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Products of the Future: 5 Office Gadgets That Will Make You Swoon

We at OfficeNinjas HQ are always on the lookout for new technology, products, and services that will help our community members lead organized and efficient offices. In fact, sometimes we’re so ahead of the curve that our favorite new apps and gadgets aren’t yet available to the public.

We’ve done a round-up of 5 products we can’t wait to get our hands on. While you may need to bide your time on a few waiting lists, these new technologies are guaranteed to (eventually) help you achieve total work/life domination.


Available in 2015.Hemingwrite - OfficeNinjas

Computers are great and all, but let’s face it: we are all just one wikipedia search away from a complete internet downward spiral. Hemingwrite fixes that by allowing you all the trappings of a modern writing tool, without the threat of distracting cat videos. The modern digital typewriter includes cloud storage, e-paper display, and a full-size mechanical keyboard.


Prototype in Production.


If there is one thing I assumed there would be more of in the future, it’s holograms. I can deal with the lack of auto-drying jackets and hoverboards, but holograms seemed like a reasonable accommodation. The folks at Cicret have two products that they are trying to raise funds for, one of which turns your arm into your phones touchscreen via a hologram bracelet. The other allows you to send encrypted and anonymous messages, you know, for all that spy work you do on the side.


Available soon for Pre-order.


We modern humans spend a whole lot of time slumped over a computer, which leads to stressed out bodies and terrible posture. Prana is trying to fix our modern maladies with a wearable tracker and app that measures our breathing and posture, allowing wearers to make adjustments to be their healthiest and most upright selves.


Available in 2015.


Having a notebook in your bag at any given time can be helpful for jotting down ideas or doodles. However, what that typically leads to is a bunch of half scribbled-in notebooks that you never look at again. Betabook attempts to solve this by offering a notebook that’s actually a portable whiteboard. You can keep it in your bag, scribble at will, photograph anything worth saving, and then erase and start anew. Very zen.


Available in 2015.


While you may not be an actual ninja, you still need protection from potential intruders in your office or home. Which is why you probably need this security robot. The iCamPRO can see, hear, sense, and track any moving object, and will notify you of any motion via a push text message.

Once armed with these innovative products you will write better (and more magically!), sit up straighter, and be impervious to intruders. You will basically be the 6 million dollar woman, although for way less money.

What cool life-optimization technology have you come across lately? Share it with us in the comments!


  1. The Hemingwrite is an awesome tool! Small enough to take where you need to go and it looks to be a fairly full size keyboard!

  2. re Hemingwrite: I’m looking forward to the interface that connects directly to my brain where I just think, and it types.

    1. That would be great if it filtered out what you want to actually type versus what you are thinking. Otherwise, my computer screen would be a mixture of productive thoughts and debates over whether or not I should order a pizza.

  3. I like the Hemingwrite. Looks like something I could use. I miss my old dinosaur. Dinosaur upgrade :)

    1. Yeah! It’s awesome! I could definitely use one considering how much time I wasted today on an internet downward spiral. Let us know if you end up getting one! I would love to hear how it works!

  4. Great article, Ashlee! (I’m now on the Prana pre-waiting-list list.)

    1. Yeah I desperately need to fix my posture! I think I might need to get on that waiting list as well.

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