We’re Taking Over Administrative Professionals Day on April 22, 2015. Join us!

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Take Guilt-Free Days Off with this 3-Step Plan

guilt-free day off

It’s likely that many of your coworkers take a sick day or schedule a vacation without a second thought, while you spend your time off wracked with guilt and worrying about the state of operations while your “OOO” auto-reply is left in charge.

Enter the office ninja’s foolproof plan for guilt-free days off. It’s a lot like a lesson plan … [ Read More ]

Office Ninja Confessions: The Pee-petrator

Horrified in Hollywood: OfficeNinjas

Any ninjas out there know a good vendor for branded HAZMAT suits? Seriously, after reading this week’s confession we’re thinking of adding them to our gear store.

We thought it couldn’t get much more disgusting than armpit hair grooming. Or more shameless than telling your assistant to simply accept that you’re an asshole. But, it does.

Brace yourself, … [ Read More ]

Rock Your Boss’s Socks with Your Next Vendor Selection Project

Vendor Scorecard - OfficeNinjas

On average, how many hours do you put into selecting a new vendor? Think about the initial google research, and then all the emails and phone tag. Next you obsess over your “short list” and launch into the cat wrangling exercise that is reference checking. It’s a lot of time and energy, right?

So when your boss turns around and … [ Read More ]

CASTING CALL: Are You The Next Office Ninja All-Star?

Office Ninja All-Stars

2/24 Update: We’ve received nominations from over 23 different cities! Keep them nominations coming!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re taking over Administrative Professionals Day. And, while we’re at it, we’re going to take over the whole darn week!

Why? Because we’re champions of extraordinary workplaces, and so are you. When did admin recognition become all about wilted, mail-order … [ Read More ]

11 Gnarly 80’s Songs to Go From Buggin’ to #BossMode

Nothing says “I’m having a great day” like 80’s music. As a child of the 80’s, I have a very strong affinity for the poppy beats of my decade. You can oftentimes find me bingeing on nothing but the B-52’s for LITERALLY days.

So, while my previous #BossMode playlist helped you get in touch with your swagger, this 80’s edition … [ Read More ]

WIN Fun Desk Essentials from Knock Knock!

OfficeNinjas Knock Knock Giveaway

TeamNinja thinks you and your desk could use a little mid-winter rejuvenation.

So we partnered up with Knock Knock, one of our favorite makers of fun desk items and one-of-a-kind gifts, to bring you a giveaway that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Because that’s what Knock Knock does, Ninjas. From their whimsical desk fortune dispenser to … [ Read More ]

We’re Taking Over Administrative Professionals Day


If the words “Administrative Professionals Day” elicit an involuntary eye roll, we don’t blame you. We blame lame greeting card messages that minimize your work, dollar store mugs filled with crappy candy, and wilted mail-order flowers.

Somewhere along the way, this holiday got the short end of the stick.

That’s why OfficeNinjas is taking over Administrative Professionals Day and throwing … [ Read More ]

Office Ninja Confessions: “And then he said the thing I’ll never forget…”


First, a big thanks to all the office ninjas who responded to our first Confessions post! Reality IS stranger (and more heinous) than fiction. All we can say is: WE WANT MORE. We love your stories of bad bosses, assignments that are borderline illegal, and your own bad behavior (we agree they had it coming).

Among all the sordid … [ Read More ]

Managing Up: Strategies for 3 Tricky Boss Types

Managing Up

“Managing up” sounds like one of those buzzy corporate phrases that’s been uttered so many times that it’s lost all meaning. But, I assure you it is a skill that’s both real and powerful.

When you’re managing up you’re treating your boss like they’re a client; you’re anticipating their needs, adapting to their style and, ultimately, making them look good.… [ Read More ]

Make New Hires Love your Company from Day 1

Culture Board. Editor’s note: Karina Young is the Office Manager at Khan Academy where she keeps the office running and team fueled so they can continue to do amazing things. Getting ready for a new hire can be a lot of work. Depending on your team, all of the prep may fall on you. If that’s the case, you know there’s so… [ Read More ]
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