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Celebrate Your Limitless Potential with an OfficeNinjas T-Shirt—Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

OfficeNinjas Admin Bash T-Shirt

As an Office Ninja, you’re a decision-making machine. In the span of a week, you’re picking vendors, creating workflow processes, prioritizing meeting requests… So let us take one decision off your overflowing plate.

Question: What are you wearing on Admin Day, April 25, 2018?
Answer: The new “Limitless” OfficeNinjas t-shirt!

Back by popular demand, the official OfficeNinjas t-shirt has the same soft material and tailored fit as last year’s shirt, but our new design celebrates the theme for Admin Week 2018: The potential of Office Ninjas is limitless!

There’s nothing you can’t do. You’re evolving at the speed of light, breaking boundaries and redefining workplace roles. Like the infinite universe, your domain is endless. It can’t be contained or defined. The possibilities for an Office Ninja are limitless!

Why not celebrate your limitless potential and wear it like a badge of honor? (Or a fashionable t-shirt?)

T-shirts will ship the 2nd week of April. Pre-order your shirt by April 2 to guarantee delivery in time for Admin Day. Free shipping included! Supplies are limited, so place your preorder ASAP.


And don’t forget: we’re celebrating our global online community of workplace warriors during Admin Week (April 23–27, 2018)—the biggest celebration of executive assistants, office managers, and administrative maestros on the planet. Brace yourself for a powerful trifecta of appreciation, celebration, and recognition!

Will you be wearing an OfficeNinjas t-shirt this #AdminDay? How are you celebrating #AdminWeek?


Brought to you by our #AdminWeek Partners:

These companies get the OfficeNinjas stamp of approval. We couldn’t continue to throw a bigger and better Admin Week without them. So the next time you’re shopping for a new go-to vendor, show them some love!

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