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22 Signs You’re a Startup Office Manager

Being a startup office manager is … well, an adventure to say the least. Somedays you feel like you rule the roost, and are the HBIC, while other times you feel like you’re herding cats in an insane asylum, looking around thinking, “how is this real life?” Sound familiar? Then here are 22 scenarios you might relate to.

1. You always fear what you’re coming into Monday mornings. #WeJustWantedToSeeWhatWouldHappen


2. And you often feel more like a babysitter than an Office Manager.


3. You opt to shame people that still print anything … “um, we’re a green, paperless office”


4. You can’t remember how to use anything other than Apple products.


5. And you can multitask better than anyone you know, especially with a beer in your hand.


6. You charge more to your corporate AMEX in a week than you make in a year.


7. Nothing startup engineers do can surprise you at this point …


8. Nothing.


9. Sometimes you’re more of an Event Planner …


10. And you can come up with ANY reason to party at lunch, or throw a happy hour.


11. You’re also basically a lawyer.


12. You are expected to have the answer to everything.


13. And you do everything in your power not to respond, “Hold on, let me Google that for you …”


14. You don’t think it’s strange to have a ping pong table in the office.


15. Or a robot, a kegerator, a bar, a chef, a dog, a masseuse, a nap room, etc


16. You have an app for almost everything.


17. Including one that will order food for everyone in the office at any time, day or night.


18. And you now just pay people to do all of your personal chores.


19. You hear more complaints than the mother of a teenager.


20. And you do everything in your power to smile, nod, and be sympathetic to their drama.


21. Yet, you continue to come to work everyday with a smile.


22. Because at the end of the day, your job rocks.


Have another one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


  1. So, if my company has been in business for 35+ years can it still be called a start-up? Can I still be the Office Manager if I am the EA to two executives???

    I think if you can answer yes to at least 20 of these, the answer is YES, YES, YES!!!

    1. LOL, we might need to consult you on our next article – 22 Signs You’re an EA. ;)

  2. Surely. One is also expected to answer two calls at the same time.

  3. I loved this one. You have hit the nail on the head here. Good laugh

  4. We actually do have a bar and a pool table in our office – #lovemyjob Great article.

  5. The opening lines of this article hit the Tee of what I feel as Lead Project Secretary. sorry too busy/rushed to read the full article.

    good job,

    Peppy Fernandes

  6. Loved it, live it, Thank you. I don’t feel so alone and somewhat validated.

  7. Emily,

    You make my day!

    Good one!

  8. #2 #12 #19 … and don’t even get me started about employees’ housekeeping habits!

  9. This is my life #12,#16 and #18 are a regular occurrence in my life.

    1. #NinjaLife ;) What are your fave apps for accomplishing it all?

  10. #6. If only I had this kind of money and power for my own life!

  11. #10 all the way… how else do we get through our day!?!

    1. Heeheehee! Which one is the most true for you? [Check all that apply]

  12. Totally get this – everyday is a challenge. Although sarcasm not appreciated by colleagues.

    1. That’s what we’re here for – we’ll take your sarcasm any day ;)

  13. Fantastic and to the spot! Do you have any ninjas in Europe, i.e. Switzerland?

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