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OfficeNinjas Giveaway: We LOVE Admin Week!


As you know, it’s Admin Professionals’ Week! We’re celebrating with a big ol’ bash in San Francisco on 4/23, which is officially Admin Day, aka the single greatest day of the year for Office Ninjas. We want to spread the <3 to those who are not able to attend our event, so we will be giving away 5 OfficeNinjas Bags STUFFED with our favorite goodies!… [ Read More ]

Update from the Creators of OfficeNinjas

nancynedwinAs some of you may have noticed, we’ve been on hiatus for the past few months. OfficeNinjas has been an incredible journey thus far, and we thought it was time for us to share with you our story and the reason behind our radio silence.

First, to introduce ourselves… we are Nancy and Edwin Salgado and we started OfficeNinjas a year ago.… [ Read More ]

Bye-Bye Clip Art! With Canva You Can Create Beautiful Flyers & Invitations With Ease

canvaAs an Office Ninja, you probably have been tasked with putting together company flyers, invitations and posters, at one point or another. How long did you spend designing your artwork? Hours? Days?

Well, no more looong design battles with clip art, Canva is a new graphic design platform that makes it easy to craft beautiful digital and print artwork.  It is 100% free to use, so sign up for their beta site today!  … [ Read More ]

Boss Day is Coming! 10 Affordable Gifts Your Boss Will Thank You For


National Boss’ Day is right around the corner, eek! Searching for the right gift for your boss is anything but easy. It can quickly become stressful and time consuming, let alone stretch your wallet thin.  But don’t fret, Office Ninja, maintain your zen-like calmness, sit back and check out these 10 unique, smartly priced items we’ve put together. I’m sure at least one would tickle your boss’ fancy.… [ Read More ]

Admin Arsenal! Seattle’s Most Powerful Secret Weapons Unite

havenofearOn Thursday night, calendar invites alerted many of Seattle’s most powerful secret weapons that it was time to log out. Those who spend their days managing, herding, calculating, planning and executing behind the scenes were now stepping into their well deserved spotlight at the OfficeNinjas Tech event in the beautiful Impact Hub Seattle venue. The terms office manager, administrative assistant, and people coordinator are only a few of the titles we stamp on our LinkedIn profiles, but the common thread among all of us is that of an agile Office Ninja.… [ Read More ]

Swag to Stay: 10 Smart Promo Products People Actually Keep



Stuff We All Get”, or SWAG – people love getting it. But after that warm fuzzy feeling of getting something new dissipates, do they keep their swag? Yes, they do! 47% keep it for a year or more and 81% of them say they keep it because it’s useful. That makes sense, but what promo products are the most useful?… [ Read More ]

Video: Learn, Mingle & Have Fun at Office Ninjas Tech Events!


As you know, we had an Office Ninjas Tech Event in Santa Monica a few weeks ago and it was a BIG HIT.  Big props to Oncore Marketing & Media who did an ahhh-mazing job capturing the essence of our events and the enthusiasm of the OfficeNinjas community. Check out our video and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Typeform Beautifies the Boring, Static Online Form


Many of us may have used SurveyMonkeyGoogle Forms, and/or Wufoo to create a survey for our employees, coworkers, or clients. While these platforms are easy to use, they just look … blah and sooo 2000′s.  This makes it tough to get folks excited to fill ‘em out. This is where Typeform comes in. Typeform offers a new and beautiful way of asking questions online. Creating the forms is visually engaging allowing you to add images, videos and fun icons. Plus, it works across all devices – PCs, smartphones and tablets…

Cronuts, Swag Bags, Airlines! A Recap of the OfficeNinjas Event in Santa Monica


Well, let’s just say Office Ninjas nailed it once again.

This past Thursday they kicked off their first Santa Monica Tech Mixer & Showcase. Office Admins of all kinds (from organizations like Assn Celebrity Personal Assistants, IAAP San Fernando Valley Chapter, IAAP Pasadena Chapter, IAAP Citrus Valley Chapter, Estate Managers Coalition) came out to hear first hand from tech vendors showcasing all they got. Companies included Chewse, CLASHCrowdtilt, Eventbrite, Felt, Homejoy, IdeaPaint, Poppin, ShipTropolis, Uber and Delta Air Lines.

Founder of OrgOrg Shares 3 Tips on Being Impactful at Work

Melissa, Kim and Sharon – Founders of OrgOrg!

Hey there, Office Ninja.

So. Your job is super important. Did you know that? Right. Of course.

Obviously, as the “I do it all” person (the Office Ninja, the Organization Organizer, the OM/IT/HR/etc person) you know how heavily your company relies on you to keep the company running. But does your executive team know it?… [ Read More ]