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OfficeNinjas 2017 Calendar is Packed with Growth Tips & Inspiration for Admin Maestros

No matter who you are or what you do, you share one thing with every other person in the country on December 31.

We’re not talking about a champagne toast. Instead, we’re referring to the tangible—something that confirms it’s time to look forward, more than any glass of bubbly. It’s often overlooked, but the connection we’re referring to is the need for a new desk calendar.

These original productivity hacks have been around forever. Egyptians used them, Romans used them, your pre-internet self used them. But if you think your needs are being met with that tiny digital date-marker on your phone, you’re wrong—and you’re missing out.

Hitting the home button to check the day isn’t doing any favors for your phone addiction either. So instead of rounding up our predictions for the best new calendar app or goal-tracking plugin, we built you a desk calendar that does both, with a hint of OfficeNinjas flavor.

Our promise?

To bring office managers, executive assistants, and administrative maestros a no-BS, no-fluff calendar that gives you more to look forward to than the weekend.

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How We’ll Pack 2017 with Career Development out the Wahoo

Less than 10 percent of people who set goals for the New Year keep them. Ouch. To make this statistic even worse, three of the top 10 most common resolutions are things Ninjas also strive for—to be organized, learn something exciting, and help others.

Those are important, but we’d also toss things like staying ahead of the technology curve, acquiring new hard skills, and boosting interpersonal communications into the mix. In fact, we made up our own mix—and it’s tailor-made to keep Ninjas inspired and growing all year long. There won’t be any sad statistics around these parts!

1. A Unique Format to Keep It Interesting


Each month features a lesser known (but super insightful) quote that falls into a broad category—like “tech thoughts” and “gratitude.” Along with that quote, we thought up two action-based professional growth tips that fall in the same lane.

Come the first week of January, you’ll be able to ditch your list of half-hearted resolutions in favor of our suggestions. Obviously, we care about community and helping you be a well-loved Ninja, so one of the month’s two actions shares the love.

2. Quotes You Haven’t Read a Million Times


Members of OfficeNinjas’ entire HQ weighed in on the calendar’s quotes. Too common? Cut it. Too traditional? Out for sure. Not enough quirk or Ninja-style pizzaz? No way, boring jose.

As a result, the 12 sayings that made the round-up are so poster-worthy you’ll want to cut them out and make a collage after each month passes.

3. Specific, Action-Based Ways to Learn and Pay It Forward


Telling someone to seize the day isn’t very helpful. How should the seizing be done? Where should one start? There’s too much ambiguity, if you ask us. To get around this seemingly inspirational order, our calendar spells out two exact ways for you to act each month. The first solely benefits you and the second extends your involvement to others. Like we said, these will always match the monthly quote in an obvious way, so you won’t have to solve any riddles before the goal is clear.

4. Another Way to Interact with the Ninja Community


Professional development benefits you as an individual, but we want to celebrate your wins too. That’s why we built in a third element to this already-awesome calendar—and it’s about community. After you complete each month’s action, we want you to share the story with us, including any ups and downs.

Pretty awesome, right?

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How do you plan to crush 2017? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. My goal is to manage, survive and thrive through all the changes at my job! My boss is retiring on August 1st after almost 40 years with our school system. I am truly going to miss her. I’m also studying for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications and for another certification program. It’s going to be an exciting year of learning and volunteering!

  2. I love the Ninja Calendar concept. action items are great tools. I just completed the Strengths Assessment 2.0 – I wish most employers would allow each person to discover their strengths and build from there. I am excited to be growing after being employed here nine years and not a goal to set in sight. But it’s a new day, and a new boss who gets it. Good luck to those entering the contest. May the best Ninja win….times ten!!!

  3. I love the calendar! It’s clear that lots of thought and heart went into its creation. My goal for the year is to finally nail down the side business I want to start. I have lots of ideas but nothing has really ‘grabbed’ me yet. Maybe the calendar is the missing piece! =)

  4. This year I want to master project management. I want to use my ninja skills to keep projects t on track and on budget. Also, sharpen my creativity and writing when putting together decks.

  5. My goal is to continue mentoring our Isipho Admin Bursary students and to start a monthly PA communication interaction within our company.

  6. My goal in 2017 is to continue with professional and personal development.

  7. Become proficient in several proprietary data tools at my company.

  8. My goal in 2017 is to continue to grow professionally while keeping a healthy life balance!

  9. I joined my current company two months ago. It is so thrilling to have landed my dream job finally, and that is becoming more and more clear every day that I go into work at this new job. It is incredibly fast paced, however, and the organization is undergoing a lot of changes. Therefore,my goal for 2017 is to become as knowledgeable about our company and my CEO as possible, so as to become the true Office Ninja of my company and an asset to my awesome boss. I believe this calendar would definitely help me make that happen!

  10. I have a new boss! I have been an office manager at my current position for 16 years. This will be the first time in 18 years that our non-profit has had a new leader. So in 2017 I will be assisting to navigate this change in the office by also with our community

  11. Schedule reoccurring meeting time to read and reflect. Two things there isnt enough time for.

  12. In 2017 I plan to continue working on my degree, find a way to contribute more to my community, and find a position with a more “humanity friendly” culture. One that’s not so only about the “bottom line”. And hopefully will pay more money

  13. Love the ideas you’ve worked into this calendar. I can’t wait to have the reminders and simple ideas in my face each day, and to share them with my office :)

  14. My professional goal is to continue growing my capacity for learning and productivity at work, and to continue to expand my role on my project.

  15. Love this calendar! It’ll keep me organized and scheduled and help my productivity to boot! I am always looking for helpful extensions/apps and insightful quotes to send out to my office mates. It keeps everyone smiling and motivated.

  16. Continue to help develop and get our team’s feet under them, reminding them every day how great we are, and the positive road that lies ahead for each team member!

  17. My professional goal for 2017 is to complete 22 units at college….I see more $ in my future!

  18. My goal for 2017 is to have an active network of admins in Omaha!

  19. Professional Goal for 2017 – get to the point in my new job where I don’t have to refer to the procedures manual for each task.

  20. Goals for 2017 – Continue my Professional Development and to Expand my Network!

  21. Try not to let the stress of others get to me; attempt to work more smarter if that is possible; and hopefully winning one of those lovely calendars

  22. Improve Profit in my department. Reduce waste and disorganization in the field.

  23. My goal for 2017 is to be more proficient in all that I do so that my CEO will see that I am more than just a “Admin” and will let me utilize my abilities to their maximum.

  24. My goal is to start an internal assistant network at my university

  25. For 2017 I’d like to take an in depth training and really learn how to use SharePoint and One Note instead of poking around on them and not utilizing their full potential.

  26. My goals for 2017 – perfect my skills, offer constructive and helpful advice or thoughts to my executive, and become invaluable.

  27. My goal is to complete by BA!

  28. My big 2017 goal is to be the best version of myself, help those around me continue to succeed and support them in ways that allow them to show their true potential!

  29. My goal for 2017 is to continue learning and growing as an Executive Assistant and get my day to day more organized.

  30. Looking forward to 2017!

  31. I’m with Heather on uni-tasking… and making other aware of the need for it!

  32. Continue doing what I’m doing while adding a few little “karate chops” like learning new software and helping lead our company wide EA Newsletter as well as keeping my notary license up and being knowledgeable regarding the state laws.

    1. Your org has an EA newsletter? Wow, that sounds fantastic!

  33. Looks like a great calendar, I am focusing on digital calendaring in 2017.

  34. Goal for 2017: Be a better manager (working on my people skills)

  35. I’m usually so focused on goals that help the company and those I support that I rarely take the time to create goals for me. I’m going to be very deliberate in setting at least one significant goal for my personal development. Thanks for the motivation!

  36. My goal for 2017 is to devote more time to learning about the things I’m most passionate about.

  37. In 2017, I hope to attain my degree in Business Administration. Also, I am working on making our moving permit application process more efficient this next year by hopefully automating the process.

  38. I love the “busyness” of this calendar! How great to have positive reinforcement, suggestions for growth and leadership, and just fun stuff right in front of you every day! Kudos to the person who thougtht this up!

  39. 2017 Goal – Complete my HR certification

  40. I love my Office Ninja calendars. Even if I don’t win one, I will certainly be buying one. My main goal for 2017 is to go paperless.

  41. Its like your calendars are made just for me. I’m always looking at multiple calendars (desk, phone, monitor, wall, and in my head at night!) This calendar is the one that gives back :) Bite sized motivation just when I need it. My 2017 goals are all about growth. Learning, expanding, experiencing more.

  42. ORGANIZATION IS MY KEY TO THE SECRET GARDEN!! I am always on the look out for new and innovative ways to organize, easily prioritize, and track my projects. Being organized helps me stay on top of long term client relationships, ongoing processes, and large scale project progress. I love the feeling of being able to calendar out my events and budget my time with an organized schedule tool, like a planner/Filofax.

  43. I love that this calendar helps you stay intentional about career goals!

  44. My goal for 2017 is to bring the Fun and Self Care back to this office. It can be a very high stress environment and creating an atmosphere of fun and promoting self care encourages productivity and makes for a better work place all around. Here’s to awesome ice breakers before meetings, a walking group and a meditation group – all corporately sponsored!

  45. My goal in 2017 is to keep learning, especially in the tech area. There are so many app’s and programs that help us Office Ninjas work much more efficiently and I want to continue to learn more!

  46. My 2017 goal is to be more tech-savy and to take on new projects to just keep learning throughout the year.

  47. My goal for 2017 is to make time for learning. I always sprinkle time here and there but I know I can devote more. I’ve got to keep evolving – professionally and personally!

  48. One of my goals for 2017 is improving my overall health so I can shine as an Office Ninja in the new year!

  49. My goal is to slow down! Although I am a great multitasker, I can oftentimes get caught up in the rush to get things done thus making mistakes that cold have been avoided had I slowed down just a bit.

  50. My biggest goal for 2017 is to complete the IAAP CAP. I’ve been thinking about this for a few years. I have decided to dive in and get it done in 2017.

  51. My goal is to try improve my communication skills in 2017. Maybe get out of my comfort zone and actually join a Toastmaster group.

  52. Goals: Work–Launch the EA Development program I’ve been championing; find better ways of tracking HC. Personal–be more fit this year than I have been in the past 5.

  53. I have 2 goals for 2017: 1) create a local network for Administrative Professionals, and 2) get certified. I’m already certifiable but I want it in writing! LOL!

  54. This calendar seems like something that would be perfect for me. My goal for 2017 is to become a little more tech-savvy. I am so interested in helping people in this company learn ways to be more productive as we grow. I believe technology is a tool that will play a huge part in streamlining things as we move forward. That being said, I still dearly love my “traditional” streamlining and time-saving tools… my Passion Planner is my bestie. :)

  55. My goal is to become more knowledgeable in my position. I’m in my second year here and want to be that person everyone comes to for answers!

  56. My professional goal is to finally start my side project. I want to have a blog and social presence that is entirely me, not on the behalf of the dozens of companies I do it for on the daily.

  57. My goal is to continue to stretch myself professionally in accepting new challenges and expand my network.

  58. To help host or attend a Ninja event in Denver/Boulder!

  59. 2017 – I plan to hone my expertise in areas of my job. I am the go to person for questions and to investigate anomalies. Also to get more organized with my emails. It’s out of control. LOL

  60. My professional goal for 2017 is to finish my degree, or at least work towards finishing it.

  61. I’m attending Management Training at work, and just started on my MBA. In my first class, we had to come up with SMART goals – implementing the Pomodoro Technique was one of them!

  62. I couldn’t be more excited for the 2017 calendar! Ready to plan and execute 2017!

  63. For 2017 my goal is not to let office gossip lower my morale, especially when the gossip doesn’t effect my work or job. To stay the course and know that my position at the firm is vital to its growth and success in spite of management squashing the Administrative Assistant team’s voice. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the mechanics of our firm and I will continue to try to make my voice heard.

  64. I’ve had a Goliath in my personal life for quite a while. This is the year that I pick up my slingshot…Ninja style.

  65. 2017 is about professional development for me. Time to think about getting certified!

  66. My goal is to up my personal education do I can become more effective in my position

  67. You should never stop learning! And this calendar is full of inspirational learning tips.

  68. In 2017, I’m going to share my knowledge and find ways to help my fellow co-worker ninjas up their game.

  69. Finish my procedures binder (since there are duties that are unique to my department), continue my development, become proficient in some apps that my company do not use to give myself the edge if I ever have to look for another position.

  70. Goal – to continue to improve the business environment by interaction and inspiration.

  71. My professional goal is to continue to strive for improving my communication skills to my team.

  72. My 2017 goal is to share a new role for myself within my company – a Chief of Staff role :)

  73. One of my goals for 2017 is to continue to focus on personal growth and development. I’ve delved into this year and have been able to pinpoint specific areas to focus on. It’s really inspired and motivated me in my career, which is something I’ve needed for a while. I’m really excited to see what new things I can learn in 2017!

  74. For me, 2017 will be about taking things to the next level, pardon the corporate-speak. But I’ve been in my current position almost two years, and it’s time to step things up and focus on ways to improve. For me, that means formal education, seminars, and working toward getting my executive team to see me as more than “just an admin”.

  75. My professional goal is to stay on task, there are so many things going on in the office it is easy to get distracted. This would be a great motivator to up my game.

  76. Great calendar–love the inspirational messages!

  77. This calendar looks awesome! For 2017, I plan to continue my quest to brush up my skills and learn new ways to be more effective at my job. IT upgraded us without warning to Microsoft Office 2016 & I’m currently trying to figure out what’s new and what has changed.

  78. My professional goal for 2017 is to complete two more certifications and finish my degree. Both of these will help with advancement in my career.

  79. I absolutely love reading articles on OfficeNinjas! It’s fresh, and always helpful!! Thank you for being so awesome!!!

  80. Love this calendar! Very inspirational!!

  81. This is an awesome calendar!! This is just what I need to remind myself daily to motivate my team in a positive way!

  82. Our admin team is spread across the U.S. so we collaborate mostly through IM. In 2017, I plan to reach out to the other admin teams the old fashion way – snail mail. To keep the team motivated I plan to send encouraging knick-knacks and motivational/inspiration quotes for reach admin to receive in the mail. In that instance, they can be inspired and uplifted.

  83. One 2017 goal is to help my project managers help themselves by teaching and showing. Another is to stay positive and focused, especially on those days when everything seems to go “oh so terribly wrong”.

  84. My goal for 2017 is to be more deliberate in my planning. And of course to win this awesome calendar.

  85. Goal for 2017 to assist having the best department in the company.

  86. My professional goals are simple enough – enjoy life, try to be more active, and learn as much as I can!

  87. Loved the prior Ninja calendar you produced – looking forward to this one! Thanks!

  88. My goal for 2017 is to finally get our CRM up and running. The new version, not the one 5 versions back! I would also like to bring more people into the OfficeNinja family. There are some OMs I’ve been training in our building complex (not in our company) and I think they would make terrific Ninjas.

  89. My goals for 2017 include: Not letting the urgent squeeze out the important, focus on serial uni-tasking – keep my mind & actions on task until done, and being a beacon of calm and FUN for my executive and co-workers.

  90. I want this calendar! And I want them for my team, too :)

  91. My professional goal for 2017 is to take proactive measures for common problems that I encountered in 2016.

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