Flash Raffle #3: Win a Four-Night Stay at the Hilton in San Francisco!

Every part of Ninja life is about the details. But when it comes to business travel or special events, it’s especially challenging. Booking travel accommodations for other people? Hard. Planning events and securing space for a stellar meeting? Equally as hard. You need a place where the staff is friendly, the space is set up exactly as you requested, the food is delicious, and the projector actually works. These aren’t outrageous requests, but finding a hotel that nails all these little details can feel like it’s the search of a century.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts knows that mastering this difficult balance is an art form—and Hilton San Francisco Union Square is covering the third Flash Raffle of Admin Week 2017 to show Ninjas that they got you covered!

Let Down & Checked Out
let down and checked out

A seasoned Ninja like yourself has probably seen a lot of office and meeting spaces—and you know that 1) finding event and meeting space combined in a single building is way harder than you’d think, and 2) most hotel meeting spaces look more like windowless dungeons than inspiring places to get stuff done. Throw in headache-inducing catering debacles and frustrating room-blocking issues, and you’ve got yourself a Grade A business travel nightmare.

Enter: Hilton Hotels & Resorts. (Cue the heavenly music from above!)

hilton sf union square

Hospitality takes on a whole new meaning with Hilton, and you’re gonna love that distinction. The organization has a whopping 570 hotels and resorts across six continents, so consider yourself covered when it comes to selecting a go-to. While all of ‘em offer five-star quality, it’s hard to sum up the excellence of that many locations in one fell swoop—so we’ll stick to the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, because it’s right in OfficeNinjas HQ territory.

Hilton San Francisco Union Square Shines


A recent Admingling Event at Hilton San Francisco Union Square on the 46th floor Cityscape Lounge. We can confidently say—it’s Ninja-tested and Ninja-approved.

Why do we love Hilton San Francisco Union Square so much?

In OfficeNinjas’ experience bringing Admingling to life in San Francisco, their attention to detail was unrivaled. Hilton SF Union Square’s staff pored over every event detail to seamlessly use two different spaces—the 46th floor Cityscape Lounge and the ground-floor Urban Tavern—to make both mingling and crunch time effective (and stunning). The only surprise was a pleasant one—custom dessert spreads from Hilton’s event masterminds, an amazing touch on top of some already unreal catering.

Booking hotel rooms, conference spaces, and corporate events in San Francisco is easier than it seems when you consider the fact that this Hilton offers nearly 2,000 rooms and 130,000 square feet of fully loaded meeting space. Holiday gala? Board meeting? Week-long training session for your sales team? Check, check, and check.

“This Hilton hotel is a jewel, and the San Francisco landscape and Cityscape Lounge views are spectacular. The food, views, and venue make it a perfect location for any event type. You can host a corporate conference with meetings, have an elegant reception, and secure room accommodations in one pleasing package.” – LaShondra H., Executive Assistant at LinkedIn

The Hilton SF team understands the blood, sweat, and tears admins put in to keep their colleagues and bosses happy. And good news—they want to help you while kicking things up a notch!

A Raffle to Make VIP Hotel Accommodations the Norm


VIP has a nice ring to it, eh? Though Hilton Hotels & Resorts can make your work event and travel planning dreams come true, today is about you, Ninja. And the Hilton San Francisco Union Square thinks you deserve a little R&R on the house.

Hilton is giving three lucky Ninjas a four-night, three-night, or two-night stay—with meals—at their stunning San Francisco Union Square location for today’s Flash Raffle. We know you work hard, so this raffle is your chance to play hard too!

Enter for free! Remember, Ninja, this is a Flash Raffle. Entries close at 11:59 PM PST tonight!

Note: If you can’t see the raffle entry form below, click here.

Flash Raffle #3: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Take a look at the unreal views from the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, then leave a comment telling us how you would spend a 4-night getaway in San Francisco!


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  1. Aviel

    I’d spend the time in SF exploring all of the landmarks I’ve passed 100 times but have never been to, such as Coit Tower. I’d also treat myself to dinner at an upscale restaurant that I often make reservations at for my bosses, but have never had the privilege to experience myself!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      We’d love to have you at the hotel! That sounds like a wonderful plan for your future SF visit!

  2. Sarah Scholl

    I would love to go back to San Fran with my husband. This looks like the perfect hotel for our next trip!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Thank you for your kind words, we’d love to have you for a future visit, Sarah!

  3. SHussey

    I have great memories when I took my 2 children there in 2008. Beautiful city, friendly residents and so much to do. I’d love to see more and now be able to add my granddaughter to the trip!

  4. Tracy Riordan

    It would be great to visit my teammates at our San Francisco office, network and meet other OfficeNinjas in the SF area. I’d also love to spend some time meeting some of our client’s admins that work in SF. I’ve worked with so many wonderful admins through the years it would be awesome to meet them face-to-face. Then it would be great to take a tour of the hotel, see some of the sites and maybe even treat myself to room service after a long fun few days.

  5. Tracy Riordan

    It would be great to visit my teammates at our San Francisco office, network and meet other OfficeNinjas in the SF area. I’d also love to spend some time meeting some of our client’s admins that work in SF. I’ve worked with so many wonderful admins through the years it would be awesome to meet them face-to-face. Then it would be great to take a tour of the hotel, see some of the sites and maybe even treat myself to room service after a long fun few days. Ahhh it would be so great!!!

  6. Lisa Y.

    I would enjoy relaxing and getting to see San Francisco .

  7. Brandy

    Share it with my family…. a much needed get away after some very big milestones this year!

  8. lisa tilly

    would LOVE to get back to SF again!

  9. Carissa

    Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sunnyvale to be exact (Go Mustangs!) I now work in this great city and live in the East Bay. I HATE IT! I’d spend the four days actually enjoying this city that I love so much and having a “normal” life. I take my niece and nephew to school every morning because I live next door to my sister. I’d love to take for days off of getting up at 5am, waiting in school traffic, then waiting in traffic again to get to Bart, sitting on Bart and being stuck because any number of reasons. Work all day then leave at 7-8 to get home around 9-10 grab a sad dinner and pass out while watching The Golden Girls.

  10. Katie Vandenburg

    I would vacation with my husband for our 3 year anniversary and eat my way around town!

  11. Taryn L

    I would spend the time exploring San Francisco!

  12. Bambi

    I’d be a total tourist by day and relax in that cozy bed at night. =)

  13. Kristy Wolk

    We love SAN FRANCISCO!

  14. Josh L


  15. Stephanie DT

    I love the bay area.

  16. Lina Cardenas

    Love San Francisco and love Hilton hotels! :)

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Thank you, Lina! We hope you can stay with us soon.

  17. Teres Mongrain

    I would love to stay in SF and go shopping in Union Square

  18. Bobbi Pominville

    I would love to explore San Fran!!! I’ve never been and it’s on my bucket list to visit!!

  19. Dawn

    I would do some tourist things and then relax enjoy the water views and sunsets and eat some great food.

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      That sounds like an awesome plan, Dawn!

  20. Kristen Boston

    I would tour San Francisco and post on Facebook about my wonderful adventures and hotel stay

  21. KaiserLaurie

    Love San Francisco and the Office Ninja team. Thanks for a fun year and all the great ideas!

  22. catherine glesener

    I love San Fran, the Hilton Rocks

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Catherine, thank you for being a Hilton fan! We hope you come stay with us, soon.

  23. Kristen Eyman

    I would spend my days walking around SF and enjoying the fabulous shopping, the weather and the amazing people watching. Then, I would spend my nights in the open-air restaurants of North Beach and eat my way around the town.

  24. Brenda Jones

    that would be a great retreat weekend for a well deserving admin :)

  25. W. A.

    I haven’t had a vacation since 2011! This would be lovely!

  26. Juliet Grier

    Being pampered, of course!

  27. Denise Brown

    I just finished moving….ohhh the boxes kept multiplying. I would love the adventure to stay in bed, order room service and not have to unpack anything else – ever!!

  28. Rebekah

    I would take my man and go enjoy a some time sightseeing and some awesome clam chowder!

  29. Bonnie Winsett

    I LOVE SFO!!!

  30. Traci L.

    I would meet with my San Francisco based clients, visit some friends who live there, take in some tourist sights in the city and enjoy some of the restaurants I’ve always wanted to try there.

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      That sounds like the perfect mix of business and leisure!

  31. Paula

    What an amazing staycation!

  32. Paula

    Would be such an amazing Staycation

  33. Janet Failing

    Doing tourist things, visiting family.

  34. Crush It Kristi

    San Francisco would be a great destination for our executives. I would love to scope out the town and food before and send them with the best recommendations.
    Thank you!

  35. Lorrett A

    I will enjoy some R&R

  36. Lynn Woolman

    Wow! I would spend the time checking out all of the historical venues available and there are plenty. Also looking in on the food only available in San Francisco.

  37. Amber Muendel

    I have never been to SF! Crossing my fingers as I could visit with long time friends I have not seen in quite some time! :)

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      We hope you come visit San Francisco in the near future! It’s a great city!

  38. Mariana Grajales

    would love a staycation!

  39. Christina G

    I would take a staycation with my closest loves, as we all work quite hard to make this magical city what it is!

  40. Monica Salamy

    We all work really hard and after booking countless of rooms, meetings, events, and activities for our domestic and international staff, I’d like to use the stay to celebrate my 30th birthday…And do some networking!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Happy 30th birthday, Monica! That sounds like a perfect way to end a business trip.

  41. Dawn S / Chicago

    Always love a Hilton stay!

  42. Cheyenne Lopez

    I’d do the tourist things!! Find a cup of joe at a café, walk the piers/wharf, ride my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, hike north of there, dine at a Michelin star restaurant and find some dive bars!!

  43. Teresa Stewart

    With 4 magical nights in San Fran I’d be the busiest tourist checking out the likes of the Golden Gate, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, and plenty of other popular destinations. Then I would look forward to coming back to my Hilton Hotel to rest and recharge for the next day!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      That sounds like the perfect vacation! Explore, eat, rest and do it all over again!

  44. Christina Darling

    Whoo hoo!! <3 I am truly the epitome of 'left my heart in SF' :) – I grew up in the Bay Area and have SO many fond memories of SF ~ watching the trollys from the window of my grandparents antique store in the heart of SF in the 70s… walking across the street and walking our dog on the beach by the piers, tide pooling, playing w/ the multiple crabs that used to appear on the beach and of course collecting sea shells! I go back every chance I get and although my family no longer remains, San Francisco ALWAYS gives me a comforted feeling of 'being home'!! Sure could use a trip home right about now! :)

  45. Jennifer

    I’d spend it enjoying the salty air, wandering the wharf, getting sourdough, and loving the fact that I’m in CA! =)

  46. Michelle

    Would love to win this!

  47. Corri

    I would spend it taking a break from reality and enjoying my surroundings in a part of the country I have yet to see.

  48. kelly Perry


  49. Angela Nava-Sonderegger

    I would love a little weekend away with my gal pal for shopping, spa, and wine! thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  50. Samantha Hamto Hamto

    Girls’ weekend!

  51. Brittany A.

    I’d love to take a trip to San Francisco!

  52. Amanda S

    I’ve lived locally for a few years, but never get a chance to explore SF!

  53. Jessica Weber

    I live in San Francisco so it would be the ultimate staycation!

  54. Emily Stember

    I love staying at the Hilton– always such a great experience!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Emily. We would love to have you back again!

  55. Karen Wilkinson

    One word: Hamilton!

  56. P. Smith

    I love what they’ve done with the top floor bar! I’m hoping to convince my company to host an event there :)

  57. Rachel B.

    I’ve never been to California, so that would be a nice change of scenery. We have a lot of grass and fields here in the Midwest. No ocean or mountains!

  58. vicky

    Woohoo! Thank you #OfficeNinjas!

  59. Ann


  60. Laura Loveland

    Love Hilton!!! For both business and personal travel.

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Thank you, Laura! We love that our hotel is great for both business and leisure!

  61. Maureen G.

    Great location and host city!

  62. Jenna-Wade Fowler

    I have never been to California, and I would love to explore San Francisco with my boyfriend

  63. Sharon

    I’ve never been to California but I would love to see all the historic sights.

  64. Mary Jones

    Good Luck all ~

  65. Kate C

    I would spend 4 days eating at all the great restaurants in SF!

  66. Kim Weston

    A vacation dream come true! Four nights at the Hilton in San Francisco!
    Good luck everyone!!

  67. Sarita Ochoa

    This prize would be amazing for our 6th year anniversary!! ;)

  68. R Slunaker

    A 4-night stay in San Fran would be a mini second honeymoon for the hubster and I. Just the two of us exploring the city would be a dream!

  69. Hilary Whitmore

    Who wouldn’t love a SF getaway! What a great way to celebrate admin week! :-)

  70. Cassey

    I’d do a staycation with a friend where I will act like a tourist and actually explore the things that SF is known for. (Ex: bus tour of the city and lunch at the Fisherman’s wharf, walk around Japantown, Lombard St, and Hayes Valley to explore the area, etc.)

  71. Nicole Leonard

    I would use the SF trip with my husband for sure! Our anniversary is coming up so a little time away would be PERFECT!

  72. Sheila Minogue

    I have never been to San Francisco and have been wanting to go for many years. My family lives in the Midwest and the East so I do not have the opportunity to ever visit so this could be my chance in a lifetime. Would love to see the northern California, the city and its sites.

  73. Nicole Wilson-Gonsalves

    I’ve always wanted to go to Ghirardelli square and maybe fisherman’s wharf! I think that would be relaxing and rewarding :-)

  74. Angelica

    Oh yes… a relaxing get away with the hubby. :-)

  75. vicki

    never been to San Fran, but I would love to go. Winning this raffle would be a step in the right direction!

  76. Bonnie Horne

    This facility looks heavenly!

  77. nerissa

    perf. time to find my inner zen :P no screens allowed!

  78. Jules

    A nice getaway for hubby & me!

  79. Denise Labrado

    Was born in SF, left when I was 2, would love to go and visit it as an adult.

  80. AMA

    My favorite city on earth. Would love to go home for a visit!!!

  81. Karin M,

    I would love to go back to San Francisco. I need a vacation!

  82. Kim L

    I would surprise my husband and visit the sites.

  83. Kristie

    I’ve been to S.F. once – would love to go back!!!

  84. Audrey Morrison

    Pick me, pick me!

  85. Brandi B

    I have my fingers and toes crossed! I’m in need of a getaway!

  86. Denise Dentley

    I would love to be able to explore San Francisco and enjoy the seafood they are so famous for. It’s someplace I have never visited, but often sent teammates to for business travel. They always come back with glowing reports – I have a team of 8 there right now for a convention and they are having a great time!

  87. Brigette Richmond

    I would love to visit the tech hub of California. It would be a great experience to observe the culture, and eat fantastic food.

  88. Regina Assistant to Chief of Stuff

    Much needed night of downtown celebration!

  89. tcotton

    I would take my husband and have a couple days away without our 2 year old daughter and visit our favorite restaurant Jardinere, where we got engaged, walk around Fisherman’s wharf one day, and go to a comedy show at our favorite club, Cobb’s Comedy another evening. It would be an awesome time!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      That sounds like an awesome vacation, tcotton! We hope you and your family can visit us.

  90. Ashley

    I’d love to explore SF! Haven’t been there since I was a kid!

  91. Marissa O

    Birthday trip with my hubby!

  92. Pamela Isaacson

    Get to finally see the Hilton Union Square in person and be able to find quiet nooks for my bosses to hold meetings at NEXT year’s JP Morgan conference, instead of “meet at the clock” like everyone else!

  93. Jill Connaway

    I would love a mini-vacation in the city!

  94. Nicole Valk

    I would love to eat my way through, San Francisco as well as visit my friends and family who live there!

  95. Nilsa Quandt

    I’ve been to San Francisco for a conference and had the pleasure of doing a walking food tour. I would likely do the walking food tour again and do all the touristy things I didn’t get to do before plus spend some time with a very close friend that moved to SF over a year ago.

  96. Charisse

    Explore explore explore AND eat!

  97. Gina Van Dusen

    would love to go to network with nearby universities and of course, enjoy the eclectic atmosphere!

  98. Bethany Carter

    i would spend 4 days in San Fran seeing all the sights!!

  99. Karyn Riola

    I would grab some girlfriends (book a double double) for a fun weekend of shopping and dancing. I would check out the meeting facilities Fri afternoon (great excuse to take Friday off, and our next Sales Kickoff is TBD SF). Spend the afternoon shopping for a hot new outfit at Westfield center, go for a lovely dinner at Siam Thai, dance all night at the Boom Boom Room, and in the morning head to my fave breakfast spot – the Ramp. Somewhere in there I would need a couple trips to the hot tub. Rinse and repeat…

  100. Erin

    Just got back from San Fran and would love to spend more time there!

  101. Lilybeth

    Me day! Spa day! Oooh, food!

  102. Brian

    Get at me SF!!! If you win, be sure to check out R&G Lounge for some super tasty and authentic Chinese food!

  103. Ching Wei Tung

    I loved the view. Glad I was able to attend last Admingling.

  104. Chloe D

    This looks like just the staycation I need! And who doesn’t love playing tourist in a city you know?? :)

  105. Margaret Romac

    If I won this dreamy prize, I’d sleep in, tour the City, shop and eat to my heart’s content! Oh, and definitely check out the property for future events! ;-)

  106. Kirsten Larsen

    I’ve never visited SF and I would love to- thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Sue

    The Hilton is fabulous but I think I might go to Ghiradelli’s and never, ever leave. I would disappear and when found there will be melted chocolate all over and nothing but my happy smile shining brightly!! :-) The last vacation I had was 8/2016 and it ended with me coming home to an uninhabitable apartment because of a sewer line flood! After living in a hotel for 3 mths I found another place and this past weekend moved from there after only 4 mths because the owner decided to sell! This Ninja would LOOOOOOVE to leave my heart and any bad juju left, in San Francisco!! :-)

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Thank you for your feedback, Sue. We hope that you get to vacation and visit San Francisco in the near future!

  108. Heather Collom

    I live in San Fran, but it would be so much fun to play tourist and poke around at all the awesome things I haven’t seen yet.

  109. Karen Allen

    Wishing & hoping for this bucket list trip! Would take a sailing charter to Alcatraz. See my first redwood in Muir Woods. Explore Treasure Island, take a winery tour and snap obligatory skyline & bridge pic. Dim sum at Yank Sing then on to Cartoon Art Museum and Aquarium. Swan Oyster Depot, Painted Ladies and Japanese Tea Garden. Giants game with upper deck seats to watch the game and see the bay!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Wow, Karen! Those are all really great places to see in San Francisco! We hope you get to visit the City by the Bay soon.

  110. ebonie

    I would have a spa day, a foodie day, an outdoor adventure day, and a touristy landmark day!

  111. Anna See

    Last time was a bust at CityScape due to heavy fog. If I win, I hope to see the true beauty of CityScape.

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      We’re sorry to hear that Karl the Fog ruined your view last time in Cityscape! We hope that there’s a gorgeous sunset on your next trip to SF!

  112. Nicole H.

    Take time to enjoy all of the gorgeous San Francisco sights, explore new restaurants and relax!

  113. Kristin Zumwalt

    I would both take time to luxuriate in my room at the Hilton and to explore one of the most exciting cities in the world!

  114. Gina Liston-Forrester

    Both my husband and I are proud native San Franciscans and we would love a Staycation in the city of our births. And since this is the year of our 10th wedding anniversary, what a wonderful gift!

  115. Keisa Sanders

    I would like to provide a fun filled weekend for some of my girlfriends that deserve a get away. This would be a fun filled weekend of wine, spas and connecting with one another, as we all have very busy lives. It is time for us to think of only Ourselves, which I know is hard to do… No husbands, kids or work.. Just all about US!

  116. Mary Hoffbeck

    Eating tons of amazing food!!

  117. vicki

    to relax and explore the city

  118. Mary Markarian

    Love spending time in the city!

  119. William Price

    I’ve lived in the Bay area for three years, but have never had a chance to explore all the sights and landmarks in San Francisco! I’d absolutely love to finally be able to do that.

  120. Ava Espinoza

    What would I do…enjoy the hotel and the amazing views it has! I would take the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and renew! I love San Francisco, it has so many wonderful memories for me…there’s no place quite like it! And even though I have lived in the area for most of my life…I find that I never tire of the “city by the bay!”

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      Ava, thank you for your kind words! We hope that you get to relax with us soon and enjoy the views!

  121. Jill Singleton

    I would have the honeymoon we never had 25 years ago. Sight seeing, eating, relaxing would be our only agenda!

  122. Karen Liu

    I would spend it with friends and family! And to explore SF like a tourist!

  123. Bella DePillo

    Love the 360 view at cityscape!

  124. Catie S.

    I would definitely spend the 4 day weekend having some R & R with my husband.

  125. Bethany

    Fingers crossed!

  126. Ellyn

    I work as a virtual Executive Assistant from Charlotte, NC but my company is located in San Francisco, CA so this would be an ideal way to visit there whenever I need to go there, but in style! This would turn it into a pleasure treat instead of just a typical business trip ;-)

  127. Craig Shiraishi

    I could really use a Hilton getaway

  128. Imelda

    I’m totally cool with a Staycation in my city.

  129. LeeAnne

    I could use a little R&R!

  130. Lindsey Markel

    Hilton’s are always a go to hotel – would love to stay in one in my favorite city!

    1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square

      We’d love to have you here, Lindsey!

  131. vida martsolf

    have stayed here for a christmas weekend with my family….very accessible, at the heart of things

  132. Yolanda Warren

    Tell us how you would spend a 4-night getaway in San Francisco! – I have never been to SF so I would take my hubby and we can celebrate our 16 year anniversary.

  133. Julie

    Having a new born at home, and working full time – this is my favorite giveaway! Good luck to all the ninjas!

  134. Sounita

    Have previously booked others here but would love a chance to stay here myself!

  135. Cindy McGinley

    The location looks amazing !!! Wish I worked on the west coast so we could hold meetings there.

  136. Zoila Primo

    I live in Los Angeles and have never been to SF! Would take my fellow office Admin for a much deserved get away (we seriously deserve the break! after opening two offices back to back in the same month!)

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Of course you deserve the break! Celebrate today (it is #AdminDay, if you haven’t heard ?)

  137. Eileah Phinnessee

    Sounds like a great time! I love San Francisco!

  138. NatNat

    I would bring my friends and treat them to a lovely night out in the city. Preferably during Outside Lands.

  139. Michele Freeman

    I would spend all 4 days eating my way around the city!

  140. Sasha

    I would bring my mom for a Girls Weekend of pampering!

  141. Sara Mjelde

    I have never been to San Fran! So I would take the time to see as many sights as possible!

  142. Sarah

    Museums and parks most likely, but exploring restaurants would be fun, too. I work in SF and never get to really enjoy it.

  143. Glenda Storm

    what a fabulous prize! the hotel looks amazing!! I would take my daughter for a vacation and visit friends we have not seen in years.

  144. HJ32

    I would love to stay at the Hilton SF on Union Square. There are so many places I want to explore in that city and I would love to take a girls weekend with my friends or even get my mom and sister to fly in.

  145. Michelle Bernath

    Are you kidding? I’d throw the cell phone in the closet, grab my camera and start walking in this amazing and beautiful city! Especially knowing I had a gorgeous room and comfy bed to come back to at the end of a long day! :)

  146. Connie Cooper

    San Francisco is where my corporate headquarters is located and I’ve not been there before, so I would of course stop in the office and meet everyone there! Then I would “take in” all that San Fran has to offer, which is a lot!!

  147. Shelly

    I would relax, get a massage and facial, and room service!

  148. Kyle

    I would try out all the good food and play golf!!

  149. Laura

    SF is a great venue to hold a corporate event!!!

  150. Jaime Arend

    Sounds like a fabulous place to get away! #rest&relaxation #hiltonistheplacetobe

  151. MissDawn

    I LOVE San Francisco. Great views, great food, great people.

  152. Gretchen

    Love SF, especially China Town! Thank you for the support you give to us.

  153. Amber M

    Girls weekend with my Mom and Sister! Shopping, Brunch, explore the city! This would be so much fun!

  154. Thuy Mai

    Playing tourist.. never rode a cable car before even! :)

  155. SallyRose Robinson

    I would love to win this but also it looks like a great place to book for my co-workers. Will add it to my list of hotel options. I do book Hiltons when I can.

  156. Trisha

    Great views of the city

  157. Erick B.

    I’ve never been to SF. Would be a great way to solve that problem!

  158. FACE81

    Spending time in SF is always a treat! It would be a girls night out with my 2 adult daughters….

  159. Erin Taylor

    Hiking outside the city, hanging out on the pier, boat rides, good meals – I would love experiencing it all!

  160. Susan D. Ward

    One of the best artist markets I’ve ever been to – lost one of my earrings so I need a trip to replace it. :)

  161. Alice

    SF is terrible to drive through so having a hotel room there would be amazing on a trip!

  162. Damica

    Headed to San Francisco this summer would love to stay at this hotel!!

  163. Pati

    Staycation? Yes, please!! Such a nice hotel!

  164. Ivona

    San Francisco is definitely on my bucket list. Would love to take my mom with me!

  165. Vesna Cottrell

    I would like to take my daughter to SF!!

  166. Julia

    This location is everything!!! I have two little kids a husband and a dog to take care of and could really use a getaway like this.

  167. Vesna Cottrell

    I would like to take my daughter to SF…and if this hotel comes through, we may get out there!!

  168. Amy Lauren

    I would love to take a friend and immerse ourselves in SF for a few days! I think it would be incredibly calibrating for me to take time to rest/recharge and then hit the ground running again!

  169. Clementine Elizabeth Pacoe

    I LOVED the admin event at the SF Hilton. Such a great space!

  170. Amanda

    Sign me up!

  171. Michelle H.

    I’ve only been in CA for a year now, and have visited San Francisco only a few times and mostly for work. I would use this stay to explore the area for fun and treat myself to relaxation in this beautiful city.

  172. Sherry Parsons

    Downtime! YEAH!

  173. Zoro

    Fingers crossed!

    1. Zaira

      Good luck!

  174. Trish K

    This hotel rocks! Rooms are very comfy, in a great location in an awesome city and has an outdoor pool (if its ever warm enough in SF for a pool day – hah!)

  175. Karina

    I would love to see SF for the very first time! Definitely do some hop-on/hop off tourist bus stuff. I would include shopping & time by some beautiful water.

  176. Sandy S.

    I think it would be fantastic to win this trip even though I live less than an hour away. It could be a luxury stay-cation. ;) Happy Administrative Professionals Day, Everyone!!

  177. Anna Sparling

    First I would get some much needed sleep away from life and work. Then I would go explore San Francisco, one of the most beautiful places. Then come back and sleep some more because why else go to a super swanky hotel, with super comfy beds and pillows, but to sleep. Lord knows we all are over worked and need sleep!!!

  178. Loretta A.

    Hilton is my favorite hotel chain. I haven’t been to San Francisco in years, and I would love to visit again. My company has an office there, and Hilton is one of our preferred chains.

  179. Warni Flournoy

    WOW! What a great prize, sure hope I win it! Happy National Administrative Professionals Day to all my fellow Admins!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Happy Administrative Professionals Day to you too, Warni!

  180. Elyse Tanzillo

    SF is on my list of places to travel before I hit 40! LET MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

  181. LizV

    Haven’t been to that hotel…great to check it out!

  182. Ashton

    This sounds ADMAZING!

  183. Chantal Anderson

    I would love a few nights being spoiled in a great hotel!

  184. Alison Lyon

    I’m a third generation San Franciscan, born and raised and moved about 20 miles out of the City. If I had a hotel stay, I’d be a tourist. I’ve never been to Alcatraz. I’d take a SF history walking tour. I’d go to a SF Giants game. Maybe I’d ride a cable car. Living locally I don’t take time to appreciate all the wonderfulness of SF and never treat myself to a hotel stay.

  185. Laurie L

    San Francisco is on my travel bucket list….oh I hope I win!

  186. Cristina S

    Eat amazing food, see a show or 2, take a cable car, relax at a spa, maybe take the ferry to Sausalito…! So many possibilities….

  187. Liz

    I love Hilton, it’s always such a comfortable hotel.

  188. Melinda

    Even though I work in San Francisco, I would love to enjoy a stay at the Hilton! Being in the city is so special, and to be able to walk out of the Hilton and enjoy the city up close would be amazing.

  189. rhonda bright

    Ooooh. I would love this. I have a dear friend who now lives in SF…it would be a great opportunity to visit!

  190. ToddyM

    oOo oOo Take me to the Bay!!

  191. Erin

    I would bring my hubby, relax, enjoy the city and have a blast! It would be a dream come true to win this trip!

  192. Jolene Bleistein

    I would check out our office space in SF for face time with colleagues there (I really do like the folks I work with!), bring my husband since that’s a city we haven’t explored together yet, and meet up with a dear old friend who lives in the Bay area!

  193. Leah Cernosek

    My fiancé and I already live near SF, so this would be an awesome romantic weekend getaway in the city if we won the Hilton prize!!

  194. Jenifer DuPape

    I would explore and see a bucket list item…. What a weekend that would be….life changing!!

  195. Marisol Lara

    Looking forward to tonight’s event, and a stay at a Hilton is always great! Planning a night of fun in the city and staying there for the night at the Hilton SF, with a mimosa breakfast the next day sounds dreamy to me! :)

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Can’t wait to see you tonight, Marisol! Happy #AdminDay!

  196. Jackie P.

    I would spend my time exploring the city and utilizing all the amenities Hilton has to offer. It sounds like a dream!

  197. Remy McConnell

    The City by the Bay is always a favorite getaway!

  198. Adele Gower

    Love the location of Hilton Union Square!

  199. Sajira

    Thankful for the opportunity to enter this raffle.

  200. Jessy Oates

    #staycation would be amazing balls!

  201. Melissa Dill

    I would spend it sightseeing! Nothing better to do when exploring a city you’ve never been to before!

  202. Debra Burruss

    I’d spend my time shopping, dining, shopping, dancing, shopping, sightseeing… oh, did I mention shopping?

  203. Jean

    Awesome, this would make for a great sisters weekend!

  204. Lori Daveggio

    Hilton is a great home base when I bring family in to visit San Francisco. They love it there!

  205. Jenn Sanderson

    Such a great prize- would love to win this and have a staycation!!

  206. Veronica

    I’ve always had good experiences with Hilton.

  207. Debra Burruss

    I’d spend the 4 days in San Francisco taking in all the beauty, sights, sounds, shopping, dining, shopping, dancing… oh, did I mention SHOPPING!!!

  208. Toni Hirose

    Hoping to have my first SF hotel getaway!

  209. Toni Hirose

    Hoping to have my first SF hotel getaway! Happy Admins Week!

  210. Eunice C

    Explore SF and eat lots of good food!

  211. Maureen G.

    The Hilton is one of the nicer hotels in the Union Square area and the views from the upper floors is wonderful!

  212. Renee

    I would tour the city and use it as a home base for day trips north and south of San Fran.

  213. Jaime Shaffer

    Single mama of twin boys, I could USE a mini vacation in SF!

  214. Renee

    Heading to LA this summer…could always use help with the trip!

  215. Sandi

    Relaxing and enjoying the area! I’ve never been to SF.

  216. Chandra

    San Francisco is on my list of places to visit. I would love to visit this city and take in its history.

  217. Gina

    I would love to see San Francisco especially while staying at the Hilton. Pick me please!

  218. Evelyn

    I would be a tourist and eat a lot!

  219. Julie R

    Would love to be able to explore San Fran for this is my first time living on the west coast and I have yet to explore. Also be able to spend it with my boyfriend since we have been a part living in different locations for 4 years.

  220. nmcniel

    I have never been to SF – one of the places on my bucket list. Would totally be a tourist when I go!!

  221. Barbara Vega

    Happy Admin Day to all of my peers that work so hard and tirelessly every day. Good Luck, here’s to a free trip to San Fran.

  222. Kathleen Hill

    I really need this getaway! I love SF.

  223. Alyssa Jones

    This would be very fortuitous, especially as I have been invited to a wedding near SF in June!

  224. Grace

    Love, love San Francisco! So many great places to visit!

  225. Dionne

    I would be a total tourist!

  226. Tamara Sortman

    There’s so much to do in the Union Square area of SF. Walk around shops, catch a trolley to Fisherman’s Wharf and a quick walk to Chinatown!

  227. Gretchen

    San Francisco and Sonoma are one of our favorite places in the whole world. Would probably spend the time enjoying the food, walking the Golden Gate bridge, and hopefully getting up north for a bit for a little coastal hiking and wine tasting.

  228. Jill Kinison

    Visit with friends, enjoy the amazing breweries tour the night scene with all the speakeasys and bike around the bay!

  229. Debra Benjamin

    Taking in ALL the sights of SFO!!

  230. The Vendor's Daughter

    I live in the East Bay and travel to SF frequently for work. It would be nice to take a break from work and from wedding planning to enjoy a few days in the city with my fiance. Make things slow down a little when everything is going so fast.

  231. Sandy K

    I would spend the 4 nights in San Francisco doing all the touristy things. Walk the Golden Gate, go to Alcatraz, visit China Town, etc. It’s a beautiful city that I’ve only ever driven through and would love to spend some time there.

  232. Melody

    Relaxing and being a tourist! I’ve lived near SF all my life but still have so many “tourist” things I would like to see.

  233. Jennie Cormier

    I have never been to San Francisco. What a better way to see it than from the Hilton?? Thanks for making us all feel special today!

  234. Judith Waits

    What an adventure this would be – to see the Pacific for the first time and to do so from San Francisco where there is so much happening and so much history and so….much! I would love to be there!

  235. Tonya Berry

    San Francisco is definitely on my travel bucket list! I would be so grateful to see the Golden Gate and enjoy some beautiful sunshine. I would take my mother because she is my super fun travel buddy.

  236. Lisa Nelson

    Would love to visit San Francisco. Never been there.

  237. heatherleora

    Drop the kid off with the grandparents in San Jose, then explore with the hubby-food, arts, ocean, so much awesomeness!

  238. Tammi Fletcher

    A couple of days in San Francisco sounds like fun! I’ve never been there but it looks like there’s a lot to do.

  239. Melissa

    I would love to see many sites in San Francisco. Of particular interest is Alcatraz and riding on a trolley.

  240. Amy Sanchez

    San Francisco is such a fun city

  241. Evangeline

    I love the Hilton and San Francisco!! This will be a great mini getaway if I win!

  242. Jennifer Majors

    So many things! I’ve only visited once and it was too short. Ride the streetcars, visit chinatown and watch fortune cookies be made, eat all the places, and simply relax! (I’m imagining leaving my kids with grandma for this trip haha)

  243. Janine M

    Enjoying a vacation in SF would be a dream! Eat, Shop, Relax, REPEAT!

  244. Bridget Kirkwood

    My husband and I love SF! We’ve only been once a long time ago, but there was so much to do and see and not nearly enough time. I want to explore it all.

  245. Lisa Buck

    Who wouldn’t LOVE a “stay-cation” in SF?

  246. Elisabeth M.

    Going to SF has been on my husband’s and mine’s bucket list. Last year we did a road trip to travel with the family so we couldn’t take the additional vacation to SF. I am currently pregnant with our first child :) so winning this trip would be AMAZING! not to mention a blessing financially. :-) Fingers crossed!!

  247. Suzanne

    SF has always been on my bucket list – I would soak in everything it has to offer!

  248. Gayle Jacob

    It would be fun to stay there – you forget what a gem San Francisco is when you live in the Bay Area. So much to see, experience and eat!

  249. NJ Small

    I need a getaway!

  250. Amanda Mitchell

    My son & I are HUGE SF Giants fans! This would be a perfect escape!!

  251. Nana Jolly

    I would love to go to San Francisco. I spent my Honeymoon there 28 years ago and would love to go back. This hotel looks like the perfect place to stay.

  252. Shawn Moore

    Love SF! Have fun tonight, sorry I can’t make it!

  253. Debbie Macias

    I would spend my days wondering around this beautiful city! Getting lost and finding my way back… are you kidding me it San Francisco! I hope I win!!!

  254. Rebekah G.

    San Francisco would be fabulous to explore!

  255. Col

    It would be nice to schedule personal travel for a change;)

  256. Jennifer

    Family getaway!

  257. Hannah Fisher

    I love traveling and I would use the 4 night stay to explore all that San Fran has to offer and work more on my photography :D

  258. Staci G

    I would love to host a girls weekend getaway with some friends. We have a lot going on and it would be good to get away.

  259. Kristie Berezay

    I love Hilton Hotels. No matter where you travel you can always expect exceptional service and beautiful rooms. They set a high standard and I know that my stay will always be fabulous. Way to go Hilton. You’re top notch.

  260. CarissaAll

    I would ecstatically bask in the glory that is SanFran. *dream & swoon*

  261. Daniella Coin

    I’m an east coast native and the furthest west (In the US) I’ve been is where I currently live, which is Texas. I would love to go to San Francisco! I want to explore and take in a different locale. Traveling is always fun when you get the chance to!

  262. Nikki Pitt

    I’d just want to relax and eat amazing food

  263. Danielle O.

    A vacation would be amazing!

  264. Trevejah Jones

    I look forward to winning my prize!

  265. Debra Coleman

    this looks like an amazing giveaway…thank you hilton! finding meeting space is probably one of the biggest challenges admins face i agree 100%! but finding a hotel with a meeting events package…major win!

  266. Michelle Lopez

    Hubby and I need a getaway from our ruling 2 year old.

  267. Andi Groen

    Boy oh boy would this come in handy. My first grandchild is due in September and I could use this when I go meet my new grandson!

  268. Dolores Alimi

    Went to San Francisco several years ago and loved every minute of it. Would love to be able to go again to see some of the wonderful sights I was unable to see the last time.

  269. Danielle

    I need to go back to San Francisco; it’s where I left my heart back in 1984!

  270. Meghan Cooney

    What a gorgeous space! Looks like the perfect place to unwind. Good luck to everyone! :)

  271. Nancy

    I’ve never been to the West Coast so I would love to see and explore!

  272. Sharon M

    Would certainly enjoy a few days exploring San Francisco and relaxing at the hotel!

  273. J Delic

    Love Hilton hotels!

  274. Carla H.

    West coast is the best coast!

  275. Dania Jolley

    I love this organization and the raffle options. I have been enjoying the Hilton brand lately and would enjoy experiencing the San Francisco Hilton in the future.

  276. Jackie

    Looks like a beautiful hotel. I could just sink down into that bed.

  277. Jenna B.

    Never been to San Fran!

  278. femalekyle

    Food, Food, Food! I love San Fran.

  279. Lana Michelle

    San Francisco is an amazing city! Staying at the Hilton SF Union Square = an amazing experience! Love!

  280. Melva

    I would check out surrounding areas for other resources we can partner with as we have a satellite office in San Francisco, which would be helpful not only for our clients and prospects, but also our team.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Remember to relax too ?

  281. Tiffany

    I love these raffle opportunities. I have never been to San Francisco and would love to get out of this wet Oregon weather for a few days!

  282. Cindy H.

    Napping, glass of wine, more napping, more wine. Sleep & repeat!

  283. crabbywan

    Those beds… look heavenly!

  284. Desiree H.

    This would be an amazing prize to win! My husband and I would use it to attend his brother’s wedding this fall as well as tour the city!

  285. crabbywan

    OMG! Those beds look heavenly!

  286. Delia Barret

    Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Union Square, Alcatraz, Victorian homes, museums, parks, dining…. Are 4 days enough?

  287. Dell Carroll

    The last time I was in San Francisco was during the big earthquake in ’89….ready to go back and planning a summer visit with my daughter up the coast! Please pick me, we’d love to stay here! :)

  288. Mary Suzanne dela Cruz

    Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, and Golden Gate Bridge are at the top of my list for San Fran!

  289. Dell Carroll

    Planning a summer trip to Cali up the coast! Please pick me. :)

  290. Jennifer Rigby

    This sounds like such a needed getaway! Good luck everyone!

  291. Leticia V

    I would spend 4 days exploring and eating my way through the city!

  292. Stephanie W

    I would definitely go see the Golden Gate Bridge…never been there!

  293. Jean Weaver

    I’d schedule my stay around the next OfficeNinjas Admin Bash or Admingling event. I’ve always wanted to attend one, but they’re too far away.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We’d love to have you!

  294. Rhonda G

    I would actually share this with my daughter whom has been wanting to travel to Cali . She recently got married and they have not taken their honeymoon yet, so If I won I would wholeheartedly love to share this with them.

  295. Janie Clark

    San Francisco is a great getaway!

  296. DG

    San Francisco – what a beautiful city!

  297. Ali Berger

    I would spend a 4 night stay exploring San Francisco!! I have never been before and would love to visit the Golden Gate Park to see the Golden Gate Bridge, shop in Ghiradelli Square, and enjoy entertainment at one of San Francisco’s theaters!

  298. Tran Huynh

    Have always wanted to stay here when I visit the City but never had the chance to stay at the particular hotel. Fingers crossed!

  299. Angela

    Catch some live music!

  300. Barbara Moos

    Always looking for great accommodations for members of our team and I have never been to San Francisco. Always wanted to check out the ups and downs in a street car and have a wedding anniversary coming up!

  301. Kathy Gase

    San Francisco is on my wish list for places to go within the next 12-24 months. I’d like to take the tours, taste the seafood, experience it all!

  302. Marissa

    I have never been to San Francisco and have always wanted to go! I would definitely take a trip!

  303. Tamie

    have not stayed at this Hilton but would like to visit this one.

  304. Penny White

    would love to experience San Francisco!!!

  305. Heidi Hoefler

    I have never been to San Francisco. It looks like an amazing hotel to stay at. I’d love to experience it and see if it’s a place I would suggest for the executives I support.

  306. Jaime B

    I would love to win this and make a trip back to San Francisco with my husband. We went to SF for our honeymoon and it would be a fun vacation to go back with him and see more of the city.

  307. Kathi Henriksen

    I would go visit my peer at our SF Amazon location first off and then connect with my former exec who still lives in the City. I’d visit my friends who I met when I lived in Half Moon Bay and we’d visit our old haunts in the city. I love this town!

  308. Penny White

    would love to experience San Francisco!!

  309. KrisD

    I would take pictures to share with the office for our next gathering, and then I would sample ALL of the frills and benefits!

  310. Christine Grizzle

    Ahhh…I left my heart there in San Fran! The culture, weather, environment and amazing food constantly tugs at me to return. I would love this experience!

  311. Joetta Porter

    I would adore a trip to San Francisco. It’s one of the cities in this great country that I most want to visit. I’m dying to visit the wharf and try the seafood!

  312. Colleen

    I recently used the Hilton in Santa Clara for our division sales and service team from around the globe to visit our site here in The Valley. And just as Office Ninjas said; the planning, our visitors stays and closing out the billing was seamless.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Glad to know you had a good experience with them, too!

  313. Toni

    Never been to San Francisco but would love to go one day.

  314. Trish S.


    1. Morgan M.

      OMG right? This looks amazing!

  315. Debbie B.

    After taking care of Executives’ needs and request, I’d enjoy some down time and tour the beautiful city!

  316. Teena Singley

    Great hotel in the beautiful city of San Francisco! Always nice to “visit” the city you work in!

  317. Leah

    Great prize… one can dream!

  318. Lindsay Wahlquist

    Love Hilton! Earlier this month I stayed at one of their Disney hotels in Florida. I was on vacation with my family and it was so nice.

  319. alicia

    I could visit my baby brother in San Jose – have not been out in about 20 years

  320. Sioux Trett

    What a great prize! I’m crossing my fingers!

  321. Janie Eller

    This could be my opportunity to visit California, I’ve never been! I would take my four sisters for a girls weekend!

  322. Donna Perez

    The only time I’ve been to San Francisco was on a business trip and I didn’t get to see much since I was working the whole time. I would love to go back and have time to really experience the city.

  323. Cath

    I would spend it sightseeing, dining, and shopping.

  324. Jenny Stewart

    After a round month of April (taking on raising a 6-year-old granddaughter and husband having a stroke), this would be an amazing getaway to rejuvenate and get ready to take on the rest of my world!

  325. kaitlynd

    I’d spend lots of time outside exploring SF and enjoying sunshine

  326. Donna G

    This is a fabulous prize! My twin sons are in college in San Francisco and it would be so nice for my husband and I to visit them, as they don’t come home that often. I’d visit them and see all that San Francisco has to offer!

  327. Nikki Senensky

    I have never been to the west coast, i would love to try all the new foods and experience all the beautiful sceneries.

  328. S. Torres

    This hotel looks amazing!

  329. Colleen C.

    I would do some shopping, get some great food and visit the Ghirardelli chocolate shop!

  330. Sarah

    I’ve always wanted to take a trip out to California!

  331. Lindsay

    I would love to visit San Francisco. I would take my husband for a kid-free getaway!

  332. jyhankins

    I would kick my feet up and enjoy the peace and quiet. Eat lunch in a robe and just enjoy

  333. Randy Larson

    I’ve never visited San Francisco – this would be a wonderful opportunity!

  334. Monica C

    I’d surprise my girl friend & pups with the Hilton staycation! Champagne popping & peanut butter snack enjoying for the furkids :)
    Play tourist & enjoy every minute of it!

  335. Kendra Hogue

    I would enjoy all of great eateries and relax the evening away.

  336. Lea

    I’ve never been to San Francisco, but would like to see it sometime.

  337. Betsy McCann

    I would spend my time exploring the city’s parks, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, and spending time with family in the area.

  338. Mary Beth

    I’m headed to San Francisco in November so this would come in handy!

  339. Carly

    I would love to bike around the city and spend some much needed time in the sun!

  340. Leslie G.

    I have an old colleague that lives in the SFO area and would love to visit and catch up! :)

  341. Mary H

    I’ve always wanted to visit SF…and I so need this! A nice little get-away just to relax and have some fun and do some sight seeing!

  342. Valerie Osserman

    San Francisco is one of my very favorite places to visit. I grew up on the West coast and love the bay area. Would love to go and celebration my new CAP status after passing the CAP Exam (Certified Administrative Professional).

  343. Suchitra Kamath

    San Francisco is an awesome place to visit. Great food, so many places to explore and always fun!

  344. Darcy

    Would love to visit San Francisco!

  345. Jaime Kelley

    My husband and I have been looking for a fun getaway, sans kids. We both love SF too, so it’d be a “win win”!

  346. Beth Kohake

    I need this! Thanks for even giving us a chance to win such a great prize!

  347. Janice

    This is a beautiful hotel. I stayed there for a meeting once and would love to return. I miss California!

  348. Lynn

    Solo retreat for Momma!!

  349. LPat

    I’ve been wanting to go to SF too!!!

  350. Martha Mosley

    I would relax in the Spa and tour this beautiful city

  351. Amy Spellman

    San Francisco!!! I left my heart in San Francisco! (well not really, but I LOVE SFO!) What a great get-away! OfficeNinjas you are so amazing!

  352. Nicole Sauceda

    I would explore all the places I didn’t see the first time I went there.

  353. Cha A.

    staycation would be a nice treat!

  354. April R Gordon

    I’ve never been to San Francisco, so I would take my husband for a little getaway!

  355. Kerry Simmons

    Never been to Cali!! Great time to win & go!

  356. Kerry Simmons

    Never been to Cali, good time to win and go!

  357. barbara cohen

    I have never been to San Francisco so I would explore as much as the city has to offer. I do have a 20th Wedding Anniversary coming up so that would be nice. :)

  358. Jenna Rall

    Well I’ve never been to San Francisco, so I would be out exploring. Finding the coolest and most exciting things that they have to offer.

  359. Michele

    I’d love to reunite with an old friend in San Francisco that I went to college with for our studies to become secretaries.

  360. Ann Hoggard

    I love a good getaway!

  361. Lianne V

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to SanFran! I’d likely sit by the pool and then go walking around downtown. :) Maybe stop by to see the Full House house, and the arcade that was filmed in The Princess Diaries.

  362. Sheri Sontag

    Ohhh wow!! I’ve never been to the West Coast before and I have family there. This would be a nice getaway!

  363. Laura B.

    San Francisco! :) What a wonderful opportunity!

  364. Jennifer Stodola

    Looks like an amazing hotel… very relaxing!

  365. Debbie K

    I have been to California but never to San Francisco! Would LOVE to win this amazing trip!

  366. Heather Steffen

    Love visiting San Francisco. My favorite vacation with my husband early on when we were dating was to SF.

  367. Denise J

    Treating myself would be awesome. We usually do everything in the background

  368. Tami Birlew

    Looking forward to visiting San Francisco and all my old friends… Winning hotel accommodations at the Hilton would be awesome!! Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. LOL

  369. Mary Fleming

    California, here I come!

  370. FR

    In SF, I’d seek out amazing food, go to the ocean, and visit with amazing friends!

  371. Sylvia Jones

    Getaway to San Francisco… I’m in!

  372. Corliss

    To meet and greet the Office Ninjas team and to enjoy the beautiful city of SF would be amazing!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      We’d love to meet you even if you don’t win—but fingers crossed! ?

  373. Lisa

    What a great prize! Good luck everyone!

  374. Cathie H

    Great getaway opportunity!

  375. corliss

    Our teams loves food! Would be great to win this :)

  376. Latricia Friend

    I would coordinate a 4-night stay at the SF Hilton Union Square hotel with an Office Ninja Adminling event. Sight seeing, reconnecting with friends, and networking Witt Bay Area colleagues.

  377. Nicole C

    I’ve always wanted to go to Cali to enjoy the weather and sights.

  378. Annerys G.

    Would love to get to know San Fran.

  379. Matthew

    San Francisco?! Yes Please!

  380. Brittany

    I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco!

  381. Cameron Tryon

    Never been to SF before! Would love to have another reason to visit!

  382. Sydney Salit

    Would absolutely LOVE to visit San Fran! I grew up in California, but never got to visit San Fran!

  383. Trisha Coleman

    I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco! My mom says it’s her favorite city! Crossing my fingers (and toes)!

  384. Terrie Cassidy

    Perfect! My husband and I are looking to take a cruise out of San Francisco and this would be a wonderful prelude!

  385. Andrea

    Would love to go to SF for vacation, and visit some friends in the area!

  386. Indiana Cano

    I’ve been to San Fran once and loved every minute of it! This time around I would bike the bridge, walk around a little more and hit up Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, who have the best pizza in the universe!

  387. Rebeckah Fitch

    I’d bring my partner with me to tour every inch of that beautiful Hilton and then venture outside for adventures in San Francisco. We’d enjoy the landmarks, enjoy the food and gaze at the ocean. Might even book massages.

  388. Kelly Olsakovsky

    We have a six year old and my mother-in-law living with us. Four days of not having to clean up after someone else would be a real treat!

    In San Francisco, I’d also be morally obligated to go find the former Mythbusters HQ and the Almeda Air Field to get my geek on.

  389. Dana

    I’ve never been to San Francisco!! My 30 year wedding anniversary is coming up and we have an office in SF!


    I’ve never been to San Francisco before so I would try to make an adventure out of it. Explore all the beautiful things and take tons of pics. I wish everyone luck.

  391. Dee Stewart

    The view is beautiful! Never been there but would love to.

  392. Kris

    I would love to stay at the SF Hilton! I would visit my son who lives in San Francisco. What a beautiful city!

  393. Elaina Harris

    I was born there and my last visit was brief in 1995. Would love to go back and explore!

  394. Michele Vaughan

    So many firsts for me this year:
    *Became an Executive Admin for the first time (never had I admin’ed officially before that!)
    *Husband and I started our own business which has taken off like wildfire (read that BUSY, BUSY, BUSY)
    *Boomerang child came home AND re-exited the nest
    *Free-Spirit child had me chasing her and her drama all around Europe
    Basically…I could really USE a getaway!! Which, coincidentally would make another FIRST for me, as I’ve never been to San Francisco before!

  395. Joanna Ortiz

    Working for a startup has meant long hours with little down time for over 10 months now. I’m so due for a vacation!!

  396. Barb P.

    I would spend the trip relaxing from work & enjoy the sights!!

  397. Aracelia Montalvo

    It would be a great place to visit to revisit, it is such a beautiful city…taking in all the wonderful things San Francisco has to offer. I really enjoy Office Ninjas and their tips…very empowering!!

  398. SAM GRAY

    I ADORE San Francisco, and since I live WAAAAYYYY over on the other coast, it would be a welcome get away!

  399. Denise

    Love San Fran! Couple days of exploring the city….Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, etc

  400. Joanna Arber

    I have never been to San Francisco – I would be delighted to visit there and would love a stay in the beautiful luxurious Hilton Hotel. What a wonderful place to “unwind”

  401. Karon McMakin

    Would love to stay in San Francisco at Hilton Resorts!! Hope they draw my name…I need a break!

  402. Gina R.

    I have never made it to California and San Francisco would be the perfect place to go. I hope I win.

  403. Jessica S

    My birthday is coming up and I’ve been deciding where to take a trip… San Fran was one of the places at the top of my list. It would be such a great treat!

  404. Abby

    I’ve never been to San Francisco so it would be fun.

  405. Chela Miller

    I’d love to walk across the Golden Gate bridge, go hiking and see the redwoods and enjoy the city.

  406. kim

    I’ve always wanted to get to San Fransisco!

  407. ADtheAdmin

    This last year has been super hard, and a vacation in San Francisco sounds amazing. Sleeping in, touristy stuff, and good food!

  408. Pam S.

    I’ve never been so would use it as a vacation time to relax and rejuvenate!

  409. Brenda

    I absolutely love the West Coast! It would be good to visit again, but then to stay in a Luxury Suite…That would be the icing on the cake!

  410. Mercedes Hunt

    I would spend that first day or two of the getaway resting and enjoying the view. I’d eat out at cool little spots and shop, shop, shop.

  411. Kathy Whelan

    I’ve stayed in Hilton Hotels before (for pleasure) and they are top-notch! I’d love to win a stay in San Francisco as I’ve never been there and would love to explore the city!

  412. Mary O

    I would sleep in, and then take a nap.

  413. Kelly

    Hilton Hotels are wonderful properties. I would love to have a small getaway!

  414. Barb Braun

    Never been to San Francisco! Pick Me!

  415. Katherine Hyson

    Would want to meet the folks over at ReImagine, check out the storytelling scene, and explore the neighborhoods on foot. Never been to the West coast!

  416. Lauren

    San Fran is such a cool city! When I worked for Gap Inc. I loved going out there and walking around the city!

  417. TheCharmdLife

    Hilton hotels are a favorite of my corporate travelers! I’m excited that you are offering this! I’ve never been to Cali! :)

  418. Cynthia Hackshaw

    I would love a little get-a-way! San Fran here I come!

  419. Tiffany

    4 night stay in SF! I would love to

  420. Jeannette C

    Hilton is one of THE top hotel companies. It would be a pleasure to stay there. My nephew lives in San Francisco so I could visit him, too!

  421. Kelly Jack

    Since I have never been to San Francisco, I would love to tour the local spots.

  422. Phiandra Peck

    This sounds amazing and would be fitting for my first trip to San Francisco!

  423. Annette K.

    My favorite city in the world. Fingers crossed I will win!!!!

  424. Sara Gonzalez

    I’ve always wanted to travel to California, and roller blade in SF!

  425. Kimberly Eastman

    I am a Hilton Rewards member and can honestly say I have NEVER been disappointed staying in a Hilton or Hilton affiliate. My team is always happy with their accommodation when I book them in Hilton.

  426. Judy

    I would enjoy some romantic time away with my hubby sometime over the summer as we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary!

  427. Debra Neff

    Love working with Hilton properties, they are my go to for meetings and rooms!

  428. Kim

    San Francisco is amazing! I would love to go back and explore some more!

  429. Dena

    I have never visited San Francisco and would LOVE to go there. Hilton’s are my favorite accommodations!

  430. Kristin Lawrenson

    This would be fantastic!!! I would love a much needed getaway and explore the sights, sounds and culture of San Francisco!!! What a great opportunity!!!!

  431. Olivia Hull

    I’ve never been to the West Coast! Would love to go to San Fran for a couple of days…fingers crossed!!

  432. Niki

    Awesome! Would love to go to SF.

  433. Carleen Muncy

    I have never been to San Francisco before – would be a nice chance to explore

  434. Lori Guerra

    I would love to go to San Francisco, its been on my list of places to go for a very long time. Looks like a beautiful city!

  435. Angela Hernandez

    Napa Valley Here I Come!!!

  436. Donna Trickett

    What an awesome prize! I’d love to visit San Francisco and stay at the Hilton! It looks fabulous!!

  437. Linda Tsang

    If I won a stay at the Hilton SF Union Square, I’d eat my way through the city then sleep in after my food coma. I’ve taken eating and sleeping for granted in my younger years!!

  438. Juanita Mort

    Explore, relax, eat, relax, take pics, relax

  439. barb

    Would love to see SF.

  440. Anita Conrad

    That a great spot! Would love to head down to SF for a fun getaway!

  441. Kelly Lee

    What a great prize! I’m really excited as I’ve only been to SF once!

  442. TJ Britton

    Love the Hilton brand. Would love to visit San Francisco.

  443. Jenn Maitland

    My husband and I would escape from the children and have a nice get away!

  444. Meghan Gutshall

    Frisco, let’s go!! Would love this to be my first visit to the west coast!

  445. Willa Glesener

    I definitely need more time to do some of SF’s amazing urban hikes like Land’s End and the Presidio. I’ve also still never made it to Muir Woods, but it’s on the list!

  446. Tanya F.

    Wow, it would be so much fun! A dream come true.

  447. Vonette Yon

    I love Office Ninja’s! I met you guys at the IAAP Summit in Anaheim, CA in 2013 and have been an Admindling ever since…HAPPY Admin Professionals Day!

  448. DianaB

    I’d find all the best food spots first.

  449. Heidi

    I have always wanted to go to California! Being form Minnesota, this would be a dream trip!

  450. Kelsey K

    I have a friend who lives there that I haven’t seen in a number of years, so I would spend a day visiting his favorite haunts. I also would love to take a day just to ride the trolleys and explore the neighborhoods, followed up by a hike in the Presidio.

  451. Sharon

    Have been there on my honeymoon and would love to return!

  452. Courdria

    San Fran!!! Whoop Whoop!!! Oh the places to see and the people to meet. What a wonderful opportunity.
    Thanks for the raffles Office Ninjas!!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Thanks for everything you do, Courdria!

  453. Emma Gile

    This would be an amazing asset to have in my tool box and what a time it would be to visit with my husband.

  454. Nicole Pillatsch

    I’ve lived in Bay Area all my life, but I’ve never been to a handful of tourist spots. This would be an amazing staycation!!

  455. Amy Owczarzak

    Being from the northern part of the East Coast, we’re always looking for warmer places to vacation. San Francisco is on our list!

  456. Christina Belessis

    Heading to San Fran in August! Can’t wait!

  457. Linda Gulley

    My brother lives out there and I’ve never been to California. There’s so much I would love to see. There are so many fascinating sights and museums. I want to hear the Wave Organ, see the Secret Tiled Staircase, check out the Seward Street Slides, the Audium…so much stuff!!!

  458. Conni

    I would treasure the get away and take my best friend.

  459. Amy

    Looks fabulous!

  460. Amy

    Love that city!

  461. Eileen

    Awesome prize!

  462. Debb

    This looks awesome! Always great to have a place with good hospitality.

  463. Amanda Reed

    It would be my very first trip to San Fran — can’t think of a better, more beautiful place to stay!

  464. Laura R

    San Francisco is so awesome!! I would love to go and take my mom to visit her sister. :)

  465. Katie

    I have family in San Fran, so I would definitely make some time to see them! And I would eat. A lot. The hole-in-the-wall places in Chinatown are the BEST.

  466. Christy G

    Ahhhh a relaxing 4 days in San Francisco. This is exactly what I need.

  467. Dawn Gilbert

    Would love to visit San Francisco!

  468. AmyBH

    What an amazing prize! Thank you for supporting Admin Professionals :)

  469. Bonnie B.

    I would love to visit SF and enjoy a stay at the Hilton!

  470. Tanya King

    I’ve never been to Cali, so this would be an awesome reason to visit!

  471. Wendy Stocking

    San Francisco is on my bucket list!! I would be so excited to win!!

  472. Ann Nihil

    I would love visit Cali! I have never been and this would be a dream.

  473. Brittney

    Would be awesome!

  474. Kristin N.

    Would take the hubs for a much needed escape!

  475. Evelyn Hall

    OMG!!!! Winning the Hilton, San Francisco getaway would be all kinds of amazing! I absolutely LOVE everything about this wonderful city & welcome the opportunity to spend some time there! This Ninja needs a break! The pressures of work and being a Mommy. Hilton, please take me away! Haha! Happy Administrative Professionals Day Ninjas! #NinjaPride Cheers! ~Evelyn

  476. Kara

    I would love to stay here! I have never been to San Fran and it would be a dream come true!!

  477. Soulflower

    Oh, how I would love to get a chance to go to SF! Good luck, all!

  478. Anissa Hall

    San Francisco is a beautiful and vibrant city! I would love to explore all it has to offer!

  479. Lisa

    This would be an amazing vacation!

  480. Angela Hogate

    I would love to stay in SF at Hilton San Francisco Union Square! Even though we live in the South Bay Area, it is always fun to explore San Francisco. It would also be nice to stay in a hotel that I can recommend to my travelers.

  481. Kathy C

    Time for a vacation!!

  482. Penney

    I would love a well deserved vacation in San Francisco. :)

  483. Beckie Grems

    Awesome give-away! #officeninjasrock

  484. Marissa K

    Honestly, I’d spend all those days exploring! My friend recently moved out to the area and it would be lovely to catch up with her as well.

  485. Erin

    I’ve never been to the west coast!

  486. Ericka

    I haven’t been on a vacation in 5 years! It is long over due!

  487. Amanda Clemm

    I would love to have the chance to visit San Francisco. It is a place I’m considering moving one day.

  488. Suds

    I have never been to San Fransisco… I would love to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, Pier 39, Chinatown… So many things to see!!

  489. Brittany H.

    Me and my husband have been talking recently about our next vacation going to San Fran! Would be a great news to surprise him with :)

  490. Chrissy Blackwell

    I would love to take a vacation with my husband to SFO and see the famous sites!

  491. Michelle

    I have never been to San Fran, but have always wanted to go. This looks like an amazing way to see it! Happy Admin Week, fellow Ninjas! :)

  492. Melissa Thomas

    I love San Fran and would love another opportunity to visit!

  493. Sheri

    I would love to visit San Francisco and see the beautiful city!

  494. Teresa Thomas

    I’ve never been, but I’d sure love to discover all the amazing-ness! Whatever I do, I’ll be sleeping in a LOT. ;-)

  495. Ann Dahlke

    San Francisco is one of my favorite cities to visit! I would love to see a theater performance at the Orpheum.

  496. Sherri S

    I’d spend my time relaxing and site seeing!

  497. Debbie B

    Would love to go to SF and see all the sights – the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, walk the hills, etc. So much to see and do there. Take me away!

  498. Linda S.

    Would rediscover the city and take a trip to Stinson Beach when our son said his first words “big waves”.

  499. Laura Vedder

    Such a wonderfully fun city! I’d love to go there for the Bay to Breakers race!

  500. Shawndra Johnson

    My time in San Francisco would be filled with sightseeing, good food, and relaxation.

  501. Megan

    I am always booking trips for the executives I support. It is my turn for a trip!

  502. Chanelle Miller

    I absolutely love Hilton hotels!

  503. Tamara H

    This is on my bucket list!

  504. Courtney

    Two days in San Fran walking the hills and hanging out by the water. Two days exploring nearby areas. A good mix of relaxing, and adventurous!

  505. David Bermudez

    This is an amazing prize… Just what I’m needing!!

  506. Mary

    Save me San Francisco!

  507. Melissa R. Smith

    I want this one …. A LOT! That comfy bed looks A-MAZ-ING!

  508. Jenn Rochinski

    I have never been to San Francisco before but I would love to go and visit the Golden Gate bridge as well as check out any local breweries and wineries with my husband. We were married almost two years ago and have not been on a honeymoon yet. This trip would be absolutely amazing for both of us. Thank you for putting in the work to find these AWESOME raffles.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Glad you like them, Jenn! Happy #AdminDay!

  509. Dennise Munch

    It’s been years since I was in California, would love to win and go back!

  510. Janet Hughes

    Would be a first time visit for me–it would be awesome!

  511. Brenda

    SF is a destination I would love to see. And Hilton is a favorite. A double win.

  512. Jen

    I would love to get back to the West Coast and visit SF!

  513. Debbie

    What a great vacation idea for a place I’ve never been!

  514. Karen

    I love would to visit San Francisco. It’s on my bucket list.

  515. Dana Morgan

    I’ve never been to San Francisco. I would go and see all the tourist spots, the architecture, experience the restaurants there and post pictures for my friends to see.


    I have never been off the East Coast due to work/funds. I would love to experience San Francisco!

  517. Sarah Howell

    It would be great to have some down time and do some site seeing including the Golden Gate Bridge and the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary!

  518. Kelly Lehr

    Celebrating my 25th anniversary!

  519. Jody Garrison

    My husband and I would have fun exploring the town.

  520. sharon glover

    I would use it to celebrate my anniversary.

  521. Kayla Hutchens

    Would love to win and see family while there!

  522. Melanie Brauer

    A girls weekend!

  523. Melanie Brauer

    I would spend a girls wkd with my mom and sister!

  524. Jean

    We are planning a trip to San Fran in the fall. This will come in handy.

  525. AlohaNancy

    I would check out all the sights in San Francisco and visit with one of my admin friends who is retired there.

  526. Audacious Admin

    Headed to SF in October and would love to stay at the Hilton.

  527. Lisa

    I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco. Fingers crossed!

  528. Marci Goodwill

    Pick me!!! Super hard working EA needs a vacay???