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10 Office Items That Will Make Your Coworkers Jealous

We’re sure that you spend more time at the office than what you’d like to admit some weeks. That’s fine, we totally understand. To make that experience as enjoyable as possible, we’ve compiled a list of items for organization and office aesthetic that are sure to make others jealous, and you happy.

Letterpress Calendar - OfficeNinjas

1. Letterpress Desk Calendar ($35)

Time is of the essence, but time doesn’t have to be ugly.… [ Read More ]

6 Google Sheets Add-Ons to Make You Feel Like a Real Superhero


Collaboration and access are key to making the most out of office logistics which is why we’re big fans of using Google Sheets to manage almost every organizational need. As we’re sure you’re aware, Google Drive makes it easy to store Docs, Sheets, and Slides that are paramount in managing your important work. Some of you may use Excel, or other software, but the message is the same about staying organized.… [ Read More ]

The Anatomy of The Perfect Notebook


With laptops and phones and tablets, we feel like the allure of a truly great notebook is often lost with technology constantly bombarding us with apps and tools. We’re here to tell you that we can in fact have it all! The perfect notebook has several components that make it great, but in order to truly geek out on how important paper pages are to creativity, we should dissect the anatomy of a perfect notebook.… [ Read More ]

Social Tables: The One Event Planning Tool We Can’t Live Without

Social Tables - OfficeNinjas As an Office Manager or Executive Assistant, you’ve probably had your share of planning conferences or corporate events.  The headaches of guest lists, room logistics, and set up are all too real.  Planning an event takes a huge amount of time, and attention to detail is key.  A/V equipment, internet connections, even coat hangers—all of these decisions cannot be overlooked by the event planner. … [ Read More ]

Five Design Tools That Give You Time to Shine


Recently, we’ve told you about Typeform and Canva, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when you’re looking for ways to make smashing websites, engaging social graphics, and emails that actually inspire coworkers or customers. We know how much you’re trying to get done each day, and want to clue you in on the ways that we create quality content easily during a normal day at the office (if there is such a thing).… [ Read More ]

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Part 3: The 4 Standout Gadgets… including a Makeup Printer!


These past few weeks, we brought you the most promising new business apps and software products that came out of the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference (if you haven’t already, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our three part blog series). In this last blog post we’ll uncover new gadgets for use in the office and/or home. Drumroll please …

Part 3: The 4 Standout Gadgets Determined to be Leaders in its Category![ Read More ]

Video: 2nd Annual OfficeNinjas Spring Fling Event in honor of Admin Pro Day!

Last month we held the biggest (and most epic!) admin bash in the SF Bay Area in celebration of Admin Professionals’ Day. The energy, excitement and community spirit of the attendees was unbelievable. Superwoman Ashley Cravens did an awesome job recapping the festivities. To get an idea of how awesome the event was, watch the video below!

What do you think of the OfficeNinjas Spring Fling event?[ Read More ]

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Part 2: 6 New Software Tools Ready to ROCK the Tech Scene


Last week we shared our 8 favorite, mobile business apps that debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. To continue with the second of the three part blog series, today we are sharing 6 brand new software tools ready to ROCK the tech scene!

Part 2: Roundup of 6 Brand New Software Tools:

1. Vurb

Founded in 2012 by a team of young, bright San Francisco Engineers, Vurb has a lofty goal of changing the way we surf the web (yes, they are challenging internet giant, Google!).… [ Read More ]

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Part 1: Roundup of 8 New Killer Business Apps for Office Pros


At OfficeNinjas HQ, we are constantly searching for the latest and greatest tech tools to help you be more efficient. Last week we traveled from SF to NYC to attend TechCrunch Disrupt - the largest, most coveted 3-day tech conference where hundreds of early stage tech startups from around the world gather to show off their products in hopes of becoming the next BIG thing.… [ Read More ]

Have No Fear, The Office Ninjas Are Here!


Wednesday night over 200 of the Bay Area’s top Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and Operations Specialists came together for the 2nd Annual OfficeNinjas Spring Fling in celebration of 4/23 Admin Day! What a night, where fellow Office Ninjas came together to unite and step into the well-deserved spotlight! With amazing networking opportunities, vendor demos, tasty food, great wine and unbelievable raffle prizes, the night was surely something to remember!… [ Read More ]