April 22–26, 2019. Who Won Big?

We figured out the trick to giving away as many killer prizes as possible in one week: Flash Raffles. Every day of Admin Week 2019, three lucky Ninjas with lightning-fast reflexes won valuable prize packages from one of our incredible partners.

We announced the prize details, opened the raffle, and picked winners all in the span of 24 hours. This is where Ninja speed and precision paid off!

Our 2019 Flash Raffle Winners Revealed!

We don’t call ‘em Flash Raffles for nothing! Thanks to our generous Admin Week partners, we just gave away 15 incredible prizes faster than you can say “administrative badassery”… and we loved every second of it!

Below is a recap of our Flash Raffle winners and sponsors. And, regarding our sponsors, we’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: each one is deeply committed to the Office Ninja community. They sponsor Admin Week activities because they want to better understand the administrative role and offer services that make our lives easier and our offices more efficient. And for a limited time, they’re offering Ninja-only deals. Don’t miss out!

Bevi’s 2019 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Prizes and Winners

Say goodbye to restocking the fridge, placing beverage orders, and emptying overflowing recycling bins. Bevi is your all-in-one hydration solution — providing customizable still, sparkling, and flavored waters that never run dry. Internet-connected, this smart water cooler notifies technicians whenever your machine needs servicing — making service and stock management a breeze.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Ninja Reboot -> $300 SpaFinder Gift Card + $200 Yuzu Soap Gift Set

Jacob Summers
Executive Assistant — Chillicothe, OH

2nd: Serenity Ready -> $200 SpaFinder Gift Card + Yuzu Soap’s Best Sellers Gift Set

Alison Januzelli
Office Manager — Lafayette, PA

3rd: Fully Recharged -> $100 SpaFinder Gift Card + Yuzu Soap’s Best Sellers Gift Set

Sandra Draude
People Ops & Finance Manager — San Jose, CA

Benchmark Resort’s 2019 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Prizes and Winners

We know the office is your domain, but what about the work that happens outside the office? You know what we’re talking about. The conferences, special events, and out-of-state meetings that require an overnight stay … it’s a lot to handle. You need a friendly staff, and all the latest technology … and a little vacay of your own! Thanks to Benchmark Resorts for supplying Ninjas with up to a 3-Night Stay at the Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz, CA!

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Chillaxin’ Master -> 3-night stay with meals at a Benchmark Resort

Donna Miller
Executive Assistant — Pleasanton, CA

2nd: Sunshine Ninja -> 2-night stay with meals at a Benchmark Resort

Barbara Espinoza
Administrative Manager — New York, NY

3rd: Adventurer -> 1-night stay with meals at a Benchmark Resort

Sally Thousand
Executive Assistant — Wayne, NJ

Keurig Commercial’s 2019 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Prizes and Winners

Our Admin Week 2019 partner and Flash Raffle host Keurig Commercial knows the struggle and is ready with convenient brewing systems and high-quality beverage variety that will keep the peace in workplaces of every size — that’s why these supplied these Ninjas with everything they need for the perfect morning cup of motivation.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Chief of Energy -> $500 Keurig Gift Card

Lori Guerra
Senior Executive Assistant — Shrewsbury, MA

2nd: Captain Caffeine -> $250 Keurig Gift Card

Vincent Parisi
Executive Assistant — San Jose, CA

3rd: Boost Master -> $150 Keurig Gift Card

Ashley Conti
Receptionist/Administrative Coordinator — Chicago, IL

Caviar for Companies’ 2019 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Prizes and Winners

Delivery menu fatigue is real. Caviar for Companies delivers (and caters!) meals that will satisfy the entire team’s tastes. They also supplied these Ninjas with a generous supply of Caviar credit to fuel their team for weeks to come!

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: Boss Of Eats -> $500 Caviar Gift Card

Annette Mikkelsen
Administrative Assistant — Palo Alto, CA

2nd: Hangry Ninja -> $250 Caviar Gift Card

Brenda Lepinski
Executive Assistant — Seattle, WA

3rd: Happy Hour Hero -> $150 Caviar Gift Card

Miriam Persley
Office Specialist — San Francisco, CA

Delta Air Lines’ 2019 OfficeNinjas Flash Raffle Prizes and Winners

Delta’s SkyBonus for Office Ninjas program makes the most of your office’s travel budget — no matter your size. Enroll in their SkyBonus program, and each trip, earn points redeemable for flights and upgrades with each trip. Signing up is quick, easy, and free.

Congrats to these three lucky Ninja winners:

1st: First Class Ninja -> $500 Delta Credit

Leah Ladegaard
Office Manager/Executive Assistant — Chicago, IL

2nd: Jet Setter -> $250 Delta Credit

Willa Glesener
Project Coordinator — Austin, TX

3rd: Frequent Flyer -> $150 Delta Credit

Teena Singley
Office Manager — San Francisco, CA

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  2. Enter to Win. Follow the simple entry instructions in the email alert, but do it ASAP — you only have 24 hours!
  3. Make a Wish at Midnight. That’s when the entry period ends (Pacific Time). Check back the next day to see if you’re one of three lucky winners. (We’ll announce them here on OfficeNinjas.com.)
  4. Repeat Steps 1–3! We’ve got one raffle each day with three prizes to give away. That’s 15 chances to win (and no limit to how many times a Ninja can win)!

Q: Do I have to be an “Office Ninja” to win?
Yes — and we do triple-check that all winners are currently employed as a workplace operator. Applicable roles include (but aren’t limited to) executive assistant, office manager, administrative assistant, receptionist, operations manager, virtual assistant, and people operations manager.

Q: When does the raffle period start?
Keep an eye out for announcements about Admin Week in early 2020!

Q: Where do I enter the raffle?
Online at OfficeNinjas.com. Just follow the link in your morning email alert! Be sure to subscribe to get notified, if you haven’t already.

Q: How many raffles can I enter?
All of ‘em! And there’s no limit to how many prizes one Ninja can win!

Q: Do I have to be in the United States to win?
Due to shipping restrictions, you must be based in the US or Canada to win.

Q: When will winners be notified?
Each day’s Flash Raffle winners will be announced on OfficeNinjas.com the following day.