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10 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Desk Organized

As a multi-tasking Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant or all-around Office Ninja, your desk can take one heck of a beating. But here are 10 clever desk accessories that’ll be sure to bring some calm into your work life.

1. The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder ($13, Amazon)

Not only does this make a great gift but its actually useful! This fun organizer is a pen holder, tape dispenser, memo/card holder and yes, a paper clip holder inside the toilet! Having a bad day? This buddy will be sure to cheer you up.

2. The Desktop Set ($51, Poppin)

The sky’s the limit! These stackable trays allow you to save space and stack high. This clever set includes: 2 letter size trays, accessory tray, compartmentalized pen/pencil cup and matching ballpoints. And, it comes in 9 vibrant colors!

3. Mini Business Card File Cabinet ($15, Amazon)

You just came back from an Office Ninjas Tech Event. Where do you store all the business cards you’ve collected? Introducing the smallest file cabinet ever at 6.5″ tall. But don’t be fooled by the size, this handy desk tool holds up to 500 business cards with letter tabs to keep your contacts organized.

4. Noteboard: The Whiteboard that Folds Up from Full-Size to Pocket-Size! ($12, Amazon)

We are in love with this foldable pocket whiteboard! The next time you want to brainstorm over a whiteboard, just whip out this space-saving, pocket size Noteboard. From 3″ x 5″ closed, it opens up to an amazing 15″ x  55″ which is equivalent to 35 notecards joined together. Love it!

5. Justick Electro Adhesive Desktop Noteboard ($40, ThinkGeek)

Tired of sticky notes falling miserably down your monitor?  Sick of looking for thumbtacks for the corkboard? This desktop noteboard may be the answer to your prayers. With electrostatic force, it keeps all your papers in place with no pins needed. Magic.

6. Dine Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils ($10, Amazon)

Ever find yourself eating lunch at the desk but then realize you forgot utensils? This handy dandy Dine Ink Pen is a pen with pen caps shaped as a reusable fork, spoon and knife. Bon Appétit!

7. Cordies ($13 for 5 qty, Amazon) 

Until someone comes up with a way to make all of our electronics cordless, Cordies is the next best thing to keeping our cords manageable.  At just 2.75″ wide, it has 4 generous slots to keep your cords neatly organized.

8. Days of the Week File Folders ($12 for 6 qty, Knock Knock)

Filing and keeping folders organized may be a drag but the folks at Knock Knock are making it fun with their whimsical folders, from ‘Get Me Out of Here‘ Monday to ‘Humpity Hump‘ Wednesday.

9. Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard ($117, Amazon)

Ready to save a ridiculous amount of desk space? This micro size device projects a full size laser keyboard to any flat surface! While the current product only works for iPhones and tablets, this shows where we are headed in the future. Perhaps a virtual monitor and keyboard?

10. Get Shit Done Mug ($16, Startup Vitamins)

And lastly, the coffee mug for the desk that reminds you to get ish done! A quote dubbed by Max Levine, CEO of powerhouse startup,, he has built a dynamic culture built on doing and improving. Aye Aye, Captain!


  1. I remember the first time the infrared keyboard came out, everybody wanted it because it was like totally futuristic, I know I wanted one. But for some reason or another it just kinda got swept away to the side and never really took off. Do you guys know whatever happened to it?

  2. The virtual keyboard is hot. That would be perfect when typing notes in a meeting. I’m a fanatic with organization.

  3. Genius! I love a neat desk.

  4. Great post. All of these items would definitely keep me on top of my game. I think I see an Amazon order in my future! ;)

  5. We currently own the Butt Station, and love it! Next on our list is that awesome coffee mug, and the keyboard! Great write up, and thanks for reminding us to “get shit done”. :)

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