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Manage Day-To-Day Stress and Anxiety with the Pacifica App


No matter what manner of office ninja you are, daily stress and anxiety come with the territory. In fact, being able to handle all the things that your role demands of you is what makes you rock. However, too much daily stress and anxiety can be hazardous to your health. As someone who suffers from (sometimes comical amounts of) … [ Read More ]

Stress Management for the Time-Crunched Office Ninja

Stress Management

Friends and colleagues who say “You look really stressed” mean well. Stress can lead to all sorts of mental and physical health problems, so they’re really just looking out for you.

But what you tend to hear is “Wow, you look BAD!” Not helpful. And, then comes the advice:

You should take up yoga.

Go home and take a nice, [ Read More ]

Does Your Office Have a Dirty Dishes Problem?

Dirty Dishes Problem

I hope we say this enough: we love hearing from you! Some of our best articles have been sparked by your tweets, comments, and suggestions. And questions! We love questions. Especially when, in answering them, we are inspired to write.

Recently we heard from Will, a startup co-founder, who is seeking advice on how to keep the office kitchen tidy, … [ Read More ]

Let’s Get Personal: 10 Classy Admin Gifts

Admin Day Personal Gifts

Editor’s Note: OfficeNinjas is celebrating #AdminWeek2015 in a BIG way. Learn more here!

Your resident office ninja, whether they’re an office manager, executive assistant,  admin, or operations pro, is invaluable.

But we don’t have to tell you that. They’ve likely saved the day at least 5 times…just this week. You’ve witnessed and marveled at some of their heroics in … [ Read More ]

5 Tips for the St. Patty’s Day Hangover


It’s March 18th, the day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day.

The shamrocks are wilted, the green beer is flat and you have only the faintest memory of performing a jig among strangers in a darkened pub. Now if everyone at the office can just whisper and keep the lights dim until 5 PM…

Most of us have overdone it on a … [ Read More ]

The Glory and the Goods: Office Ninja All-Star Prize Packages!

#NinjaAllStars - The Glory and the Goods

It’s been a thrill to see so many Office Ninja All-Stars nominations come in over the last few weeks. They only confirm what we knew already: office ninjas are the champions of extraordinary workplaces. And so much of your vital work happens behind the scenes, in the shadows of workspaces and front desks. It’s about time we take a big, … [ Read More ]

Could the “Art of Tidying” Change Your Work Life?

Kon Mari Clean Desk

By now, you’ve likely read an article or two about Marie Kondo, “tidying expert” and author of the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

Kondo’s technique, dubbed the “KonMari method,” takes a ruthless but emotional approach to cleaning up living and work spaces. Kondo advocates purging unwanted items in one fell … [ Read More ]

Awards, Giveaways and Celebrations! Get an Inside Look at Admin Week 2015

Admin Week 2015

Isn’t it great to have something to be excited about?

Honestly, that’s part of why we launched Office Ninja All-Stars. Yes, OF COURSE, we wanted to give all your friends and colleagues an opportunity to sing your praises. But, we get downright giddy with each nomination that rolls in. And we can barely contain our excitement for Admin Week (April … [ Read More ]

11 Funky and Fun-ctional Desk Accessories

Fun-ctional Desk Stuff I started a new job recently, which means I was appointed a new, empty desk. Cultivating the trinkets for your desk, both practical and impractical alike, can be a daunting task. What manner of storage solutions do I need? Will people find as much delight in this as I do? If I leave an assortment of brightly colored Sharpies in … [ Read More ]

How To Make An Office Bulletin Board People Will Actually Read

Bulletin Boards

Ah the ol’ office bulletin, a.k.a. that place where fliers and memos go to die. Or, even worse, that place that looks like it was taken over by a kindergarten teacher who lacks the proper craft supplies.

Most offices have one, and most of them probably aren’t doing it right. Since we tend to spend so much of our work-lives … [ Read More ]

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