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Ninja Feature—5 Multipotentialite Office Ninjas & Their Passions


Multipotentialite. That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? And, if you read our last article about them, you know that it isn’t a species of ancient sea creature displayed in a science and history museum somewhere (although, we think that’s a pretty fitting name, really). Nope, multipotentialites are people with a variety of different interests and creative pursuits in their life. … [ Read More ]

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs): Why You Need One and What You Need To Make One


Editor’s Note: We’re happy to present our second article in our security series with Paul Armstrong of Q11 Protective Services and Chris Chapeta of Bastion Security Read on and let us know your questions!

Question time: Does your company have a robust Emergency Action Plan (EAP)?

If you answered with some hesitation, then it’s safe to say that your company … [ Read More ]

What Office Ninjas Need to Know About IT


Editor’s Note: We’re excited to partner with Bushel for this series on IT and how the Office Ninjas of the world can learn enough to make a real IT difference around the office (on top of everything else)!

Every company needs someone who can manage the reins of a thousand moving parts in the day-to-day operations of a company. That’s … [ Read More ]

A Look Back on OfficeNinjas’ First Ever ADMINgling Weekend Retreat!

OfficeNinjas Retreat at Chaminade Resort & Spa

Editor’s Note: This retreat wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing folks at Chaminade Resort & Spa. Not only did they ensure our retreat ran smoothly, but they brought on board Team Bonding and Huy Pham Photography to complete our epic weekend. Thanks for supporting the OfficeNinjas community, Chaminade! For a complete play-by-play of the retreat, view our complete [ Read More ]

3 Psychological Principles to Elevate Your Customer Service Game


Fact: exceptional customer service is in an Office Ninja’s DNA. Often the face of the company, Admins, Executive Assistants, and Office Managers are there not only to help their co-workers but their companys’ customers. As Office Ninja Leslie A. aptly put it, “Admin roles ARE customer service roles… My job is to make their job easier.”

According to a report … [ Read More ]

10 Corporate Gifts to Please Even Your Pickiest Board Member


Oh boy, corporate gifts. We all know that finding the perfect gift for your company’s board members, VIPs, customers, and employees can be quite the challenge. You need something that’s professional enough for the office, but you don’t want it to be stuffy and boring. Ideally, you’d also be able to customize it with your company’s brand. Well, Ninjas, you’re … [ Read More ]

MORE Behind the Scenes with RGT, Admin Team of the Future


Editor’s Note: Following our first article on the Admin Team at RGT and the fireside chat at OfficeNinjas IRL: Dallas, so many insightful questions were asked that we just knew we had to follow-up one last time with Colleen and her team.

As we’ve mentioned more than once, OfficeNinjas IRL was one for the books. And one crew of … [ Read More ]

10 Non-Business Books That Will Motivate and Inspire You in the Office


If you checked out our recent article about professional development books, then I’m sure that your reading list has already grown significantly.

Sure, business and personal development books are great for challenging your thoughts and helping you gain a new perspective. But, who’s to say that it’s the only genre capable of doing that? That’s right—there are plenty of … [ Read More ]

The Importance of Security Awareness Training


Editor’s Note: We’re excited to introduce Paul Armstrong of Q11 Protective Services and Chris Chapeta of Bastion Security. Office Ninja Tasha A., introduced us to Paul and Chris after her company used their services. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting a series of articles from these security experts to educate and inspire safer and more effective security [ Read More ]

Say “Thanks!” with One of These 13 Creative Work-iversary Employee Gifts


Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank Abacus Marketing for partnering with us on this post. If you’d like to order these products, feel free to email Josh Sager ( for more information. Don’t forget to mention OfficeNinjas!

We all love to receive gifts. Whether it’s for your birthday or for the holidays, unwrapping a present that was picked personally for … [ Read More ]