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Get Your Office to Adopt a New System Without Resorting to Begging

Office Systems - OfficeNinjas

Humans are creatures of habit, and your colleagues are no exception. While some share your pioneer’s spirit, others may be clutching their Blackberrys and threatening revolution if you dare to move their paper-filled filing cabinets.

If the thought of installing a new phone system, introducing new project management software, or even changing the location of the bathroom key fills you … [ Read More ]

5 Ways Mentors are More Powerful Than Superheroes

OfficeNinjas Super-Mentor

Office Ninjas are, without a doubt, a fierce species. They juggle multiple tasks, make time-sensitive decisions on the fly, and often save the day without any real support or recognition. But, despite their incredible power and strength, office ninjas are only human.

That’s why you need a mentor. Mentors are human too, but in times of professional crisis … [ Read More ]

Secrets to Whip Up an Affordable Last Minute Office Party

Seamless Header

Guess who gets to plan a last minute office holiday party? YOU DO. Maybe the boss suddenly decided to pitch in with some last minute holiday funding, or maybe the company wants to upgrade the simple luncheon or happy hour into a full celebration. Either way, you’ve been tasked to find amazing food, activities, decor, and music within a few … [ Read More ]

7 Cups of Tea – Relieving Workplace Stress One Private Chat at a Time

7 Cups of Tea - OfficeNinjas Your boss, executives, and teammates rely on you for almost everything, right? You’re probably the first person they run to when even the slightest details go wrong; the first person they run to get things scheduled, organized, or some other office-related verb. An article by The Examiner says, “The organization relies on administrative and executive assistants to remain calm, cool and professional, no matter how chaotic things are in the office - which often makes their job extremely stressful.”… [ Read More ]

Our 4 Favorite Spots For Finding the Perfect (Free) Stock Photo


Whether you’re designing the perfect presentation to impress your boss, or looking for a great way to spruce up the office, finding great photos is an essential part of #NinjaLife. Heck, sometimes you just need a place to find great photos for your own personal decorating ideas, too! No matter where you’re coming from with your photo dilemma, we’ve … [ Read More ]

Typos Begone! A Tech Tutorial for Ginger Software

ginger2 Have you been a victim of sending an email with “you” when you really meant “your?” Tweeted something only to discover you misspelled “-ing” as “-ign?” Typos, comma-tastrophes, and subject-verb disagreements happen. They’re part of #NinjaLife as you probably communicate very quickly on a computer or phone. Often, they’re just careless little errors that sneak into your prose and destroy your otherwise perfect English at times when it matters most.… [ Read More ]

What to do at your office party – If getting fired is your end game

What Not To Do

Being an office ninja is hard work – a sometimes thankless job where you listen to the same complaints over and over again. Somedays you want to just give up and go home, and make a statement while doing it. Well, you’re in luck; the holiday season is upon us and there is no better way to get the higher-ups … [ Read More ]

15 Unique and Affordable Gifts You Wish You Knew About (All Under $30!)

Gift Guide -

It’s December! We recently wrote a blog post to help you get your Corporate Gifts in order, but what about gifts for the people you see every day? Don’t your co-workers, bosses, and white elephant victims deserve some unique gifts too? Skip the drug-store “As seen on TV” novelties. Get your team members unique gifts that they’ll REALLY enjoy, all … [ Read More ]

OfficeNinjas 2015 Calendar Giveaway!

Holiday Giveaway The holidays are upon us and we here at OfficeNinjas HQ have many things to be thankful for. One special thing that tops our list: YOU! We love being a part of this enthusiastic community, and this holiday season we’re celebrating by giving a small token of our appreciation. You guys loved our post 14 Brutally Honest Quotes From the [ Read More ]

10 Corporate Gifts to Give (That They’ll Actually Want)

Holiday Corporate Gifts
November is coming to an end and that means cooler weather, falling leaves, and Thanksgiving. The holidays are upon us; so not only are you planning your holiday parties, and “Secret Holiday Armadillos”, it means it’s time to order your holiday gifts. Corporate gifts can be a pain in the ass; everyone has an opinion, because, this gift … [ Read More ]

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