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10 Reasons to Attend OfficeNinjas IRL, the Premier Event for Admins

We’re just going to come right out and say it—you can’t go wrong with an early bird ticket to OfficeNinjas IRL Dallas.

First, there’s the savings. You know you want to go (or you will after you read this article), so why not get your ticket before 9/21 and save a little cabbage? Second, you’ll be securing your spot and eliminating any chance of missing out on the IRL goodness (our events sell out all the time)!

This event’s theme is Technology and Today’s Office Ninjas, so whether you’re the resident workplace techie or you have a few things to learn, this event is for you. Still need some convincing? Here are 10 reasons you don’t want to miss OfficeNinjas IRL.

1. Good Company


A professional network is a living thing that needs to be cultivated, so we’ve carved out plenty of time for you to ADMINgle with other attendees. We’re expecting over 300 Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Admins, and other types of Office Ninjas from companies like Dave & Buster’s, Alon Brands, FM Global, Time Warner Cable, Southwest Airlines, Yum! Brands, Ryan LLC, Texas Rangers Baseball and more! Sign up here!

2. Thought Leadership

OfficeNinjas2Trey Bowles, serial entrepreneur and founder/CEO of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, will be leading one of the event’s featured talks. As a driving force in bringing innovation and technology to Dallas, he’ll share with us the latest in this growing startup community, which, according to Forbes, is “poised to be the next Silicon Valley tech hub.” Sign up here!


OfficeNinjas3Bring your business cards AND your appetite. Our friends from Low Country Quisine are preparing a spread that’s inventive and elegant, but still has tons of soul. (You will not go hungry… seriously.) Plus, all ninjas will enjoy an open bar stocked with tasty wine from E&J Gallo and all your favorite soft drinks, courtesy of Coca-ColaSign up here!

4. Fireside Ninja Chats


Perhaps you’ve wondered, “How do other ninjas do it?” Finally, their secrets will be revealed! Join frank conversations with Dallas-Fort Worth ninjas and get tips on the best tech tools, new apps, and office efficiencies. Sign up here!

5. The Marketplace


It’s the anti-trade show, if you will. No banners, canned pitches, or hard sells. Just honest, no-pressure conversations with some of our favorite vendors. Some of our curated group of companies includes Moshi, Bottega Louie, The FruitGuys, High Profile Staffing, and Scarborough & Tweed. Stay tuned for updates and more details! Sign up here!

6. Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun


It’s not all business. In addition to serving up tons of great resources and stellar networking opportunities, we’re stuffing OfficeNinjas IRL with fun, interactive activities including photobooths from Shutterbooth, a lip-synching party booth courtesy of LeForce Entertainment, and Live Painting with Abel Garcia Designs! So maybe we should call it “new fashioned” fun. Right? Sign up here!

7. Tech Demos


Be the first to know about the newest Dallas-area startups and tech companies. This part of the event is still under wraps, we can’t say much more… details coming soon! Sign up here!

8. A Reunion!


We had so much fun working with the Admin Awards that we asked them to join us for OfficeNinjas IRL. The team will be helping out at our event, and Sunny Nunan, their founder extraordinaire, will be leading one of our dynamic panel discussions. Reunited and it feels so good! Sign up here!

9. Raffle Prizes


We’re raffling off over 30 high-quality items, which means your chances for walking away with a sweet prize are strong. Make sure you stick around for the drawing, because you gotta be there to win. Sign up here!

10. THE Swag Bag


If there’s one thing we believe with all of our ninja hearts, it’s this: there’s no excuse for crappy swag bags. We don’t tolerate pointless postcards and cheapo junk. Everything in our swag bags is stuff we absolutely love and want to share with you. Sign up here!

It’s a pretty air-tight case for why you should attend, right? If you’re ready to snag your ticket, and the only thing holding you back is the OK from your manager, consider using this handy “permission slip.”

What are you most excited about?!

PS – Want to know how we secured the best vendors in Dallas? Check out our partner-in-crime, Significant Event Resources, the best event planning resource in Texas!


  1. I WISH I was heading out to Dallas! Ninjas that haven’t been to an event yet, YOU MUST. The last event I received discounts and swag from multiple vendors and ended up using a handful of them! Not to mention the massage and wine! LBH, everyone wants a massage and wine, right?!

    1. Wish you could join us in Dallas, Janine! Can’t wait for the next event you can attend!


    1. Love your excitement, April!! We’re so excited to rock Dallas!

  3. Hey Office Ninjas!! Bottega Louie here! We absolutely can not WAIT to hang with everyone! We will be sure to bring lots of macarons, chocolates and surprise goodies for everyone to enjoy. Keep us in mind this holiday season as we do ship across the nation. If you are unable to make it to the Dallas event and you are interested in sampling product please contact me directly. I am more than happy to have a long distance love affair with you all!

    1. You’ve said the magic words, Monica! From personal experience, I can say that nothing can compare to your macarons and chocolates!

  4. Still waiting for you guys to come back to NYC :) Its been 2 years … no pressure at all.

    1. No pressure at all, MJ. Ha! Don’t worry, though, we’ve definitely got NYC on our minds!

  5. I attended an event a while ago in NYC. Not only is there swag and munchies along the way, but there are giveaways and I had the chance to learn about companies I had never heard of before, including some demos. I also got to meet and hang with 2 coworkers I had only known online since we all worked in different cities virtually. There is a real sense of connection being with coworkers as well other office ninjas from all over. Everyone has something to offer. Well worth to attend an evening of both information and fun!

    1. That’s just what we’re after, Bobbi-Anne! We love when ninjas connect with others and have a good time while they’re at it!

  6. Who needed ten reasons? GO! You’ll have the time of your life! If everything really is bigger in Texas than this party is going legendary status.

    BTW – The Swag Bag is worth its weight in gold!

    1. Legendary is right! We work hard to make the Swag Bag as awesome as possible, Melissa, so we like to think your description is spot on!

  7. Are there any plans for an event in the Midwest?! Would love to see OfficeNinjas IRL hit Milwaukee or Chicago!!!!

    P.S. Are there any plans to feature an online store where Ninjas can buy the swag bags or t-shirts or other assorted awesomeness that is OfficeNinjas?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Emily! Our next OfficeNinjas IRL event isn’t set in stone yet, but we always love knowing where ninjas would like us to go!

      And we’ll keep the idea in mind for OfficeNinjas swag to be made available.

  8. This looks totally GREAT! Can’t wait till #OfficeNinjasIRL hits Seattle!!

    1. I certainly hope that OfficeNinjas does do a shindig in Seattle. …AHEM OfficeNinjas!… We have such a large city area with so many awesome ninjas that I’m sure it would be a fun learning experience worth attending!

      1. Seattle’s on our minds as well, so don’t you worry, Connie and Shawn!

  9. High Profile is so excited to partner with #OfficeNinjasIRL! We can’t wait to mingle with everyone in the marketplace! Everything really is bigger and better in Texas…. and this event is no exception! Can’t wait! #ninjaparty

    1. And we’re super excited to partner with you! #HighProfileRocks

  10. Lots of buzz going on about OfficeNinjas IRL in Dallas and people are getting SO EXCITED to attend this event! You are going to ROCK IT!

    1. Woohoo! That’s what we like to hear, Sunny! We’re so excited to be putting on this event!

  11. It’s all of the above and more. Great way to appreciate and celebrate all we do.
    Thank you OfficeNinjas for making a difference in our ninjas world!

    1. We certainly do what we can, Corinne! We know how amazing all you ninjas are and we want the world to know it!

  12. OMG! I am so frickin excited!!!! This is going to be the BOMB!

    I can’t wait to see Lucky, Have Fun, Get TECHIE, and be with a bunch of wonderful people (but mostly to see LUCKY)!

      1. We’re crazy excited, too, April! #AllTheHashtags #WhyWouldYouEverStop #NinjasRock!!

  13. I am stoked about #OfficeNinjasIRL coming to Dallas! I am excited about the Tech Demos. If what I learned at the last gathering is any indication of what will be offered at IRL, we are all in for a treat! I’ll be on the front row! #officeninjasrock

    1. #BrendaRogersRocks!

      Looking forward to your smiling face in the front row!

  14. So much fun! Who doesn’t love networking, prizes, swag bags and photo booths?!

    1. So right, Kat! And you’ll even learn a thing or two to boot!

  15. Yay!! Thanks for hosting this event. The tech aspect of it is so exciting, I’m always looking for tools/apps to help me juggle, streamline & simplify.
    I attended their last event in Plano, I won some cool gifts & met some great people! #Cantwait!

    1. And we can’t wait to see you again, Amy!

      It’s so important for today’s Office Ninjas to be up-to-date with tech tools and we’re happy to help keep you in the loop!

  16. I’m super excited to attend another one of OfficeNinjas’ awesome events!! I’m coming out all the way from San Francisco to experience this event Dallas style! Food, fun, and tech! What more could you want?

    1. Wow, Walla! Now that’s dedication! We’re so excited to have you join us, it’s hard to put into words!

  17. You don’t have to pretend any longer. Don’t pretend to be engaged, when you’re not. Don’t pretend you don’t care, when you do. Don’t pretend that (perhaps) your knowledge and connections are a little stale.

    Invest in YOU. It’s so easy to increase your confidence, knowledge and connections when you’re surrounded by others doing the same.

    All good reason to come out to #OfficeNinjasIRL. Don’t delay — get your ticket now. Bug your fellow admin friends and colleagues. YOU be the reason why the energy increases in your own mind and at the office.

    1. Nailed it, Suzanne! Not only do you get to be yourself and stop pretending, but you get to have an awesome time while you’re at it!

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