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Get Crafty: 10 Interactive Gifts for Admins

By nature, office ninjas are multi-taskers. They rarely sit still for any significant amount of time and feed off of seemingly impossible challenges. Their favorite look? Ten hats – all at once.

That’s why some of the best gifts for National Administrative Professionals Day (April 22, 2015) incorporate activities that flaunt their handy, crafty, or creative sides. Ninjas spend 40+ hours on projects to benefit their offices and colleagues. Why not give them the chance to channel their handiwork towards something for just them to enjoy?

Last week we shared 10 ideas for classy, personalized gifts. This week, in part two of our three-part gift guide, we’ve rounded up ten more great gifts selected specifically for the overachieving office ninja who simply must create!

Personal Growth


Water Garden
This hydroponic gardening kit contains everything needed to create a mini, office-friendly ecosystem. The fish fertilize the plants, which then filter the water. And the gift recipient gets fresh herbs and a calming desktop accessory.

Young at Heart


Enchanted Garden
There’s something truly therapeutic and meditative about coloring. Why did we ever stop doing it? If adults can still play video games, why can’t they color? This intricate and slightly more “advanced” coloring book paired with a high quality set of pencils feels like a gift that’s both playful and dignified.

A Non-Boring Board


Straight from the workshop of Design Sponge founder Grace Bonney, this gift includes the tools, materials and instruction to create a rustic but elegant wooden serving board. And you thought wine and cheese couldn’t get any better!

Experimental Epicure


Molecule Gastronomy Kit
You know what your dinner parties are missing? Mint caviar beads and chocolate spaghetti. Molecular Gastronomy isn’t just for fancy Michelin Star chefs – its also for office ninjas. This kit comes with pre-measured food additives, molecular tools and a 50-recipe DVD.

Fancy Regards


Intro to Calligraphy
While we await the final season of Downton Abbey, why not inject a little Crawley-caliber class into our everyday correspondence? This calligraphy starter kit is beautifully packaged and includes an authentic pen holder, multiple nibs, black and white ink, various papers and instructional materials.

Black Thumb-Proof Terrarium



Ideal for the office ninja who wants a little greenery in their life, but finds that most plants meet their untimely death after a week or so under their care. Air plants are super low maintenance, and this kit includes the glass container, gravel, moss and plant needed to create a sleek and modern mini terrarium.

#NoFilter Diana Camera


Diana Camera
A return to the grittier days of personal photography! When snapping a photo meant throwing caution to the wind and the only filters you used on a daily basis were attached to your Britta water pitcher. The Diana Camera, introduced in 1960, “produces images that are soft and dreamy with super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring and random contrast.” This gift is perfect for shutterbug ninjas and comes with a neck strap and instructional booklet.

Been There, Done That



Celebrate your favorite office ninja’s spirit of adventure with this map pin board. Desk dwellers with wanderlust can keep track of their travels and dream of new destinations. This unmounted matte print is available in world or US format and comes with a foam core backing and 20 red, gold, or black push pins.

Knitting Pretty



Fast-stitching ninjas can’t be bothered with tangles and knots. Keep the craft qi flowing with this clever yarn bowl that both eliminates snags and provides an attractive resting place for needles that aren’t in use.

DIY Chai


Chai Tea Kit

Help tea-loving ninjas up their chai game with this sophisticated tea kit. All 15 spices and leaves are individually packaged in their own glass containers and packaged in a brushed aluminum box for storage that’s both functional and stylish.

Expert crafters, budding gourmands, horticulturists, dabblers – office ninjas are a diverse bunch. We hope one of these gifts matches your admin’s interests or inspires them to develop a new one!

Which of these gifts would you choose for yourself?


  1. I love the DIY gift ideas (I saved the website for future use). I am going to make #20 Tube Necklaces for some awesome admins.

  2. Very original and interesting gifts that anyone would love! Great job!

  3. These are awesome – but my world is on budget constraints.. I however may just make one of these for my co admins! :)

  4. Love the beautiful coloring book and pencils! I still can’t promise, however, to color within the lines…

    1. We gave the coloring a try and it was surprisingly relaxing…and fun! We may or may not had wine while doing it. ;)

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