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Flash Raffle #1 – WIN $500 Worth of Delta Air Lines Travel!

Last year, three lucky Ninjas walked away with travel vouchers from Delta Air Lines, promising us they’d finally use those hard-earned vacation days. We’re thrilled that Delta is back to kick off 2016’s Admin Week of giveaways and help send three more Ninjas on that trip they’ve been meaning to take but haven’t gotten around to… the time is NOW!

A few things you should know about Delta Air Lines: they offer 15 hourly shuttle flights every day between Los Angeles and San Francisco, serve Starbucks coffee and snacks by Luvo, and provide complimentary craft beer and wine on board. Add that to all the #NinjaLove they show on the regular, and they’re our favorite airline!


Are you ready to take flight? Enter this raffle for FREE, and you’ll have the chance to win one of three prizes.

Remember: This is a FLASH RAFFLE! Enter by 11:59 PM PST TONIGHT to be eligible. Winners will be announced the next day here. Good luck!

Win $500 Worth of Air Travel from Delta Air Lines!

Visit the Delta website and tell us which destination you’d fly to and why in the comments section below!


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy the adventure!

  2. Congratulations to the winners of this amazing gift! Have great trips!!!

  3. I always fly Delta. I’ve already been to Florida once this year and I’m going back in July. But if I could pick my dream destination, it would definitely be Ireland.

  4. I’d love to fly to Europe and see the Art Nouveau in Austria, Prague & the Czech Republic. It has always been my dream!

  5. Las Vegas! I would want to see all the shows and go to the best spas

  6. Fly home to SFO! We moved to North Carolina 2 years ago and the trip just isn’t in the budget this year!

  7. north carolina to visit family, new york to see sights i missed the first time, or maybe somewhere totally new. the possibilities are endless.

  8. I’d love to fly to Nashville to visit my best friend from high school

  9. Hawaii – for the honeymoon my husband and I were never able to attend.

  10. Thank you to Office Ninjas for adding fun and excitement to Admins Week… :-) Manila, PI is my choice so that I can take my parents back to their homeland before their dementia (Alzheimer’s), progress to the point of not knowing their own family.

  11. So many places on my bucket list! My husband and I had a trip planned to Costa Rica several years ago now but he tore his bicep and we had to cancel at the last minute. We have not been able to reschedule the trip so far. Would still like to make this happen some day.

  12. Happy Admin week everyone! I would love to go to Maine or Alaska to visit the coast.

  13. Would love to win and go back home to New Orleans to see my momma!

  14. Ireland because it is beautiful and one trip was not enough! Love the Irish people and would love to see more, refresh and reset for another year!

  15. Would love to be able to use this to bring my daughter here for her uncle’s wedding in May. :)

    1. Hope you get to make it a family affair, Casey! Best of luck :)

  16. Would love to go to North Carolina to visit my son in the military

    1. Definitely a worthy trip to make, Georgia! Best of luck in the draw :)

  17. I’d fly to LAX to visit my daughter and son-in-law in West Hollywood, CA!

  18. What an exciting raffle! I’d go visit my grandmother in Chicago :)

  19. I would definitely plan to fly to Alaska on a trip with my Dad. My stepmother passed away last August. After 46 years of marriage he is heartbroken and I encouraged him to get out and take a trip and he agreed, IF I would go with him to share the experience of his “dream trip” of a lifetime. I will do whatever I can to share some Joy in his life!

    1. So sorry for your loss, Laura! Alaska would be an amazing destination for a special father-daughter trip like that! Good luck in the raffle :-)

  20. I would go to Hawaii with my husband for a 2nd Honeymoon, or to SF with my kids as well to visit Grandpa & my old haunting grounds

    1. Both are great options, Alison! We imagine it would be hard to choose between the two. Fingers crossed for ya!

  21. Happy Administrative Professional Week!! Flying anywhere would be wonderful but fly toward the red rocks of the West would be awesome!!!

  22. Would love to go to Hawaii! Always have wanted to visit there, and now my niece and her family are living there.

  23. Either Ireland (it’s on the bucket list!) or New York (Broadway!)

    1. Broadway or Bucket list destination? We wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if you win, Nikki! Tough choice to make ;)

  24. Key West in February! (I live in a cold climate.)

    1. Oh yes, nothing like getting on a plane to get away from the cold, Ann! Good luck!

  25. I would go see my family and relax in the country in Minnesota!

  26. Paris!!! I have never been anywhere outside of the US and Paris has always been somewhere I would like to visit. So romantic. So fantastic!

    1. The city of love! Paris is definitely a worthy trip. Fingers crossed for you Barbara!

  27. Boston. My daughter is investigating colleges and I’d take her to visit BU.

  28. I would love to go to San Diego…..that is my idea of perfection (as a native New Yorker).

  29. I’d love to visit friends in San Diego or maybe Anaheim to visit Disneyland with my tiny.

    1. Nothing like a trip to the ‘happiest place on Earth’ to make awesome memories with your tiny! Good luck, Jennifer!

  30. I would visit my mother in Phoenix since her health is poor and then I would take my family to the national parks in Southern Utah for some hiking.

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever actually ever flown on Delta but would be great to win this since they have hubs is so many cities I need to or frequently travel too. Fingers crossed!

    1. Happy wife, happy life, right Justin? Fingers crossed for ya!

  32. I’m happy to see my hometown air line participating in this! My travel these days? Mostly flying to Connecticut to look in on my 99-year-old mother, but a family vacation would be nice, too.

    1. Here`s hoping, Lisa! Good luck and thanks for entering today`s flash raffle!

  33. Chicago Is on my Bucket List & I’d love to be able to fly back to Illinois & visit my Aunt and cousins!

  34. I would take a much needed vacation! Or maybe save it for my 30th wedding anniversary this year!

    1. Congrats on your 30th wedding anniversary, Denise! Fingers crossed for you :)

  35. So very excited to have found this blog and OfficeNinjas!!

  36. I would go to Asheville, North Carolina to see the Biltmore Estate and check out the art, food, and wine.

    1. Sounds like a trip you’ve been thinking of for a while, Tanya! Fingers crossed for you :)

    1. It would definitely be amazing to meet you, April! Fingers crossed for ya!

  37. If OfficeNinjas “breathe fun energy into the administrative profession”, this ninja needs CPR! I would head to NYC to help my sister with her cake business ( and go to the park with my niece!

    1. If you get the chance to go, save a piece of cake for us Heidi! Here`s hoping :)

  38. Oahu, for me and my boyfriends 28th birthday in November.

  39. I’ve always dreamed of going to Osaka and enjoying everything that Japan has to offer, especially their food! Seafood and Ramen ALL DAY!

    1. Sounds like a foodie dream trip! We love our ramen noodles too :) Fingers crossed for you, Jordan!

    1. The magical kingdom is a great spot for R&R! Thanks for entering today`s flash raffle, Stephanie! Good luck.

  40. What an awesome way to launch Administrative Professionals Week! Thank you to….. Office Ninjas for celebrating with administrative professionals of the world, to Delta for a chance at this special appreciation, and to IAAP for creating this week in honor and recognition of Administrative Professionals worldwide!

  41. I would fly to Sao Paulo as a starting point for my 6-week honeymoon trek through South America :)

    1. Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime, Aeryka! Congrats on your nuptials and thanks for entering today`s flash raffle. Good luck!

  42. I would go to Germany and visit my family!

  43. I would use this to take me anywhere where I can get some sand in between my toes! :)

    1. We like that criteria too ;) Thanks for entering Marella, and good luck!

  44. I’d fly to Europe, still haven’t gotten there. Maybe start with Spain!

  45. I’ve been dreaming of going to Ireland since I was a little girl. :)

  46. Cancun Mexico. Couldn’t afford to take any time in between switching jobs this year. Could really use a vacation.

  47. Washington DC for family reunion or Dominican Republic

    1. Hope you get to make it a family affair then, Karen! Thanks for entering today`s flash raffle. Good luck!

  48. I would fly to Grand Junction, for a beautiful and relaxing vacation with family in the Colorado mountains. :)

    1. Sounds like you`ve got it all planned out, Vanessa! Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  49. Italy #1 on our bucket list or wherever Il Volo is performing next!!!! Thank you for this opportunity to win!

    1. Fingers crossed you can cross Italy off your bucket list, Veronica! Good luck!

  50. If I won I would book a flight to Las Vegas – my husband’s Grandmother lives a few hours drive from there, and we’re planning our next visit now! This would be perfect timing!

    1. Let`s see if the stars align for you, Carly! Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  51. San Francisco to attend the event and sight see!! I was born in Mt. View which is close by and I would love to go back to our old house and see where I grew up!!

    1. We`d love to meet you, Wendy! Here`s hoping you can make a trip to Memory Lane ;)

  52. Las Vegas to visit a friend or Seattle because I’ve never been there!

    1. Hope you get to take in some new sights, Monica! Thanks for entering. Good luck!

  53. San Francisco because it is an awesome city!

  54. I would go to St. Croix! I need to lay on a beach until my attitude changes :D

    1. Haha! We hear you on that, Patricia. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  55. I think I would take my husband on a vacation. Not sure where we would go, but I will make sure it is very relaxing!

    1. Whatever destination you chose would make for a great vacation with your husband, Chandra! Thanks for entering. Good luck!

    1. Hope you get to visit the Big Apple, Denise! Good luck!

  56. TEL AVIV-YAFO…I’ve always wanted to tour the holy land to see the history.

    1. Sounds like a trip of a lifetime, Rebekah! Fingers are crossed for you :)

  57. I think I would close my eyes and randomly point to a place on the map! It is destiny, not chance…

    1. We like that approach, Becky! Thanks for entering today`s flash raffle. Good luck!

  58. I’d go to CA and see my extended family! Or take my amazing husband somewhere we’ve never been.

  59. Florida, we haven’t been able to visit my husbands family for a few years. :)

  60. Seattle for Blueberries and swimming in Washington’s short but wonderful summer

  61. Wish me luck, I could use a vacation!!!

  62. Seattle – to visit my daughter who just told me that I am going to be a grandmother :)

    1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, Kim! Fingers are definitely crossed for you :)

  63. Back home to see my grandmother!

  64. I would love to go somewhere with a beach <3

  65. I would travel to NY to see my family, because I live in LA and only see them 1x/year max.

  66. I would visit New Orleans or NYC!

  67. London, because my sister lives in England and I miss her and England!

  68. I would fly somewhere warm with no wi-fi!

    1. Haha! Nothing like disconnecting to really unwind, right Karen? Thanks for entering. Good luck!

  69. I would go to Madrid. From there I can easily visit my husbands family or some friends in Spain.

  70. I want to fly to the Caribbean for my 40th birthday next year!

  71. Portland OR – my daughter is moving to Oregon for Law School!

  72. A quick get away with Alice, my coworker on best team member ever :)

  73. I’d fly to Miami and meet up with a good friend! I was in town we couldn’t connect because of family obligations and so I would love that opportunity to meet up in a really nice beach town….it would be fun!

  74. I would take the junior administrative assistants that report to me, on a weekend trip for some much-deserved R&R!

    1. Talk about #NinjaLove Teyah! We love it. Thanks for entering today’s flash raffle. Good luck!

  75. Hawaii would be my #1 choice, hands down!! I used to live there years ago, and with air fare now so expensive, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to show my husband and daughters my old stomping grounds in Oahu?!! This would be such a huge opportunity!

  76. San Diego! To reward my husband for making it through his chemo, he’s never been out west. Thank you!

    1. Congrats to you and your husband, Ann! That would definitely be a reward worthy of such a milestone. Best of luck to you in the draw!

  77. I would travel to Aruba. I have never been able to travel and this would be a great opportunity :)

  78. I’d love to use the air travel for my twin sons to come home for Christmas from their first semester of college!

  79. I would love to go anywhere – maybe southern California when my niece has her baby

  80. I would love to go to Scotland. I’ve read many books and novels about this country. It would be wonderful to see the mountains and the countryside and meet the wonderful people!

    1. Here’s hoping you get to see the real Scotland, Arlene! Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  81. I’d use it to visit London and next year’s Executive Secretary Live event!

  82. I would use it towards flights to see my husband. He’s in the Air Force and not stationed near me.

  83. I’d use the air travel for my sons to come home for Christmas from their first semester of college!

  84. I would fly to Hawaii because my family and I need a nice relaxing vacation!!

  85. Anywhere with sunshine and fun!

  86. I would go on to Portland to visit my family, go for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!

    1. Wow! 60th anniversary? Sounds like a party you won’t want to miss, Emily! Fingers are crossed for ya!

  87. Northern Pacific Coast….bucket list dream trip.

  88. I think I would go to Seattle. It’s lovely there in the summer!

  89. I would love to go back to Hawaii. This year is mine and my husband’s 20th wedding anniversary.

    1. Congrats on your 20th anniversary, Staci! Here’s hoping you get to visit Hawaii again :)

  90. Sacramento!! Gotta get some Cali time in this year with my friend who just moved there!! :) I have worked with her as her Office Ninja for her non-profit.

  91. There’s a conference in Seattle, WA I’m interested in attending. It would be great to have free airfare!

  92. When to ohau last month used Delta and we enjoyed our flight

  93. Happy Admins Week!!! Planning a trip to New Orleans in September!!

  94. Would love to go anywhere right now!

  95. I really don’t know where I would go…But I would make it somewhere great…

  96. Pittsburgh or Buffalo to see family… or maybe to a beach state to get some sun!

  97. my best friend graduates grad school next week and we are planning our Long overdue eurotrip in June! this could help us a lot :)

  98. This is an awesome giveaway! I’d fly home to Pennsylvania to spend some much needed time with my favorite person- Grandma.

  99. Maui! I need a honeymoon redo – thank you, kidney infection…

    1. Oh no, Heather! Here’s hoping you get the chance for a redo :) thanks for entering, and good luck!

  100. I would definitely fly international to LHR (London), only because I’ve never been ‘across the pond’ and would so love to visit the old history sites there.

    (What a wonderful gift from Delta! Thank you OfficeNinjas!)

  101. I’m travelling to Florida for a conference in July, so I would fly to Fort Lauderdale. :)

  102. San Antonio! So I can do some job/apartment hunting, because trying to do that from 1700 miles away is tricky!

  103. If I win the Delta flight I will fly to the Grabd Canyon to fulfill one of my Bucket List dreams of trail running the Grand Canyon…yes, RUN!!!

  104. Delta is a great sponsor to partner with OfficeNinjas. They understand their key audience isn’t always the executive in the seat on their plane. Crossing my fingers to win this prize!

  105. I would be Cali bound with this giveaway!!!! Happy admin week fellow O. Ninjas!

  106. I would fly out for the 2017 AdminWeek Party with the Ninjas in 2017! Is it too soon to buy my ticket?? oh, wait…i didn’t win this yet. :)

    1. We’d definitely love to see you at AdminBash next year, Addie! Fingers definitely crossed for you :)

  107. I would go to Texas to visit my family.

  108. Anywhere but here… I’d love to go to Europe, London would be my first choice. Or New Zealand or Australia. To see from somewhere different that could change my life, even slightly. To learn from their culture and expand my horizons. Thanks for doing this Office Ninjas!

    1. Travel will definitely do that to you – expand your horizons! Thanks for entering, Joyce. Here’s hoping :)

  109. I would go to Arizona to visit my 94 year old mom.

  110. Yay for Admin Week and Delta Airlines!!!

  111. New Orleans – My husband & I would love to go back there!

    Office Ninjas, thank you for celebrating Admins in such a great way!

  112. Anywhere and everywhere; I love travel!

  113. Anywhere in Europe to eat all the food and drink all the wine!

  114. I would fly to San Diego to visit my daughter!

  115. I would go to New York to see my bad ass aunt who teaches Shakespeare in college!

  116. Maui, please! Make wedding anniversary extra special!

  117. Miami, FL. My husband and I are going on our first cruise and it sails from Miami!

  118. I would go to Florida to lay on the beach, splash in the water and catch a big fish!

  119. Seattle Washington…I used to live there are miss it so much

  120. My BFF is moving to North Carolina with her family. I would love to surprise her with a visit!

  121. My dream is to go to Turks and Caicos. It seems like one of the most beautiful places with the clear waters and the fact they have 350 days of sunshine (thanks Delta for that fact!!) After being so busy at work, taking care of my amazing 350+ co-workers and being social all day, my favorite thing to do on vacation is relax by the beach, read, and absorb the suns energy and good vibes.

    1. Turks and Caicos sounds dreamy for sure, Tiffany. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  122. I would fly to Mexico immediately for some sun and fun in my favorite destination.

  123. Would love a much needed vacation

  124. San Onofre, CA – Camp Pendelton Marine Base to visit my Grandchildren who I miss very much! I miss them so much and hardly get to see them being so far away!

  125. Scotland is definitely on my bucket list!

  126. I’m a single mom and need a vacation, I have only taken a few and the kids were with me. I need a ME vacation.

    1. Here’s hoping you get to take in some solitude, Radonna! Thanks for entering!

  127. I would fly to Anchorage, AK to visit my son who is in the Army Airborne stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson for three years.

  128. Thank you, Office NInjas and Delta Airlines for the wonderful opportunity. I would love to go to England with my Mom…

  129. My bucket list is too long. I’d have to draw a location from a hat….all the more fun if I knew my flight was paid for! Thanks, OfficeNinjas for providing such fun and rewarding tips, tricks and prizes for us Ninjas.

  130. I’d fly to DC to do the whole Smithsonian Circuit, twice! I lived in DC as a kid and haven’t been back since I was 11.

  131. This would be amazing!! I would use the gift card towards a trip to visit my baby niece and sister who live in London!

  132. I need to use some of my earned comp time. A getaway via Delta is just the ticket!

  133. I would love to tag along with my husband on his next conference trip to San Diego!

  134. Take my daughter to Florida for her first time to see the beach!!

  135. Much needed weekend getaway to Mexico!

  136. Nashville for a summer family vacation!

  137. I would love to go to Australia. It’s been on my bucket list. Ever since beating breast cancer this year at 28 years old, I have decided I will make this happen one way or another.

    1. A trip to Australia is definitely a reward worthy of such a significant milestone, Anna! Here’s hoping we can help make your trip happen :)

  138. Anywhere, USA! It would be awesome just to get away. Thanks for the opportunity!

  139. Happy Admin Week! What a great giveaway this is. I need to take a trip to Portland to visit my business partner so this would be a perfect win. Thanks for the chance

  140. Honolulu! I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii since Hawaii 5-0 (the original) was in the television lineup. That’s a looooong time.

  141. California to see my family, my little ones miss grandma and cousins

  142. SO excited for Admin Week! See you all at Admin Bash on Wednesday!

  143. I think I’d go to Quebec. I’ve never been and have always wanted to go.

  144. I would definitely go to Hawaii the most beautiful place I have ever been!

  145. Happy Admin Week everyone! I would love to take a break and go to Hawaii!!

  146. I would love to visit my best friend at Fort Riley! Haven’t seen her since she started her service :)

  147. I’d love the chance to go back and visit Hawaii! It’s been over 30 years since I was there and finding someplace off the usual tourist places would be heavenly!

  148. Would just love to travel anywhere for a little getaway… a little r&r does everyone good

  149. I’d fly to Billings, MT so that I could visit my newborn niece!

  150. Would love to take a family getaway. Happy Admin Week!

  151. “High Five” to All Office Admins/OfficeNinjas !!! Thank you Office Ninja for the chance to “get-away” from it all. Time with family and friends is especially important – even though we LOVE our jobs.

    Best wishes to the winners of the gifts.

  152. I would love to go to Zurich! Happy Admin Week to all of the amazing Office Ninjas out there! :)

  153. Would love to gift my boyfriend with a trip to see his daughter who’s due in October – we would have a great time seeing and helping her out.

  154. I’d love to fly to Birmingham, Alabama to visit my family. We live in Houston, and I don’t get too many quick trips home anymore. It would be really nice to have an impromptu visit to see my mom, stepdad, stepsisters, and nephews again.

  155. Europe. I’ve always wanted to see the vineyards of Italy and go to a city that embodies the Benedict Option!

  156. Hawaii…. my husband and I have always wanted to go! Great 30th wedding anniversary celebration!! <3

  157. I would ravel to an island where I can just bask in the sun, relax and reconnect with my husband.

  158. My next flight on Delta would be to Dublin, Ireland. My husband is Irish and I would love to go and visit the homeland of his ancestors. Who wouldn’t want to visit a castle and be a queen for a day??

    1. We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to! Sounds like a great trip, Nicole. Here’s hoping :)

  159. Dublin, Ireland – My girlfriend has always wanted to go and it would be great to be able to surprise her!

  160. I would go to Washington, never been to that part of the country. Either that or to the next OfficeNinja bash!

    1. Here’s hoping we get to meet you next year, Julie! Thanks for entering.

  161. Happy Admin Week!! I would love to visit Italy ????

  162. Either Durham, NC to visit my best friend who I haven’t seen in 3 years or Seattle with my husband for round two of a city we would like to explore more.

  163. I’d throw a dart at the map and hope for some place exotic!

    1. Fun from the very beginning! We like that, Karen :) Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  164. I would use it towards whatever destination 2017 Admin Bash will be held!

    1. We’d love to meet you next year, Mo! Fingers crossed for ya :)

  165. Thank you, Delta Airlines, for offering this awesome raffle price. I recently moved to Illinois but have family and lots of dear friends back in Texas. I would use my airline ticket to fly back home to Houston, Texas!!!

  166. Sister in law just moved to Hawaii, would love to be able to visit her.

  167. I am from the east coast and have never seen west of Tennessee. I would love to visit anywhere out west! I would say Las Vegas is a good mid-way point. I would then be close to the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Death Valley National Park, and even LA!

    1. Here’s hoping you can some take some West Coast sights in, Megan! Good luck.

  168. I would love a vacation with my husband!

  169. I would fly to San Diego to see my oldest 2 children, and 2 of my grandbabies! I’ve never met the youngest one in person; thank goodness for Skype!

  170. I’d love to visit the west coast – so many states out there that I’ve never been to. California would have to be first on the list.

  171. Happy Admin Week Everyone!

    I’d love to fly to Hawaii! What a dream vacation that would be!!

  172. I’m flying to Salt Lake City for the Young Living Convention in June, and I’m already booked on Delta!

  173. I would love to go to the Panama City or the Destin and be directly on the the beach! So relaxing and great family time.

  174. New Hampshire, to visit friends and family one more time before the baby is born!

  175. I would be sending my daughter off to San Diego, California. She is wanting to visit friends there and this would be my gift to her.

  176. Athens, Greece! I’ve always wanted to explore the ancient ruins and then sail towards Santorini and Mykonos. All of the stunning white buildings with cobalt blue roofs against the cliff side… What a dream trip!

    1. Dreamy indeed, Anissa! Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  177. I would fly to California. I have always wanted to visit the West coast. This would be such a needed vacation!!

  178. Love Admin Week, have a wonderful week all you hard working assistance!

  179. Happy Admin Week! I’d go somewhere I haven’t been before- maybe Arizona!

  180. Thanks for all the Admin Week love! I’d travel to New Orleans with a friend to celebrate her recent cancer free diagnosis.

    1. Definitely something to celebrate, Brenda :) Here’s hoping! Thanks for entering.

  181. My dream trip is Turkey so I would definitely fly to Istanbul! I was close to booking a vacation for August but was lucky to receive an offer for a new position starting in a few weeks so any vacation time I had is lost and I won’t be eligible for quite a while, but I’m still beyond excited for the new challenge ahead of me and know that Ineill get to Turkey one day!

  182. San Diego to see my Aunt who turned 100, survived someone who tried to commit suicide by slamming head on into her car with his car, worked as a nurse until she was 90, but she now has cancer. She has helped me out so much, I’d love to return the favor even if it’s for a brief moment.

    1. We hope to help make that trip happen, Carolyn! Good luck :)

  183. Happy Admin Week!!! WoooHOOOO!!
    I live in the city so all I’ve ever wanted was to see the beach. So San Diego, California would be my choice. Beautiful weather…friendly faces and the great wings of Delta to send me there. #getoutanddosomethingfun #youdeserveit #soar

  184. Winning the random drawing could only mean I should fly somewhere random – somewhere I’ve never been before – for an awesomely random adventure!
    Thanks, Officeninjas!

  185. Hawaii – Honolulu WWII memorial – see if my late grandfathers picture is still hanging there.

  186. Happy Admin Week! I’d go on vacation in Hawaii! It’s been too long since my last vacation.

  187. Tampa/St. Pete to visit father in-law that is getting up in years, and a much needed vacation with husband that travels more than he is home so that we can reconnect.

  188. I would go to Dublin to learn more about my family’s heritage and to visit my cousins who live there :)

  189. To Las Vegas to attend the Revolutionary Assistant conference in Oct!

  190. I would fly home to Hawaii to see my family who still lives there. I haven’t been home since 2004.

  191. Office Ninjas make this my favorite week of the year. I should use the ticket (if I win it) to come party with you next year!

  192. Hawaii! Getting hitched in June and a honeymoon would be nice… ;-)

  193. We’re in Ohio. Our friends have a timeshare in Florida, but money is tight right now. They really want us to go, so this could make or break us.

  194. HAPPY ADMIN WEEK!!!!! Thank you Office Ninja for the awesome raffle. I have a trip planned for Atlanta this summer

  195. I would use it towards a family flight to the US Virgin Islands. I want my son to experience the beauty my husband and I fell in love with years ago!

  196. I would like to fly to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to attend my niece (goddaughter) for her wedding and our family Christmas in the summer. We started this tradition after our mother died.

  197. Thank you officeninjas for celebrating this week.

  198. Nashville. I am a country music fan and I would love to visit the Capital of Country Music.

  199. I have been waiting for this week to begin. Admin week and my work anniversary. It is going to be a great week! Thanks for putting all this fun together!! You guys Rock!

    1. We only rock because YOU guys are the leading stars! Glad to hear you’re participating in the festivities this year, Jackie!

  200. Hawaii so we can take a family vacation and visit my husband’s family, who we haven’t seen in 12 years!

  201. This is the Admin Week raffle I’m most excited about! Flying anywhere would make me happy, but my first stop would be back to San Francisco where my husband and I honeymooned!

  202. New Orleans is one where I’ve always wanted to go but haven’t taken the time! Thanks for the chance, office ninjas!

  203. My next flight with Delta is scheduled to Nice in May. Yeah! If I won this I would book a trip to Huntington Beach to watch my niece and nephew and give my brother and sister-in-law a week off for their 10th anniversary.

  204. Ninjas gotta fly! Orlando to see my family & my daughter’s wedding! Or SF is always a fun destination (and can visit Ninja Central….)

  205. San Francisco to attend and OfficeNinja event!

  206. Las Vegas, because my husband and I haven’t been away from our 5 kids since …….ever.

    1. Wow Nicole! Las Vegas sounds like it’d be the perfect date-cation for you and your husband. Good luck!

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