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Being an Office Admin Is the New Power Job (Here’s Proof)

Office admins connect the dots between departments and have mastered the art of juggling competing work priorities while keeping the lights on and acting as director of first impressions. That’s a lot of responsibility to roll into one job description. It’s safe to say we know being an Office Ninja is no easy feat—more often than not, you’re the nerve center of the entire business.

Maybe you thrive in a support role and genuinely enjoy helping others, or perhaps you draw motivation from witnessing decision-makers in action. Either way, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds, and sometimes, you need a reminder of all the loveable parts of your job.

All juggling and supreme multitasking aside, there are some pretty compelling reasons why being a Ninja is just plain awesome.

Variety is The Spice of (Work) Life

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It’s no secret that admins rack up knowledge on dozens of topics and have ever-changing schedules. You’re not just turning one wheel of the bus to keep it going forward—you’re the linchpin of the organization.

Whether it’s finding the right caterer for Friday’s group lunch, meeting global counterparts from international offices, or whipping up a spiffy presentation, you love tackling the variety and get excited to take on projects outside of your job scope.

I have the ability to work on things outside of my day-to-day duties, such as projects and initiatives that impact the company internally and externally. I don’t ever feel as if I’m bound to my desk or unable to work on what’s important to me.” — Katie N., Administrative Assistant

Nurture is Your Nature

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Helping people is second nature to you. You know that when you achieve your goals, you help the company and your boss tenfold. No matter the task, you bask in the joy that comes with knowing your effort positively impacts the team and keeps things running smoothly.

A perk is knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life. Even if the difference was enabling them to go to their child’s soccer game and be guilt free.” — Melissa S., Virtual Assistant

Learning From the Top

When you work in a support role, it often means working in close quarters with leadership positions, essentially acting as project manager for the C-Suite.

There’s no better way to pick up business acumen than by witnessing first-hand how business decisions are made. Taking minutes may not seem glamorous, but you can’t beat front row seats to the company’s inner circle action. Your position brings a whole new meaning to “learning on the job.”

I consider the biggest perk to be learning by osmosis by being in the same room as Fortune 100 execs.” — Kiyomi D., Executive Assistant

Always In the Know

office admin Working closely with leadership brings another tangible benefit: you’re almost always in the loop.

The biggest perk for me is working directly with leadership. I never have to question what’s going on behind the scenes because I’m already in the loop. It takes the fear and insecurity away, which is something that comes with a lot of roles these days.” — Stephanie P., Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Not only are you the gatekeeper to your exec, but to all of the information that flows in and out of the office. You benefit from inside exposure to many moving parts of the business, which can give you a better sense of security than any pep talk ever could.

Knowing what goes on in the background—good or bad—does provide some sense of security.” —Bobbie-Anne L., Executive Assistant

Having a Voice


Being the knowledge bank of the group means colleagues will come to you for advice or insights. Knowing your words aren’t falling on deaf ears is a gratifying feeling and it shows that you’re respected and trusted within the office. This is key for office admins, especially when it comes to establishing the entire administrative community as a trusted resource and internal head honcho.

Final Thoughts

Other perks like having autonomy to manage your own day and being able to work remotely are icing on the cake. There’s no doubt that stigmas surrounding admin roles exists, but as any Ninja knows, it takes skill, smarts and a whole lot of common sense (attributes not everyone possesses). Plus, being and office admin is one of the few jobs that can go from zero to full speed in no time.

What are some other reasons you love being an Office Ninja? Share in a comment below!


  1. I don’t know any admins who have autonomy or work remotely. NONE.

    It’s a high demand low control job.

  2. It’s comforting to have these written out since I’ve thought them without voicing all these.

  3. Love, love, love being an EA! It is a role not everyone can do. There aren’t too many positions that offer such a variety of opportunities to learn and grow in a business.

    1. Yes, the diversity is such a distinguishing factor, and it’s part of the reason Ninjas are so awesome!

  4. Having started out as a receptionist over 20 years ago after a career change, becoming an admin and working up to an EA through several different industries, there is nothing that compares to the vast amount of knowledge that you accumulate – from learning management styles and theories, amassing super computer skills, exposure to different business models and becoming an “out of the box” thinker, crisis solver and respected team member – there is not an occupation that can compare for continual growth – both personally and professionally. Go Ninjas!

  5. I love being a ninja. No matter how big or small a question. I am the ninja my coworkers come to for answers and solutions. That feels awesome when I have the answers. Also, I feel honored to be entrusted with the position because i feel i am the first person visitors come into contact with. My attitude is what will set the impression of my workplace and coworkers. I think that is a big job in itself a definite confidence builder alone. I love my job!

  6. When you are an EA, the world is literally your oyster. You have broad access to a plethora of experiences via autonomous and cross collaborative projects that you just wouldn’t get the opportunity to come across on other positions. This then allows an increfible amount of control over your professional destiny. Seriously, no other job can offer all that in one package!! I LOVE being an Office Ninja!

    1. Yes! That is exactly why we think Office Ninjas are the best. We also LOVE your enthusiasm, Lynn! :)

  7. I love being a Ninja! I love being in the know of the hottest new apps, techie items, businesses to work with. I love the camaraderie and the knowledge that if I am stumped on something that one of these amazing ladies/men will have the answer. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt that Nancy and Edwin are about the coolest and nicest people around! Lucky and honored to be a part of the Officeninja fam! XOXO

    1. You’re a stellar Ninja, April! We’re so lucky to have you in the OfficeNinjas community! :)

    2. April, one of the highlights of our visit to Dallas was meeting YOU. You’re energy is contagious and we’re honored to have you part of the OfficeNinjas community. Now it’s your turn to visit us in SF. :) – Hugs, Nancy & Edwin

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