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OfficeNinjas IRL Will Have a MARKETPLACE! What’s That?!

The OfficeNinjas IRL Marketplace, a.k.a. reason #5 to attend OfficeNinjas IRL, is the anti-trade show, if you will. It’s the interactive, no pressure, very chill area of the event where you’ll discover all of your new favorite vendors—all without the overwhelming banners, canned pitches, and hard sells. You’ll get to enjoy honest conversations with some of our absolute favorite partners.

As you know, we’re passionate about what we do, we believe in the power of the admin community, and we’re huge sticklers about only working with companies who share the same values. Being a little picky about our partners also means that you get access to the best products, resources, and customer service experiences.

All that being said… We have the most kick-ass partners for OfficeNinjas IRL on October 21! Check them out!

sixty five hundred


First, we’ve got to give it up for sixty five hundred, our venue partner. Without them there would be no marketplace. We can’t wait for you to see everything this venue has to offer: 20,000 square feet of open space, stained concrete floors, 20 ft. pine ceilings, a modern A/V system, and lavish décor. The elegant combination of mid-century construction and a modern, refurbished interior makes it a perfect space for OfficeNinjas IRL. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

Low Country Quisine

We’re so thrilled to partner with Low Country Quisine and their founder, Chef Jolié. First of all, their food is amazing. Does it get any better than shrimp and grits or mac and cheese? (Answer: No, it does not.)

Second of all, Low Country Quisine truly believes in getting to know their customers and establishing lasting relationships (just like OfficeNinjas!). As one of the few women-owned Dallas catering companies, Low Country Quisine brings quality, taste, and personality to the table. Just check out one of their many TV segments and see for yourself! Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

Absolute Entertainment

Jordan Kahn Absolute Entertainment

If this is your first OfficeNinjas event, there’s one thing you need to know: we like to have a good time. We don’t do boring, stale or played-out. And neither does our newest partner, Absolute Entertainment.

With over 20 years in the business, Absolute Entertainment represents the best bands, musicians, and entertainers in the DFW area and provides professional event lighting and audio visual. Basically, they put on a SHOW. (Seriously—consider booking them for your next office party.) We can’t wait to see them in action at OfficeNinjas IRL. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys

This is the answer to all your vending machine woes. The FruitGuys, a favorite among our west coast Ninjas, delivers fresh, high-quality fruit boxes of all sizes as regularly as you want. And they’re opening a new warehouse right in Dallas! Stop by their booth and find out how you can swap your workplace’s packaged junk food for some tasty “dirt candy.” We hear there’s even a special promo code in store for you. :) Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie

As we declared in our article celebrating National Chocolate Day, chocolate makes everything better. And, if you’re still not convinced of this universal truth, just stop by to sample Bottega Louie’s fine confections and feel your doubts melt away like, well, delicious chocolate.

Based in Los Angeles, Bottega Louie is a favorite among celebrities and gift-ordering ninjas. Known for their famous macarons, Bottega Louie’s quality is beyond superb, packaging and shipping is impeccable, and customer service is an absolute pleasure. And did we mention they ship nationally? We’re so honored that they’re flying in from Los Angeles just to attend OfficeNinjas IRL. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

Admin Awards

Admin Awards

We simply must give The Admin Awards, the first and only awards program for admin professionals, a virtual standing ovation. We love what they do, and they’ve played a crucial role in helping us make both ADMINgling and OfficeNinjas IRL Dallas events happen. We’re so excited for their upcoming Dallas Admin Awards Gala on November 4th and will be celebrating this special event with a dedicated pre-party celebration area at OfficeNinjas IRL.



Connect with our friends from Moshi and earn hero status among your tech-savvy and design-obsessed coworkers. Moshi was started by a small group of material scientists, engineers, and designers with a shared goal to bring more beauty to the world of electronics.

Mission accomplished. Moshi’s earbuds, speakers, accessories, and laptop bags are both functional and gorgeous. And their customer service is just as impressive as their product offering. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!



The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC), founded by event speaker Trey Bowles in 2013, is a guiding force in driving opportunity and economic growth in the Dallas community. The DEC has a co-working space and hosts free events, like 1 Million Cups, a national program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs. Be sure to stop by and meet these local thought leaders! Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

High Profile Staffing

High Profile Staffing

Did you know that less than 5% of professionals in the staffing industry are certified? High Profile Staffing, a DFW recruiting company, has more certified staff than any other staffing company in North Texas. And, on top of that, they’re just plain nice. They use a team approach for recruiting to ensure that all of their clients get the best match. And, every six months, they donate a portion of their sales to charity. How can you not want to work with this lovable team? Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

Scarborough & Tweed

Scarbourough & Tweed

Good news, Ninjas. You can finally ditch the leaky travel mugs and scratchy t-shirts and give people a branded gift that they’ll actually use! Scarborough & Tweed makes these sturdy but elegant canvas duffle bags with your company’s signature colors and branding. Plus, through their partnership with the World Food Program, they’ll donate one meal to every person in need for every bag that’s purchased. Stop by their station to check out their product line of bags and high-quality branded products. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!



Use your next trip to the airport to catch up on emails, read a book, or just relax. Seriously, it’s actually possible. DART can transport you to the airport, around Dallas, and to 12 surrounding cities. Even though DART has been around for over 30 years, it’s constantly innovating and expanding its reach. Check out what’s new with the official transportation provider of the Dallas startup community. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!



Artifacture, a small design-build studio that can do pretty much anything with their laser cutting magic: invitations, executive gifts, branded products, signage, name tags, awards… the list goes on! Everything they do is artful and one-of-a-kind. We’ll showcase several of their pieces throughout the event, but be sure to stop by their table to check out just a few of their works of art. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!


Our friends at ShutterBooth will be providing not one, but THREE photo booths (plus fun furniture, accessories, and signage) for your entertainment and moment-capturing convenience. Kick it old school in the traditional photo booth, make a gif, or create a photo strip in the open concept booth… or do them all! Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!

Abel Garcia Designs

Abel Garcia

This one’s really cool. Local artist Abel Garcia will be painting a complete work of art over the course of the evening. His inspiration? All of you! He’ll be asking ninja attendees to contribute to the piece (a brush stroke here and there) to help capture the mood and essence of the evening. Abel will reveal the finished work near the conclusion of the event. Register to attend #OfficeNinjasIRL!



Getting a little tired of the burritos and turkey sandwiches in your zip code? Food delivery sites are convenient, but you’ll always be limited to the lunch joints and takeout spots that offer delivery services. DoorDash is different. You can order from any of the participating 400 restaurants (including fancy ones that don’t normally deliver), and DoorDash will pick up your food and deliver it to your office within 30 to 60 minutes. DoorDash also allows multiple people to edit and pay for one group order. They serve 17 major metro areas nationwide and just launched in Dallas this year!

Excited? You should be!

Want in? We still have a few tickets left. But we will sell out, so snag yours today!

Which company would you like to learn more about?


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