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WIN Fun Desk Essentials from Knock Knock!

OfficeNinjas Knock Knock Giveaway

TeamNinja thinks you and your desk could use a little mid-winter rejuvenation.

So we partnered up with Knock Knock, one of our favorite makers of fun desk items and one-of-a-kind gifts, to bring you a giveaway that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Because that’s what Knock Knock does, Ninjas. From their whimsical desk fortune dispenser to the highly functional, aptly-named “Get Crap Done” pen, Knock Knocks’ goodies will brighten both your mood and your workspace.

Also, free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!
Enter this giveaway for FREE, and you’ll have the chance to win one of these three prizes:

Extreme Makeover: Desk Edition

(Over a $90 Value!)

Your Desk, But Better

(Over a $65 Value!)

Treat Yo Desk

(Over a $30 Value!)

Enter TODAY through March 3, 2015, and share the love on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be picking three lucky winners on March 5, 2015. Good luck!


  1. I LOVE Knock Knock’s stuff! They’re so irreverent!

  2. Cool site – just what I’ve been looking for. Pretty ingenious way to get business!

  3. Love it all! The sticky notes would spice up my day.

  4. I would love it all………getting a new cubby area……I need to redecorate

  5. i LOVE IT ALL!

  6. I am entering this giveaway for my mom, who is the most amazing person I know. She has had a tough time the past two years and has persevered through some rough times. On top of that, she is a kick-ass secretary at an elementary school. Everyone who works there says how amazing she is and that she could run the place. For her, I would say the “I’m kind of Awesome” journal of the “Get Your Shit Together” notepad (running joke for us).

  7. I love the Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet! A must have for the discriminating boss ;-)

  8. I was just looking at Knock Knock products on Amazon! I almost had a supplies shopping spree, I’m eyeballing the Days of the Week Folders, Acronym post-it notes and the Just Sayin notepad. Hopefully I win!

  9. These are all fun ideas! Knock Knock just may have found a new customer!

  10. My fav is the fortune dispenser! LOVE IT!!!

  11. As a valued member of the procrastinator club in excellent standing, the best item for me would be the Make a Decision Pad. Not that it would work, but perhaps it’ll make me look like I’m working on it.

  12. I absolutely need one of the “Get Crap Done” pens. Too awesome. :)

  13. The more I look the more I want – Self-Help Dispenser, Cubicle Guest Book and many of the journals. Fun!

  14. So many awesome products, hard to pick a favorite… Totally love the “get crap done” pen though.

  15. I’ve never heard of Knock Knock but am totally interested in their stuff now!! Thanks!

  16. It’s hard to pick just one but I’m going with the “What I Ate Pad” as I’m trying to be more aware of what I’m eating. Ties in perfectly!

  17. really enjoy reading your blog and linked in stuff

  18. I use the ALL OUT OF pads nearly daily!

  19. These all look like fun, AND useful in the right situation!

  20. I love the apology sticky pad and the honesty folders…very cool stuff.

  21. Love the THIS WEEK pad to keep the to-dos rolling from day to day. My first Knock-Knock was the “We Need To Talk” stickies…they really get folks attention. But I use them sparingly, to keep the power.

  22. I love the wants/needs perforated pad. It’s ideal for prioritizing purchases.

  23. I love the High Five Nifty Notes! Those would be great to have to give to others around the office. Make people smile more.

  24. I love all the WTF sticky notes…but what I think I really need is the “Useless Documents to Provide Appearance of Importance in Meetings” folders (because I HATE paper agendas, yet am still required to print them, then pick them up and recycle them after the meetings because no one uses paper for notes anymore!)

  25. I love the fortune dispenser! My office would definitely get a kick out of that!

  26. It’s not office-related, but I love their “Parking Citation” pad where you can leave a little note to someone who has “had some trouble not parking like an idiot”

  27. Foreal though, I need the self help dispenser for those days when I just can’t even…

  28. Those sure would brighten up my desk :)

  29. I love the day of the week file folders! I use these daily to keep my boss organized and on track every workday!

  30. What a great idea… I love the post its and the cubicle guest book… :) How fun would it be for everyone that came to your cubicle or office left you a comment or feedback in your guest book. :)

  31. Just looked at the Knock Knock site – what a riot! I’ve bookmarked the site – I will be buying gifts (for friends/co-workers/myself) from there!

  32. I just LOVE Knock Knock’s pads – and I’m currently eyeing their Now/Later Perforated Pad. I have an innate tendency to stress myself out by thinking everything needs to be done NOWRIGHTATTHISMOMENT. This note pad will help me calmly separate what needs immediate attention and the stuff that can wait. :)

  33. What better way to makeover your desk than with the help of the pros OfficeNinjas to the rescue!

  34. My favorite is the fortune dispenser! Such a fun idea for the office!

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