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6 Standing Desks Worth a Standing Ovation — All Under $500!

standing desk

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the terrible things that happen to our bodies when we spend so much time sitting still. Obesity, sluggishness, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes. They’re just a few of the problems that can result from a mainly sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, when you take some time to think about it, our days our structured to keep us sitting frequently — even if you make an effort to exercise. You sit in your car or on the train during your morning commute. You sit at your desk. You sit down to relax at the end of the day.

So, why not go against the grain and incorporate a little more standing into your daily routine? Standing desks are a great way to get on your feet and switch up your workday. And, while the real benefits of them have been debated, working a solid mix of sitting and standing into your workday is bound to be beneficial for not only your health, but also your productivity.

Want to know more? Here are six standing desk options that are worth a standing ovation. See what I did there?



About: If you’re searching for an incredibly simple and cost effective option, Oristand is just what you’re looking for. It’s essentially a box made of industrial-strength cardboard that you place on top of your existing desk. When you’d rather sit down? Fold it up and set it aside. With virtually no assembly required, this is the perfect first step to determine whether or not a standing desk will truly work for you.

Best Feature: Both the the cost and convenience are the main selling points of this option!

Reviews: “Oristand is also easy to fold up and put away, unlike the Ikea hack, which requires permanent desk space. And it works better than many other low-cost, DIY options like stacks of shoeboxes or books.” – Shelley Carpenter, Forbes

“The two-pound Oristand is strong enough to hold laptops, and wide enough to work with a mouse and compact keyboard. Do your back a favor without draining your wallet.” – Josh Constine, TechCrunch

“At first glance, the Oristand looks a bit like an overpriced box. But thanks to its smart design, you’ll quickly see that it’s worth the money.” – Nathan Olivarez-Giles, WSJ

Price: $25

iCraze Adjustable Laptop Table


About: The iCraze Adjustable Laptop Table is another reasonably priced choice that works atop your current desk setup. However, this one’s a little more durable than industrial-strength cardboard. Made from aluminum alloy, it’s sure to be sturdy. Beyond that, it has a joint locking design — meaning you can snap it into virtually any angle or position that best fits you. It folds in on itself to be almost completely flat, so you can stash it away when you feel like sitting down again.

Best Feature: This stand has silent, built-in fans to cool down your laptop on USB power.

Reviews: “After intensive research, I did not find any alternatives that are either made of stronger material, or that are easier to adjust, while offering everything this model offers.” – Amazon top reviewer

Price: $40



About: Take one look at the GIF above, and you’ll quickly realize that the ERVO desk basically works like Lincoln Logs for your office. Honestly, what could be better than that? With tons of different desk sizes, platforms, and positions, this desk claims to be one of the most customizable and affordable sit-to-stand desks on the market.

Best Feature: Customization is undoubtedly the best feature with this desk. With so many options, you’re sure to find something that fits you—and you’ll have fun doing it!

Reviews: Since these desks haven’t been shipped out to customers just yet, there were no online reviews to be shared. If you’re pre-ordered to be part of this revolution, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Price: $249 for a 28” Desk, $299 for a 38” Desk

Refold Desk


About: Here’s another cardboard option for the Office Ninja on the move. Snap together this standing desk in under two minutes. When you’re finished? It all folds into a handy package weighing just over 14 pounds—complete with a handle for easy carrying. Now you truly can work from anywhere. If we were you, we’d set up shop right next to the coffee maker.

Best Feature: The slick and compact design of this desk is its top selling point, as it’s a little more advanced (and expensive!) than the Oristand. You can also separately purchase sitting legs to ease your transition from sitting to standing.

Reviews: “It’s sturdy enough to handle the weight of many desktop PCs, and there are different sizes to accommodate both kids and taller adults.” – Jon Fingas, Engadget

“The Refold desk, however, has the added benefit of being available in different heights and folding into a carry case for easy portability.” – Stu Robarts, Gizmag

“The team behind it wanted simplicity to be at the forefront of the design, so they built it in such a way that it shouldn’t take more than two minutes to assemble, all without the need for tape or glue.” – Gannon Burgett, PetaPixel

Price: $250 for a cardboard standing desk / $300 includes a waterproof top

Smart Standing Desk

Smart Standing Desk

About: Far more advanced than the cardboard models, Smart Standing Desk is just as beautiful as it is functional. With wood or bamboo tops and silent motors that do all the work to move you from sitting to standing, this option seems like it’s straight out of the future.

Best Feature: This desk has a Smart Keypad that moves it from sitting to standing, and also remembers your perfect pre-set heights. It can store up to four preferences—meaning you’re free to share your desk without compromising that perfect position.

Reviews: “Compared to what’s on the market, the quality & “smart” features of SmartDesk made this a truly apples to oranges decision.” – Product Hunt reviewer

Price: $299

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36


About: An ever-popular option is the VariDesk, designed to accommodate those with larger workspace needs. The two-tiered format has plenty of space for two monitors and all of those necessary accessories. Plus, the spring-assisted lift mechanism makes it easy to adjust the desk to exactly where you need it.

Best Feature: The size of this option definitely makes it desirable. It has plenty of room for everything you need — without being clunky and totally overwhelming.

Reviews: “At its highest point, it’s impressively stable. You can shake your monitors around a bit, and you wouldn’t want to go leaning on it, but it’s solid enough.” – Loz Blain, Gizmag

“Unlike some standing desks, the Varidesks are designed so that you can use them with your existing office furniture/desks instead of replacing them.” – Julie Strietelmeier, The Gadgeteer

Price: $395

There you have it — six standing desk options that will take your workday to the next level. There’s one for every preference and budget. So, if you’ve been curious about giving one a try, you’re sure to find one on this list that suits your needs and your employer’s wallet.

Ninjas, do you own a standing desk? Tell us how they’ve elevated your productivity and workday in a comment below!


  1. Great one OfficeNinjas!! These standing desks are amazing and unique and the best part is that they all are at an affordable price. Keep Posting!!

  2. I just set up my 29 inch Ervo this morning. They are having a big SALE right now. So far so good. Assembly and adjustment are easy. Looks nice. F eels good so far standing and typing. Though heavy, it does come with a carrying bag which will make it pretty easy to take with you. Check out the sale :)

    1. Woop! This will come in handy for New Year’s goals to sit less ;)

  3. I have the Varidesk Pro Plus 30…I only need one monitor. It has made a huge difference in the way I feel at the end of the day. No more low back pain. I use for about half of the day and sit for about half of the day….love it!

    1. Sounds like an amazing solution, Darlyne! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love my office varidesk and just got the pro plus 30 for my home office as well. Happy happy happy. :-)

    1. That’s awesome, Ari! How long have you been using your standing desk? Was the transition from sitting to standing difficult?

  5. I LOVE my Varidesk! Mine is the 36″ one with flat top surface and pull-out lower tray. It hold 2 22″ monitors and lowers/raises with ease.

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