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FLASH RAFFLE #5 – WIN One Year’s Worth of Tasty Snacks from NatureBox!

Enthusiasm for snacks is an innate human behavior. Think back to preschool, which was probably the first time anyone asked you to sit quietly at a desk and perform a task. What was your favorite time of day? Snack time!

Decades later, your desk is a little bigger and your tasks more complicated, but snacks are still clutch. In fact, based on a survey conducted by ORC International, employees that are given free snacks at the office are happier than those left to fight it out with the vending machine. And healthy options are considered a big perk.

Perhaps that’s why Office Ninjas LOVE NatureBox. Just like their home delivery service, NatureBox’s office snacks program provides tons of options – 50 and counting with new snacks added regularly. Whether your office is feeling salty, crunchy, chewy, sweet, or all of the above, NatureBox delivers healthy brain food in both single-size and bulk options.

NatureBox OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle

Care to sample Sriracha Roasted Cashews? How about a Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bar with your afternoon coffee? Enter today’s flash raffle, and you could win up to one year’s worth of wholesome goodies from NatureBox!

NatureBox-PrizesEnter for free! Remember: This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Win a 12 Months Supply of Snacks from NatureBox!

If you don’t win, your office can still get in on the tasty goodness of NatureBox: mention OfficeNinjas on your email to NatureBox and get a special offer for your office!

Head over to the NatureBox website, check out their snack selection, and let us know which snacks you’d love to try and why in the comments below!


  1. Sweet, salty, anything… Snacks always make work better!

  2. I am not much of sweet person and I like that they have lots of savory options. I would definitely go for those.

  3. I just want to try them all, because they all look like great snacks, but the Cocoa Cashew Crisp, and Coconut Cashews look the best!!

  4. I want to try the Cashew Crumble and the Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps

  5. My choice would be the Teriyaki Beef Jerky. My Son is a big lover of beef jerky.

  6. Wow, so many choices! The Cashew Crumble and Honey Dijon Pretzels look delicious!

  7. Snacks make the world go round…and fight against hangry!

  8. Oh Pick me! Pick me! I love healthy snacks throughout the day to keep the hunger pains away! Thanks Office Ninja’s!

  9. Impressed with their under 150 calorie selection but of course I’ll take anything that contains a little chocolate!

  10. My department does not offer snacks but IF we were to, I would love the popcorn, nuts /seeds, and the fruit/cluster bars. I really wish they’d consider offering us snacks since some of us don’t get to step out because we are so busy working at our desks. Would be nice to have some handy snacks to keep us going!

    1. This would definitely be the perfect opening to have constant snacks in your department, JV! Good luck :)

  11. Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels look delicious and a number of other ones look delicious.

  12. We do not get any snacks so this would be amazing!

  13. My team would love these snacks. I provide a bowl of fruit at my desk – they would love this addition.

  14. My team would love the The Peanut Butter Nom Noms & Lemon Tea Biscuits.

  15. So many yummy choices! I would try the lemon tea biscuits and banana nut granola.

  16. I love the many different choices and the fact they are for the most part healthy.

  17. Great idea – probiotic power mix and he praline pumpkin seeds caught my eye. I will put this idea out to co-workers and see what kind of a box we can create!

    1. Super healthy choices, Christine! Thanks for entering and fingers crossed for ya!

  18. We ahve lots of snackers in our office. I think the Blueberry Nom Noms will be a hit!

  19. I love the Lemon Tea biscuits and the Lemon Almond mini biscotti. I’d like to try the Blueberry, Apple & Sunflower Seed Oatmeal

  20. French Toast Granola sounds sooo yummy! I am trying to eat healthier and it’s important to have healthy natural snacks at my desk so this giveaway is such a treat! ;)

    1. That DOES sound delish, Amber! NatureBox has the best selection for healthy, wholesome, and yummy snacks! Good luck :)

  21. Teriyaki beef jerkey and lentil curls. I may never leave my desk!

  22. I’ve always wanted to try NatureBox, but never have. We try to stick to healthier snacks around the office, so this would be great!!

    1. Fingers are crossed for you, Abby! But even if you don’t win, we hope you still give NatureBox a try! :)

  23. They all look wonderful and the Lemon Tea biscuits are very appealing!

  24. There look to be some yummy innovative snacks offered here. This could be fun!

  25. Yum I definitely need this in my life. My team around me is all snackers and I have been moving them away from candy.

    1. Snacking on candy can be so addictive at work, so good on you Staci for helping the team move to healthier choices. #HealthyNinja

      Fingers are definitely crossed for you – this would be the perfect snack fix for everyone!

  26. Those Mini Belgian Waffles have my name written all over their tiny little bites!

  27. I would love to try the Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley, French Toast Granola and the Masa Chips. But they all look so good it would really be hard to choose.

  28. Would love to try NatureBox instead of having to avoid the sugar bombs in the office vending machine!

  29. Snacks are the best!!! I used to subscribe to Graze a while back, but I would love to try out Nature Box!

  30. These look like great (and healthy) snacks! My office is always wanting healthy snacks, but we are only allowed to order from one vendor and they don’t have many healthy options. :(

    1. That’s unfortunate, Amanda! Fingers are definitely crossed for you – this would be a great way to introduce healthy, wholesome and most importantly, yummy snacks to the office! #HealthySnacksOnlyPlease

  31. Snacks! I’d love the chance to share some treats with my team!

  32. The Peanut Butter Nom Noms look AMAZING!!! My team would love them. Sign me up!

  33. I would love to try the salted caramel popcorn :)

  34. Wow – I am absolutely in love with that bamboo/silver snack dispenser in the picture. I now have an urgent need to go order a bunch of snacks and try to make the snack table in my office, look just as amazing!

    1. It really is a thing of snack beauty, isn’t it Teyah? :)

  35. Snacks are my life! My mantra is “Snack Smart,” so I always keep my drawer stocked full of healthy items such as dried fruit, chicken jerky, and nuts. Naturebox works with my mantra and my lifestyle. I’m always bringing in healthy snacks for my co-workers to try because I want them to be as passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as I am. It is for this reason I’d choose the chocolate whole wheat animal crackers, coconut cashew crumble, dried white peaches, parmesan garlic pop pops, and apple cinnamon crunch. All the snacks look tasty, but these look really flavorful and who says snacking healthy can’t taste good?

    No sugar added

    Dried White Peaches

    1. That is a GREAT mantra, Donna! Snacking smart is the way to keep a Ninja’s fuel up at all times!

      You’ve made some really great choices and here’s hoping you get to try NatureBox out after today! Good luck :)

  36. I’ve seen online ads for NatureBox and I’ve wanted to try it because the snacks really look great, despite being healthy!

  37. That cherry vanilla granola looks delish! And… I’m hungry. :-)

  38. Well this is exciting! Thank you Office Ninjas and NatureBox!

  39. Snacks!! Who doesn’t love snacks?! I’ve started down the path of healthier eating so something like NatureBox would be awesome.

  40. NatureBox was one of the best vendors at the event.

  41. Those Lemon Tea Biscuits are calling my name… LOUDLY.

  42. Yummy! Love the chance to win and share with my office team! Thanks!

  43. I would love to try the Lemon Tea Biscuits with a nice Earl Grey or Lavender tea. It would be an Office Ninja Tea Party at my desk!

  44. Nom Nom Nom, Hoping to implement snacks at my office. Excited to get my sample box next week

  45. Definitely gonna have to look into this, always helpful to have some healthy unique snacks on hand!

  46. Can’t go wrong with healthy snacks – love natural ingredients and items with low sugar/high protein/low carb!

  47. I’m a huge snacker, these would be a great addition to my day!

  48. Everything looks delish! Our office would love the opportunity to try them all.

  49. I’d love to try the Sweet & Simple Berry Nut Mix as I love simple, clean snacks. :)

  50. This is an all-day occasion: from mini waffles during morning coffee hour to honey Dijon pretzels with afternoon happy hour.

    1. Snacking knows no time limits, Heidi! :-) Both are yummy choices. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  51. I would love the garlic plantain chips

  52. I would definitely try the Mocha Almond Bars. Before I read the description I liked that they sounded sweet and salty, but the details sold me: “Sweet and salty, chewy and crunchy, coffee and chocolate.” Sounds delish!

  53. We have to bring in our own snacks at our office. The people here would LOVE it.

  54. Nuts & fruit are good for you so I’d like that but the lentil loops sound really interesting. Definitely want to give those a try.

  55. To whoever wins this… Garlic Plantain chips… You gotta try them!

  56. Love the mini whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

  57. We’re trying to be more healthy in our office. This would be a great addition to that effort!

  58. The blueberry almonds that I got to taste at the Admin Bash were so delicious!

  59. Wish we would get this at work!

  60. I have been wanting to tey this!

  61. Those Dark Cocoa Nom Noms look pretty yummy to me.

  62. I’d love to have snacks for the office!!!

  63. Snacks, yum! Delivered, bonus! :)

  64. I am in charge of providing my own desk munchies and I share with my co-workers. They usually chip in a small amount to help me cover my out of pocket expense. I would love to try Nature’s Box!

  65. Salty snacks are a big hit around our office and I think the Asiago & Cheddar cheese crisps would disappear in no time!

  66. I love monthly subscription boxes! I have not tried any of the food ones so this would be a new experience!! :D

    1. You definitely have to give it a try, Moku! Fingers crossed for you – good luck!

  67. I would try the sriracha roasted cashews because they sound and look AMAZING!

  68. Healthy snacks that I don’t have to go to the store to pick up? Yes please!

  69. We love Oatmeal at Digital Turbine, that would be a huge hit! Also, any of the dried fruit chews look amazing

  70. We tried NatureBox and really enjoyed it! (unfortunately, our budget was cut and we had to stop). They have a wonderful selection (including gluten free) and shipping was great!

    1. So glad to hear the positive feedback on NatureBox, Angela! That’s unfortunate you had to stop the subscription, but maybe after today, your office will be reunited with NatureBox once again!

      Thanks for entering and good luck!

  71. I want ALL of them. I love a good snack, especially around 3 pm :)

  72. Those lemon tea biscuits look amazing. the cocoa Belgian waffles look like fun, too!

  73. I would need to get a bigger snack bowl for my counter!

  74. Yum NatureBox! I have never heard of this before! This is my kind of snacking! Bring on the good stuff!

  75. Oh my goodness. Clean up in aisle three! I went to the website and I’m drooling like Pavlov’s dog here. I’m a nut for savory snacks, and the Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops were obviously made for me! Now, I wouldn’t kick the Roasted Kettle Kernels to the curb, but Asiago AND Cheddar Cheese Crisps – I will make room for them anytime. Wow. Just wow. Yes, please.

    1. We had to break out the drool bibs too, Linda! Your favorites all sound yummy, especially the Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps!

      Fingers crossed for you and good luck!

  76. I have a candy dish at my desk :o( This would be the perfect alternative for my people when they crave that afternoon so called chocolate picker upper.

  77. There isn’t anything in their offerings I wouldn’t try. But the chocolate banana chips wouldn’t make it far from my desk!!!

  78. I want to try them all, but crispy coconut squares and salted caramel popcorn sound spectacularly yummy!

  79. Healthy snacks, and they’re delivered? A win/win. Would make the C-suite very happy.

  80. Would love to try these. Might be a really nice option to our vending machine.

  81. This is a great way to avoid the munchies after that really long meeting! I can’t wait to try it and give it as a gift to others.

  82. It would be delightful to win. My colleagues would be very excited. It would be good to promote our continued good health with these wonderful boxes.

  83. THIS is the prize I am most hopeful for! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find gluten free snacks that are healthy AND delicious? At the Admin Bash alone they had so many, and that didn’t even scratch the surface of all they have to offer. The garlic plantains were like chomping on healthy Doritos, the blueberry almonds instantly transported me to days at the farmers market, and the crunchy quinoa bites could just be my new favorite breakfast snack.

    Pick me, pick me! :-)

    1. SO glad you enjoyed the selection at Admin Bash, Katy. NatureBox has so many great gluten free choices, you’d never run out!

      Fingers are definitely crossed for you! Thanks for entering, and good luck.

  84. I would absolutely love to try all their products – they sound amazing!!!!!!!!

  85. Our office doesn’t have a snack budget so this would be a welcome treat (and a fun distraction for a few minutes from our every day work life) :-)

  86. I’m sure I won’t win but it’s nice to day dream about yummy snacks for our afternoon break…

  87. All of these snacks would be awesome! I would be the hit of my office if I could win this raffle, we all could use more healthy snacks to choose from!

  88. Our office LOVES snacks… this would be great!

  89. Tart and Tangy Fruit Medley! It just sounds great to munch on.

  90. You really want me to decide? All of them! But my favorite would be the Lemon Tea biscuits.

  91. I recommended Orchard at the Office for our office here in Dallas. I would love to recommend this company as well, as another option for healthy snacks!

  92. Our office is trying to switch from candy and candy bars to healthier options for the office; personally I would love to try the blueberry almonds, and the chocolate chia granola.

  93. Any of these snacks would be awesome for our office as we are all in a biggest loser competition

  94. I tried their Kung Pao Pretzels and fell in love with them. I hope to get more and share it with my coworkers so they can buy it too!

  95. This is a great healthy way to help curb the mid-day stomach growlings!

  96. If i were to win a snack box – i would be the office hero. No food stands the chance of going bad round here! Plus cant beat that NatureBox snacks are good for you? Win-Win situation!

  97. Wow, just checked out all the choices! I would love to try the Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars. Cute little snacks that sound delish!

  98. I would love to try the coffee kettle popcorn! Great snack to keep my stomach from grumbling with the kick of coffee to get me through the day!

  99. Cocoa Belgian Waffles, Watermelon Stars, and Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops sound delicious!

  100. Lemon tea biscuits, sriracha cashews, salt and pepper pistachios, mini Belgian waffles, big island pineapples, watermelon mini stars….need I say more? I could go on and on but you really have to check it out for yourself! :-)

  101. Im always trying to find healthy snacks.

  102. Looks so good! This is a great idea and I think it would keep people from wandering over to the vending machines by offering a healthier (but every bit as tasty) option within reach. :)

  103. We are working on implementing a free snack and drink bar for our employees right now! NatureBox sure would help! I love the slightly sweet snacks – to have with my afternoon coffee. The Lemon Tea Biscuits look especially appealing right now.

  104. All of them! They look amazing :)

  105. I would love to win these so my office has healthy snacks as opposed to junk food (candy, chips, etc.).

  106. Jerky and dried fruit would make such awesome snacks for a busy day! I am one of the few that never takes breaks (who has time for such nonsense?) so having snacks at my desk would be so great!

  107. The snacks look really good and appear to be very healthy. I like that you can purchase them at Target.

  108. We don’t have a budget for snacks, coffee, tea, or even water so we all bring our own. This would be a great thing to share with my multiple bosses to show how much I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a wonderful bunch of people.

  109. I am helpless against anything fruit and nut related. I would be thrilled to have a year’s supply of snacks! It would definitely make my year, no question.

  110. We’ve been ordering NatureBox for the office for over a year now. I have standing orders for the Masa Chips and the Mocha Almond Bars! Personally, I’m a BIG fan of the Dark Cocoa Almonds. Great value and great variety.

    1. Dark Cocoa Almonds – those are my go-to when that Chocolate Craving Monster strikes. They can repel those nasty candy bars like shiny armor.

  111. My office orders some NatureBox snacks to supplement our vending machine.
    The Jalapeno Cashews are AMAZING!!!

  112. I like the dried fruit and the fruit stars look adorable. Definitely adds a bit of whimsy to a mundane day!

  113. This concept is such a great idea! With so many poor choices when it comes to snacks, it’s good to have better options!! Thank you!

  114. These look great! A great pick-me up for the afternoon slump!

  115. Snack boxes are awesome! A monthly introduction to new and different snack for free. What better way to open up your snacking world. :-)

  116. Everything looks so good! Would love to try some of the nut mixes. Thank you, Nature Box!

  117. I would love to try the jerky or the dried fruits. I love both of these items but the ones in the stores have so much in them plus you get this little bit of product in this big bag.

  118. I was a NatureBox subscriber a few years back. I never thought about what a great office snack treat these monthly boxes would provide.

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