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FLASH RAFFLE #4 – WIN Over $700 in Designer Shoes from UKIES!

On a quiet work day, you cover a lot of ground. But when’s the last time you had a quiet day? You never know when you’ll find yourself climbing a ladder, carrying boxes, or (literally) running an urgent errand. Yet, the average pair of pumps can barely handle a leisurely stroll around the block before turning into two foot-sized vice grips.

Even if your workplace is super lax on dress code, shouldn’t you at least have the option to wear a cute pair of designer shoes without paying for it in bodily pain and podiatry copays?

UKIES thinks you should! They’re the makers of high style, affordable, Italian leather shoes that are actually comfortable to wear.

How? You ask in disbelief.

Science, Ninja.

UKIES’ patented nanoGel® technology provides two layers of shock absorbing material. (So you can pound the pavement without punishing your feet.) UKIES also uses the same 100% antimicrobial Coolmax® fabric found in high-end athletic shoes to keep feet cool and dry. But, you’d never guess all that comfort-focused technology was tucked away in such gorgeous, elegant designs.

With pumps, flats, wedges, and boots in multiple colors and materials, UKIES will delight even the most discerning heel aficionado who dreams of going from work to a swanky happy hour without stopping to change shoes.

Guess what? That Ninja with the martini and the cute pumps could be you! UKIES is the sponsor for today’s flash raffle, and the prizes are incredible!


If you don’t win, you can still snag a pair of UKIES at a great price. In celebration of #AdminWeek, UKIESNINJA35 to get 35% off on all orders placed by May 31, 2016.

And if you’re lookin’ for some official Ninja verification on UKIES’ comfort level, check out this testimonial from OfficeNinjas Ambassador Melissa Smith. She walked nearly seven miles in her UKIES! Melissa shares:

This Ninja loves her coffee and her UKIES! A whirlwind trip to Dallas for OfficeNinjas IRL calls for nothing less than UKIES shoes. Even when I’m not working my UKIES are a must. I walked almost 7 miles in London and never once slowed down in my UKIES. They were perfect for tea time and sightseeing!

Read more testimonials from UKIES devotees here.

Melissa Smith UKIES

Enter for free! Remember: This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here.

Win over $700 in Designer Shoes from UKIES!

Head over to UKIES website, check out their shoes, and let us know which kicks you would get if you won in the comments below!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I. Won.


    1. Okay, now that I have slowed my heart rate again… THANK YOU @OfficeNinjas & @Ukies!! #AdminWeek, #NinjaLife

  2. I like the Jackie – Black Nappa – looks like a high that’s not too high, but very stylish. I need to replace my current black low-heeled pumps – they’re a little over a year old and are killing my feet! These UKIES would be a great replacement.

  3. I can’t wait to try these. Hope they can keep up with me at an all day event!

  4. LOVE these shoes so much it is hard to pick which ones are my favorites! Also love that they have cute shoes in larger sizes for those of us who wear 10’s!

  5. Shoes. But if I have to pick one… the Giselle Mary Jane.

  6. My weakness is shoes. My friends make fun of me since I LOVE shoes.

  7. I love the Sophia black nappa boots.

  8. Those Sophia booties are adorable! I’d need a new wardrobe to compliment them, though ;)

  9. I like the Grace Black Nappa flats and would love to win those because they would go great with a lot of my work outfits :)

  10. Shoes, glorious shoes! Thanks to the OfficeNinjas for introducing me to a lot of items that normally are not in Alaska!

  11. Awesome offering – Show that these boot were made for walking LOL Everybody sing …(am I showing my age now?)

  12. Ok, what girl doesn’t like shoes?! I would so love to win. :)

  13. SHOES!!!!! I would choose between the Angelinas, the Marilyns, the Milans, or the wedges.
    My husband might shake his head at me, but he understands… I <3 shoes!!! :)

  14. Oh my! I love shoes! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  15. I would LOVE Grace in Nude Nappa or Sophia in Cognac Nappa.

  16. Meryl and Hillary are probably the most timeless pieces in my mind!

  17. I need a great pair of comfy professional looking flats. These are adorable and would love to give them a nice home.

  18. As I get a little older, I realize more the importance of a good shoe – especially when you’re ninja-ing around the office! I love the Hillary wedges and the Jackie pumps!

  19. Never heard of Ukies but I’m always up for learning about new brands!

  20. I’ve not heard of Ukies until today but after checking out their website I see they have some classic and adorable shoes. I would love to win so I can try them out!

  21. I have not tried Ukies but I really think I need to! Today has confirmed that! I have been up and down the hallway at least 50 times setting up, cleaning up, setting up, etc. for an all day meeting in my heels! Ouch!!!!!!

  22. I would love to try these out! I am always looking for cute comfortable shoes for the office or even on the weekend outtings.

    1. I would like to try the Hilary, Naomi, or the Sophia. :) Too many cute options to choose just 1!

  23. Comfortable stylish and durable are my shoe requesits

  24. I’m always looking for comfortable shoes for the office and these are adorable!!

  25. So hard to choose! The Marilyn & Naomi both look like a great heel but I also love those camel wedges. What fun shoes!

  26. Unfortunately, my browser would let me see the shoes, just the names. These shoes appear to be comfortable and that is very important.

  27. I’m a sucker for platform heels, so I would wear the Paris in black patent!

  28. I’d totally get the Sophia-Black Nappa! They’re definitely more my style since I pretty much only wear boots and black! ;)

  29. Purple Nappa would be a fun shoe to wear. Hard to find a great comfy shoe to wear all day

  30. I need a 2-3 comfortable professional looking pairs of shoes for work that don’t hurt my feet.

  31. Those wedges!!! In love with the Meryl – Navy Python print. Would be great for just a little pop when wearing my dark suits.

  32. The Ukies shoes looks very stylish and comfortable. Perfect for a professional work environment and for evening wear, as well.

  33. I consider myself an AdminDiva, and like to look good. But since I support a very large team, I have to move about very quickly and quite frequently. The Giselle D’Orsay –
    Quilted Black Nappa is a stylish shoe that could go easily from day to evening.

  34. I’d probably get the Milan – Black Nappas. So cute!

    1. So glad you think so, thanks Stephanie :) Good luck in the raffle! Rosanna @ UKIES

  35. I’m not like most women who own a million pair of shoes. I have the basic black pump, the basic black flat, and some in between there, so I would definitely love to give these a try to see if they are as comfortable as they say. The style is apparently already there.

  36. OMG!!! I’ve been in love with MK Flex’s but I’m open to 7 miles of no pain for sure. ;) The lovely ladies I would love in my life are:

  37. I wear heels every day, but usually switch to flats at my desk. It would be a plus to find heels that were comfortable to wear for hours on end :D

  38. Isabella, Jackie or a cute flat. They are all so cute it would be hard to choose. :)

  39. I’m always looking for cute comfy shoes for work! You can never have enough!!

  40. For work, I’d love to have Isabella, Jackie, Hillary, or Audrey. Outside of work, I especially love the look of Giselle D’Orsay, but I also like Angelina, Naomi, and Meryl. Curious to see if they are truly comfortable.

  41. Hi, my name is Jean and I’m a shoe-aholic. I have over 300 pairs of shoes, many of which I still wear, some of which are more like museum pieces because the heels are way to high to afford any comfort (but they sure are cute!). I love heels, but since I’ve gotten a stand-up work station I wear them less and less. A truly comfortable pair of heels I could stand in all day would be a God-send. If I when the raffle, I’m snagging me the Milan-Navy Nappa, Naomi-Black Patent and Sophia Black Nappa!

      1. Excited is good, Jean!! :) Good luck in the raffle :) Rosanna @ UKIES

  42. Meryl – Black Nappa’s are SOOO cute

  43. Any of the flats. I had 2 foot surgeries last year and it is hard to find good comfortable shoes that are cute too!

  44. Loving the Giselle D’Orsay – Quilted Black Nappa. CUTE and comfortable? I gotta try!!

  45. They look stylish and comfy all at the same time

  46. I could never afford these amazing shoes on my own. If I won I would need some black Meryl wedges and some new flats.

  47. Would love to win a pair of cute comfortable shoes..

  48. I would be all over those Angelina’s in black and white… they’re like peep-toe spectators! Classic.
    Thank you OfficeNinjas for putting together such a wonderful bunch of flash raffles!

  49. One can never have to many shoes and comfortable at that! Expensive but I am sure they are worth it, I’d love to try a pair.

  50. Pumps, but I’ll have to pick my favorite one later, the website was acting weird.

    1. Hi Barbara, so sorry that you had issues with our site :( I have our dev team checking to make sure everything is OK on the back end. Our apologies! Rosanna @ UKIES

  51. These would definitely be the most expensive shoe’s I owned if I won a pair!! I love the Meryl Camel wedges, they are so perfect for spring and summer, and also the Paris Twilight Black patent pumps would work year round. I hadn’t ever heard of these shoes and if they really are this comfortable, probably worth every penny!!

  52. I have been searching for comfortable work shoes for months….YES PLEASE UKIES!

  53. I need to purge all my junky shoes and invest in quality shoes!

  54. Purple Napa because I’ve been having a hard time finding purple shoes the right shade and made of something other than suede. Not sure why suede is used so much for purple shoes! Who knew! I ordered a pair from Amazon that were not suede but when they arrived, they were a totally different color than the picture and smelled so strongly of rubber, I had to return them. I don’t know how the manufacturer works in such toxic smelling conditions! So finally Ukies looks like it’s a cute, high quality shoe that appears to use a non-suede (more water-resistant) material and it’s the right shade! I’m excited!

    1. So glad you love our purple nappa, Veronica :) Good luck in the raffle! Rosanna @ UKIES

  55. Huge fan of wedges! I would go for the Silver Nappa for one. Thanks for supporting Ninja’s!

  56. Yes PLEASE :) What ninja wouldn’t want a pair of new shoes. Thank you!

  57. It would be awesome to win and try a comfortable dress shoe!

  58. Did you say ‘shoes’! Who doesn’t love shoes? It would be lovely to have some nice comfortable shoes (other than my normal flip flops)

  59. I like the Black Napa Hilary wedges, and the Grace flats. I would not kick those booties out of my closet either, but it’s not exactly boot season right now.

    1. As for “why” which i realized I forgot; the wedges are high enough to give a little something, but not so high that they’d be more uncomfortable at the end of the day. The flats are just darling, and I love the strap across the top.

  60. Would love some new work shoes!!!

  61. I love the Naomi Black Patents! I’ve been dying for a good pair of pumps!

  62. Thanks for bringing these shoes to the forefront! I didn’t know they have cute, comfy, affordable heels. I love Meryl, Jennifer, Hillary and Audrey. I’ve stopped wearing heels, opting for comfort over style…but maybe, just maybe I don’t have to…I can have both!

    1. That’s what we think, Rebekah. Women, especially Ninjas, deserve both! :) Rosanna @ UKIES

  63. I would love to win this raffle. I am always looking for the perfect combination of fashionable and comfortable shoes.

  64. I would love a pair of these shoes. I am always looking for a comfortable pump.

  65. I need some new work shoes. All of mine look like “old lady” shoes.

  66. Comfortable heels?! Yes please!!!!

  67. Ukies may just be the answer for my tired, aching feet.

  68. Wow! These are seriously gorgeous! I love the Naomi, Angelina, Jennifer, and Paris. It would be great to add some stylish, comfortable, high quality shoes to my closet.

  69. I would love to win the milan. It’s hard to find comfortable work shoes that also look stylish. You might have solved that problem!

  70. The Grace – Nude Nappa, Grace – Black Nappa, and Jennifer – Black Suede are 3 of my favorites. But I would wear most of them ;)

  71. hmmm, the Giselle Mary Janes, but which color, or the Jackie Animal print because they’re fun. Good shoes just put a smile on my face so when they’re pretty and more up to date than my old ones, it’s a definite mood elevator.

  72. My husband always says I need “better quality” shoes because my feet are always bothering me – but mine seem to get scuffed and roughed up so quick that it’s hard to justify spending a lot. Free “better quality” shoes would be AMAZING! I am loving the Hillary – Black Nappa shoes.

  73. I love the Marilyn floral, Jennifer, and the Milan in Black Nappa!

  74. Angelina – Black Snake Embossed
    Jackie – Camel Nappa
    Naomi – Black Nappa
    Just for fun… Jennifer Black Suede

  75. Sophia – Black Nappa
    Milan – Black Nappa
    Audrey – Camel Nappa

    Can’t wait to start wearing them. ;-)

  76. The Marilyn Floral are to DIE for! I love dressing super conservative with a hint of flash, glamour and sparkle. These are the perfect shoes – they go from work to dinner to dancing.

  77. Super cool! Even if I don’t win GREAT sponser! I’m so glad I now know about them!!!!

    1. We’re so glad that you know about us now, too! We’re thrilled to support an organization with such a fun community :)

  78. I can always use new shoes!!! Woo Hoo!!

  79. I hear that Giselle Mary Jane calling my name! She says, “Wear me, and we’ll be gorgeous together!”

  80. All of the shoes on are super nice! I would love a new pair to sport at work. :>

  81. I could see myself sporting the Giselle Mary Jane or Milan Black Nappa…and those wedges! Super cute!

  82. I loved the open-toe wedges! Any color, please. I have a standing desk, so it would be great to have some more comfy shoes.

  83. I like the Marilyn and Naomi styles. I really need some new work shoes!!

  84. I am really excited to think that there might be a truly COMFORTABLE yet FASHIONABLE dress shoe/heel. I will be checking these out.

  85. In my teens I adored heels, the higher the better. My Mom kept telling me that I was going to be sorry when I got older and that I would pay for wearing such high heals, but as a teen (don’t they think they know it all….ha! did I learn) I was set on fashion NOT comfort. Well, Mom was right and I am paying dearly! I’ve had to give up the heels and go for comfort, but I don’t like it, not one little bit. I would be thrilled to win a pair of UKIES. It would be a dream to combine comfort with fashion. My now self would automatically feel like I HAD to choose one of the flats but my younger self would go for the Marilyn floral print…wow…are they pretty!! If I don’t win, guess I’ll be saving up to purchase a pair of UKIES!!

  86. In browsing the Ukies site, I’m happy to see so many styles that are availble in navy. I’ve had the hardest time finding stylish comfortable shoes (that don’t make me look like I’m 100 years old) in navy blue.

  87. Comfortable shoes are an OfficeNinjas dream! Cute AND comfortable are a plus!

  88. I do marathons so I learned a long time ago shoes have to be very functional-love that these can be cute, too!

  89. P.S. Thank you for the 35% discount code!

  90. I would love some cute, comfortable shoes! I feel like I can’t wear cute shoes to work because by the end of the day I’m having trouble walking.

  91. My shoe closet hasn’t been updated for over a year – I could really use this:)

  92. I would love the Red Marilyn pump! I pretty much gave up on higher heels due to discomfort, but this shoe has me intrigued. I will probably ending up ordering this shoe whether I win or not:)

    1. p.s. Thank you for the 35% discount code!

      1. Hi Kris, you are so welcome! Happy Admin week to all the amazing Ninjas! Rosanna @ UKIES

  93. I would love to have a shoe shopping spree!!!

  94. It’s hard to find heels that I can speed walk in. I’d love to be able to match time efficiency with something that keeps my professional image up. I’ve heard great things about this brand…this would be a fantastic prize!

  95. I’d definitely get the Jackie – Animal Print. Whats better than wearing a fun little heel, that also super comfy?!? Maybe a great discount code for the super comfy fun little heel. :) If I don’t win tomorrow, I’m going to treat myself.

  96. I’m drawn to the Grace purple nappa flat just because they are purple and ANY of the pumps – they are all gorgeous! I would love to win a pair. I haven’t worn heels to work in so long because I’m always on the move so it would be awesome to have a comfortable pair!

  97. Come to Momma!!! Who wouldn’t love some new shoes! ?

  98. I generally don’t wear heels because of how uncomfortable they can be. Ukies give me hope that I can feel good and look good at the same time!

  99. I am on the run all day and some days I take my shoes off for the drive home. Shoes that are stylish and comfortable? Yes, please!!!

  100. Would LOVE a new pair of shoes! Maybe some cute booties?

  101. Any comfortable shoes that look good would be welcome in my closet!

  102. Oh my… those Sophia wedges are so cute. And the Grace flats.

  103. Never heard of this brand but I will spend some money on a good pair of shoes. Gotta take care of the feet!

  104. The shoes look amazing! I can’t decide between Grace, Sophia, Jackie, and Marilyn (of course)!

  105. I’ve been stuck with sneakers for so long due to an injury. Would LOVE to try some comfortable shoes! Thanks, Ukies & Office Ninjas!

    1. You’re welcome, Di :) So honored that we could help celebrate and recognize all the Ninjas out there! Rosanna @ UKIES

  106. Would love to win these shoes! Stylish & comfortable!

  107. OMG! The Giselle D’Orsay pumps are AMAZING!!! So stylish….

  108. Hillary… Milan… Sophia… I am not a huge shoe person (they do not have their own closet or room at my house), but I appreciate a pair of quality, great looking, comfortable shoes. When I work, comfort is coveted, and if you can mix cute, well, everyone here would be buying from you!

  109. I have never heard of them….. I want

  110. I’d sure love to wear a pair of comfortable heels!! Who wouldn’t love those!

  111. This will take some time to see all they offer. I love the shoes!

  112. Oh my gosh, who doesn’t love acquiring new shoes!

  113. UKIES look like they would be wonderfully comfortable and so stylish! Definitely need to try a pair (or two!)

  114. Italian-made, comfortable shoes that look cute, too? Count me in!

  115. I think wedges are a good in between for me as someone who’s not a big fan of heels. I would go for their classic black wedges :)

  116. Who doesn’t love a great pair of comfortable shoes! And, I could always use new shoes!

  117. OMG!! Too many cute shoes to choose from! I’m constantly running back and forth between building and I need comfy shoes that keep me going strong! I would love to win this prize!!!

  118. All of my friends are talking about Ukies and I would love to try them out! I love the leopard print pumps!!

  119. If they are are great as everyone says I would love to win this. Comfort and style are very hard to come by.

  120. Would love to win…but I can’t enter if I’m in Canada?

  121. Love heels, but my knees don’t. UKIES look like they’d make us both happy!

  122. I’m not a sky-high heel kind of gal, so I was so excited to see lower heels and wedges! Hmmmm…..with that discount code, I may finally need to dive into the Ukies pool!

  123. The Meryl-Black Nappa black peep toe wedges. I’ve been looking for some like that. :)

  124. Shoes!! OH My YES please! Who doesn’t love shoes?! And these would make a lovely addition to any Admin’s wardrobe!

  125. I love the Milan Nude Patent. That’d definitely be my first choice. These shoes are ALL beautiful.

  126. Oh man…so many cute shoes! Hard to believe they’re comfy too!!
    I think I’d have to get the Meryl in Navy Python.

  127. It’s very difficult for me to find comfortable, yet stylish shoes. These seem like just the shoe I need!!!

  128. So many cute shoes to choose from. I’d like to do something different like the Marilyn – Floral Print! Can’t wait to try on a pair. My feet will be so happy to look fashionable and comfortable!

  129. LOVE the Meryl Black Wedge!! I really wonder if they’re as comfortable as everyone says!

  130. Comfort is key but it is great to look good while being so.

  131. Style and comfort?! The best of both worlds, yes please!

  132. I would love to get the Sophia boots! I love boots, the added height is great, and I am all about comfort running from meeting to event and all around the office.

  133. The Sofie – Nappa boot is super cute. Love wedges!

  134. Black suede glitter pumps….or the Audrey Black Nappa….maybe the Meryl Black Nappa peep toe pump. So many to choose from….. :-)

  135. Ooh! The leopard print pumps look amazing! That would be my first choice.

  136. I love the Sophia, Grace, and Hillary styles. Classic and elegant. I could use more of that in my life.

  137. New work shoes that are comfie, yes please!

  138. my hubby says I have a shoe obsession…….unfortunately, as I’ve gotten olden, my fun stylish shoes are not comfortable any longer. So my feet have become those of an old lady and usually opt for comfort over style, resulting in a boring closet of brown/black….ugh. The rest of me is not that old and would LOVE to have FUN and COMFORTABLE shoes!!!

  139. I would get the “Giselle D’Orsay – Quilted Black Nappa”. Definitely appropriate for what I wear in the office, but can also be worn for fancier weekend events.

  140. I also am always looking for comfortable but professional looking shoes for work. And I am a shoe-aholic. Call me Imelda…

  141. I love shoes! These would be perfect for work but I’ll definitely need to pace myself with this website. Absolutely adore Meryl – Navy Python, Milan – Navy Nappa as well as Naomi – Burgundy Patent. I’ll start with Naomi!!

  142. Shoes…Who doesn’t want a new pair of shoes? Baby needs a new pair. Baby being me. This week is also my birthday. 4-24

    1. Happy belated birthday, Cheryl. Hope you get a surprise birthday gift in the raffle! Rosanna @ UKIES

  143. Anything that will save me from the agony of taking my shoes off at the end of day – Admins run around more than any other business professional I know!

  144. Shoes? SHOES??? Wow my happy face just got even happier! I cannot pass up a really cute pair of shoes, but adding comfort into the mix? Seriously?? So awesome!!

  145. Love shoes, always looking for fun, comfortable shoes!

  146. I would get the Hillary- Black Napa as one of the pair of shoes if I win. I kill shoes with everything I do and my feet always pay the price.

  147. Website wouldn’t load this morning for me :-( But seriously….pumps that won’t give me tendinitis??? Sign me up!!!

    1. Hi Tina, I am so sorry that you had issues with our site!! :( I have our dev team checking on loading times and latency, we appreciate you letting us know. Rosanna @ UKIES

  148. Definitely the black Marilyn! Classic and simple!

  149. Saw these shoes from another OfficeNinja post and have wanted to try them out. This would be an awesome way to do that! Happy Admin Week to all the Ninjas out there!

    1. Agreed, Deborah. Happy Admin Week to all the amazing Ninjas!! Rosanna @ UKIES

  150. I am more of a wedge shoe or flat shoe gal. However, I would try a kitten heel after reading the testimonies. Even if I don’t win, I plan on use the OfficeNinja discount code to try out this company. I can think of several women who could use shoes like these.

  151. I am not sure which I would choose, they all look amazing!

  152. Love a comfortable pair of shoes. Not sure what I would pick.

  153. These look super cute and comfy! I am a wedge girl, love the style!

  154. I really like the pumps and the wedges, both would be great for work. I have to be on my feet all day but still dress professional. These shoes look very stylish along with comfort. I would love to try a pair.

  155. I LOVE wedges! I would definitely get a pair of those!

  156. I don’t have any of these shoes but I would definitely like to try them out. Look very nice

  157. I would love to try these.

  158. As a woman, I inherently love shoes. But when the words “comfortable” and “heels” are used in the same sentence…..count me in! Who wouldn’t love those!

  159. I definitely would love to get myself a pair of the Jennifer style!!
    A simple heal with a touch of edginess…so perfect! Not to mention the rounded toe is a nice change from most fashionably painful heels available today.

  160. Having size 11 feet makes it tough to find cute, fashionable, PROFESSIONAL shoes that don’t kill your feet while running around all day. UKIES look like they may take over my wardrobe, one pair at a time!

    1. Hi Pamlin, we are so glad to know that it made you happy to see size 11s available :) We know it’s hard to find cute & comfy shoes when you are at either end of the shoe size spectrum. Good luck in the raffle! Rosanna @ UKIES

  161. This would be a fun one to win! I’m always looking for new shoes for work!

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