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New Tools and Gadgets You Need: Travel Edition

As a Ninja, a big part of your job could be booking travel for your executives, team members, and even yourself. And, while that task sounds relatively simple, you know it doesn’t take much to turn into a large, complicated mess of different service providers, time zones, and frequent flyer rewards.

If this sounds like your day (or days!) whenever you’re booking travel, then technology to the rescue. These four new tech tools promise to alleviate some of the pain—meaning you can get back to all of your other work as soon as possible. Even better? You’ll look like a total rockstar to your team. Wheels up, Ninjas!

Hotel Wifi Test

Hotel Wifi Test

What is it: Consider this your WiFi spy—Hotel WiFi Test gives you the information you need about a hotel’s WiFi quality.

Why it’s awesome: Sure, plenty of hotels advertise free WiFi, and the term “high speed” gets tossed around pretty frequently. But, when you finally check into your room and realize it takes five minutes to load your inbox alone, you feel a little duped. Hotel WiFi Test helps you avoid this issue completely by giving you the information you need beforehand. Before booking your hotel, search for it in the database. The website will return information about what you can expect when it comes to the speed and quality of the WiFi connection.

How to use it: Simply visit the website and search for the name of your hotel. For extra convenience, download the browser extension to automatically see the WiFi information whenever visiting, Expedia, or TripAdvisor.

Cost: Free

Hotels By Day

Hotels by Day

What is it: Hotels By Day is challenging the way you think about booking hotels, by allowing you to reserve just a morning or afternoon stay—without paying the overnight fee!

Why it’s awesome: In the past, reserving a hotel room just for the middle of the day probably seemed a little seedy. But, the times are changin’! With Hotels By Day, you can enjoy the convenience of a hotel room—without booking a total overnight stay. No more trying to focus in that crowded coffee shop between meetings in the city. No more changing into your meeting attire in a cramped bathroom stall. Pay a discounted rate to use a hotel room for a few hours in the afternoon, and enjoy a little peace and quiet!

How to use it: Stop by the website and search for an available hotel in your destination.

Cost: Free



What is it: Think of Pana as your own virtual travel agent. Simply send your request, and they’ll help you manage and book your travel!

Why it’s awesome: This app is sure to save you tons of time by basically doing the hard stuff for you! Send a request to your concierge, and they’ll reply back with your different options—such as flight times and hotel choices. Even better? You can book with just one tap. Really, could it be any easier? See for yourself—they’ll have a live demo table at our OfficeNinjas Admin Bash!

How to use it: The app itself is free. So, download that, pick your plan, and prepare to be amazed!

Cost: Individual plans start at $29 per month, and plans for your entire team begin at $199 per month.



What is it: Duet is an app that allows you to use your iDevice (yes, your beloved iPad!) as an additional computer display.

Why it’s awesome: When you’re a Ninja on the go, you love the convenience of your laptop. But, that small screen can be a little obnoxious. And, you’re not about to lug your 27” monitor in your suitcase. With this handy app, you get the luxury of that additional screen space—using only the devices you’ve likely already brought along with you!

How to use it: Visit the app store, and download the Duet app on your iDevice.

Cost: $15.99 for all of your devices that use the same iTunes account.

What new tools have you discovered that makes travel planning less of a mess? If there’s an app that will pack our bags for us, we want to know about it!


  1. I like Your Article I like Your Thoughts thanks For Share This Amazing Article :-)

  2. Another great app is TripCase. It helps you and your Leader all the way through the trip.

  3. duet is going to be a lifesaver!

  4. I cannot wait to check out Hotels by Day! Hooray, no more changing into formal evening wear in a hotel bathroom stall! Thank you for sharing this oh-so-handy tool.

    1. We hope you find it useful Karen! Keep us posted on your experience with them :)

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