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Awards, Giveaways and Celebrations! Get an Inside Look at Admin Week 2015

Isn’t it great to have something to be excited about?

Honestly, that’s part of why we launched Office Ninja All-Stars. Yes, OF COURSE, we wanted to give all your friends and colleagues an opportunity to sing your praises. But, we get downright giddy with each nomination that rolls in. And we can barely contain our excitement for Admin Week (April 20-24) when we’ll finally announce the winners.

So, we thought: Why stop there? Why not add even MORE FUN STUFF to be excited about?!

Below’s the full summary of everything we have planned for you and check out the official Admin Week 2015 site. Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear what you’re most excited about!

Office Ninja All-Stars – Nomination Period is OPEN!


We’re spotlighting five extraordinary office ninjas from all over the world during Admin Week (April 20-24, 2015), and you could be one of them.Ask a colleague to nominate you (it takes just a couple minutes) or nominate yourself! Winners get an incredible surprise gift package from our amazing sponsors, plus a professional photo shoot and a feature on Click here for more details. The nomination period closes on March 27.

Daily “Flash Raffle” Giveaways


We tapped into our inner Ellen and put together a week of giveaways we think even the queen of daytime TV would appreciate.

Each day of Admin Week we’ll feature a different online “flash raffle” for prizes on The raffle will open right when you’re having your first cup of coffee, and winners will be announced the next day.  It’s free to enter and there are tons of chances to win, so stay tuned for more details!

3rd Annual Admin Bash – April 22, 2015 in SF, CA

Admin Bash 2015

The 3rd Annual Admin Bash has all the networking of a first-class corporate event… but, honestly, it feels more like a party.  We swapped grocery store sandwiches for stir fry wok stations and DIY mimosa & bloody mary bars. Podium speeches for hopscotch, skeeball and cupcake decorating. Door prize duds for raffle prizes that people actually want, and common goody bag junk for swag bags that, all on their own, justify the price of a ticket.

Bring a friend, or go solo and make new ones! We hope to see you there.

Are you excited yet? Admin Week 2015 is going to be legendary. We’re so happy that you’re going to be a part of it.


  1. I am envious of all those who can celebrate in person. I will be there in spirit!!

  2. Hope everyone has a fantastic time! Will be toasting you all here in Louisiana!

  3. Excited for you all over there. Will live vicariously through you all – I’m in Melbourne, Australia! :-)

    1. Hi Lisa, celebrating together virtually is the next best option. ;)

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