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Let’s Get Personal: 10 Classy Admin Gifts

Admin Day Personal Gifts

Editor’s Note: OfficeNinjas is celebrating #AdminWeek2015 in a BIG way. Learn more here!

Your resident office ninja, whether they’re an office manager, executive assistant,  admin, or operations pro, is invaluable.

But we don’t have to tell you that. They’ve likely saved the day at least 5 times…just this week. You’ve witnessed and marveled at some of their heroics in scheduling, logistics and general office management. Although powerful, much of their equally triumphant work goes quietly undetected.

Doesn’t your favorite office ninja deserve a little recognition and token of your appreciation? Something one-of-a-kind that not only says “You rock,” but also, “I thought about this for more than five minutes.”

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve put together a 3-part gift guide for Administrative Professionals Day that’s filled with interesting gifts that feel special but are still appropriate for the office.

Cookies ‘n’ Keepsakes

$20-$180 gift basket


It’s hard to go wrong with cookies, especially with artisanal flavors like salted caramel, lavender noir and muscovado crunch. In addition to their deliciousness, all Fruute cookie baskets come with a personalized message tucked into a sleek, glass bottle. Ninjas will enjoy the unique keepsake even after the cookies are devoured.

Bad-Ass Candles

$18 per candle


Standard scented candles are nice…but we’re gifting ninjas, not nuns. If the typical offering feels a little milquetoast for the workplace warrior in your life, bring on the sass with one of these soy-based Bad-Ass Candles that feature sayings like “You’re F’N Awesome!” and “You’re Soy Amazing!” Yummy fragrances include Citrus & Chili Pepper and Brown Sugar & Fig.

Gratitude in Stacks

$40-$90 per book

Book Art

Perfect for the well-read ninja. These intricate, handmade paper sculptures are constructed from recycled books and can be customized with initials, a short word or date (perhaps a work anniversary).

First Class Cardholders

$30 each

Kate Spade Business Card

Your favorite office ninja is a professional, but they still have a personality – just like these sophisticated, monogrammed business card holders. Each is available in one of Kate Spade’s signature bright colors and detailed with gold edging.

Take Your Pet to Work (Every)Day

$110 each

Custom Sculpture Pet

If your office ninja’s pet has its own Instagram account, take note. Using wool felting, this Russian-based artist creates a custom sculpture of Fido or Felix that will happily stand guard on a desktop corner.

Emily Post-Approved Greetings

$65 for a set of 25 pieces


We think the handwritten note is making a comeback. With this elegant, foil-pressed stationery by Minted, your favorite ninja will be ready for the revolution. We like how the personalization is simple and understated.

Thank Them to Pieces

$43 – 1000 pieces photo puzzle

Custom Puzzle

A great option for Ninjas with kids (or not). Find a snapshot of a recent vacation or family celebration and create a personalized puzzle that they can bust out on a rainy afternoon or during family game night. Puzzle You offers jigsaw puzzles ranging from 200 to 2000 pieces.

Go-Go Ninja Bag

$175 monogram bag

Cuyana Bag

This canvas and leather bag from Cuyana is so classic that it works with pretty much anyone’s style. It’s the perfect size for an overnight business trip or a weekend away. The timeless gold monogramming is a chic detail.

Custom Chucks

$75 for build-your-own kicks


Talk about timeless! Converse sneakers never go out of style, and with a gift certificate to their online custom shop your ninja can design their kicks as they see fit.

Hit a High Note

$30 for set of three


These cheerful little soft cover notebooks from Poppin are great for meeting notes, grocery lists and spontaneous strokes of brilliance. Put together a matching set or mix between their nine vibrant color options.

BONUS: Extra Face Time

$15 per roll

Gift Wrap

If you’re REALLY on top of your game, here’s the ultimate finishing touch: custom gift wrap featuring your ninja’s face. Or order a roll and include it with your gift so that they can use it for their own gift wrapping purposes.

Remember: Administrative Professional’s Day is April 22, 2015! Don’t leave your gift up to chance and a desperate trip to the mall. Ensure the present you select is worthy of your office ninja’s awesomeness by choosing something that’s designed just for them.

What’s the best personalized gift you’ve ever received?


  1. Wow. I would never want to work with Alyssa. Rude and unappreciative. And LOL/OMG are you in middle school?

  2. Lol. Omg. My friend sent this list for me to laugh at but it’s so bad I had to comment.

    None of these. Ever. Let’s discuss what admins DON’T need… and that includes things that clutter their desks or more office supplies. Spa gift card, Amazon gift card, anything that allows them to do something fun away from the office would be perfect. I really hope this was written as a joke. I would cry if my boss sent any of this.

  3. With ideas like these, my best personalized gift ever will be coming this year! Thanks for sharing these fabulous ideas!

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