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Flash Raffle #3 – WIN a $300 SpaFinder Gift Card!

In honor of Admin Day, OfficeNinjas HQ is hosting today’s flash raffle!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the OfficeNinjas community, it’s that you can NEVER go wrong with a spa gift card. A Ninja carries the weight of their entire office on their shoulders. Those shoulders need a Swedish massage and a hot stone treatment every now and again.

Courtesy of OfficeNinjas HQ, three lucky Ninjas will win SpaFinder gift cards that they can use for the spa treatment of their choice! SpaFinder works with over 25,000 locations across the country, so making an appointment is a cinch.

Enter for free! Remember: This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Win a $300 SpaFinder Gift Card!

If you were to win today’s Flash Raffle, which treatments from SpaFinder would you get and why? Tell us in the comments section below!


  1. To be able to have a massage and maybe a pedicure would be divine! As a single parent, I’m a home NINJA after I leave my Office Ninja duties for the day, so to have a little personal care would be great!

  2. Would love a deep tissue massage for shoulders and neck.

  3. I’d love a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage at the Spa Halekulani on Waikiki Beach!

  4. I would get a Reiki Treatment to bring my body back to calm and serenity after some chaos this year, would be nice to rebalance and return to calm.

  5. I got a massage once…it was amazing!

  6. I would have a tune up with my energy and receive a REIKI treatment ……(Healing hands and positive energy). We get our cars tuned up and am feeling a bit out of alignment and would really benefit from a energy balancing to get me back in alignment.

  7. Ahhh, massage at The Huntington Hotel where I can also lounge by the pool and get in the jaccuzi and order a snack as I relax after my massage. Yum!

  8. Hey Office Ninja peeps!! I hope everyone had a fantastical day! I looked over the website for today’s raffle and it’s so difficult to choose a service because they all look great! I have had to make chiropractic and massage therapy a regular part of my life over the last few years and I am slowly feeling better! Woohoo! I think some calm beginning yoga would be a good choice for me. Slowwww stretches! Yes please!!

  9. Massages are the best medicine, I honestly believe it! I have a lot of knots in my back and shoulders right now and would love a spa session to relieve that tension. If I could realistically budget for it, I’d love to get a weekly massage… something to shoot for! :)

  10. I’ve only ever had one spa experience and I did not enjoy it. I would love the chance to try another spa for a better visit.

  11. I have never had a spa day :> I would love to have the chance to change that

  12. I visit the Chiropractor twice a week to help relieve the kinks from desk posture. Massages would be the icing on the cake!

  13. After a day at the office…anything would be devine! But a massage would make me melt…especially if you throw in Hot Stones!!!

  14. I would use the SpaFinder gift cards for multiple massages – these knots won’t come out in just one!

  15. If I won he $300 I would share with the person who replaced me when I retired. It is important for those of us who have that we share with those who do not have. It would give me great pleasure to share a spa treatment with my replacement as I know what she does and how hard she must work.

  16. I would share the gift because integrative health helps reduce stress and we all want that!

  17. I would like the massage and facial treatment. My boss gave me a spa gift card for Christmas one year and it was one of the most relaxing moments of my life. I felt like I had been on vacation for a week.

  18. 300 bucks? I’d bring a fellow ninja!

  19. I would love, love, love to win this! I need a full day at the spa for a massage, mani/pedi, facial, etc.

  20. I would probably try to find something I can share with my mom for Mother’s Day. <3 Mani/pedis would be great!!!

  21. A lomi lomi massage because it’s fun to say!

  22. Nice say for rest and relaxation!!

  23. I would most likely go with a cut and color or maybe a mani-pedi. Either way, how fun!

  24. would LOVE to have this knot under my right shoulder ‘untied’!

  25. Let’s go to the spaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Could use a massage to loosen those keyboard shoulders, right ladies?!

  26. I would love a day of pampering–a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, and getting my hair done too!

  27. Definitely a swedish massage because what ninja doesn’t need that kind of treatment after a long week? Also I’ve never had a facial before and it sounds wonderful, so I might try that.

  28. A deep tissue massage is most definitely needed!! All those knots in my shoulders and neck need a good rub.

  29. Definitely massage – what every ninja needs, I am sure.

  30. That Lomi Lomi massage looks amazing! If I won I would definitely book that. :)

  31. Without a doubt… massages. So beneficial but something I never get for myself.

  32. Aah, just thinking about a hot stone massage makes me feel relaxed!

  33. What a lovely gift for any of my fellow office ninjas, but I hope I win.

  34. I would relax and just chill out the entire day, clearing my minding and this would give me a much needed “reboot” to continue being the awesome admin professional that I am.

  35. I would like to try the Thai massage or a hot stone massage…. I am in need for some stress relief please! :)

  36. Who couldn’t use spa treatments? One of my favorite things ever.

  37. Been keeping up with my new years resolution and going to yoga so would love to continue and try other places! A facial and reflexology wouldn’t help either :)

  38. Spa Days are fabulous and certainly something most of us could use.

  39. This is an amazing prize – who couldn’t use spa treatments?

  40. A massage would be heaven sent right now! I’m recovering from a nasty case of Laryngitis and only a whisper of a voice. It’s been really tough to get and stay caught up on my workload while feeling so crumby. A massage would certainly help me reset my ‘enthusiasm clock’ without a doubt.

  41. Canadians enjoy going to the spa too!
    Any chance this contest (and others) could be opened up to Canadians?
    The system doesn’t recognize our postal code format (alpha numeric) on the ballot.

  42. I would get a lovely massage.

  43. Definitely a full-body sports medicine style massage. It’s been yeeeeeears!

  44. I would get a massage! I was in a car accident several years ago and have several herniated disks. I also suffer from severe migraines from neck pain, so a massage would be AMAZING. Also, a facial!! It sounds relaxing and I’ve never had a spa treatment before. :D

  45. A spa day would do my body, heart and soul good!

  46. I would enjoy a Spa Treatment. I’m not sure the last time I has a facial. Thank you.

  47. I’d love an aromatherapy full body massage! My neck and back are messed up from years of typing. Anywhere where I can relax and rest for a day sounds delightful. :)

  48. I would definitely want a full body massage to relieve some of my tension from work, and I’d imagine my first facial would feel exhilarating and rejuvenating so I can come back to work ready to tackle any challenges thrown my way!

  49. Go big, or go home, gotta hope for the $300 Ninja Reboot!

  50. I have never been to a spa, never treated myself to anything of the sort so I would get a massage and facial, that would be cool! :)

  51. It all sounds so great! I would love to take a Wellness Travel trip!!!

  52. I think we admins should band together and demand that monthly massages must included into our base benefit packages :P

  53. I would get a deep tissue massage and a facial. I sit at a computer for long period of times daily, so a great massage is warranted.

  54. I would love a spa day. And I would drag along the other admins in my office. We could definitely use a day off.

  55. I would love to win the spa treatment prize! You guys definitely know how to pamper admins! Thank you OfficeNinja!

  56. I’d get my first hot stone massage!

  57. A much needed spa day is essential for any OfficeNinja!

  58. I would love a body scrub. It’s like a massage with really glowing skin afterwards :)

  59. Thanks to your Office Ninjas enewsletter, my 8 Office Ninjas will be able to enjoy Bottega Louie chocolates and an hour spa treatment!! Thanks so much for the creative suggestions!!!

  60. I would have a intense deep tissue neck and shoulder massage. I have chronic issues due to working on the computer and laptop for so many years. I’d also get a facial, because I’ve never had one and would like to treat myself! thanks OfficeNinjas!

  61. I could really use a deep tissue massage and a facial! Never had a facial before! :)

  62. What a fun thing to think about! I would get the Heaven Scent Package at Spa Xanadu.
    3 hours of amazing relaxation – I would be a new woman.

  63. I would probably hold onto it until September. My husband and I are riding in Pedal the Plains, which is a three day, 160+ mile bike ride. I will definitely need a VERY LONG massage after that!

  64. I am always sore from something so I’d go straight for the massages.

  65. Thank you to all the OfficeNinjas that support their offices and staff. Although not always appreciated, we are the ones that help our people get to where they want to go. I would also like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the OfficeNinjas that are working to support us here. Happy Admins Day!

  66. Spa days are the best and ALL of us office ninjas deserve one! If you don’t win, please find a way to treat yourself – if not at a spa, get the fixings to DIY at home. :)

  67. Would get a shiatsu massage for 90 mins and facial. Love relaxing, rejuvenating and renewing my mind, body and spirit!

  68. The Ninja Reboot would be greatly appreciated; a day of relaxation at the spa sound good about now. : ).

  69. I would do a full body massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

  70. I’m in desperate need of a Deep Tissue massage to get rid of all my stress knots!!

  71. I would do a Swedish massage for the relaxation and soothing music, love the music they play in spa’s :)

  72. A massage would be so wonderful!

  73. I would love a facial and a massage, that would be so relaxing and rejuvenating that I would be able to keep going for another year!

  74. I just need a hot stone massage with some sauna/hot tub time. My favorite is the service at Kabuki Springs :D

  75. I would LOVE a deep tissue massage! My should neck region tends to be so tight by the end of each day.

  76. I would start with a massage (my very first professional massage) and go from there.

  77. Massage massage massage massage massage! I’ve had back pain for years and I’ve never had a professional massage, so I’m hoping this could be my chance! (Um, best raffle ever?!)

  78. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I could use a massage. I really hope I win.

  79. I would love to experience the deep tissue massage….. When under a lot of stress a massage is good for your system as a whole.

  80. I would definitely do a facial and a full body massage!! Ninjas need to be on our game 150% in order to give 150% to our jobs!! This spa treatment would certainly help with that!!

  81. This is the best giveaway!!! :D

  82. Wow, I would love to win this prize! I’m in desperate need of a relaxing massage!

  83. Definitely a massage, a facial, if they have a bath a good soak! I love me a good soak!

  84. If I won……I would definitely do a hot stone massage; this ninja needs a reboot!

  85. Massage and facial for sure!

  86. Travel Spa destinations, Yoga, Bootcamp, and Pilates!

  87. Definitely a deep tissue massage!

  88. I would definitely spring for a pilates session and / or a massage– Office Ninjas work hard, esp when there’s only one of us at our office– so it would be nice to Zen out for a while ;P

  89. I would definitely do a massage; either hot stone or aromatherapy. I would also do a facial. This is something I have always wanted to try but I usually end up with the massage.

  90. If I won I would use the Spa Wellness Finders to see what was in my area and use the services I found there. This is a great way to unwind from a long day at the office.

  91. I love most every kind of spa treatment there is, but my all-time favorite is a relaxing Swedish massage. It provides the “me time” that I so desperately need, as well as all the physical and mental health benefits that come with massage.

  92. Neck & shoulders massage (it hurts too much when they massage my legs and bum!) My neck is so messed up, I’ve had massage therapists ask me if I’ve been in an accident. They’ve even taken xrays and said my neck bones are showing signs of wear! Plus for some reason I hold tension in my left shoulder so it’s higher than the right. I never knew this till I helped arrange for an ergo specialist to come to our office and she took a picture of me from behind and I was lop-sided! Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  93. This is probably one of the most important things a Ninja can do for themselves. Self care keeps everyone sane!

  94. Massage! (And a pedicure too!)

  95. I’d like to get a mani-pedi. Never had one before.

  96. Spa treatment would be the perfect way to end a day

  97. A long massage! One of those ones that you are so relaxed in it makes you fall asleep.

  98. I would definitely choose a deep-tissue massage to relieve some of the stress in my shoulders!

  99. Just being in a nice spa is a relaxing experience. Add a massage with aromatherapy, and maybe a pedi? Bliss for this ninja!

  100. A massage would be absolutely AMAZING!

  101. Would love a spa day! A massage and a facial sound fabulous!

  102. I sit all day at a desk and carry all of my stress in my shoulders so a massage would be amazing!

  103. Deep tissue massage, mani and pedi! I am a busy mom and admin, a little me time is always welcome… :)

  104. Deep tissue massage … As ninja’s we have so much stress!!!!

  105. I would want a deep tissue massage and maybe a facial. I had a boss that always gave me spa gift cards on admin day. I miss those days, would be nice to treat myself. Thanks Officeninjas

  106. I need a full body deep tissue massage with tiny feet and everything.

  107. This office ninja would love a massage or a pedi! :)

  108. I’ve never been to a spa or had a massage. I would love to have a massage and facial. My neck is still in pain from a car accident more than a year ago and I would love to get the kinks worked out!

  109. Facial, Medi/Pedi, massage… Depends on the package I win! LOL Thank You Office Ninjas!!!!

  110. Oh, to go practical with a haircut or indulge in a massage. Decisions, decisions.

  111. What a day….at the spa!! I am there all ready…..bring on the gift certificate! Happy Administrative Professionals Day.

  112. I could really use a hot stone massage right now…and I should get my eye brows done soon. :)

  113. I agree Michelle M — Mmmmm… relaxation, stress relief, yes please!

  114. I would definitely book a full day at a nice spa and enjoy a massage and facial, along with the other amenities that come along… Yes, a glass of champagne would be great! Cheers!

  115. A hot stone massage always sets me right!

  116. I would definitely share with my fellow admin and I would get a neck specific massage, maybe some foot reflexology and end with a deluxe pedicure. All of us Ninja’s need some head to toe pampering (literally)!

  117. Massage – get the kinks out. :-)

  118. Mmmm, relaxation, stress relief, yes please.

  119. The beauty of spa finder is you can visit a salon for hair cut/color as well as fitting in a relaxing massage! I’d get a little of both!

  120. The whole works! A full day spa session at my favorite resort……Massage, Chocolate Wrap, Facial, Mani, Pedi, Lunch, Wine. I’m a spa-aholic!

  121. Oooooo, a massage, definitely, a massage. Oh, and anything warm, yes, indeed, anything warm. Oh, and… how does one choose???

  122. This would be awesome to have some me time and be pampered from head to toe. I not only am an HR Assistant for three departments but an Admin Assist for up to six people but I am also the creative and marketing side for my husbands music Academy and work at my church with him leading music. I also became a grandmother so life is busy.

  123. Sitting , typing, answering the phone all day long. The whole body aches. Neck and should very tight and sore. Take Aleve every day for the pain and soreness.

  124. I would treat myself to a facial since I’ve never had one before. It truly would be a treat for me!

  125. I would love a massage at Bliss Spa – I hear it’s great, and I could definitely use some relaxing!

  126. A mani/pedi and a 90min massage just to disengage and not think of anything for a few hours. :) That sound glorious.

  127. I would probably pick a massage and manicure/pedicure. I have a five year old, and don’t really ever find the time to do those sorts of things for myself in addition to working, volunteering, and teaching a class of kids at my church on Sundays, so it would be a lovely treat.

  128. I love a hot stone massage to relax and recharge.

  129. I “knead” to relax and feel appreciated. A hot stone massage would be great!

  130. Spa Day?!!! This Ninja would be in heaven!!!! I’ve had massages and facials and pedi’s but my dream is to have a whole day of being pampered with no kids around…just peace and quiet. Ahhhhhhhhhh

  131. Facial, massage…….ahhhhhhh!!!! Relax is what I will do.

  132. Being the only admin in my organization of approx 250 employees and care giver for aging parents, a full day of pampering would be scrumptious.

  133. I so desperately need “all things SPAAAHHHH!”

  134. It has honestly been a while since I’ve treated myself to a good ol’ mani/pedi or full body massage. I hear it calling my name.

  135. I got a serious neck spasm 2 weekends ago (which I know is from constantly working at a laptop, and maybe combined with internalized stress lol) so I would definitely get a medical grade, deep tissue therapeutic massage! I think I am seeing a trend here with Admin Assistants and neck pain…. hmmm, maybe we can all rally together for onsite paid chair massages?!

  136. I would love the Spa Get Away Package at the Silverado Resort!

  137. After a day of running around, my feet could definitely use the TLC of a gel pedicure and reflexology massage!

  138. I recently had to give up my monthly massage due to finances so this would be a huge win for me…

  139. Facial & massage please!

  140. I had no idea that Tai Chi was a type of meditation! I would love to take a Tai Chi class and then follow that up with a relaxing massage. I’m sure I’d be a well-refreshed Ninja after that! :)

  141. I can’t imagine winning myself at all but I sure would love to win this Spa Treatment Giveaway! #AdminsRock!!

  142. Nothing sounds better than a long, relaxing massage!

  143. I would take my soon to be ex-boss again because we deserve a good spa visit!

  144. Spa Day Wish List:

    Deep tissue massage with extra on the feet

    Add in a nice spa lunch, and I’m good to go! Ahhhhh!!!!!

  145. I’d grab my guy and get a couple’s massage. After long work days and whirlwind weekends taking care of our 6 month old, it’d be outstanding to cozy up and remember how much we loved the days we could spend quality, healthy time together.

  146. Would love to win this raffle (even though they are all wonderful)! I think a manicure and pedicure with aromatherapy would really relax me and calm me down after a busy week. We have a huge event coming up in June so this would be useful for after that week!

  147. Spa Day sounds amazing! My job has been kicked into high gear and a relaxing day would make it all fantastic!

  148. Spa Treatment wishlist:
    Swedish Body and Foot Massage
    If they serve wine-maybe some Waxing

  149. High five to the awesome Office Ninjas and contributors that are making this an amazing week! We’re all getting that tingly “I’m appreciated!” feeling!
    The $100 Chill & Recharge card would be a thrilling win… I’d grab my favorite Admin mentor and we’d get pedicures. Double the reward, double the fun!

  150. I have never had a professional massage. I can imagine it though!

  151. I haven’t had a spa massage since before my two spine surgeries, and could really use one now.

  152. I would love to try a facial as I’ve never had one before. A full body massage would be wonderful as well!

  153. Oh my….hot stone massage. And a facial. :)

  154. Amazing! Who wouldn’t love this!?

  155. I would love a spa day! I have never been to receive a professional massage or facial or anything of that nature, so being able to indulge in a full body massage to release all my stress would be AMAZING!

  156. If I win, I would invite the other Admin in my office to join me for a Team Building activity at the Spa!

  157. Definitely a long relaxing massage and a spa pedicure! I have a beach trip coming up in about a month and would love to find a great spa through SpaFinder while I’m there.

  158. I haven’t had a massage treatment in years and my neck pain recently has been nearly unbearable. This would help so much!

  159. The ultimate gift! Much needed stress relief.

  160. Whatever the best thing out there is.

  161. I would love to have a deep tissue massage and hot stone treatment to ease away the cares of the day. Bye bye work worries!

  162. Massage and try Reflexology

  163. I so hope to win this raffle, I so could use an Aromatherapy massage, facial and pedicure! My days are action packed and constantly on the go!

  164. I would love to win this spa treatments! I truly enjoy massages, mani/pedis, facials, etc. It would be a real treat to be pampered!

  165. If I win, I would probably get the swedish massage package and use the card on my mom. It’ll be the perfect mother’s day gift :)

  166. I would treat a few fellow AAs for a Mani-Pedi Spa Day!!!

  167. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Hope I win!

  168. Oh, boy! Do I need some pampering right now! Thank you for this chance!

  169. I would truly appreciate a spa treatment certificate. A massage would help relieve so much stress and lingering pain from chemotherapy.

  170. I just became an executive assistant at a very hectic tech company anf I need a spa day to unwind so badly!

  171. To have one hour to myself would be HEAVEN.

  172. I would love to have the massage. Sitting at a computer every day, the stress builds up in the shoulders and a massage really seems to do the trick.

  173. I’d invite some other admins in my location to get pedicures and have an “All Things Admin” day. We spoil others all year long – why not spread the joy?

  174. I would love to just enjoy a spa day, relaxing, and getting a facial

  175. I would love a Spa day, with several of my closest admin assistants, I think it would be a fun day!

  176. I would take one of my fellow ninjas for a mani-pedi and maybe a massage. I notice that we tend to push our own stuff to the bottom of the to-do list for whatever reasons (time, money, engergy :) Plus sharing it will give us something to gab about while we’re working!

  177. I love having a massage but don’t get as often as I like. I think in our role as an admin, we’re much better of taking care of everyone else than we are ourselves!!

  178. Time at the spa- how wonderful! Manicure and facial for sure- and I’d treat my mom (another office ninja) as well!

  179. I would get… probably a pedicure, possibly a massage, but I would LOVE to visit a place with a steam room. <<>>

  180. I would love to have a massage and mani/pedi! Mostly the massage…as we all know, sitting at a computer for most of the day is taxing on our necks and posture. But I love what I do! Hope all of you Ninjas out there have a fantastic day!

  181. I would get a Hot Stone Massage! I can’t just feel the relaxation now…..ahhhh!

  182. It is my dream to experience reflexology — not only for the health benefits associated with this discipline, but because it is time to reward my feet for all the running around they do for me!

    1. You are so right Jessica S. Best way to begin or end a day!

  183. This would be a perfect way to unwind after a long week busting out my ninja moves

  184. What a perfect gift for Administrative Professionals Day – a way to relax. Hoping all the Ninjas out there have an awesome day today.

  185. I have sent many others to the spa, but never treat myself. I could use a Ninja Recharge.

  186. I need a spa treatment! It’s end of the year, commencement is around the corner and we are moving to a new location next month!

  187. Nothing is more relaxing than when someone else does the work. :-) I have wanted to try a hot stone massage.

  188. I love going to the spa but alas cannot go as often as I would like. I would love a facial and full body massage.

  189. I love the spa but alas cannot go as often as I would like. I would love a facial and full body massage!

  190. I would love to have a nice long massage! Just to get me relaxed and rejuvenated for the great work I get to do!

  191. The works. Great stress reliever!!

  192. I could use a prenatal massage along with a pedi!

  193. I don’t think I’m alone when I say we tend to be quite good at caring for others, often at the expense of our own care. This would be such a wonderful way to compensate my body a little for all the neglect I’ve put it through. “:o)

  194. My only problem is making myself stop long enough to use it. #thestruggleisreal

  195. A great stress reliever!!!!

  196. A massage is great for any admin with everything they do every day!

  197. I would love to win a spa treatment! I wouldn’t know what to get, as I have never been to a spa or had a massage.

  198. I love getting massages, pedicures and manicures. While yes, I’m an administrative assistant, I’m also a really busy human being. With family and friends to care for life is never dull and rarely at a slow pace. I’m one of those people who looks after everyone else first, then maybe I’ll take some time for me. Bad idea, I know, but I’m working to break that habit. I can’t be of help to anyone else if I don’t take care of myself.

  199. I think I would get a few shorter massages instead of one big fancy one. Spread out the benefits that way :)

  200. The juggle of home and work is something we all experience, but life happens and one or the other can overwhelm everything. That is where I am, with a mental health crisis with my son. A spa treatment would be a great way to make sure I take care of myself through all of this too!

  201. Spa me now! I have a physically active job description plus a weekend warrior at home! Nothing beats a few hours without your phone & getting the well-deserved relaxation!

  202. Any spa treatment is great. Very relaxing; admin have much stress in neck & shoulders; great way to reduce the tension.

  203. In addition to my administrative professional role, I’m a health and wellness education consultant too. I know the value of relaxation and making time to restore one’s self in being able to function at the levels required in today’s business arenas. We have a new Moroccan spa around the corner from my employer that offers services I’ve never tried before. I would definitely head there if I were fortunate enough to score this amazing win!! :-)

  204. This would be a wonderful one to win.

  205. I would appreciate any of the spa gift cards and would love to get a massage along side the ocean,,,,Oh and with those hot rocks as well. mmmm I can almost hear the waves crashing outside. :)

  206. I would love to win this Spa Treatment Giveaway! I was hit by a car while walking several years ago and as an Administrative Professional (engaged in computer work most of the day), I have struggled with neck pain ever since! I would treat this neck top-notch spa treatment!

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