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Ninja Feature—5 Multipotentialite Office Ninjas & Their Passions

Multipotentialite. That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? And, if you read our last article about them, you know that it isn’t a species of ancient sea creature displayed in a science and history museum somewhere (although, we think that’s a pretty fitting name, really). Nope, multipotentialites are people with a variety of different interests and creative pursuits in their life. So, we like to think that everyone is a multipotentialite—because we all have things we like to do outside of the office.

You’re all awesome Office Ninjas—we already know that much. But, we also recognize that your job isn’t everything. It’s not that one crucial ingredient that makes you uniquely you. Instead, it’s just one slice of one really amazing pie.

Inspired by the digging and research we’ve been doing about multipotentialites, we wanted to find out a little more about what a few of our Ninjas do once the clock strikes five. So, we asked you to reveal your hidden talents, your deepest passions, and those hobbies and interests that can always paste a huge grin across your face.

Without further ado, here are a few of the Ninjas who inspired us!

Tana Klunder

Junior Administrative Officer


I love creating/designing jewelry. Over the last ten years, I have really enjoyed sitting down and playing with all the colors of beads, stones, wiring and creating something I or someone else would wear. Over the last few years, my jewelry is becoming well-known and I am accepting commissioned work, which has its challenges of mingling my idea with theirs. I look forward to the day I retire and can create/design all day long!”

If you ask us, making jewelry sounds like it would be a super therapeutic and relaxing side gig—especially after a long, stressful day in the office. Plus, you get the added benefit of having your hard work transformed into a beautiful piece of wearable art. And, we’ll gladly say it, Tana’s work is nothing short of gorgeous!

Aeryka Denton

Office Manager

Photo by Elijah Collins of Zeallous Music
Photo by Elijah Collins of Zeallous Music

While I juggle lots of things at work, I juggle a wide variety of hobbies as well! What takes up the biggest chunk of my free time is my band (Your Fearless Leader), in which I play keys and vocals. We are gaining a lot of momentum in the awesome local San Francisco scene, and it’s almost like having another job! My bandmates and I do much more than practicing and performing. We’re busy writing music, maintaining our website, booking/playing shows, recording our first EP, spreading our music, doing interviews, and networking with prominent local figures in the industry and other local bands.”


Moonlighting as a music superstar? Well, we can’t help but think that’s pretty awesome—even if it does involve a bunch of hard work in her time off. Check out the video of Aeryka’s band up above. Oh, and don’t forget to support your local musicians and go hit up some smaller venues in your town. You won’t regret it!

Annamarie Simmons

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Copy of P10003472 (1)

I got into sewing in High School and have been sewing ever since. As for what I enjoy about sewing, it’s owning ‘one of a kind’ garments. Art is my meditation and the thing that keeps me whole. My fave fashion periods are the late 60s to early 70s, although my vintage clothing pattern collection has patterns dating back to the ‘ever so glamorous’ 1930s. My fashion style is mostly boho with a lot of vintage mixed in (this is the sort of thing that happens when you live in California for a long time).”

Designing and sewing is one of those ideal interests in our book! Not only do you get to flex your creative muscles and channel your artistic energy, but you’re also getting something completely functional as an end result. Plus, now we know just who to talk to the next time we’re searching for a snazzy, one-of-a-kind ensemble!

Janine Baltar

Office Ninja

1382995_10151935390200609_225062647_n (1)

Overworking (and no sense of work life balance) is what started my yoga practice… as I started to dive in I took a few workshops and one day ended up teaching. In my spare time I teach yoga as a way to fundraise for causes I care about (while my day job pays the bills). Now I teach at a yoga studio with a student base mainly made up of overworked Silicon Valley techies. I teach yin & restorative… teaching stress relief exercises to my students!”

Nepal (1)

Talk about a great way to unwind! Not only is Janine making time for something that she enjoys, but she’s using her skills to benefit others. Aside from helping those stressed-out techies decompress, Janine uses the profits from her yoga practice to do some pretty amazing things! After the earthquake in Nepal, she raised roughly $15,000. She then used a portion of those funds to bring schools and supplies to an orphanage—and even taught a yoga class there! See? Being a multipotentialite doesn’t always need to be something you do strictly for yourself. Way to go, Janine!

Denise Sciulli

Assistant to VP

DSC_0142 (1)

I joined the Duquesne University Women’s Guild in 2004. The Guild was officially organized in 1928. Through the years, the donations of the Guild have varied from the early days when the women made altar clothes and vestments through today to the establishment of an endowed scholarship fund. It was in 2004 that the members decided to direct their contributions to areas that would benefit the students more directly. We started donating funds to our Campus Ministry department so that students could go on mission trips. For about five years, our students went to New Orleans to help rebuild after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. In 2010, the members decided to establish an endowed scholarship fund for students with financial need. We set a $50,000 goal over five years; we achieved that in three years! Scholarships are awarded from the interest earned on the principle funds. Today, the endowment is worth over $100,000! With an endowment fund, the principle funds will remain in perpetuity. They will be able to continue earning interest and funding scholarships forever!”

Here’s another great example of how your skills and interests outside of the office can serve and help others. We think that the work Denise is doing with the Duquesne University Women’s Guild is simply amazing! Plus, in addition to all of that hard work, the Guild also hosts a Freshman Parents’ luncheon in the fall in order to welcome parents to campus and answer their questions. Denise, do you ever sleep?

Yep, from indie rockstars and designers to philanthropists and yogis, these Ninjas certainly embody the essence of mutlipotentialism. So, to all of you Ninjas who moonlight as jazz instructors, roller derby girls, or anything in between: We salute you for finding your calling and kicking butt everyday!

What hobbies and passions do you pursue?


  1. I travel as a certified massage therapist specializing in Ayurvedic massage (two and four handed), hot/cold stones, aromatherapy, Swedish massage and Pranic healing. I also make and sell herbal creations such as bath salts, sugar and salt scrubs, fabric and room sprays, solid lotion, essential oils, teas, mulling spice mixes, soap and candles. My daughter likes to help me with the lotions and scrubs. We both love the Orange Creamsicle and Vanilla Lavender. :)

  2. I would be interested to know if Tana Klunder has a website or where I can see more of her jewelry designs.

  3. I would be interested to know if Tana Klunder has a website or how to see more of her jewelry.

  4. I Love seeing so much talent and such inspiring Ninja’s!!!!

    I am very blessed in my day job supporting and working with some amazing AVP’s and others that have taught me so much and continue to do so. They encourage me on the job in so many different facets and off the job in my business.

    Though I am passionate about my day job has it continues to allow me to grow I love my evenings and weekends. Since 2001 I have owned a Mobile Holistic Wellness center in Northeastern Pennsylvania that I truly love and enjoy!!! Be it providing Massages, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy or Teaching classes (just to name a few) I love both of my worlds and looking forward to each day.

    I am also the Chapter President for the NEPA Holistic Chamber of Commerce. This allows me two very big benefits.

    1. Educate the community what holistic options are available.
    2. Network with other holistic practitioners.

    Yes I wake up each day knowing I will be doing something I love.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this article! Admins are some of the most multi-faceted and talented individuals I have ever met… time to shed a brighter light on the awesomeness of “the side hustle” and the soul fulfilling benefits that come with it.

  6. OMG!!! I so loved reading this article #OfficeNinjas! You ALL totally Rock! Multi talented Ninjas you are indeed! Uhmmm…I want to know if any of Annamarie Simmons designs can be purchased! I want a one of a kind awesome outfit too!

    I’m impressed by Tana Klunder’s jewelry as well. Thank you all for sharing your amazing talents with us. Color me inspired!

    1. We might be able to connect you with Annamarie and Tana, Evelyn! We’ll definitely make sure they know you’re interested. ;)

  7. For the last ten years I have run my own business as a Freelance Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. It has served as a creative outlet, and I love meeting new people. Every year I do approximately 30+ events.

    1. How cool, Jenn! What got you started in makeup and hair?

      1. When I was younger and starting to work I began working in beauty sales in retail. I was fortunate to learn and lot and had a natural ability to do it. So about 10 years ago I started building my business and working with clients for special events. I live enhancing natural beauty and helping people on a special day in their life.

  8. I am an avid crocheter and baker. My company turned 20 this year, and I created a pattern and crocheted the logo and had it framed. It is now proudly displayed in the office. I’m starting to take orders for custom pieces and love figuring out the patterns. As for the baking, I love trying new recipes, but definitely don’t need the ‘results’ around the house. I bring them into the office for everyone to enjoy (while keeping one or two for me at home).

    1. Debbie, that is AMAZING! We love that you put the time into creating the pattern for your company logo and that they put it on display!

      What’s your favorite thing to bake?

  9. I work as a acute care rehabilitation unit coordinator, and it is not the kind of work I enjoy. I do however get to do some fun projects some at work and some at my church through my Sunday school class as well as the employment ministry I am a part of. I teach classes re Linkedin and plan to teach a class about unit coordinator so attendees will be able to sit for the certification test. I also take on administrative projects to get my name out there in an attempt to start my own virtual admin company.

    1. What an excellent use of your talents, Sharona! Best of luck building your own VA company! We know a person or two doing that now, we might be able to introduce you to.

  10. My current place of employment provides me with many opportunities and hat wearing. However, when I am not working I bake. I own a special event cupcake catering business serving the Northern California area. Most of my clients are brides/grooms. I enjoy being able to meet new people and hear their stories of how they met and fell in love. I have several that come back for baby reveal cakes, baby shower cupcakes or 1st birthday cupcakes! This has allowed the creative side of my brain to be used, which as an Office Manager isn’t always utilized. I am also contemplating another business (hopefully in 2016) that will blend several of my passions together (efficiency, organizing, helping, and creating). Stay tuned!

    1. OMG! Marcie! Where in Northern California? Do you have a website/instagram/anything you can send me? I will be in the Bay Area in January and need cupcakes for a baby shower! (And maybe again in March.)

  11. I love graphic design and while it’s not specifically part of my HR Administrative Assistant job duties, I got lots of opportunities to flex that muscle: event flyers, graphic emails, intranet ads, job flyers, fancy forms, etc.

    1. How cool, Nicole! Do you do any design outside the office as well? Can we see some of what you’ve designed for the fun of it?

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