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11 Genius Promo Products for People On The Go

Slappy the Flash Drive - OfficeNinjas

Editor’s Note: This article was written in collaboration with Abacus Marketing, curator, designer and seller of branded products that don’t suck.

Whether you’re looking for promo products for tradeshows or customer gifts, we’ve got another great list of swag products that folks will actually keep and use. More than ever before, people are working on portable devices and truly great swag has followed suit by offering up portability AND functionality while still allowing for solid brand visibility. Here’s a look at what’s trending in custom gifts and giveaways.

Doubletime AC USB Wall Charger - OfficeNinjas

1. Doubletime AC USB Wall Charger ($4.69 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Too many devices and not enough AC sockets? Double your charging ability with this dual port AC USB Wall Charger. The 1 Amp USB port is perfect for smartphones, the 2.1 Amp port for tablets (including all iPads).

Teensy 4-Port USB Hub - OfficeNinjas

2. Teensy 4-Port USB Hub ($2.79 ea plus freight, Full Color Imprint, based on 100 qty)

This watch-pocket sized USB Hub is easy to tote anywhere, allowing you to connect up to 4 USB-powered devices to your computer. Access data on flash drives quickly with its 2.0 speed while also charging your smartphone and manning your USB Foam Missile Launcher.

Swivel Car Charger - OfficeNinjas

3. Swivel Car Charger ($3.99 ea plus freight, Full Color Imprint, based on 100 qty)

Compatible with most standard cigarette lighter ports, the Swivel Car Charger has a split ring attachment, making it a great, functional addition to any set of keys. 1 Amp USB Port. Please note this can be used to charge smartphones, but doesn’t output enough power for tablets.

IDAPT i3p Power Station - OfficeNinjas

4. IDAPT i3p Power Station ($84.95 ea plus freight, based on 25 qty)

This interchangeable, 3-Port adapter system makes is easily customized for charging multiple, different devices without the cluster of extra cables. 3 Ports allow for easy swapping of different charging tips, and, there’s a spare 1Amp USB charging port.Great for the office, as a charging haven for clients and prospects during expos, and as a gift for clients/partners with multiple mobile devices. Includes: two 30 pin iPhone/iPod tips, two micro USB tips, one mini USB tip, and one new lightning connector for iPhone 5/new iPods.

Zoom Energy Bar Battery Boost - OfficeNinjas

5. Zoom Energy Bar Battery Boost ($86.99 ea plus freight, based on 20 qty)

Small and compact, this Li-Ion battery device is powerful enough to charge all generations of iPad, Kindle and other Tablet/eReader Devices that use USB connecting cables. It also charges smartphones like iPhone, Android OS Smartphones, and Blackberries. 2 USB outputs allow for charging multiple devices at the same time (though at a slower rate). Capacity: 6,600 mAh  (boosts iPhones and smartphones batteries up 100% [about 2.5 times], iPads 80%, or iPad Minis 100% [about 1.1 times] before needing to be recharged itself).

5-in-1 Charging Cable - OfficeNinjas

6. 5-in-1 Charging Cable ($7.29 ea plus freight, Full Color Imprint, based on 100 qty)

Know people with a few different phones? This 5-in-1 can tackle charging most along with a Battery Boost OR via any usb power source. Includes Lightning Connector, Apple 30 Pin Connector, 2 Micro USB Connectors and a Mini USB Connector. Simply plug the Cable into a powered USB port and then into your mobile device.

Slappy the Flash Drive - OfficeNinjas

7. Slappy the Flash Drive (4GB Memory, up to 3 color imprint, $6.36 ea plus freight, based on 200 qty)

Remember slap bracelets? These are like those with more brains. Now remember where you put your flash drive? No need to, it’s on your wrist!

Gecko Bluetooth Speaker - OfficeNinjas

8. Gecko Bluetooth Speaker ($27.95 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Prop your phone and amplify calls or tunes by using one handy gadget. This Bluetooth 4.0 speaker has a suction cup at bottom, built-in microphone and a blue LED status indicator. Push buttons for volume, play/pause, forward/reverse and accepting/rejecting mobile phone calls/redial last call and an on/off switch. Built-in battery recharges in approximately 2 hours and has up to 6.5 hours of playback time. CE and FCC certified.

OK OK, so not all trending swag is a tech accessory. In fact, a few highly portable items are meant for recharging yourself or just totally unwinding.

Stainless Steel Elite Thermal Tumbler - OfficeNInjas

9. Stainless Steel Elite Thermal Tumbler ($10.49 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Insulate your favorite coffee, tea or even milkshake with the 10 oz, double-walled, stainless steel tumbler. Keeps your beverage hot or cold for several hours. Threaded lid doubles as a cup.

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle - OfficeNinjas

10. Bobble Filtered Water Bottle – 18.5 Oz. ($11.89 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

If it smells like funk it must be funk. I mean filtered! It MUST BE filtered. The bobble makes that easy by filtering as you drink. Replaceable, USA-made carbon filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants from municipal tap water. 1 filter = 300 water bottles. BPA free, phthalate free and PVC free. Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.

The Joey Portable Chair - OfficeNinjas

11. The Joey Portable Chair ($59.00 ea plus freight, based on 24 qty)

Good things come in small, lightweight packages. While weighing in at a mere 2 lbs, the Joey can support up to 300 lbs when assembled. Features an aluminum frame that’s tethered together by a shock cord system, making assembly easy and lost parts a thing of the past.

What are your favorite latest swag items?


  1. I need 50 gift items wholesale for Nov. Putting together customer appreciation box under $5
    Got anything?

  2. Hi, how can I order the Doubletime AC USB Wall Charger?

  3. These ideas are great. My favorite is the filtered water bottle but, the USB bracelets do look pretty good. Both of these would be perfect for my situation. Thanks for sharing.

  4. where can you order these from – not very clear. Does your company sell them?

    1. Hi Kenny!
      Yes, we do sell ’em. Happy to mock up favorites with your logo so you can see better what you might like. If interested, please shoot me an email at

  5. These are some really neat products, and I had never heard of any of them before!

  6. Josh from Abacus Marketing is my go to swag guy! Definitely reliable and turn around time is great. Thanks OfficeNinjas for the new swag ideas!

    1. We agree Meg, Josh is the best! :) Glad you liked the new ideas!

  7. Thank you for actually showing useful items! Hate most of the swag we pick up at trade show/meetings etc….

    1. We’re trying to make those trade showing and meetings just a little sweeter for you :) Glad you enjoyed the list!

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