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The 7 Event Trends You’re Going to Start Seeing Everywhere

Our past events have been pretty legendary, but we’re not known for sitting on our laurels. We strive to keep each one of our events fresh, new, and filled with unexpected details. Now that we’re in full-on planning mode for OfficeNinjas IRL Dallas, we thought it was the perfect time to attend BizBash Live: The Expo. Plus, we know that many of our ninjas are tasked with planning events for their companies and may be looking for some inspiration and new ideas.

BizBash is famous for introducing the newest event trends to companies and event planners across the country, and this expo did not disappoint. It was tough to narrow down the list to just seven items, but we’re pretty sure we found products and experiences that will take our events (and yours!) to the next level.

Custom 3D Black Light Art Installation


We loved how playful and unexpected this was. Altervision 3D creates custom, hand-painted murals in black light-sensitive paint (they can do company logos and graphics as well as imagery that works with an event theme). Party goers don a pair of 3D glasses and watch as all the artwork comes to life.

Crudite Masterpieces


These gorgeous platters by Room Forty are a far cry from the traditional carrot/celery semi-circle. Room Forty aims to close “the gap between the great restaurant format and the catered format.” Guests will be impressed by the sophisticated presentation of these elegant dishes, but they’ll be absolutely floored by the taste of their high-quality, artisanal ingredients.

360 Degree Photo Booth

FlipBook360 0089
Our OfficeNinjas founders giving it a spin!

Behold the next generation of event photo booths! Open Air Photobooth uses multiple camera rigs to create a 360 degree animated image of its subjects. Guests walk away with a flipbook in hand and branded, animated gif that they can share on social media.

Branded Charging Stations

Branded Charging Stations

You put a lot of time and resources into planning your event, so you probably don’t want people to congregate in the corners by the electrical outlets. JuiceQubes can be branded with event sponsors’ imagery and placed in reception areas or on cocktail tables, allowing guests to enjoy the event while charging up and continuing their networking.

Life-Sized Snow Globes


It’s not too early to start thinking about the company holiday party. Put aside the ugly sweater theme and surprise your coworkers with a life-sized snow globe. It can hold 8-12 people (yes, you go INSIDE it!) and comes equipped with a backdrop of your choice and faux snow fan to create your own mini winter wonderland. Just imagine the photo opportunities!

Circus-Style Entertainment

CCG (1)

Guest greeters on stilts? Aerial acrobats serving champagne? This isn’t Cirque du Soleil, it’s your next event! Champagne Creative Group is a Las Vegas-based group of designers and entertainment architects that works with companies to inject circus-style elements into corporate events.

Inspired yet? We certainly are! We can’t wait to wow you with our next OfficeNinjas event.

Which one of these items would you like to see at the next event you attend?


  1. And this is why I L-O-V-E OfficeNinjas! Gearing up for my busy season and this is going to make me look like a genius!

    BTW – I can’t get the interactive podium site to come up.

  2. My daughter is a free-lance aerialist in the L.A. area and has performed at several corporate events. I got to watch her aerial silk performance and serve martinis hanging upside-down from a lyra (hoop) when she worked a fundraising gig in my hometown. Circus-style elements are an awe-inspiring addition to corporate events!

    1. That. Is. Amazing!

      First question that pops to mind… how many spilled martinis did she go through before she could take that show on the road? Very impressive!

  3. What great ideas, unfortunately I work for the local government and they are considered non-essential.

    1. These are all creative and fun ideas, I too work in an industry where it wouldn’t be fiscally responsible to splurge.

      1. That’s unfortunate, Tana and Jenn! Maybe they can serve as inspiration for themes and new ways to approach the standard, essential aspects of the event?

        1. Definitely inspiring! The black Light art would’ve been perfect for a huge event I planned last month.

          1. The snow globe and black light ideas are inspiring and maybe I can talk our holiday party committee into having a theme this year.

  4. These are AWESOME ideas! Thanks for always bringing us such great information! I want that snowglobe at my house this Christmas! :)

    1. What a great idea, Shannon! Anyone up for a snowglobe, mini dinner party?

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