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Mixing Millennials and Baby Boomers in the Workplace Melting Pot


Editor’s Note: This article written in collaboration with FirstJob, a job site that matches recent college graduates with quality entry-level and internship opportunities.

According to Forbes, the average office environment now houses up to four generations under one roof, including Veterans (born before 1946), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1979), and Millennials (1980-2000). Today, the old dog and … [ Read More ]

We Asked, You Answered: How Can Ninjas Find Work/Life Balance?


The “9 to 5 job”—is there any phrase that’s more laughable than that?

With round-the-clock email accessibility and phones that only get switched off on airplanes, most of the employed population struggles to achieve work/life balance. And, perhaps we’re biased, but office ninjas face an even bigger challenge. Sure, we can basically do anything and everything, but at some point … [ Read More ]

The Passionate Person: Are You a Multipotentialite?


“What do you do?” Every time someone asks me this question I immediately cringe. Of course I’m proud to be an office ninja! That is definitely not the reason for my knee jerk reaction and initial dismay. That age old query is just so jam packed with limitations and assumptions and my job title does little to describe what it … [ Read More ]

How to Boost Your Salary in Four Simple Steps


My good friend Tim used to work as a patient coordinator for a doctor’s office in NYC; one of the largest (and most bureaucratic) firms in the city. Not exactly a place you expect things to move quickly.

He had your standard ninja duties—acting as a liaison between patients and doctors, scheduling appointments, manning phone calls. For a while, he … [ Read More ]

Motivate Your Company to Make a Difference on Humanitarian Day



Today is World Humanitarian Day—the perfect time to consider corporate philanthropy and how your company can give back.

As the world becomes a more and more volatile place, this has never been more important. There is an urgent need to realize a greater sense of responsibility and develop a sense of global community.” --World Humanitarian Day website

Productive, … [ Read More ]

Define Your Personal Brand—Don’t Let Your Job Tell You Who You Are


Companies are really starting to see the value in employees as individuals, rather than just cogs in a wheel. Individuality is becoming celebrated in the workforce, rather than simply tolerated (at best).

A few years ago, I worked in recruitment and gained a lot of insight into the internal processes of a range of companies. Never quite the corporate type, … [ Read More ]

Quick Ways to De-Stress While You’re on the Clock


Technically, National Relaxation Day is today—Saturday, August 15th—and we encourage every ninja out there to fully kick back this weekend. Seriously—dig out the lawn chairs, put a little paper umbrella in a frosty drink and CHILL. OUT.

But keep in mind that having big plans to do nothing doesn’t preclude you from incorporating little moments of relaxation into your time at the office. Stress can mess with your health and ultimately make you less effective at your job. Try embracing workplace serenity with these five simple suggestions.… [ Read More ]

It’s Left-Handers Day! Get Your Lefty BFF Something Special


Lefties kind of get a bad rap. Thanks to the Romans, who decided that the Latin word for “left” would also mean “sinister,” plus the rest of the world, who decided that phrases like “having two left feet” are culturally acceptable phrases, left-handed people have historically been associated with bad luck, unpleasantness, and general shadiness.

Today, we want to stand up and show the world what we really think of lefties—that they’re awesome!Today is International Left-Handers Day, a day designed to counteract all of that right-biased negativity, and which celebrates all things lefty—including lefty office supplies.

Check out these left-handed office tools and consider buying some for yourself (if you’re left-handed), or for your leftie BFF.… [ Read More ]

4 Ways Improv Makes You Better at Your Job


A little over a year ago, I wanted to quit my job. My boss was too demanding (he threw a fit when a shirt he ordered was maroon instead of red), my salary was too low (for the amount of work I had to do), and my employer was too difficult to work with.… [ Read More ]

Knocked Up Ninja: How to Love Your Pregnancy and Your Job Every Trimester, Part 2

babyninja_lead Editor’s Note: Don’t forget to read Part 1 of the series for Karina’s insights into the first trimester! Welcome to the Honeymoon! So, you’re in your second trimester and you may be starting to feel a lot better already. Reduced nausea and increased energy are a major perk along with getting closer to finding out your baby’s gender. (Unless you’re keeping it a surprise, of course!) Amidst all the fun, there’s a lot of prep you can do around your workplace to get ready for your leave and keep loving your pregnancy.… [ Read More ]