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Mega Raffle: Our Winners’ Reactions to 35+ Prizes

How do you bring thousands of administrative professionals and workplace operators (aka Ninjas) together to celebrate their administrative excellence during a time of mandatory social distancing?

You host a week-long lovefest online and raffle off a lot of awesome prizes.

Let us (quickly) explain: On April 20-24, 2020, thousands of admin professionals took part in OfficeNinjas’ Admin Week festivities, shrinking the physical distance through a variety of week-long digital engagement activities that fostered enthusiastic connection, thoughtful reflection, mutual appreciation — and, of course, pure joy and revelry.

All of this thoughtful engagement by friends and strangers alike culminated on National Admin Day (April 22, 2020), in the first-ever Admin Day Mega Raffle.

Partnering with some of our favorite Ninja-supporting companies, we raffled off 35+ prizes — just for executive assistants, office managers, admin pros, and workplace operators — in five rounds of drawings throughout Admin Day. (See the complete winners list.)

Loving all the positive vibes, inspirational stories, and of course the chance to win some truly awe inspiring giveaways through this fantastic group! There is always something fresh, something to lift your spirits, something to challenge your viewpoint, and something to make you laugh! It’s EVERYTHING! Thank you for all you do! – Nicole F., Administrative Business Partner, SF Bay Area

The Impact (Backed by Legit Science)

Our lucky winners were chosen randomly among thousands (upon thousands) of entries across 49 states. (Anybody know Ninjas in Wyoming?) And their excitement in scoring a coveted Mega Raffle prize produced a range of reactions — which Ninja Susy, beloved OfficeNinjas Mascot and secret Data Science Expert, has analyzed and presents her findings for you below.

A bar graph depicts data on the various types of common reactions from winners of the OfficeNinjas Mega Raffle that took place on Admin Day, April 22, 2020.

Shrinking the Distance (and Inspiring Each Other)

Most giveaways begin and end with an online form, with only the prize winners benefiting. We wanted the Mega Raffle to offer an experience that everyone could enjoy, prize winner or not.

Each day of Admin Week, Ninjas earned raffle entries by participating in fun activities, like watching special tribute videos to the admin community, sharing their personal experiences and insights on the admin profession, and learning about each of our 2020 OfficeNinjas All-Stars.

We found that Ninjas truly connected to these activities — and to each other. The comments sections on our articles and social communities were flooded with over 10K supportive interactions, with Ninjas even taking the time to congratulate raffle winners!

Want to instantly improve your day? Read the comments in our Mega Raffle homebase to see stories shared by admin community members of a time they received unexpected kindness and how they paid it forward.

Thank you, OfficeNinjas, for this wonderful week and a chance to win wonderful prizes from the vendors. HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS DAY to all the OFFICE NINJAS out there! Love the stories. Keep them coming! – Kathleen Z., Administrative Assistant, New York

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Our (Ride or Die) Partners

Our partners’ commitment to the admin community is unshakable. They stood by us as we reimagined our celebration of Admin Week in the face of adversity — and were eager collaborators as we hand selected every single prize with Ninjas’ current wants and needs in mind.

“To get the chance to connect with and reward EAs, admins, and operations managers is so exciting. From the raffles, to the social media engagement, to the fun newsletters — Admin Week is so much fun to be a part of.” – Lauren Mayfield, B2B Marketing Manager, DoorDash for Business

Our enthusiastic prize winner responses confirmed that we’re collaborating with brands that truly resonate with Ninjas. Here’s what some of them had to say about their score:

DoorDash For Business

DoorDash for Business helps you support your team with delicious meal options from over 300,000 eateries nationwide.


Bevi is the all-in-one hydration solution for organizations of any size.

andSons Chocolatiers

Treat your team to a decadent care package from the family-owned, award-winning andSons Chocolatiers.

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma’s professional-grade cookware brings a touch of sophistication to even the most casual of dinner tables.

Spoon Full of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort’s thoughtfully curated gift packages deliver nourishing soups and breads, freshly baked cookies, and home accessories.

We’d Love to Hear from You

It’s an understatement to say that the times we’re in right now are serious and uncertain. We hope a week sprinkled with joyful connection (and raffle-driven adrenaline rushes!) helped provide a welcomed temporary release of your day’s pressure valve.

Speaking of connection… we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below:

Did you participate in our first-ever Admin Day Mega Raffle? Which of the week’s entry activities did you enjoy the most?

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  1. I LOVE my andSons Chocolate Care Package! It got me through this week and was such a wonderful surprise to WIN a raffle prize. I def will be tapping Marc & Becky from andSons for any of future chocolate needs. The packaging was so well done and the Passion Fruit Coconut truffles are to DIE for. Can’t wait to share andSons with my family, friends and colleagues. Thank you OfficeNinjas & andSons!

  2. They weren’t kidding when they said Box of Snacks! I can’t post the picture here but there was no filler in the box whatsoever. Even though I didn’t get any input on what was sent, about half the snacks are edible by my non-dairy, non-gluten self. Ah, well, I guess I have to share, after all!

    Thank you, Office Snack Box and OfficeNinjas!

  3. It was great being able to participate in the Admin. Week again. Great job pulling it all together.

  4. Thank you so much Office Ninja’s and Spoonful of Comfort for the amazing raffle prize!
    It was such a fun surprise, and the soup was delicious, all wrapped up in the cutest packaging. I will definitely be adding this as a go to for sympathy and get well gifts!

    1. We are so glad you were able to check Spoonful of Comfort out! Glad you enjoyed it as well!! Let us know if we can help you in any way with your gifting needs!

  5. Thank you to OfficeNinjas for a wonderful week full of helpful content and to Foot of the Bed Cellars for my wonderful prize. Cheers!

  6. Thank you OfficeNinjas & to Office Snack Box for the awesome kit! I love the variety and the snacks! What a fun way to celebrate Admin Week! I am super appreciative to you for making it such a special week! Thank you!

  7. Thank you to Office Ninjas and all the partners for making this Admin Week special even with the new circumstances. Winning the Garmin Smartwatch from Bevi was such an awesome little surprise during what is a bit of a gloomy time. I really appreciate it and I cannot wait to enjoy the benefits of the watch soon!

  8. Every Admin Week seems to top the last, and this year was no exception! Even though we’re all facing new ways of getting things done (Ninja-ing), we’re KILLING it – and it’s amazing to have this community backing us up every day. Thank you Office Ninjas and their partners for making sure that we know we’re loved and appreciated!
    And a special shout-out to Yuzu Soap for the self-care set – I will DEFINITELY be putting it to good use!

    1. Congrats Cassie! We’re so excited for you to receive the set and enjoy some self-care and relaxation :) You are all definitely appreciated!

  9. I’m so excited to have won the bake set! My kids and I love to bake and dream of being on Nailed It! In the six weeks we’ve been home together we’re baking more than ever. I don’t have much bakeware at home so this set will give us more opportunities to create together. Baking with my kids is my self-care, part of my secret to being so amazing. Thank OfficeNinjas and Williams Sonoma for the gift that will give back to my family and community for some time to come!

  10. Thank you OfficeNinjas for organizing such an amazing and fun admin week!! And thank you Moshi for the luxe audio package – can’t wait to use it! :)

  11. Absolutely love being part of this amazing community! Thank you OfficeNinjas and partners (special shout-out to Spoonful of Comfort 💛) for giving us such a great, fun and inspiring Admin week!

  12. I fall in both the “instant mood-lift” and excessive use of exclamations categories!!!!! Thank you very much for making admin day 2020 Fantastic!

  13. Being a winner in the Mega Raffle seriously made my whole time we’ve been Sheltered in Place!!! I felt such joy, and I am STILL feeling joy!! I was so excited for is and had passed it along to our Admin Slack Channel hoping one of my amazing coworkers might win something. When I received the email I couldn’t believe it!! I teared up a little – seriously. Winning the Mixing Bowls and Spatulas from Williams Sonoma is a dream come true. I love to cook and bake and this is such an exciting thing to look forward to in the coming month :). Thank you Office Ninjas, thank you to the vendors who donated (especially Williams Sonoma :)) and thank you to all the indispensable Admin Pros!!

  14. Thank you OfficeNinja for making this year’s Admin week amazing! Reading all the different Articles and seeing all the videos were just so special. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community. I also want to give a big shout out to Fruit Guys! I’m so excited to the Healthy from home box. Thank you again to OfficeNinja and all of the partners who helped make this “Virtual Admin week” do able.

  15. Winning the raffle brought such joy to my day! I won the Williams-Sonoma Curated Wine Gift Set which will be perfect in our new home! Thanks to OfficeNinjas and Williams-Sonoma for making it an awesome Admin Week for me!

  16. It was such a great week! Thank you andSons for my awesome prize of chocolates! I can’t wait to try them when they arrive!

  17. Thank you OfficeNinjas! Admin Week was a blast! I won my first raffle EVER and could no be more excited to share my gifts with my fellow ON’s in my office. The Williams Sonoma decadent patisseries will be thoroughly enjoyed. Even in the midst of the pandemic, we will enjoy this treat. Thank you again OfficeNinjas and Williams Sonoma…and all the other vendors who participated in this year’s event!

  18. Thank you OfficeNinjas and all the partners that helped make this year’s admin week a memorable one! Reading all the stories and seeing all the video tributes warmed my heart! I’m especially thankful for The Fruit Guys and the abundance of fruit they supplied in the healthy from home box that I won! Thanks again

  19. Thank you Office Ninjas for such a fun Admin Week! For the 1st time I was one of the winners. I won a month supply of snacks from “Office Snack Box”! It made my entire day…no week! Thanks for keeping all of us engaged and reminding us of how important our roles are.

  20. The world feels upside down right now and connecting with other ninjas during this time was a breath of fresh air. Winning one of the raffles was even better. Thanks to everyone for their participation and vendors for the prizes! What a great way to recognize ninjas everywhere.

  21. Thank you OfficeNinjas and all of the companies who donated awesome prizes for us! Being a ninja can be a thankless job, so it is so amazing to be recognized and appreciated. To the Williams Sonoma team, THANK YOU for your generous prize of a coffee machine and coffee pods! I cannot wait to try them! OfficeNinjas– keep doing what you’re doing. You are changing the stigma on what it means to be “just an admin.”

  22. Congratulations to all the winners, and a BIG thank you to Office Ninjas for bringing us together during this time! It’s easy to feel like we shouldn’t be celebrating during this time, but I’m so thankful for the reminders from the community, partners, and individual Ninjas that remind me we deserve to cheer! This was the first Admin week I celebrated, and certainly won’t forget it.

  23. Thank you to OfficeNinjas and DoorDash! It was a great week full of fun and informative article and GREAT PRIZES! Best of all…I have already connected with my prize (DoorDash) and we are talking about a partnership to help take care of our employees during and after this unique and abstract time. Not only did I win a prize I can share with my whole Admin Team, I have now developed a relationship to help better our organization! Its all about the networking and having some fun while doing it. THANK YOU AGAIN – 2020 will go down as unforgettable.

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