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Office Ninja Confessions: The Pee-petrator

Horrified in Hollywood: OfficeNinjas

Any ninjas out there know a good vendor for branded HAZMAT suits? Seriously, after reading this week’s confession we’re thinking of adding them to our gear store.

We thought it couldn’t get much more disgusting than armpit hair grooming. Or more shameless than telling your assistant to simply accept that you’re an asshole. But, it does.

Brace yourself, ninjas.

Confession #3: When Urine It up to Here

Submitted by Horrified in Hollywood

I was working at a prestigious talent agency in Hollywood. My boss was at the end of his career and did not care about the job anymore. He refused to do any work and I covered for him all of the time. He was so lazy that he would nap behind his closed office door.

One day he comes out and hands me a cup of urine. I was horrified. I threw it in the toilet and refused to touch the next cup. It sat on his desk for over a week. The bottom of the cup started to bulge out. The wax coating was falling off in chunks. Every time I was in his office, we would both stare at the cup but neither of us would acknowledge it.

Finally, one day another agent walks in and follows our eyes to the disintegrating cup on his desk, and says, “What the hell is that?!” My boss smiles and says “Science experiment.” He hands me the cup. I try not to gag and race to the bathroom, hoping it doesn’t explode all over me.

Oh, H.H. We held our breath (and our lunches) during that last part.

In addition to our heartfelt sympathies, we’re sending you an OfficeNinjas swag. It won’t erase the image of a disintegrating pee cup (that’s burned into all of our brains) but we hope it reminds you that your misery serves a greater purpose. Like our amusement.

Can you top this? What other examples of utter shamelessness have you encountered on the job? CONFESS!



  1. Wow! I thought the first confession was bad – you have my sympathies friend!

  2. That man deserves a swift ninja kick to the psychologist!! Seriously wth?! To the author of that horrific story, please, for the love of God don’t ever put up with anything even remotely close to that again! Stand strong women.

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