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10 Office Items That Will Make Your Coworkers Jealous

Grovemade - Officeninjas

We’re sure that you spend more time at the office than what you’d like to admit some weeks. That’s fine, we totally understand. To make that experience as enjoyable as possible, we’ve compiled a list of items for organization and office aesthetic that are sure to make others jealous, and you happy.

Letterpress Calendar - OfficeNinjas

1. Letterpress Desk Calendar ($35)

Time is of the essence, but time doesn’t have to be ugly. With these eco-friendly, letterpress calendars, you will have everyone jealous of how great your day looks.

Get it Done Taskpad - OfficeNinjas

2. Get It Done Task Pad ($6 for a pack of 3)

Perhaps you’ll have to use more than one page for all of the things you need to get done, but 10 seems like enough to feel accomplished. Stay organized and feeling awesome with a “Get It Done” mentality, and they’re pretty, too.

Grovemade - Officeninjas

3. Handcrafted Beauties ($10-$99 per item)

Having an ordinary desk is for ordinary people. We know that you’re extraordinary, so why not show it off? These handcrafted office tools will help keep you feeling cozy by bringing a little nature and balance into the office.

Steve Jobs Desk - OfficeNinjas

4. Steve Jobs Desk ($498)

There are different thoughts on how Steve Jobs used to work, but regardless of your theories, a desk that accommodates all of your work tools is totally worth it. This desk has vents for your laptop that works as hard as you do sometimes, places to set your phone and tablet, and plenty of room for all of your big ideas.

Whiteboard that walks - officeninjas

5. Whiteboard That Walks ($38.60)

Work doesn’t always happen in the office, and sometimes when it does, it doesn’t happen in the order you anticipated. The NuBoard offers versatility and creativity in presentations and note taking. You have the ability to layer notes, erase when necessary, and make presentations that work for other people.

Coastermatic - OfficeNinjas

6. Coastermatic ($25 for a set of 4)

We think we’re Instagram all-stars, so we jumped at the chance to show off our skills on something that people actually need – coasters! You can get one of their collections, or you can show off you’re awesome filtering skills with a set that was made by you.

Modular Desktop Organizer - officeninjas

7. Modular Desktop Organizer ($40)

Creativity doesn’t have to be a one time thing. Modo gives you multiple options for organizing all of your important stuff like pens, phones, cords – it all works with how you want to make it work. The options are limitless!

Curve BT iDock - OfficeNInjas

8. Handset or Hands-Free ($40)

You have a lot to get done and sometimes that means you need the use of your hands and your phone while you’re taking calls during the day. This dock gives you the opportunity to charge your phone, sync with different technology using Bluetooth, and give you the ease of an old-fashioned handset. Talking can be easy!

Knock Knock Useless Folders - OfficeNinjas

9. Useless Folders ($4.50 for a pack of 3)

We’re sure you run into those people that think you just file a lot of paperwork at your job. We know there’s way more to it than that, but when you do have to do the filing thing, why not add a little wit to your day? These folders are perfectly suited to make you chuckle with their witty banter.

Bullshit Free Zone Mug - OfficeNinjas

10. Bullshit Free Mug ($10, currently 50% off!)

Coffee is the elixir of office life. You don’t want to deal with bullshit, we don’t want to deal with bullshit. This coffee mug will make it known in the office, at meetings, or at home. All important! Check out Startup Vitamins soon, a lot of their drinkware is on sale.

free stuff - officeninjas

BONUS: Free Stuff!

Getting sassy doesn’t have to be expensive! Check out all of the great ideas that Poppin has for all of the over-achievers in your life, regardless of what they’re looking to achieve. There’s great ways to dress up the items on your desk, too. Get creative, it’s the best way to keep loving what you do.

What are your favorite office items that help you look and feel good during your busy day?


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