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15 Creative Ways to Boost Happiness and Productivity at Work

When it comes to work, happiness and productivity go hand in hand.

Without one, you hardly have the other. So it’s no surprise that office admins around the world are always on the hunt for ways to boost productivity and happiness for themselves and entire teams. However, it’s also challenging to reload your own idea queue, especially if you want suggestions based on science or Ninja-approved resources.

You know we have your back, so we’ll give you 15 ideas instead of just one.

15 Ways to Boost Your Ninja Mojo

boost happiness and productivity in the office

Have you tried or plan to work any of these suggestions into your day?


  1. Our office loves chocolate! I keep 4 FULL candy dishes in the board room all the time and it’s a hit. :)

  2. I’m plotting to zen-ify my desk – it really needs a clutter makeover. Thanks for the great tips as always, Office Ninjas!

  3. Move my hinney! Getting up from the desk every 30 minutes is golden. As is chocolate and that awesome pocket zen garden! OH and did I say chocolate??

  4. I try to take a quick walk outside every day. The fresh air, movement, and change in scenery really helps me focus!

  5. I don’t know how I stumbled across Office Ninjas, but I wish I had a long time ago…thanks for the fun and positive information, and chance to win CHOCOLATE!

  6. Where can I get that adorable pocket sized zen garden thats pictured in the infographic? That would be a great gift for my fellow office ninjas.

  7. What a fun website and what an incredible week of activities ahead!! Thank you for doing this! Chocolate is a staple of life and definitely something that you share among friends and co-workers!

  8. Ummmm chocolate! I live the positivity in the infographic. It is well timed.

  9. I can’t “ADULT” without CHOCOLATE!!! I keep a stash on my desk… Plus I get lots of people to stop by my desk throughout the day to get a chocolate fix. I enjoy their smiles and the conversations.

  10. Taking 5 minutes away from the office/desk is an instant revitalizer (without electronics). Sit on a bench outside, walk around the block, hike up a few flights of stairs. Focus on non-work thoughts. It really helps.

  11. Pre-admin week giveaways? Great idea! I’d expect nothing less from ninjas. Always a step ahead.

  12. Boosting happiness is my specialty. I chair our “Fun Committee” – a committee of 20 people from different areas of the office who are committed to having fun and promoting fun. We plan fun events 1 time per month with a couple of biggies during the year (our company picnic and annual party). Every day fun is had though by smiling and saying hello to everyone. Everyone no matter who they are, deserves a smile. So, excited to be a part of this group and for the AdminBash!

    1. Love that your office has a certified “Fun Committee”! Sounds like you got this happiness thing under control, Amy! :)

  13. I don’t know about you all, but I am always up for some chocolate!

  14. Love the creativity of the office ninjas! I love your fun newsletters!!

  15. I make it a point to get up & move often. And, I try to stay positive & make one person laugh at least once a day. Loved reading the other great tips!

  16. Chocolate is a no-brainer! I also pursued a sit-stand desk at my office, so I can stand as often as I like. This helps me to stay focused, improve my health, and reduce the “spread” in the back 40! Ha!

  17. We have a sugar rush on Friday afternoons to boost energy and happiness with warm chocolate chip cookies.

  18. Chocolate breaks are a real thing! Standing, looking out a window and savoring chocolate while chatting with a co-worker. Bliss in the middle of chaos. :-)

    1. Chocolate breaks are a real thing around here too :-) There’s nothing better, Jackie!

  19. Chocolate is a must have for the desk… :)

  20. There is nothing like great chocolate treats to perk up your day! And, OfficeNinjas is the best at bringing these great companies to us!

  21. Love your newsletter! Informative with great ideas! Thank you!

    1. Aww, thanks Diana! We’re glad to have you as part of our community. Are there any topics you’d like to see us cover in upcoming newsletters?

  22. I boost happiness and productivity by doing stretches every hour or going around the office for a quick walk and chat!!

  23. While I want to say “healthy” treats are the best for you, yummy Bottega Louie chocolate is the best choice.

  24. Need a way to add “fika” to my office rituals. I think the short amount of bonding with others would be a bonus.

    1. For sure, Leticia! Let us know if you find a way to work a fika into your workday :-)

  25. All of the ideas in the infographic are wonderful, and doable.

    1. Thanks Karen! Let us know if you implement any into your workday!

  26. I like to plan division-wide events at least twice a year so that we can all feel and develop camaraderie with our coworkers.

    1. That’s great Pam! Spending time outside the office with the team is a great way to bond for sure. What kind of events do you plan for your coworkers?

  27. It’s nice to read these tips and see that I’m already doing a lot of them! I like to play upbeat music, I just de-cluttered my desk last week and I’m recently trying essential oils!

    1. Audrey, that’s awesome! Are there any other tips you’re interested in trying?

  28. Our company has a morale-boosting committee that meets to discuss fun extracurricular activities for the team and our families. Our bosses are totally on board with this.

    1. That’s amazing Delia! Buy-in from the bosses always helps! What has been the most fun activity you’ve been able to plan so far?

  29. Doesn’t # 1 – Drink Tea, contradict # 2, Coffee, cake and chatting? I will give the 3 cups of tea a try though!

  30. I love this infographic and the raffle is also a good way to engage customers!

  31. On a quarterly basis I plan a team bonding experience. Most recently our group did Painting with a Twist. We had some alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments while we were given step-by-step instructions on a painting. We’ve also done Top Golf and Speed Zone (go carts, putt putt, arcade games…kind of an adult Chuck E Cheese. The team gets a chance to get out of the office and get to know each other a little better. This always helps to improve org health.

    1. This is great! I am part of a small admin. team so we do crafting nights together periodically where we enjoy snacks and getting our craft on.

      1. Crafting and snacking – they definitely go hand in hand! Great idea, Cathy!

    2. Those sound like so much FUN, Chela! Looks like your team is already on track for keeping up happiness and productivity!

  32. Thinking I’m going to try Finding My Zen this week – chocolates would help that a lot!

  33. for everyone’s sake, chocolate works…

  34. What an awesome giveaway! Whose life isn’t just a little (okay, a lot) better with fine chocolate?!

  35. What a great motivator, and an amazing reminder we’re all in this together! Thanks so much, OfficeNinjas, for taking care of the taking care of us all!!

  36. Great tips! I drink green tea at work and have a stand up work station. I have to remind myself to sit down for a bit a couple of times each day. I am a huge subscriber to the power of positive thinking. I don’t like to waste my energy on negative things. Dark chocolate is my favorite, especially with a bit of hot pepper added.

    1. Looks like you’re already on the right track for keeping the happy and productive quota filled, Jean! Dark chocolate with a little bit of hot pepper – YUM!

  37. Great ideas. I set a recurring reminder on my Outlook to remember to stop looking at the computer and “stretch” my eyes to the horizon for 3-4 minutes every few hours.

    1. What a great idea! It’s so important to give your eyes a break from the screen.

  38. Wonderful tips! I’m so excited about the raffles this week. :)

  39. What a great way to start Admin week off–early—CHOCOLATE!!! Yummie!!

  40. When most people go for a 3:00 fruit snack or yogurt snack, I go for a 3:00 chocolate snack. It’s my favorite food group.

  41. I use many of these on my team maetes but thanks fr othe additional tips! I can’t wait to try them and add to the heart around the office.

    1. That’s awesome Cynthia! Let us know what other tips you choose to roll out in the office!

  42. I try to keep chocolate around but it disappears very fast.

  43. Always keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face!

  44. Everything is better with chocolate and exercise!

  45. I have to be careful of my chocolate stash – my boss is also a chocoholic. I love the idea of the fika. I may not get 30 minutes, but even 5-10 minutes with a colleague over coffee is a stress reliever.

    1. Exactly Deborah. Taking a break, even a micro one, can really rejuvenate your mood. Let us know if you implement any of the other tips we mentioned!

  46. I work with mainly women, so having a secret chocolate stash is like having the keys to the kingdom… it’s currency!

  47. Great idea for a giveaway.

  48. I’m always providing treats and new surprises in the office. Keeps folks excited and engaged.

  49. A small piece of dark chocolate also helps with recall so I try to keep some on hand during finals week, especially if I’m proctoring for a professor. I say “try” because…well, chocolate, me, do I need to spell it out?

  50. It really is about all the little things that we can do to encourage each other throughout the day. And when we start with ourselves, it can be contagious!

    1. Who doesn’t like a little kindness, right Lori? Thanks for commenting!

  51. In our office, we walk and talk especially when its nice outside. Its a great way to take coffee break

    1. What a great way to connect with your colleagues, Trisha. Good weather is a great mood enhancer! Let us know if you implement any of the other tips included in the infographic.

  52. I am going to work with the President this year to do a week of fun things for the office. We don’t have huge budget for anything, but simple little things each day to reward all the hard work we have put in this year.

    1. Wow! That sounds like a great idea Murphy! Definitely keep us posted on that, we would love to hear how it turned out!

  53. People love food and chocolate! What a great way to celebrate APW! Thank you!

  54. People love food and chocolate! What a great way to celebrate APW! Thanks You!

  55. I get so UBER EXCITED each year when OfficeNinjas does their raffles! Thank you so much for recognizing that the people who do all the sorting/fetching/arranging/caring/etc./etc./etc. occasionally like to be spoiled too!

    1. Thanks for being part of the community, Shawn! We LOVE celebrating you for ALL that you do!

      Be sure to watch out for the morning emails and good luck next week :-)

  56. Walking in to work with a smile, hello and a good morning, is always a great start for a good day. Your good mood can rub off on others:)

  57. Four times a day a group of gather in a quiet corner and plank for 60 – 90 seconds. It started with just a few of us and more people join us every day.

    1. Very cool, Gretchen! Talk about getting the fire going on inside for the workday ;)

  58. In the hustle and bustle of todays busy office, we forget the small things. Thank you for reminding us to take care of ourselves, so we can continue to care for our teams.

  59. I round up my “crew” to hit the gym or get outside for a walk every day! It benefits everybody! Come back with a clear mind.

    1. Nice one, Becky! Nothing like a little activity to get the mind going :-)

  60. Don’t forget that dark chocolate is also heart healthy and goes great wit a glass of red wine which is also good for your heath and your heart!

  61. Making people smile is a great way to boost their day as well as you own.
    Love these suggestions.

  62. Chocolate is the key to happiness, no?

  63. I recently (and am still in the process) of relocating all the artwork in our building (approx 120 pieces) – dusting off ones in storage, rotating between floors – people were really perking up to see something different on the walls near their cubes, hallways, etc.

    1. Nice job, Lisa! It’s amazing how a small visual change like that can cheer people up. Great idea!

  64. Positivity is sooo important (chocolate helps too).

  65. I keep a HUGE jar of candy on my desk for everyone in the office to indulge!! Gets people out of their desk and stopping by!

  66. Thanks Officeninjas for great news letters they make my day!

  67. Oh man, I could use some chocolate!

  68. I try to have a office get together every week even if only for 10 minutes

    1. 10 minutes is plenty time to bond with your team, Lisa. Getting everyone together for a micro break is great!

  69. I am, by nature, a positive person….but some days are more difficult than others. I really appreciate the FUN and positive things I see in your newsletters! Kepp ’em coming, Office Ninjas! You make us smile! :D

    1. Aww, thanks Michelle! We appreciate the positive feedback!

      Thank you for being part of the Ninja community! Keeping the smiles coming :-)

  70. would love to share some fabulous chocolate with my office!!

  71. How I boost productivity and Happiness in the office, is that I have become a place for healthy treats in the office. Kind of like the candy jar but with a healthier spin.

  72. Sometime it’s the small stuff that matters most.. just telling people thank you for the things they do can make such a big difference. It makes a difference when people feel valued!

    1. It makes a huge difference when coworkers feel valued! Thank you definitely goes a long way. Thanks for commenting, Casey!

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