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15 Best Moments at #OfficeNinjasSV


Wow. Thinking back over my very first OfficeNinjas Tech Event, that’s all I can say – WOW! I had an amazing time getting to meet so many of you, talking shop, laughing, and just soaking in the amazing energy that you all brought to the event. My experience working as Community Manager here at OfficeNinjas has been an exceptional one; … [ Read More ]

6 Google Docs Add-ons for Rockstars in the Office

6 Google Docs Add-ons

Collaboration and easy sharing are undeniably some of the most essential skills to being an office ninja. Earlier this summer, we shared with you 6 Google Sheets Add-Ons to Make You Feel Like a Real Superhero. Now we share  with you how 6 Google Docs Add-ons can help you stay sane, kick your tech savvy skills up a few … [ Read More ]

The Secrets to a Successful Office Move

The Secret to a Successful Office Move

Let’s face it – the thought of moving any size office to another location is overwhelming and can typically lead to stress and anxiety. Worry not! We’ve outlined some easy steps and helpful tips to ensure a painless and stress-free office move. The most important thing to remember: pre-planning is everything.

1. Get Organized

Four weeks before the move date, … [ Read More ]

14 Brutally Honest Quotes From The Office

1 #NinjaLife has it ups and downs, and to illustrate that, we've put together some of our favorite brutally honest (and amusing) quotes from the office.… [ Read More ]

10 Reasons to Attend An OfficeNinjas Tech Event

10 Reasons to Attend an OfficeNinjas Tech Event

Wine. Cocktails. Kettlecorn. New Tech Toys. Cool People. Do you need more reasons to attend an OfficeNinjas Tech Event?

Bonnie Low-Kramen, bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant says “The #1 resource that assistants have – bar none – is one another. People do things for people, not companies. At an OfficeNinjas event, you’ll meet awesome people, eat, drink, [ Read More ]

Life of an Office Ninja: Grin & Bear It

Toby Hates Everyone

Today is a crap day: You’re feeling sick as a dog but don’t want to waste a sick day. Your boss is demanding the moon in two hours, and you have no contact at NASA to get it. Plus you still need to track those lunch orders. It’s a bad day. We’ve all been there, and we all feel your … [ Read More ]

“Screw It, Let’s Do it!” and Other Words of Inspiration for the Wall

Motivational Posters - OfficeNinjas

Part of being the fabulous office ninja that you are is keeping company morale at its peak. In fact, some office ninjas are even dubbed “Vibe Managers” because their main priority is managing company culture. Sometimes those boosts in morale can come from posters and wall art.  So, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites that will get … [ Read More ]

Win a Chance to Snack Happy For a Year!


The way to our hearts is through our stomachs, especially when it’s all natural and not packing on the pounds. That’s why we love NatureBox who delivers a variety of delicious, healthy snacks to your home or office monthly. Our favorites snacks include Cinnamon Spiced Almonds, Santa Fe Corn Stix, and Dark Chocolate Nom Noms. Whether you’re craving a savory … [ Read More ]

Splash: Event Website & Ticketing Made Beautiful in 20 Minutes

Splash - OfficeNinjas

A few weeks ago, we told you about an amazing behind-the-scenes tool to help you plan your event: Social Tables. Today, we’re exploring how to best present and promote your event to your customers. The options for ticketing services and creating event sites seem endless; Eventbrite, EviteTicketmaster, and Ticketleap are just a few that we’ve … [ Read More ]

The 4 Calendar Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Calendar Apps That Will Blow Your Mind - OfficeNInjas

Juggling a professional and social life can be hard, then add in managing the time of other people, and you might consider a career change. The solution? Just look to your smartphone for all of your organization answers – that’s what we do. Some of our favorite things to experiment with are calendar apps because the benefits are enormous! Here is a list of our four favorites:… [ Read More ]