An Important Announcement From OfficeNinjas Founders →We’re Taking a Hiatus

Introducing the OfficeNinjas Blog!

Most of you already know us from the Office Ninjas Tech Events, an event where we share awesome tech tools to the admin professional world.

We realize that not all office admins are able to attend our events, so we decided to start up this blog in an effort to serve a larger audience.  Now you too can be in the know with the latest happenings in the Office Ninjas Community!

On our blog, you’ll find:

  • Current news and trends in the office world
  • New products and services that are relevant to office admins
  • Informational tutorials on tech tools that’ll make your work life easier
  • Announcements of tech-oriented events, such as Office Ninjas Tech, and Spring Fling: It’s an Admin Thing!
  • Giveaways, prizes and a bunch of freebies (we have an amazing giveaway coming up!)

With that said, we are super excited and look forward to your contributions to this online community!


  1. I just found out about Office Ninja and would like to know if, there is an event planned in Dallas, TX. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Ruth! We’ve received interest for Dallas but don’t have an event date planned. If you’d like to be involved with a Dallas event, please contact us at

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