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How to Say “No” to Office Fundraising Requests

Charitable Requests

Ninja, we know you’re a good person. You want a better world for future generations. One that’s fair and just and free of poverty, hunger, and disease.

That’s why it can be so difficult to navigate the seasonal deluge of workplace fundraisers. It happens as spring hits when the Girl Scout cookies are available and every weekend is host to … [ Read More ]

Project & Team Communication All in One Place with HipChat


How many times have you opened your inbox only to find not one, not two, but five separate emails about the same project. Seriously. Sometimes it’s even more than that. And then you realize that you need to find just the right attachment from an email three weeks ago. Or was it four?

When it comes down to it, we’re … [ Read More ]

8 Ways to Up your IRL Networking Game

IRL Networking

You’ve mastered the art of the cold email, joined all the professional associations in your field, and your LinkedIn profile is in fighting shape. Networking = done, right?

Not quite. What about your in-person networking skills? Despite our advances in tech and digital communication, those still matter. Until robots completely take over the earth, you need to know how to … [ Read More ]

#BossMode Playlist: Global Jams For the Worldly Ninja


Jamming out to tunes at work can sometimes be problematic when you actually need to concentrate on what you’re doing. I envy people who can listen to music and read at the same time (or rather listen to music and retain what they are reading). One of my favorite lifehacks for being able to get my chair dance on and … [ Read More ]

Stand Your Ground, or Let it Go? How to Pick Your Battles at Work

Pick Your Battles

“Picking your battles” can be tough for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for office ninjas. We are, after all, always right and know the best way to do everything.

All joking aside, when you work hard and have high standards for both your colleagues and yourself, it’s hard to bite your tongue while witnessing a situation that, if it were … [ Read More ]

Admin or Super OfficeNinja? – 5 Tech Gadgets for a Futuristic Office

Futuristic Gadgets

Earlier this year we brought you a round-up of 5 future apps and gizmos that promised to take your ninja abilities from jaw-dropping to total life domination. This time we’re back with 5 new mind-blowing gadgets that will not only change your life, but also re-define how your entire office functions on a daily basis!

Imagine: you log into your … [ Read More ]

7 Feel-Good Gifts to Relieve your Gift-Giving Fatigue

Gifts with Impact

Between birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, housewarmings, engagements, weddings, and showers, we buy a LOT of gifts. And, as consumers, we already have a LOT of stuff. It’s really easy to think your way into “what’s the point?” territory and just stockpile a stack of Starbucks gift cards in varying degrees of value. Nothing says “I love you, mom” like half a … [ Read More ]

Can’t Get a Journaling Habit to Stick? Try One of These Non­Traditional Journals

Journaling in the Workplace

If your last journal closed with a tiny lock and key and was hidden under a Star Wars-themed pillowcase, this post is for you.

There are loads of reasons why you, a grownup office ninja, should be journaling. This Fast Company article suggests that it may help you be more productive at work. Some experts even think it’s the [ Read More ]

Bike to Work and Fall in Love with Your Daily Commute


May is National Bike Month, but who needs an official excuse to start commuting to work by bike? The health benefits, cost effectiveness and reduced environmental impact are all reasons enough. Plus, wouldn’t you like to spend the early morning hours with the wind in your hair (instead of with a fellow straphanger’s armpit in your face)?

But if your … [ Read More ]

Admin Bash 2015 – The Recap!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 Ever have one of those REALLY great nights? The kind that has you scrolling through your pictures over and over again with the biggest, goofiest grin on your face? Yep, that was OfficeNinjas Admin Bash 2015 for us. We captured some of the best moments of the night so that all of our beloved office ninjas could virtually experience (or relive!) the event with us.… [ Read More ]
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