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Office Admins, Organize Your Life with Any.DO

As a busy person, I’m sure most of you understand the importance of having an organized calendar aka your life, and to do list to help you get through the workday.  There are many apps available to help you achieve this, one of which being Any.DO.

The company has received a lot of positive praise from the press regarding their to do list app and has been featured in many publications in the past few months (in May they also closed a $3.5 million round).  The startup is just one of many trying to dive deeper into the personal productivity space and just last Thursday, they also released a new calendar iPhone app called Cal.  Cal combines your to do list from Any.DO and has a very sleek interface that helps you manage your events, tasks, meetings, with a nice social twist.  The company aims to make to do lists a part of everybody’s daily lives and believes that by developing a good habit for calendaring and task lists, productivity and quality of life increases.  Here’s an overview of Any.DO.

Any.DO lets you sync your phone with your contacts and calendars and makes it simple and fun for anyone to create to do lists.

You can also create reminders for your tasks to ensure you get things done.  While it sounds very silly, the colorful buttons and fun interface really does make this a special app compared to a lot of its competitors.

 Now here is where it actually gets exciting to use.  Any.DO provides Kiip rewards for completing tasks.  You can receive coupons and discounts just by simply accomplishing the tasks you’ve set for yourself.  How awesome is that??  You have to do it anyways, but now you get rewards on top of it.  Genius.

Now here’s a preview of Cal.  I used it for a few minutes and I absolutely LOVE it.  Mostly because I’m a very visual person and I love being able to link social platforms to tasks and calendar events.  Cal allows you to sync with your Any.DO tasks, your contacts, and other calendars.  You can create events, but also input the exact location and map of where you’re going and also tag who you’re going with.

I’m still getting familiar with Any.DO and Cal, but so far it’s been great.  I like that the apps are built off of the idea of functionality, fun, and simplicity.  I really like the look and feel of Cal and find myself using it more than Any.DO, however, the Kiip rewards will be a HUGE incentive for me to continue creating to do and tasks lists on the app.  Who doesn’t love freebies??

Here’s a quick video of Any.DO.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!


  1. What’s most important to me is that this can sync well with google calendar and the google task lists. Does this app do that?

  2. You had me at color coded and Kiip rewards. Definitely going to try out this app. Thank you for posting!

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