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Flash Raffle #4: Fuel Your Snack Obsession with $500 from NatureBox

2017 Flash Raffle 4 Naturebox

Did you know that 94 percent of Americans snack every day, and 50 percent of ‘em snack more than once a day? Given those stats, it’s no surprise that unlimited munchies have become a must-have for every office. But just because workplace treats sound like a great perk and make for some nice office Instagrams doesn’t mean they’re easy to pull off—even for the most talented of Ninjas.

NatureBox completely understands your workplace woes when it comes to record-time demolishment of the peanut butter crackers in the breakroom. And it’s why they’re spearheading the fourth Flash Raffle of Admin Week 2017!

Grazing Predicaments

AllStar Anita Conrad

When it comes to fulfilling the requests for more eats, you’ve probably run into three common problems.

First, everyone likes snacking on something different, so you have to get Chex Mix and Winter Wonderland Chex Mix, or else you’re facing an office riot (or at least lots of passive-aggressive comments). And that doesn’t even factor in dietary restrictions.

Second, planning for individual snacks to buy can take mind-boggling amounts of time, so it’s easier to stick to the status quo and not mix it up. (Again, cue the office riot.)

And third, buying in bulk sounds great in theory until you have to calculate the price per person and the time it takes to go to an actual store to get everything. Plus, who’ll carry it all up six flights of stairs?

Fear not, Ninja, because NatureBox is here to help with all of your (large and small quantity) snacking needs.

Curing Office Snack Attacks

Naturbox Snacks

NatureBox understands that food requests are as diverse as your employees, and that grocery store flavors get boring after a dozen boxes of the same ol’ thing. To combat the monotony, they dreamt up a special office snack option that allows you to pay per employee (starting at $12 a head!) for truly unlimited office snacks.

With up to 50 (!) snack options every month, you can wave goodbye to flavor burnout and half-eaten saltines. Then, feast your eyes on the diversity, select what looks tasty, and call it a day. So that you’re not constantly dealing with invoicing each individual order (the worst), you get a single monthly bill based on how many employees are reaching into the cabinet.

Since you’ve probably spent hours of your life trying to get a human on the line with other bulk-ordering options, NatureBox cuts the “please hold” music and provides your very own account manager—ready whenever you’re in need a full delivery, stat. When was the last time you heard of Costco or Whole Foods having someone specifically on call for your snacking needs?

To sweeten the pot, you get free shipping with your order, and NatureBox provides complimentary glass jars to make snacks look neat and organized. You’ll get bonus points in the office for presentation, and you won’t have any half-eaten granola bars or wrappers lying around your snack area.

NatureBox also mixes things up by introducing new snacks every six to eight weeks—along with five to 10 seasonal snacks. And if you want to rack up some points with the health nuts in your office (pun totally intended), tell them to rest easy knowing that NatureBox snacks are free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils or MSG. #SoFreshAndSoClean

A Raffle for Truly Bottomless Snacking

2017 Flash Raffle Naturebox Prizes

Want to get in on this snacking action? Now’s your chance! Today’s Flash Raffle with NatureBox is officially open for 24 hours, and three lucky winners will walk away with $500, $300, or $100 in NatureBox credit. And nope, you aren’t required to bring your smorgasbord of treats to work!

Enter for free! Remember, Ninja, this is a Flash Raffle. Entries close at 11:59 PM PST tonight!

Note: If you can’t see the raffle entry form below, click here.

Flash Raffle #4: NatureBox

Browse through this month’s mouthwatering NatureBox snack options, and let us know what you’d choose if you won!


  1. Creme Brulee Peanuts? GIVE ME!! This sounds awesome, i want everything for my team.

  2. Great snacks for those days when you can’t stop to take a lunch break!

  3. The snacks look awesome. I did not know that Target carries some of your products.

  4. I have always wanted to try NatureBox! By-the-way, thanks Officeninjias! This is way cool I wish I had found out about you way before yesterday.

  5. Oatmeal! Also, I love that Electronic Arts is one of their customers. Gotta keep the game-makers happy to keep the gamers happy!

  6. All looks delicious, and some are super healthy.

  7. Wow, thanks for opportunity to win and the recognition!!!

  8. There are so many delicious options to choose from! I’m a big fan of the trail mixes but always open to try new snacks!

  9. I have always loved dried fruit with salty mixed in.

  10. Yum! Would love to share this bounty with my teams!

  11. Dried fruit and breakfast bars

  12. Snacks are a huge hit in our office. We tend to fall back to popcorn and pretzels as it is “easy”. Would love to try the coconut cashews, pineapple, peanut butter cookies and so many more!

  13. This would be so helpful – healthy, energizing, great tasting and fun snacks – #yestonaturboxsnacks !

  14. NatureBox looks like they have sooo many great options. We order from one vendor and get the same thing over and over again. It would be so nice to mix it up with these fun and dietary-friendly options!

    I would definitely order the Best Sellers Eight box to start off with and mix it up with some other sweet and salty options like the Garlic Plantains or the mini Belgian Waffles.

  15. We do love our snacks. I have seen Naturebox, but have not taken the time to try it. This would be a good way to get started.

  16. I see ads for NatureBox all the time and I would like to try it.

  17. Are these treats offered in Portland ??

  18. The Chips/pretzels/popcorn sounds good!

  19. These would certainly be more exciting and a little bit healthier than the usual donuts, jelly beans and store bought bag popcorn & chips!

  20. So many awesome options! I would go with Sriracha Cashews!

  21. I have only heard good things about Naturebox! This would be so good for the office, since we’re all trying to watch what we eat and snacking is the worst for us.

  22. I would eat the sea salt chick peas for every meal for the rest of my life and not be mad AT ALL.

  23. The yogurt pretzels and sriracha cashews are my favorite!! OH! And the Popcorns!! LOVE NatureBox!!

  24. I love sweet and salty – Dark Cocoa Nom Noms , trail mix and salted nuts.

  25. Oh I’d try Hickory Smoked Turkey Jerky and energy balls – YUMMMMM

  26. Really neat go to snacks!

    Last night was superb! #frontrow

  27. Winning this is not a good idea, and an AMAZING (ad-mazing?) idea…my diet would completely consist of Belgian waffle cookies, snickerdoodles, and garlic plantain chips.

  28. the dried pineapple is the BEST

  29. Nuts are always a good choice – great options!

  30. WOW! I’d love to share their healthy treats with my co-workers!!! Looks awesome!

  31. Spicy cashews or any type of nuts, and pretzels!

  32. Snacks are critical. Especially at 3pm. :0)

  33. We are always having snacks around the office, for we are always here. Will definitely have to look into this.

  34. I order snacks all the time for my team. I’ll have to check the website out!

  35. I would eat Sriracha nuts all day long! Put a pep in my step!

  36. I forgot to make my choice… the Probiotic Power Mix looks yummy!

  37. I am loving this week’s contest. Thank you OfficeNinjas!

  38. So many great choices, but my first snack order would have the pistachio almond mix and dried mango.

  39. Ooooo. I love NatureBox! I’m a foodie, v so it’s hard for me to pick one thing that I love the best. Anything with almonds would be my go to snack, though!

  40. This looks great, I’ve never used them before.

  41. Tried your yummy snacks at the event in SF last night. So YUMMY! Looking forward to my sample box!

  42. Their Salt & Pepper Pistachios and Vanilla Bean Wafers are magical.

  43. I’ve been trying to get the executive team on board with nature box. I am positive this would push them to take the plunge!!

  44. SNACKS!!!!! I need this more than anybody in the office really since I never have time to finish a full meal :(

  45. I would try their items in the “Delicious Discoveries” as they sound interesting and adventurous!

  46. I love NatureBox! I get it both at home and at the office.

  47. They have all the snacks that our picky office employees would love!

  48. I’m on board with healthy options!

  49. Would make a nice mother’s day gift for my mother-in-law, office use aside. Healthy snacks always make a nice gift and doesn’t clutter up anyone’s home!

  50. I’d order the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix! I’ve been looking for something like it forever.

  51. I love that you can sort by need… my boss is always missing lunch and searching for some protein around 2:00. this is perfect!

  52. I am all about those Sriracha cashews!

  53. My office is always trying to find new and fun healthy snack options! This would be such a treat! :)

  54. I wish I had a central snack meet up place for employees to come get something like this. I’d have jerky, nuts and fruit. Something chocolate too.

  55. Interesting – I have questions & am following up with them.

  56. Cheddar and Hatch Chile Crackers; Crunchy BBQ Twists; White Cheddar and Caramel Popcorn!! Holy moly yes please, by the 55-gallon drum!!!!

  57. Looks delicious to try!

  58. I’m so excited I got to try these samples last night!

  59. These snacks look and sound yummy :)!!

  60. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate! I would go with the Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies :P

  61. Jalapeno white cheddar popcorn FTW! So many wonderful choices but cheese and spicy is my personal fav.

  62. The Sriracha Cashews are #admazing!!!

  63. They all look so yummy, I will have to check this out closer and try some for the office!

  64. My team mate would love these treats! Most of them are trying to make healthy choices and this would be perfect for us.

  65. Oh my, so many options! I tried the Sriracha Cashews at the AdminBash last night , they were amazing and would be on my list for sure!

  66. My colleagues would devour loads of Sriracha Roasted Cashews ( I know I have!)

  67. Sriracha anything is on my list… naturebox snacks are so yummy and their sriracha things are divine!

  68. The White Cheddar Caramel Popcorn, Strawberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels, and Garlic Bread Cheese Crisps look amazing!

  69. The mini belgian waffles are so cute and unique! I would definitely love to try those

  70. Love having fresh snacks in the office! It looks like NatureBox would add more variety to the fresh fruits and nuts we have now!

  71. Would love to try something new and healthy in the office! Yum!!

  72. Those sea salt pop pops look interesting.

  73. We love Naturebox at my office!

  74. I have not heard of these before. They look great and am ordering some

  75. Since I’ve never heard of Naturebox, I’m really hoping I win and can share these awesome looking snacks! I’ll be a hero!!

  76. Great selection…I’ve never heard of Naturebox but look forward to trying.

  77. As a former Graze customer, I am impressed with the variety and flexibility of NatureBox.

  78. My office would LOVE these snacks from NatureBox! It’s amazing how far a few delicious treats can go into brightening up someone’s day.

  79. My office loves snacks! This makes it easier to keep them supplied.

  80. Wow! I checked out the snack options…SO MANY to choose from! The Country Archer Sweet Jalepeno Jerky and Siracha Cashews are especially intriguing.

  81. I’m a new ninja from Michigan! Love the group, the ideas and would really love to win this :)

  82. Also love how Naturebox supports some of my favorite podcasts like The Read.

  83. Hi,
    I’m a newbee and would love to win and then would share with my office in MI!

  84. Strawberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels, Sriracha Roasted Cashews, and EPIC Salmon Maple & Coconut Oil Jerky Bites!

  85. We love NatureBox here in the office, I’ve been ordering from them for months, best snack selections ever!

  86. We really need this – my team of creatives are a bottomless pit when it comes to eating! Have to fuel those creative juices!!

  87. I’ve never heard of NatureBox before. What a cool idea! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to try them soon! :-)

  88. NatureBox has so many wonderful snacking choices. If selected, I’d choose the Probiotic Power Mix, Peanut Butter Graham Jam, Hardbite lightly salted Carrot Chips, blueberry Almond Quinoa bites, and the Mocha Almond Bar! Yummy!

  89. My company has started a healthy eating initiative – it would be fun to get these & share with the naysayers who think snacking is only good when it is fried or sugar-laden!

  90. Tried all the snacks offered at the Bash last night – fantastic, clean flavors! So many great choices, it’s almost too hard to pick. Definitely going to propose NatureBox to site management.

  91. Tried all the snacks offered last night at the Bash – fantastic, clean flavors. Too many to choose just one favorite. Definitely going to propose NatureBox to site management, as an alternative to vending.

    1. We’re so happy you liked them—hope you had fun last night!

  92. Give me anything and everything with peanut butter

  93. I have heard of Nature Box, but never got around to trying it out. This would be a great opportunity.

  94. Nature Box has been tempting me for a long time! It’s about time I checked them out.

  95. I would have to try the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms for sure and the Probiotic Power Mix!! Tasty goodness!!

  96. Snacking is my middle name. I was born for this ;)

  97. Winning snacks for my team members would definitely qualify me as an #OfficeNinja !

  98. I’d choose the probiotic power mix. It looks like something everyone in our office would eat!

  99. Healthy snack options – such a bonus.

  100. Everything looks good – hard to choose

  101. Nice to have some good snacks to feed the mind while tackling tasks at the office!

  102. Bottomless snakcing! Interesting concept!

  103. this sounds like an awesome service! finding the right snacks for so many differenct tastes can prove to be quite the challenge. but naturebox seems to understand that, hope i win!

  104. Snack. A noun and verb we can all get behind. Snack on, Ninjas.

  105. If I won, I would get some nuts – a good source of protein… probably the Sriracha Cashews or Maple Sea Salt Almonds.

  106. What a great idea – bottomless snacking options – my team would love this!

  107. I would LOVE to try Naturebox. Snacking is actually key to keeping your weight down…little meals all day long keeps the metabolism going. I hope to get a sample to give it a try.

  108. I have been searching for something like this.. This would be perfect for me!

  109. Snacks were great last night! Thank you for sharing so many samples!

  110. This is exactly what my office needs, another snacks alternative!

  111. I love me some snacks, come to me please!!!!

  112. So excited to try…my office would love these!

  113. Pumpkin Seed, Raisin & Spice Oatmeal.

  114. Would be a fun change to snack options

  115. What a great way to have something for everyone in the office, from the healthy (I only eat organic) fanatic to the junk food junkie (watch out for flying chips) indulger….crazy!!

  116. I’ve always heard great things about NatureBox and would love to try it!

  117. I have subscribed to another snack service FOR YEARS, but I always hear about Nature Box on my fave Podcasts. I’m really looking forward to giving them a try!

  118. Gotta go sweet and salty with a mixture of Nom Noms, pretzels and Lentil Loops!

  119. Love this concept.

  120. Pick us…Pick us!!!! No one spends more money on snacks than a startup company full of millennials!

  121. Pick us…Pick us!!!! No one spends more money on snacks than a startup company full of millennials!

  122. Would love some healthy snack options for the office! :)

  123. I love chips…would love to try the salt and vinegar veggies chips, maybe it’s a healthy alternative!

  124. Would love to try…looks tasty!

  125. All of the pretzel verities and the Asiago and Cheddar Cheese crisps look delicious!

  126. Everything looks amazing! Dried fruit, Crème Brulee peanuts, mini Belgian waffles…I want to try them all!

  127. I’m trying to be more health-conscious, but the double chocolate brownie cookies sound amazing.

  128. Having a great Admin Professionals Week! Hope all of you are too.

  129. This would be great for our busy office

  130. It is a great service, for larger groups. Unfortunately, my group is a lot smaller now and the $250/month charge is way out of our budget. Our group did enjoy the choices (gluten free) and the freshness of the snacks! It would be great if they offered a lower cost option for smaller groups (or if there was a way to find out what other groups within our company use them to tag on to their order). :-)

  131. With my group, the is a great option for so many choices with one check out cart – vegan, GF, mostly healthy. I would order jerky, nuts, and chocolate nom noms – definitely.

  132. So many awesome choices … How do I convince my new boss this is what we need to offer here!

  133. So many fantastic healthy yummy options, this is fabulous

  134. The Country Archer Sweet Jalapeno Jerky!

  135. I’m a snacker. Usually hits me around 3:00pm. Vending machine has the same-ole same-ole snacks everyday. I sometimes purchase items I don’t really want just because of the limited selection and it doesn’t change. I would love to get the NatureBox for several reasons…healthy choices, variety, and me not having to pack a snack everyday (the convenience). Thanks for offering this prize.

  136. Great real food snacks – awesome to share and to energize your way thru the afternoon

  137. Mini Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

  138. I would love to try the snacks by Nature Box.

  139. What a great idea! Can’t wait to give it a try, YUM:)

  140. The breakfast bars and granola would be a MUCH better option that the frozen breakfast sandwiches and pop-tarts that we currently have!

  141. This would definitely put me over the edge as the “Office Superhero” if I won this, that would be amazing!!

  142. I have never tried these before. I would love to.

  143. Cassava Chips! Cassava Chips all day! Also, all the vegan options!

  144. Have used them before, I’m a fan!

  145. I would love to try the Creme Brulee Peanuts and Peanut Butter Nom Noms.

  146. My eco-colleagues are always hungry! And we don’t have a snack budget!

  147. Never heard of Nature Box, but I would like to try it.

  148. I would like to have Nature Box at my office. We munch a lot, and are always looking for healthy snacks to keep around.

  149. I made a list of the first things I’d like to try:
    Big Island Pineapple
    Dried Mango
    Cherry Berry Bonaza
    Hickory Smoked Turkey Jerky

  150. I have heard of Nature’s Box and have always wanted to try it. So many good choices!!

  151. My department loves to snack throughout the day. This is a great way to snack healthy.

  152. Nature Box is a nice curated offering, but alas was just above our price point for office budget snacks.

  153. I love Nature Box! So many great choices to keep me fueled while working my ninja magic!

  154. At non-profits budgets are tight for extras – this would be a wonderful treat for my coworkers! Thanks Office Ninjas and Naturebox.

  155. Love all the healthy options, nuts being the prime craving in my office! Would love to send to my virtual EAs across the US.

  156. Snacks are a must. Love all the options provided!

  157. I might actually stay healthy with snacks like these! Delicious.

  158. This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try some of these delicious offerings.

  159. great snacks for long days at the office, so many choices

  160. YUM!! we’re always looking for healthier snack options at the office.

  161. lots of choices – something out of the Nuts or popcorn, chips category

  162. My office could use more healthy snacks!!!

  163. I’ve been considering this! I’d love to start now!

  164. We love healthy snacks for the office and these look great!

  165. The Vanilla Bean Wafers sound delicious. As do many of the options. Who doesn’t like snacks! :-)

  166. they all look good hard to choose just one.

  167. Would LOVE to have snacks in the office! We are on a steady diet of coffee and water only :(

  168. Who doesn’t like snacks!! This looks great.

  169. If I won I would order the mocha almonds, cassava chips, chocolate chia granola. That’s just from a quick look at your site, I’m sure I could find more options that are healthier than the chips/cookie snack box we have in our work kitchen!

  170. Would love to try this – looks amazing!

  171. At the office we’re always looking for healthier ways to eat but we aren’t too creative when we get to shopping. This would be ideal!

    1. They make it super easy, so your life can be a little bit easier :)

  172. I would love to try the naked trail mix, cashew crumble, roasted salted cashews and almonds and mixed nuts!

  173. All of the salty snacks look divine!

  174. I’m a foodie at heart. This would be a lovely surprise for my coworkers!

  175. While there is a fruit bowl stocked daily, there seems to be some form of pastry, chocolate or candy floating around our offices. This is a fantastic idea!

  176. Makes me hungry just looking at this!!

  177. There are so many great options! I’d like to try some of the Country Archer Sweet Jalepeno, Siracha Cashews, and Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops.

  178. As office health coordinator, would love to have healthy snacks to provide to our department!

  179. I would order the nut snacks. The fats (good fats) in nuts helps with satiety and keeps you full.

  180. This would be great for our office since we pay for our snacks ourselves

  181. I’m trying to stay away from the office snacks. This would be perfect!!

  182. Looks like a great selection of healthy snacks are offered which is awesome. Would love to try this.

  183. Yummy way to keep your body healthy and the NINJA Energy flowing!!

  184. Healthy without having to think about it!

  185. I would love to stack up my drawer full of snacks for our staff to enjoy!

  186. Would love to do this for my faculty. They truly deserve it.

  187. Would love to add these to our snack cabinet!

  188. Would love to try this!

  189. Would love to add these to our snack cabinet instead of the breakfast bars we have now.

  190. I would be trying the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms for sure! I have a terrible sweet tooth and that would help with my afternoon craving.

  191. looks like super yummy, nutritious snacks!

  192. So many choices! I would definitely try the praline pumpkin seeds!

  193. the buying in bulk and bringing stuff up six flights of stairs really hit home :)

  194. This would be fun to try. I’m a snacker since it helps keep my blood sugar even throughout the day. Love this idea.

  195. Looks nice and healthy! Yum!

  196. I’d love to get the Bestsellers Box for our office. We have so many different dietary restrictions, it can be hard coming up with new ideas that work for a majority. (And it might get some of our just plain old picky folks to try something new!)

  197. Wow, NatureBox has a huge selection! I’d probably try their ‘8 Great Bestsellers’ pack first.

  198. Would totally love to introduce this to my office!!

  199. Yummy snacks and good for me too? Awesome! :)

  200. I have tried some of the basics like the pub mix and the fig bars, I would love to try other items like some of the oatmeal and cookies

  201. I’m all for having healthy snacks during the work day to maximize productive energy. Sharing with the wealth with neighboring office partners will make it even better!

  202. Healthy snacks are SO important for feeling great and sustaining energy – versus “fast food” snacks that make you crash and burn.

  203. Oh would I love to get these snacks and share with my coworkers.

  204. If I won the Nature Box Snack Award, I would share it with my department. We make each other successful and why not share with your friends.

  205. Oh my goodness. It may sound cheesy, but the Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps, the Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops have me over the moon (made of cheese – get it?)

  206. This is definitely something my office could use! Great giveaway :)

  207. We’ve been using Nature Box for a while now – the office loves it and so do I. The Mocha Almond Bars are a requirement on every order per one of the owners. When I can get the Dark Chocolate Almonds (weather permitting), everyone is happy (especially me!). Great quality; good prices, and the ease of ordering without having to go to the store and try to figure out what everyone would like.

    1. We’re glad you’ve already had good experiences with them!

  208. Really looks good. Choices for everyone. I really need to try this!

  209. Love the idea of healthy snack options for the office!

  210. Yummo! I could endlessly snack on this!

  211. We are always snacking while we work! Looking for healthy options can be a challenge.

  212. We offer snacks to our employees and this would be a fabulous way to give them great tasting snacks!

  213. This might be a good thing to have in our office once in a while. We’re always looking for healthy options.

  214. This would be great for our office! We only have junk food available in our breakroom- the standard snickers, chips and other unhealthy, unappetizing fare.

  215. The snacks would be perfect for our kitchen. The staff are always looking for something to munch on. It looks like a nice variety of choices. I hearing them calling my name already! Happy Administrative Professionals week everyone!

    1. Fingers crossed and Happy Admin Week to you too, Colleen!

  216. Those blueberry almond quinoa bites look delicious! :)

  217. The coffee kettle popcorn looks amazing, and I love the idea of the fruit chews!

  218. Snacks are great! It is hard for me since I am celiac (gluten free). Hopefully they offer this option. :)

    1. Just checked for ya, Terrie. NatureBox has a search option that lets you browse snacks “made without gluten” :) And good news, peanut butter nom noms made that list!

  219. I’m always bringing snacks to office to share this would be great time saver.

  220. This would be so great to have available. I know sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I start to feel a bit sleepy, so it would be great to have a nice little pick me up!

  221. We actually already get Nature box delivered monthly so this would be a cool win!

  222. No visits to the Mini Market in our building. These options look awesome.

  223. Wow! These all look fantastic! Crossing my fingers…I need healthy choices in my life!

  224. Choices look great! Will have to investigate the produce further to see if we can use in our office.

  225. The mocha almonds look simply addictive, I’d probably keep those all to myself! :)

  226. Looks marvelous And no shopping on my day off? Delivered treats always taste best.

  227. Can’t wait to try them.

  228. So many great options….what to pick – even if someone picked for me I’d love their choice!

  229. too many scrumptious looking choices!!!

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