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Office Ninja Confessions: Sabotaged in the Name of Love

We’ve seen some serious Office Ninja Confessions in the past—everything from bailing the boss out of jail to a boss who prepared his ninja by telling her flat out he was a jerk and to just accept it. Today’s confession, though? It’s a doozy!

Confession #4: Mr. Wannabe-Affair’s Wild Ride

Submitted by Not Interested in Nebraska

I once had a boss who developed a crush on me, and it was terrible. I wasn’t interested because he was married with three daughters close to my age. He sabotaged my enrollment in a course that would have qualified me for promotion, called and stopped by my home at night, wouldn’t let me work in another department, said he wouldn’t give me a good referral if I applied for another job, and much more. His only goal was to keep me next to him in his office.

The harassment culminated in him throwing a tantrum when we were in another state for business, and he drove his two bosses and me to lunch. It was a very wild ride; we were all over the road, hitting curbs and running stoplights. The others thought he’d lost his mind, only I knew he was mad at me because I wouldn’t go to his room the night before. At some point he realized he’d gone too far—maybe his bosses talked to him about nearly getting them killed. He called later to apologize, explaining he’d been looking forward to being with me while we were out of town. He said, “I just wanted a date with you.”

As far as apologies go, Not Interested, that one stunk! On the plus side, we’ll be sending you some OfficeNinjas swag to give you your swagger back.

What about the rest of you ninjas? Got a gory story about a former (or maybe current) boss? How about a horrible coworker who just doesn’t get what your job actually is?

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