; make sure you love yourself and if you don’t, find a way to get there. You’re no good to anyone else if you’re no good to yourself. And keep a healthy work-life balance by not burning out. The work will be there tomorrow – go home and play with your kids. Great employees don’t have to work 60 hours a week to make an impact!

    1. Love, love, LOVE it, Samantha 💚 You’re a true champion for self-care and we see your passion. Keep it up!

  189. I love these tips! It was a good reminder that just taking a moment for a few deep breaths can really change your perspective (and stress level)! I will definitely make this change in 2019!

  190. I found this article very helpful and insightful. One point of interest and I have found helpful was taking time to breathe. It really does help to just take a moment and take a deep breathe to center yourself.

    1. Seriously! It’s so easy but helps a TON! Keep taking time for yourself, Claudia 😌

  191. I have recently started a yoga class! I am really enjoying everything about it. I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate some type of relaxation/yoga space in our office building for anyone to take advantage of for a break during the workday.

    1. That would be awesome, Christine! Bring others into this wellness fold 😌

  192. Snack smarter! I am always looking for snacks for the team, and this would fit the bill.

    1. YES, Michelle! OMG’s snack boxes are healthy AND delicious 😋

  193. I am focusing on moving from my desk/computer several times a day for a few minutes; I also need to find “healthy” snacks to grab throughout the day instead of reaching for the chocolate. Paying attention to being mindful and breathing to recenter are also areas I am trying to incorporate.

    1. Those sound like great steps, Lisa! (Remember you can have a *litttlle* chocolate 😉)

  194. Self-care and sometimes exploring yourself: look for other job opportunities?…. Go on a Journey and find a place where you can balance to exercise daily and share those healthy habits into your work bringing more creativity, mindful, and positive outlook and sharing those good vibes with all.

  195. 2019 is my year of release….. of old ways & thinking that did not work. I think I will create my mantra at my desk. What a great idea! My desk is organized yet boring. I will ramp it up with color and a quote dear to my heart! Thank you Office Ninjas!

    1. That sounds incredible, LeToya! Good luck on your journey — we know you’ll rock it 👊

  196. I need to work on my diet and nutrition. I also need to step outside more during the day.

  197. My 2019 is the year of physical and fiscal health! I’ve joined a running group, am meditating every day, and making sure I get up from my desk. I appreciate the Ninja suggestions about productivity and self-care!

    1. Loving it, Sarah 🎉 That sounds like a great combination of well-rounded wellness!

  198. My company chose an office building that has a gym, and they pay for each employee’s membership! This amazing perk lets me do lunchtime yoga, pilates, and other classes, while also giving me a chance to ‘go for a walk’ during chilly Chicago winters. Going to yoga is my self-care- and my awesome job helps make that happen!

    1. That sounds incredible, Claire! Great to hear about companies supporting their team’s wellness 💚

  199. I love the idea of self care, but I feel like it always slips through the cracks and I end up binge watching netflix for 3 days straight because I am burnt out.

    I love the idea of meditation and I think I am going to start practicing that more frequently. I know there are tons of different ways to do it!

    Thanks for making me think about me Office Ninjas!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it, Molly! Glad to hear you’re thinking about ways to take time for yourself — you CAN do it!

  200. Started an Office weight loss challenge with weekly weigh ins and alot of office chatter for those who wanted to participate. One gal brought in a smoothie maker for healthy drinks. Gotta take care of the temple so it will take care of you.

    1. Great idea involving others, Scarlet! It makes it a lot more exciting to talk about progress with coworkers 🙌 Keep it up!

  201. Creating my own mantra – I love this idea! I already have one in mind “there is always something to be thankful for”. Also massages?! Uh, yes, please! Our company has a massage therapist visit once per week and you can sign up for a 15-minute chair massage or $15. I’m going to take more advantage of that!

    1. LOVE that mantra, Lindsay! And the massage situation sounds like a great opportunity 😉

  202. I would like to be more health savvy – but still have my unhealthy tendencies. I definitely try to take some time each week just for me.

    1. Absolutely, Angela — it’s all about finding the right balance and what works for you.

  203. I used to be a “work/life balance” person. I was in an abusive relationship for many years, so working from home was the last thing I wanted to do. I had to keep work and home life separate for obvious reasons. The best self care I have ever done was leave that relationship. Now, I have more of a work/life “integration” mindset. I work from home at least one day per week and if I have appointments or other personal things to take care of during the work day, I do so and catch up on work in the evening. #neverbeenhappier #worklifeintegration #officeninja #workfromhomeninja

    1. We are SO relieved to hear you’re taking care of yourself and finding a way to live well, Terri! Lifestyle is a huge part of our self-care routine.

  204. I definitely need to look into meditation and mindfulness

    1. Both make a HUGE difference. Thanks for being a part of our community, Brooke!

  205. I actually re-joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) last year, and am down ten pounds already. I appreciate the emphasis on mindfulness and self-care in addition to the food you’re eating. I plan on carrying this through to the new year.

    1. They really do go together! Keep up the amazing work, Kelly 🙌

  206. Self-care does not take a great deal of effort just mindset. I use YouTube for Yoga with Adrienne and I’ve set a goal to complete the 52 Hike Challenge.

    1. Sounds great, Bonnie! You’re so right — it’s all about mindset 😌

  207. I’ve already started! I’ve joined a nutrition/fitness challenge at my gym and already see a difference in sleep and performance! Also, a nice bath at the end of the day is sometimes necessary!

    1. So glad to hear your’e already seeing a difference. Keep it up, Brittney!

  208. Read a self-motivational every day.

  209. Which of the Ninja-recommended tactics will you use to prioritize your own self-care? I’m approaching it with MINDFULNESS! I downloaded the Headspace app, signed up at a yoga studio nearby, and every night I list of 5 thinks I’m grateful for.

    1. Sounds like a winning combination, Grace! Thanks for sharing — we’ll have to check out the app 😌

  210. I just joined a gym for the first time! It’s not easy to find balance and it’s very easy to make excuses not to exercise – especially after a long day of work/kids/etc. During a lunch break I found a gym near my office and thought it’d be perfect to “MAKE TIME TO MOVE”. As ninjas, we do a lot of sitting in front of computers all day so it’s a nice way to get fresh air and sneak in some exercise!

    1. And it makes all the difference, Theresa! Great to hear you’re finding what works for you 💚

  211. Snacking healthier was aimed right at me. Making sure those snacks are down a long hallway will ensure I get up to move, too. Bonus!

  212. One of my goals is to start an after work yoga group. I meditate with the Calm app at lunch time (we have an awesome atrium that’s perfect for this in my building) and have a gratitude journal in my planner.

    1. A yoga group sounds fantastic, Lorelei! So glad to hear you’re already taking time for yourself — keep it up!

  213. My goals for 2019 are to be and talk kinder to myself and to work on healthier snacking (jalapeño kettle chips are my kryptonite!) Being kinder to myself is going to be my goal for the year, and I think it will go a long way with helping me feel more successful in life.

    1. Absolutely, Kelcey. If we had to bet, you’re probably an incredible Ninja who deserves ALL the kindness (and the occasional kettle chip 😉)!

  214. I am all about investing in my career for 2019! I am looking into time management courses and took a presentation training at work last month! Plus, I am looking forward to headed to SF in April for ON Con and the Admin Bash! #newyearbetterme

    1. Love 👏 to 👏 hear 👏 it 👏 Can’t wait to hear about your growth in April, Ross!

  215. This article is an eye opener and I’m so happy I took the time to really read and digest the suggestions. I too am drawn to the mantra featured in the officeninja photo above “Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors” and will definitely be displaying this in a creative way for daily inspiration. Of the suggested self-care practices, I like the idea of starting a gratitude journal.

    1. It really is a powerful phrase! Good luck in finding what works for you, Carla 🙌

  216. This had some great tips. In 2019 I have been prioritizing trying to get outside at least once a day. The Boston winters make that hard sometimes but it really does make a huge difference.

    1. Bundle up, Jenna 🥶 Glad to hear you’re prioritizing yourself!

  217. I need more time to move in my day. I work at a standing desk, but I don’t move enough. This year, I will remind myself that stepping away for a walk outside is helping my work, not slowing me down.

    1. A walk can really do wonders — and a standing desk isn’t anything to dismiss either! Keep up those great habits, Virginia!

  218. Getting up and walking the floor, popping into the stairwell to climb a few flights, and even stretching while waiting for a print job are all things I’ve committed to doing more of this year.

    1. We love a good printing stretch! Glad to hear you’re finding little moments for yourself, Tanya 💚

  219. I always like getting my daily dose of Vitamin D, by walking to and from work everyday :)

    1. LOVE to hear it, Sarah. There’s almost *too* many benefits of walking to work 😉

  220. I am on my way to a healthy 2019. My goal is to be more mindful of my physical, mental and financial fitness.

    1. Just thinking about yourself is the biggest step. Keep it up, Jennifer!

  221. Awesome tips! I have been implementing making time to move in my day to day and it has been helping with my energy! The snack smarter and mindfulness are 2 things I also want to add and creating a manta sounds powerful!!

    1. It all adds up 😌 Good luck in finding what works best for you, Brooke!

  222. Make Time To Move. I have joined a new gym and have added going a few times a week to my daily goal of 10,000 steps.

  223. I am focusing on me this year. I have started an exercise plan and added Vitamin D to my daily routine.

  224. Trying to make time to move is one of my priorities for 2019.

  225. Time to get out of the “funk” of the winter blues and do better for myself! By doing that, everyone around me will benefit…win-win!
    Need to get moving on eating better and exercising more. Getting older makes it more difficult, but need it! Thanks for the push, officeninjas!

    1. Thanks for prioritizing yourself, Jenn! It really isn’t as easy as it seems — hopefully some of these tips help!

  226. I am usually at work by 6:30am, and my work day ends at 5:00pm; however, that’s my regular job. Also, I run a nonprofit with my two business partners where we work with students in low income communities. I am ALWAYS on the move, but not to clear myind and refresh. This will be a new goal for me: MAKE TIME to MOVE and RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE! #Woosah

    1. WOW! Your work sounds incredible, Dawn! Definitely find a little bit of time in that crazy day to clear your mind 😌

  227. This year I’m prioritizing self-care more than other years. The biggest thing for me is finding time in my day that is just for me! So I’ve been waking up early, enjoying a cup of coffee and journaling. It has been really nice to have some quiet in my day before going through the motions of a hectic day. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to take away sleep for self care but it really has been working!

    1. Morning can be an AMAZING time to spend with yourself. We’re so glad you’ve found something that works for you, Olivia!

    1. So glad to hear it, Tari. Keep taking the time you need 💚

  228. I’ve just transferred to a new office with an on-site fitness center. I’m going to sign up and show up! I need to get out of this desk chair and move!

    1. 😌 Hope you’re taking some time for yourself today, Chloe!

  229. I am definitely going to incorporate a gratitude journal into my life. It’s so easy to be self-deprecating and I would love to make that healthy change in the new year.

    1. YES! Writing it down makes it so much more real, too. Thanks for sharing, Marissa 💚

  230. My mantra for 2019 will be old ways do not open new doors! Love it!

    1. It’s a good one! We hope you’re taking a little time for yourself today, Cynthia 😌

  231. I am trying to make time to move and I love the idea behind not focusing so much on work life balance. That ebbs and flows, no point in getting frustrated. Thank you for this article, I am sharing with my admin peers!

  232. I am so ready to find balance between my home & work life. Work tends to take over our lives even at home. I am going to turn off the notifications for my work emails once I get home. I mean at the end of the day I’m a non-exempt employee and shouldn’t be working afterhours anyways, right?! I am going to get one of those cute USB defusers so I can plug it in at a work to help keep me calm and I will be sure to get up and walk outside even if it’s 5-10 mins.

    1. Absolutely, Jenn! Take the time you need — be it at home or during work hours. (Also those little diffusers are SO cute!)

  233. You must remember to take care of yourself. It’s usually not a priority for us.

    1. And it NEEDS to be! Thanks for being a part of this reminder, Sharon 💚

  234. Which of the Ninja-recommended tactics will you use to prioritize your own self-care? – MAKE TIME TO MOVE

    I work from 7am-5: 30 pm, and most of the time I sit in front of my computer. I plan to make an effort to get up and move around more and give my eyes a break from the computer sceen.

    1. Great plan, Jessica! A little movement goes a LONG way 🙌

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