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IFTTT- The Crown of the Internet Queen (or King)

IFTTT1 Imagine that the internet is a kingdom. It’s filled with the most awesome subjects a queen/king can ask for - Google, Youtube, Twitter, Email. As ruler, you make your rounds to your subjects daily to get news from around the kingdom, delegate tasks, and maybe enjoy a little bit of entertainment while your royal advisors aren’t looking. However, this is life. In reality, you’re busy running your kingdom with a boss who needs something NOW and employees who forget to turn in their expenses sheets all the while somehow managing to take care of your own duties. With all of these real-world demands, how can an office ninja ever feel like the internet queen/king of their dreams?… [ Read More ]

10 Holiday Team Building Activities That Will Get You Bonding

Boring Holiday Party - OfficeNinjas  Is your office sick of the traditional holiday party? Have you and your co-workers shared one potluck too many?

It’s a good thing we’re living in 2014, and that we have OPTIONS for our office holiday celebrations. This December, instead of fighting over the only good appetizer on the table, unite your team members with these 10 holiday team building … [ Read More ]

10 Reasons to Attend OfficeNinjas UNCUT

uncutvendor Office Ninjas know what’s up. You keep the lights on and the bellies full, and everything in between. And you don’t do it alone. Every good office ninja has an arsenal packed with amazing weapons (ahem, vendors) who help you get the job done. A great vendor is invaluable by functioning as a partner, relieving stress and providing exemplary service to your team. A terrible vendor can ruin your week and cause more headaches than if you’d just done the work yourself. But what makes a vendor awesome? How do you know how good they are (or not) before hiring one? How do you cut the cord quickly when it’s just not working out? How do you give constructive feedback without burning bridges?… [ Read More ]

CanvasPop for Office Walls that Really POP!

CanvasPop - OfficeNinjas

Art in the office shows that “management cares enough about the employee experience – and the customer experience – to have a thoughtfully maintained facility that people feel good about working in”, says Forbes Magazine.

I couldn’t agree more. There is absolutely nothing more life sucking than walking into a gray office, with gray desks, and blank walls. Minimalists … [ Read More ]

10 Greeting Cards to Show Your Employees You Lurve Them


Just to dispel any potential disagreements: Employee engagement matters.

A 2013 Gallup poll found that 70% of American employees dislike their jobs, and this causes them to disengage from the company. Disengagement causes lack of productivity, lack of teamwork, and lack of… well… everything that makes the office work well. The funny thing is that it doesn’t take much … [ Read More ]

22 Signs You’re a Startup Office Manager

Being a startup office manager is … well, an adventure to say the least. Somedays you feel like you rule the roost, and are the HBIC, while other times you feel like you’re herding cats in an insane asylum, and you find yourself looking around thinking, “how is this real life?” Sound familiar?… [ Read More ]

5 Free (and Way Better) PowerPoint Alternatives


We, along with our bosses and our co-workers, have been seeing the same slides, text effects, and animations from MS Office PowerPoint for the past 10 to 15 years. A phrase has even been coined as a result of PowerPoint ennui:


If you are not in the business of assassinating your organization via boring slides (we know … [ Read More ]

5 Tips for a Killer Halloween Office Party

5 Tips for a Killer Halloween Office Party

That’s right everyone, it’s Halloween time again, and that means costumes, pumpkin-spice everything, and that we’re on the fast track to the holiday season! This year the holiday beloved by children, anyone with a “costume box,” and the Sanderson Sisters, falls on a Friday – and that means Office Party! We’ve got you covered on the office scare front … [ Read More ]

How To Create Amazing Presentation in 15 Minutes with Emaze

rsz_1emaze_1 If only there was a way to create a PowerPoint presentation that was fun, interactive, and attractive. Is having an easy presentation tool (for your boss’s last minute PowerPoint orders) simply too much to ask? Like a genie, OfficeNinjas delivers a solution: try emaze for your next presentation. If you’ve never seen an emaze presentation before, check out this simple slider I created for the OfficeNinjas Marketplace.… [ Read More ]

Brace Yourself – National Boss’s Day

boss's day

It’s that time of year again: National Boss’s Day (October 16th). Deciding what gift to give your boss can be tricky. Spend too much money, and you look like you’re trying too hard. Get something weirdly personal, and things will get awkward quickly. Luckily, we’re here to help you find something your boss will love that’s within your budget. Below … [ Read More ]