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These Collectibles Will Make You the Geekiest Person in Your Office

Deep down, everyone’s a little bit of a geek. Perhaps you’re a diehard Game of Thrones fan who read the books “before it was cool,” or a passionate and firm believer in J.J. Abrams’s ability to handle the Star Wars movies. Maybe you’re just really into zombies. Whatever the case may be, you most likely have at least one geeky guilty pleasure that you secretly (or not so secretly) wig out about on the reg. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of fabulously geeky items in honor of Embrace Your Geekness Day (celebrated today) which are sure to delight you and your geeky co-workers.

Game of Thrones Flash Drives

GoT Flash Drives

You gotta save your files somewhere, so why not store them on these très fancy, très fast, très waterproof Game of Thrones flash drives? Take your pick of the Stark sigil or the Hand of the King symbol, and instantly impress your fellow Thrones fans with your exquisite taste. Careful, though: The Hand of the King is actually kind of sharp.

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

organ transplant (1)

With this foreboding, disturbing lunch carrier, you’ll never again have to worry about your co-workers stealing your food. With one look at the message on the front, they’ll either lose their appetite or become too terrified of you to continue with the crime. Plus, this thing just looks kind of fun in general.

Star Trek Paper Clips

star trek paperclips (1)

Does your boss follow George Takei on Facebook? Does he avoid the Chris Pine Star Trek movies out of solidarity with Trek purists? These paper clips might be perfect for him (or you, if that’s who I just described). They come shaped as the Delta Shield or as NCC-1701, and their carrier tin has a top-down view of the Enterprise printed on it. Beam these up to your office ASAP!

Han Solo Business Card Case

han solo business card case (1)

If you’re more of a Star Wars fan, then this business card case might be your only hope. Its replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite will cause any Star Wars fan to geek out, and its sleek, classy design means it’s not too distracting to carry into business meetings.

Ceramic Zombie Mug

zombie mugs (1)

According to our fellow geeks over at ThinkGeek, this zombie mug is the only natural cure for zombieism. With this godsend in hand, you’ll be the hero of your office when the zombie apocalypse inevitably comes. Also, it’s cute and goofy.

Camera Lens Mug

camera lens mug (1)

If you’re looking for a different sort of cheeky office mug, look no further than this quirky cup that looks astonishingly like a camera lens. Your photographer friends will freak out, thinking that you dismantled an actual camera, and your other friends will just think you’re weird (and maybe cool, if you’re lucky).

Astronaut Ice Cream

astronaut_icecream (1)

Are you an outer space geek? Have you ever wanted to go where no one has gone before? Chew on this. With just one click of a button, you’ll be the proud owner of astronaut ice cream—as in, actual astronaut ice cream that actual astronauts eat in outer space. This is perfect as a summer refreshment around the office. Also, it comes in three flavors: Neapolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

Minecraft Diamond Wrapping Paper

minecraft diamonds (1)

Why not add some flair to your wrapping paper for once? This paper with pixelated Minecraft Diamonds will be sure to delight your geeky gift swap recipients when it’s time for the office holiday party.

Knight Pen Holder

Knight Pen

If you’ve ever wished you had your own office ninja to bow down to you and do whatever you ask, then you might like this knight-shaped penholder. He’ll be there whenever you need him, and he’ll never question your authority. He’s every office ninja’s dream come true.

Mimobot Flash Drives


Honestly, you can never have enough flash drives. The sky’s the limit with Mimoco flash drives, which come in every design from Einstein to Finn from Adventure Time. Your desk will never be boring again!

All in all, you’ll be a god among geeks if you surprise your office with any of these geeky goods. Add a few to your shopping cart and enjoy the rest of Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Which item did you geek out the most about? Comment below!


  1. Will just have to go uber geek–open the Human Organ for Transplant lunchbox, pull out zombie mug, offer lens mug to a friend, hand out the business card from the carbonite case (the only way I’ll get to meet Harrison Ford), and give the card to security who is stopping me to check the human organ. Clip the resulting summons with the Star Trek clip, spear with the knight’s pen while opening my astronaut ice cream with the sigil and crying on shoulders, small as they are, of my Einstein flash drive.

  2. oh my lordy!!! these are amazing and will be great gifts to colleagues!!! thank you for the ideas!

  3. Thank you – I now have half my office Christmas gift list completed! LOVE the flash drives and the Star Trek paperclips. I may keep that one for myself – at home. If I use them in the office, I’ll never see them again.

    1. Nailed it, Debbie! Don’t you love the feeling of ticking names off your Christmas list early?

  4. Haha – ordering the Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler ASAP! =)

    1. Smart! What better way to keep peoples’ hand out of your lunch? ;)

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