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Stuck in a Bad Job? Here are 5 Good Things You Can Still Get Out Of It

Be Patient and Tough - OfficeNinjas

I really hope I’m wrong, but it seems like everyone at some point has come to the sudden realization that they hate their job. I know people who still technically love what they do, but the current incarnation of their dream gig is just BAD.

Lots of different factors can make a “good on paper” job go south of cheese: … [ Read More ]

Get Into #BossMode With This Swagger Boosting Playlist

  The day-to-day of an Office Ninja can be tough, one minute you are riding high KILLING IT, and the next minute you may find yourself hiding in the supply closet to collect your sanity. We all know the feeling. Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up to get your swagger back and remember that you are awesome (because you are!). So whether it is Monday morning and you want to start off your week strong, or you are in need of a mid-week confidence booster, throw on your headphones* and get your chair dance on.… [ Read More ]

5 Workplace Personalities We All Know (And Can Learn To Tolerate)

The Debbie:Donnie Downer Office ninjas are, for better or worse, the social butterflies of the office. They are typically involved with just about everybody in the office, which can mean having to navigate interactions with all sorts of people. Difficult personalities come with the territory, and while many of them can be wildly frustrating at first, learning to manage them will ultimately make you a more effective ninja and a much saner person. Here are five common workplace egos and some tactics to help manage your interactions with them.… [ Read More ]

6 Reasons No One Takes Your Office Signs Seriously

Office Sign Why They Make Fun

Everyone in the office keeps <insert annoying behavior>. I know just the thing to fix the problem: an instructional sign.

We’ve all had this thought at one point in time. It’s not an unreasonable solution, especially when it comes to a problem that you find yourself dealing with over and over again. Generally speaking, well-constructed signs can be very helpful … [ Read More ]

Office Wellness Challenges Your Co-Workers Won’t Hate

Office Wellness Challenges and Tips

“Misery loves company.” That’s the way the old saying goes, but must we be so cynical? Other, better things love company too. Like health and fitness. Notice how you’re less likely to cancel a trip to the gym when you’ve made plans with a workout buddy?

This brings us to your next mission: increase overall office wellness with manageable, yet … [ Read More ]

Products of the Future: 5 Office Gadgets That Will Make You Swoon

We at OfficeNinjas HQ are always on the lookout for new technology, products, and services that will help our community members lead organized and efficient offices. In fact, sometimes we’re so ahead of the curve that our favorite new apps and gadgets aren’t yet available to the public.

We’ve done a round-up of 5 products we can’t wait to get … [ Read More ]

Make Bad Coffee: How to Send the Message That You’re Not a Personal Assistant

Avoid Personal Assistant Work - OfficeNinjas

There are two types of people who become administrative assistants: the hardcore people pleasers who will say “yes” to anything short of donating their spleen (and have probably donated blood and maybe even bone marrow) and the hardcore types with steel backbones who are somehow magically able to tell an executive they are not doing something without getting fired. This … [ Read More ]

Rumors, Cliques, and Hook-ups. No, This Isn’t High School, It’s Your Office.

Sit As the resident office ninja, you may actually be the one person in the office who knows everyone’s name. When times are good, you’re basically like Sam Malone on a Friday night at Cheers; everything’s running smoothly, the regulars are happy, and you look like a total pro.… [ Read More ]

Introducing: Functional Fashion for Office Ninjas

The life of an office ninja is unpredictable. You may find yourself running errands one day and supervising an HVAC installation the next. You go from party planner to vendor manager to Ikea furniture assembler in the blink of an eye. And, as a nimble multi-tasker, you make it work.

Despite your ninja training and expertise, you may find yourself … [ Read More ]

Give Your Resolution a Fighting Chance with These 6 Online Tools

If you chose to make a New Year’s resolution for 2015, you are, according to this Forbes article, in the “honeymoon stage.” You’re still high on the energy of year-end celebrations, and all the promises you made to yourself feel easy to keep. Your goals are ambitious but totally doable.

Here’s the thing with honeymoons: they last for 1-2 … [ Read More ]

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