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We’re Handpicking 5 OfficeNinjas All-Stars… Are You One of Them?

OfficeNinjas All-Stars

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Here’s what we know: all Office Ninjas kick ass on a daily basis. You solve logistical nightmares, organize chaos, keep budgets in check, and restore order and happiness during the most trying days at the office. You wear a million hats and look good in all of them.

Ninjas don’t just perform well under pressure, they shine. But some Ninjas actually sparkle! They’re the admins who hear, “How did you do that?!,” and “Thank goodness you’re here,” on a daily basis. They’re the admins who all other admins look up to. They’re, quite possibly, superhuman.

Until we get the science to verify that, we’ll refer to them as …


April 24-28, 2017

Now in its third year, OfficeNinjas All-Stars is a global, online search for the best and brightest Office Ninjas. We put out the casting call and sift through hundreds of nominations before selecting the most impressive lineup of admins possible.

We feature a different winner each day of Admin Week. In addition to worldwide praise and bragging rights, five All-Stars receive an incredible prize package from one of our generous partners. (Past partners have included Delta Air Lines, Moshi, Uber, and NatureBox!)

And guess what, Ninja? Nominations are open!

Go ahead and nominate yourself, or get your manager and co-workers to nominate you. Don’t be shy! Chances are, everyone at the office will be more than happy to sing your praises. And if you need a little backup, we can email them a not-so-subtle hint. Just be sure to get your nomination in before March 22, 2017!

Check out our site for more information, including tips on how to make your nomination stand out. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a shining example from 2016’s casting call:

She looks after my calendar, several office floors and my sanity!

In my new role as director of our largest division, I immediately became overwhelmed with meeting invites, folks trying to get a hold of me, and travel. I was used to handling all of this on my own but I was quite literally drowning trying to sort it out myself and saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Then our Office Manager booked a meeting with me, sat me down, and basically told me how things would work. She took control of my calendar, routed all requests for my time through her, and took over travel arrangements. Next, she shared my calendar and appointments with my wife, and scheduled after-hours events as well.

Everything is now in sync and, for me, it’s been a revelation. This one thing has made me significantly more productive. She also guides me on how to better leverage her so I can be more on point and able to crunch through work. In addition, we recently expanded our office footprint, moving into multi-floor space.

Here, she does a fantastic job coordinating company events, keeping conference rooms ready for clients, and keeping everything in order. The fact that one can’t tell how any of this is actually happening day-to-day is testament to her skill, care, and hustle. She has helped me tremendously—I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without her!

Does this sound familiar? It’s time to step up and be recognized, Ninja!

Are you an All-Star?

What’s your nomination plan? Will you ask a colleague? Nominate yourself? Take us up on our offer to nudge your boss? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Hi, I am late in this fantastic idea of Office Ninjas All-Stars nomination, but would like to do this for year 2018. My plan would be I will ask my colleague and would like to take your offer to nudge my current and passed Directors and managers I worked with over the years.

    This is exciting, thank you!

    1. Hi Edita! We’re glad you have a plan for 2018 :) Once we reopen the nominations for next year, we’ll have a new custom message to send to your boss. In the meantime, you can keep an eye out during Admin Week to see our 2017 winners!

  2. Hi!

    I requested the awesome email you guys send out and provided the emails for delivery. Do you know about how long that takes? Some of my faculty have checked in as they haven’t received it yet, (I gave them a heads up), and they acknowledge having Dory syndrome at times and wanted to get to it while it’s still fresh.

    Thank you so much for the assistance, can’t wait for the bash!

    1. Hi SW! Your 15 colleagues should expect a “Nominate Your Resident Ninja” email in their inbox first thing Monday morning. We can’t wait to party with you at #AdminBash, SW :)

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