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Missing the Holidays? Help Start 2015 off Right in Your Office

Khan Academy Resolution Board

The holidays are a blast; work slows down, allowing us more time to mingle and party. Yet there is no doubt that the first day back at work after our month of merriment feels something less than merry. Instead of eating, drinking, and Netflixing to our hearts’ content, we trudge in, open our laptops half-heartedly, and do our most dramatic eye roll at all those emails.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Starting a new year is the perfect time to help your team refresh and kick off the year right. You might still be rolling your eyes at this now, but these tips will help you bring energy back into your office.

Start a Resolution Board

The Office resolution board

Be supportive of your colleagues’ personal and professional goals by creating a resolution board. Have team members pin up their commitments for a better 2015, and even give your office guests a go at it. Customize the board with a section for “Office Resolutions” like “I won’t make my desk a personal trash can” or “I will look at the company Wiki before emailing our OM.”

Inspire Good Habits with Fun and Games

Office Spinwheel
Photo by Meg Strauss, Office Ninja at Uversity.

A big part of keeping an office running is cleaning up after everyone’s mess (literally and metaphorically speaking). This is your chance to take some control back and remind people why showing a little TLC to the office will make their life easier too. Put together a Jeopardy board of office policies and play it over lunch with your team. Is there a new rule you’ve been waiting to test out? Here’s your opportunity to introduce it to everyone! Need something quick and easy? Make a fun video highlighting the most forgotten office rules a la Rebook’s Office Linebacker and gently remind them of the consequences of not following them.

Sweat it Uut

Office Yoga
Photo by Derek Goodwin.

Self-control and holidays are mutually exclusive. With the influx of sweet treats, Friday surprises, and cocktail parties during December, we can all use a little shvitz to get us back in the groove. January is a great time to encourage your team to have healthy minds and bodies with some in-house yoga, company soccer or baseball, group crossfit classes, or even just a lunchtime walking group. Not only will your team feel better, but they’ll thank you when they can comfortably fit into their skinny jeans again.

Give Back as a Team

Khan Academy Volunteer Team
Thats my team at Khan Academy!

There seems to be a huge push for donating and volunteering as the year winds down, but January and February are some of the neediest month with the fewest volunteers. Helping a local food bank, animal shelter, or community service center is a great way to bring your team together. Maintain the spirit of giving and help those in your local community.

Keep the Festivities Going

Acai Bowls
Photo by Mahalo Bowl.

Do you really need an excuse for a happy hour? How about a “Hump Day” happy hour? Or try something a little different and set up a smoothie bar or a Friday morning team brunch with an Acai Bowl Bar. Feel free to mix in some of the ideas above and kick off 2015 with a bang!

Don’t let returning to work after this holiday season get you or your office down. It’s a great time to freshen up your office routine and energize the staff.

Whether you take our lead or try something totally different, we’d love to hear how you keep your office going in 2015. Share your experience below!