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A Planner to Have and to Hold

Staying organized is one of the more important aspects of #NinjaLife. Let’s face it, when you’re lost and bumbling around, everyone else is too. Earlier this summer, we talked about 4 Calendar Apps That Will Blow Your Mind (did they?). Now, let’s talk about a planner that you can hold in your hands. It may seem silly to use such an analog method of staying organized with the rapid advances of technology, but sometimes it takes more than your iPhone to feel ready to take on the world.

1. Moleskine


Of course Moleskine begins our list. We’ll start there because it’s often thought to be the Holy Grail of notebooks, journals, office supplies, and, to suit this particular purpose, planners. You have the option of hard or soft covers, all sorts of page designs, a few different sizes, and a variety of styles ranging from monthly to daily diaries. This is one of those times that being a part of the “in crowd” seems worth it.

Price: $12 – $39.95

2. Poppin


Our friends at Poppin are always en vogue. Like all of their products, it’s all about choosing what makes you feel inspired while also being able to feel like you’re organized. In the case of Poppin, that organization takes it to a whole other level –  right down to an office supply color scheme! Being ultra obsessed about organization doesn’t have to be hard.

Price: $8

3. Mochi Things


Variety is the spice of life. We don’t want you to be just an average office ninja. With a planner like this Alice in Wonderland scheduler, you’re sure to be the hit of the next “office mom” therapy session with your other friends in the business. Mochi Things has lots of other cute options, so no one has to copy your swag.

Price: $26.95

4. Simplified Planner


It is said to be everything that “busy, intentional women need.” We tend to think that describes the sassy ladies (and some gents) that make up our office ninja horde. Simplified and deliberate, the pages contain: Today (7am-7pm schedule), To-do, Notes, and Dinner. There’s really no need for anything more, so when you choose this planner, you’re choosing to streamline.

Price: $58

5. Kate Spade

planner 6

Classy and graceful, Kate Spade is a standby for all of you office ninjas out there that look for quality and something that might even make for the perfect handbag accessory. Don’t worry! There’s a few different styles so you can get your look for the coming year just right. We’re super into polka dots, obviously.

Price: $30 – $36

6. Eight Days A Week Planner

planner 7

Oh, the Beatles. There are NEVER enough days to get everything done. You know that, we know that, and this planner gives you space for that “extra day” of stuff. All of the regular days of the week are in there, plus “Someday.” Now if only there was actually an extra day outside of our dreams…

Price: $20

7. DIY Planner

planner 8

For those of you that dance to the beat of your own drum, this handmade planner might be the one that gets you feeling that cherished calm of organization. You’re in charge with this planner that gives you the space, all you have to do is fill in the dates and go! This one is perfect for the Ninjas out there that like the sweet satisfaction of checking off tasks and accomplishments.

Price: $30

BONUS: Chalkboard Wall Calendar

planner 9

Big ideas need even bigger calendars! Make sure your whole team stays as organized as you (or at least has that option) with this calendar that displays a weekly schedule on the wall. Nothing should get missed!


  1. Hello!
    Can you recommend some nice daily/weekly/monthly printable planners/calendars?

    Would make it a lot easier to print only on the days/weeks/months that I really need it, instead of purchasing/ordering planners and calendars that I won’t entirely use or be able to order because of the country I’m in!

    Thanks :)

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