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Swag to Stay: 10 Smart Promo Products People Actually Keep

Stuff We All Get”, or SWAG – people love getting it. But after that warm fuzzy feeling of getting something new dissipates, do they keep their swag? Yes, they do! 47% keep it for a year or more and 81% of them say they keep it because it’s useful. That makes sense, but what promo products are the most useful? Moreover, which products also allow strong delivery of your company’s brand message? Next time you’re tasked to order swag for your company’s tradeshow, special event or marketing initiative, check out this list of smart swag pieces that not only have great functionality but will help you and your brand shine.

1. Mobile Device Battery Boost ($22.19 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Stay in the loop despite your mobile device miraculously low battery juice. This sleek portable lithium battery allows you to boost your smartphone and other mobile devices’ batteries virtually anywhere. Includes standard USB connector cable to charge battery from your computer or any USB port with a power supply. Charge time: approx. 6 hours.

Mobile Device Battery Boost

2. The Vista Mug ($8.49 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Great for helping to fuel your day, the Vista puts conventional white ceramic mugs to shame. Clear, double wall borosilicate glass and color accent handle looks so good with your logo, your drink tastes better because of it. For hot or cold beverages. Hand wash only, Do Not Microwave. 11 Oz.

The Vista Mug

3. The Medium WindowPad Journal ($8.60 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Paper journals a thing of the past? No way! The WindowPad makes for super easy access to notes, to-do lists and more, trumping tablets in screen sleep mode and promoting your brand all the while. No batteries needed.

The Medium WindowPad Journal

What’s that you say? You’ve moved on from paper to play Rock – iPad – Scissors? Keep your iPad safe with…

4. The Ferris Rotating iPad Case ($23.50 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

With so many presentations being shown on or output from iPads these days, the Ferris helps you ninja the next A/V adventure with greater ease. A 360-degree rotating swivel allows iPads to rotate while in the case. Additional features include: 3 convenient stand positions, easy snap on feature allowing quick attachment and detachment onto case, and scratch-resistant interior. Thick elastic band closure keeps iPad secure.

The Ferris Rotating iPod Case

5. The MicroBuff Tab ($2.99 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Think hybrid between a decorative laptop skin and a screen wipe. The MicroBuff Tab gets rid of screen fuzz and gives great brand exposure as you work from your favorite coffee shop. Peel off of device, wipe screen with soft side, restick and repeat. Repositionable Sticky Pad Technology® allows it to grip tightly to back of devices after many uses.

The MicroBuff Tab

6. The Twist USB Hub ($9.69 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Have a serious flash drive collection? The Twist USB Hub lets you keep additional flash drives and other USB dependent devices plugged in, 2.0 speed lets you access files with good speed. Twists into a ring for easy portability. As frosting on the ol’ usb cake, the hub makes loading collateral on flash drives for hand out even easier.

The Twist USB Hub

7. The Save-A-Water Bottle ($6.59 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

The Clark Kent of H2O gear, the Save-A-Water Bottle looks mild mannered, but it’s made of durable, top rack dishwasher-safe, BPA-Free TRITAN plastic. Large, secondary opening for easy refill encourages reuse, making your brand stay with ’em for a super long time.

The Save-A-Water Bottle

8. Jelly Sticky Pad HD ($4.89 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Keeps digital devices, phones, glasses and coins top of car dash and your brand top of mind. Patented gel material grips tightly to car surfaces and prevents objects from sliding off into under-your-seat oblivion. Pad cleans easily for renewable grip.

Jelly Sticky Pad HD

What other swag is super useful in the car?

9. Commuter USB Car Round Mobile Device Charger ($7.20 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

This 2-Port charger makes for a great passenger – charge iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® with the white port, charge Samsung®, HTC, Blackberry®, smart phones, and tablets with the black port. An LED ring helps illuminate your full color logo area in the dark.

Commuter USB Car Round Mobile Device Charger

10. The Induction Speaker ($19.99 ea plus freight, based on 100 qty)

Amplified sound, no strings attached. Simply place your smartphone atop the induction speaker and voila, hear conference calls with greater ease, project audio to a small group, even rock out to music while holed up in your hotel room.

The Induction Speaker

There you have it! :)

With this list at your disposal, your next swag recipients will keep their useful new goodies around and your brand message in mind.

Which swag items get you most excited? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. I just finished coloring my January 2016 Desktop Calendar, and decided that the BEST SWAG ever! I am going to order these for Christmas gifts next year!

    1. We are SO thrilled to hear that Janine! **Happy Ninja dance**

  2. Are there any recommended vendors for these products?

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Me :) I sell these products.
      If you’d like connect, please drop me a line: 414.228.1010 or
      Would love to discuss your current promo initiative.

      1. We at OfficeNinjas HQ are huge advocates of Abacus Marketing. The best service ever!

  3. Our company just recently purchases some of the chargers. They are awesome. We have random people asking where we got them in the airports. Highly recommend these.

  4. Mobile device boost is great. I am constantly on my iphone or ipad and need the extra boost when no plug is around to charge my devices up. I love electronic swag. Dual car chargers is great for charging my devices while I get to my next destination.

  5. My absolute favourite item would have to be the Mobile Device Battery Boost, even though you are able to pretty much charge your devices in places like the airport etc, my one fear is always losing power on my iphone or ipad as I really do rely on these two devices. I think most people would find this really useful and it makes for brilliant corporate swag!!

    1. I hear that Bea, I’ve found folks love it when they’re in a pinch (coffee shop / mode of transportation with no outlets, forgot their charger for the day, said charger breaks one fateful day…). Thank you for sharing!

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