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Flash Raffle 2019 #3: Win $500 Worth of Keurig Brewers and Coffee!

Flash Raffle 2019 Day 3: Win $500 Worth of Brewers and Coffee from Keurig Commercial!

Keurig Commercial will be joining us at Admin Bash 2019 — so be sure to say hi, and learn more about their Grounds to Grow On program® in-person.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day, Ninjas! And happy Day 3 of our 2019 Flash Raffles!

Let’s get real: is there any Ninja duty that requires more careful diplomacy than outfitting the office’s hot beverage station? Folks can never agree: light, dark, green, black, red, bold, extra bold. Meanwhile, those on team decaf would just appreciate if everyone took it down a notch.

Our Admin Week 2019 partner and today’s Flash Raffle host Keurig Commercial knows the struggle and is ready with convenient brewing systems and high-quality beverage variety that will keep the peace in workplaces of every size.

And because we know Ninjas want the full story, we brought questions from the community to Keurig Commercial for an inside look at how they balance convenience and sustainability.

Ninjas Ask Keurig Commercial 5 Big Questions

How is Keurig Commercial encouraging workplace sustainability?

We’re glad you asked — recycling is a big deal to us! We’ve been working on developing recyclable K-Cup® pods using #5 plastic. By the end of 2020, these recyclable pods will be available in all K-Cup® pod varieties.

We also offer the Grounds to Grow On® program, which gives workplaces an easy way to recycle their Keurig® K-Cup® pods. With the Grounds to Grow On® program, 25 percent of the pod by weight is converted into recycled products, while 75 percent of the pod by weight is composted at Hirzel Farms in Luckey, OH.

What’s the difference between a Keurig work machine versus a home Keurig?

Work brewers are commercial-grade and include UL Commercial certification, which means they’ve been engineered for robust use and fast-paced offices like yours. We strongly recommend our home brewers be used at home and only our commercial brewers be used in commercial/office settings.

Which commercial Keurig machine should my office get?

We offer seven different work brewers, each designed to deliver great coffee for businesses of all sizes and personalities. With Keurig Commercial, your team can enjoy their perfect brew the moment they want it, from hot and iced beverages to freshly brewed gourmet coffee and cafe-style beverages. For more information on our brewers, visit

Does Keurig only offer K-Cup® pods?

Not at all! We offer multiple beverage formats, each designed to deliver a stress-free, flavorful cup every time. You can choose from whole beans, ground packs, and fractional packs, in addition to over 150 K-Cup® pod varieties.

How can I place an order?

We recommend you work with our network of Keurig Authorized Distributors. We choose our distributors based upon several criteria that include: commitment to customer service, an established customer base, equipment service capabilities, and location.

They can assist with scheduling, invoicing, and even tax exemptions for nonprofits. They’ll also work with you to install and service the brewer that fits your needs and budget.

Exclusive Promo for Ninjas!

Admin Week is all about the win-win. That’s why our partner Keurig Commercial has created a can’t-miss deal JUST for Ninjas.

New Keurig customers will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Grounds to Grow On®. To take advantage of this offer, sign up for a coffee service with a Keurig Authorized Distributor by July 31, 2019.

Congrats to the Winners of the 2019 Flash Raffle Hosted by Keurig Commercial!

Thanks to our Admin Week 2019 partner Keurig Commercial, three lucky Ninjas won up to $500 worth of Keurig products for their home!

Pop over to the Keurig Commercial website and check out their energizing options. Then, let us know here in the comments how you and your office jump-start the day!


  1. Love love love my coffee!

  2. We start our day with coffee so strong it’ll smack you upside the face to wake you up, so thick the spoon will stand up straight, and an optional IV to put it directly into the jugular if the caffeine is needed NOW, rather than drinking it normally and waiting for the caffeine buzz to kick in.

  3. We already send our K-Cups in to the Grounds to Grow program. I think it’s a great program.

  4. Keruig is the Best. Thank you Keruig.

  5. My office can’t live without our Keruig. We drink coffee all day long. Thank you Keruig.

  6. Interesting to learn that Keurig has commercial version.

  7. I would be the winner winner if I won this for my office.

  8. Who doesn’t like coffee? Well, actually, I don’t but the rest of the office does. :)

  9. I’ve learned so much about a Keurig machine! I’m not a coffee drinker, but my just about everyone on my team does! Even though I don’t drink coffee, I will be the one to repair it! Good read!

  10. Considering that we live in the area where Starbucks, most of my colleagues and I start our day with coffee at our commercial Keurig machines all throughout our building!

  11. I love my keurigs at home and work! I couldn’t survive without them! I definitely will look into getting a commercial model for work!

  12. No idea Keurig had a commercial side. We love ours and works great for smaller meetings when we are not sure if people will be drinking coffee or not.

  13. Our office doesn’t get moving until everyone has had their daily dose of caffeine, whether in the form of coffee or tea. Not going to lie though, coffee is king around here, and we’re constantly washing mugs!

  14. I Love my Keurig! The coffee is always amazingly fresh and hot!

  15. We just moved to a new building and lack the self-service coffee options we used to have. As government employees, we are afforded very few (if any) perks. This used to be one of them, but only when employees willingly brought in their personally purchased Keurigs to share with other staff). We could really use one in our new location!

  16. We love our Keurig!!!! Bring on the options!! Wish more suppliers supported the 100%compostable k cups!

  17. At my Ninja best when well-caffeinated!

  18. My peeps miss the Keurig!!!

  19. America runs on Keurig – thanks I love mine.

  20. Nothing beats a freshly brewed coffee to start the day at the office.

  21. Loooove Keurig. So convenient and great variety of pods available.

  22. Trying to make the best of the Aramark coffee provided by the office.

  23. Coffee is the go to get started for the day!

  24. I’m not addicted to coffee, we’re just in a committed relationship!

  25. Coffee is Life for most people in our office. Best way to start the day!

  26. We have Keurig at our office, but I was not aware of Keurig Commercial. This is great news!

  27. First thing every morning everyone does when they come in the Office, grab some coffee!

  28. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (during the cold months) are all ways we start our day.

  29. We start the day off with delicious coffee or tea :)

  30. We have Keurigs in both of our kitchens and love them.

  31. Every morning – dunkin’ k cups

  32. Our team usually start off the day with coffee and breakfast foods! We gather around to chat about our upcoming day.

  33. LOVE Keurig! Love all the coffee/tea/hot chocolate and products!

  34. We have a Keurig at home (would love a Keurig for our office), it’s truly been a mainstay for us and our morning cups of coffee!

  35. Currently – we don’t do ANYTHING to jump start the day! Can you believe?

  36. We don’t have the commercial Keurig but everyone loves using the machine. We bring our own pods which works in our favor.

  37. Coffee and tea are an admin’s comfort food!

  38. We would love this in our office! We still have the old glass coffee pot and 3 burners.

  39. Who doesn’t love COFFEE!! A must have in our business..

  40. We start our day with coffee of course!! Annnnd the occasional jam session :)

  41. I’m still on the fence, but I keep looking at Keurigs. We do drink a lot of coffee though

  42. We use Keurig at home and absolutely love it! I did not know they offered such a variety of brewers and other choices. Excited to see that as Keurig has already made it to my workplace and almost every department (except ours!) has a machine.

  43. With a word of prayer to ask God for his guidance and protection.

  44. I love to use refillable cups to save on waste & use my fav tea or coffee

  45. We love Keurig………….so easy to use and clean, coffee tastes amazing!

  46. Coffee, coffee, coffee and if they text me early enough, I bring the girls at the office coffee as well

  47. I start by setting the tone and atmosphere in the office. lavender diffuser, and acoustic calm music. After setting the tone for the office, for myself, I get a cup of coffee or tea and fill my daily at work H2O. Then I’m ready to hit my email and evaluate the day’s to-do list.

    I find setting the tone and atmosphere is so very important not only for me, but for everyone else who comes in throughout the day. My goal is to set the tone for a positive, calming, and collaborative environment. We all have issues, challenges, and concerns that arise throughout our days; facing these situations with a positive mindset and fostering an environment for team collaboration vs. finger pointing is what will walk us forward and towards resolutions and meeting goals.

  48. I like the ease of using a Keurig whether its at home or work. Great choices for teas and coffees.

  49. Coffee made in the Keurig at the office. Of five people in the office, four of us need our coffee 1st thing!

  50. Coffee; Mother’s Milk

  51. This article is being sent to our new building committee! We move in March!

  52. In college I was a Barista and I loved making coffee for others. I also enjoy making it for guests and for myself. It something about sipping a fresh brew whether you enjoy it hot or cold…it just makes you smile a little! :)

  53. we use multiple keurigs through the office

  54. I so miss Keurig!! Our office used to have Kuerig and switched to another vendor. We loved Keurig – there’s no comparison.

  55. We are a community bank and we have Keurig machines in every branch available to clients and associates. It’s a great way to start a conversation to invite a client to have a cup of coffee ☕️

  56. One of the best inventions!!! You can never go wrong when you have a party because everyone gets what they want. : )

  57. I had no idea Keurig did commercial! We have Keurigs in our office, but regular at home ones, this would be perfect for us!

  58. I have a Keurig at home built in to my fridge which I love! Would love to have them at the office as well.

  59. We have many employees that love coffee all day long. We would love to try this out.

  60. For me, coffee is the elixir of life!!! We have a Keurig in my office and it has literally saved the day with clients and my productivity.

  61. Our engineers are zombies without coffee. :) :) :)

  62. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love tea! I wish there were more tea flavors available in k-cups to use the office machine more regularly.

  63. My office loves the Grounds to Grow On program. The only downside is that it’s pretty expensive for a small startup. Eventually it would be awesome to have this included in some sort of delivery subscription or something… !

  64. So cool! Our Keurig can’t seem to handle our office, so we def need a newer one

  65. I’m all about a good cup of tea!

  66. My boss jokes “don’t talk until I’ve had my coffee!” This would definitely improve his disposition quickly!

  67. Keurig is an office and home ESSENTIAL! Coffee or tea per cup- what an admin dream and not to brew whole coffee pot for the office in the am! Keurig has revolutionized the way to brew…Smart, fast, YOU!

  68. I just recently learned of the Grounds to Grow On program. What a wonderful option to recycle. I will look into how we can recycle our pods in the office. I am hoping someone will be using them for compost soon.

  69. I love my Keurig at home. It would be great to have in the office.

  70. Enjoy a nice “cup of Joe” on my way in….helps get my day started!☕

  71. Keurig is simply a must in our office but we are using an old home brewer still! We are coffee fanatics!

  72. Can we also get the Keurig cocktail machine for the office :)

  73. A little caffeine goes a long way!

  74. I love coffee and have a keurig at home but I need an upgrade! :)

  75. Keurig has been an awesome tool in my office. I live in a cultural state where the majority does not drink coffee or tea and so I become the officianado(sp) when visitors come in and want it.

  76. I brought a small drip coffeemaker to my department kitchenette. I appear to be the only one who uses it! There is a Keurig in the large downstairs staff lounge.

  77. Keurig is the best! Don’t know what I’d do without mine.

  78. Good to know they are working on sustainability and recycling!

  79. I really wish we had one for our area!

  80. We love using Keurig’s here. We don’t have one in our area, so we sneak over to another area and use theirs. We love that it does more than just coffee! So quick and easy for our busy schedules!

  81. I love the ground to grow on program! So easy and makes such a huge difference to balance the convenience of custom coffee on demand with excessive waste.

  82. love my keurig! drinking a cup as i type :)

  83. Our office usually jump starts our day with a nice cup of coffee and gathering together to plan out the work day!

  84. I really like the face that Keurig is working towards recyclable K-Cups! Would be great to have more of this in our office. Good luck, everyone!

  85. Our office Keurig gets quite the workout every day! Would love to upgrade

  86. We love our Keurig ….and it is used all day long! How did we ever live without this machine – I mean, really!!!!!! :)

  87. We love our Keurig! Someone dropped the water dispenser and we ordered a new one the same day, hahaha.

  88. It’s safe to say our company runs on coffee, entirely fueled by coffee.

  89. I have always wanted a Keurig system. This would be such a treat!

  90. My desk has a sign that says “Instant human: just add coffee.” That pretty much sums up my morning. :D

  91. I love to hear that Keurig is moving towards an environmentally friendly program!

    1. I love to hear that Keurig is moving towards an environmentally friendly program! Looking forward to trying their chocolate options.

  92. A day without Keurig is like a night without stars. I might as well go to sleep!

  93. Coffee in the morning is an essential, Coffee and Confidence I’ve got a t-shirt that says so…LOL!

  94. We always start by playing music and turning on our coffee maker.

  95. Wow! I didn’t realize that there was tea available for Keurig! That is super nifty!

  96. We use 2 Keurig home brewers in my office!

  97. Best way to kick off my morning: easy & convenient!

  98. Oh yes I bow to the coffee gods… it is the life sustaining force that runs within my veins. LOL!

  99. Coffee, tea and conversation is the way we start our day!

  100. Coffee is life! Keurig makes it so easy! Quick, convenient and delicious! What more could you ask for? :)

  101. We have a nice but small coffee station with a Keurig but could definitely use an upgrade.

  102. Several of us gather around the Keurig every morning. It’s become kind of a ritual to help us start the day!

  103. This is great information! I didn’t realize Keurig did a non-Kcup setup.

  104. A coffee run for our entire staff and a quick look at everyone’s calendar to focus on what’s going on for the day.

  105. I love the Keurig pod holder for the office – clean and organized! This would be a great addition to our kitchen! Heyy… that rhymed ;)

  106. I never log on my computer until I’ve had my first sip of coffee.

  107. I’d love a cool Keurig for the office! It would certainly cut down on the equipment cleaning we do with our other machine. Pop in a pod, pop out a pod! woo hoo!

  108. I don’t have one at home. My sister says I should get one. I want to win one! Pick me pick me pick me :)

  109. We have two Keurig machines just to keep up with the morning rush!

  110. We order our pods directly from the Keurig website.

  111. Keurig is great for tea too! We drink a lot of green tea.

  112. We start the day hanging around our little Keurig, laughing and talking while our coffee brews. Starting the day with hot coffee and laughter ensures your day is heading in the right direction!

  113. Wish we had a Keurig in the office. Love the variety of beverages and less waste.

  114. Coffee coffee coffee! It’s literally magic! :)

  115. Our Keurig is a couple years old and still manages to make 70+ cups a day! We could use an upgrade though…. :)

  116. I have a Keurig in my office and a Keurig at home. Coffee or tea in an instance. I love the convenience in my busy life.

  117. Coffee! I use the Keurig in the office everyday.

  118. The smell of fresh coffee is the best! Mmmmm……need I say more. We start the day with coffee, and many get pick-me-ups throughout the day.

  119. How does our office jump-start the day? With COFFEE – lots and lots of coffee!

  120. We have a small office (about 18 people) but we ALWAYS need coffee. That & Diet Coke! :>\

  121. Our office shares our personality with fun mugs! Most of staff has a mug to share their personality and style!

    1. Oops, I mean really GOOD coffee. I’m having trouble with the “O” on my keyboard.

  122. I’m SO happy to see the is an option for recycling pods now. This makes using Keurig feasible for our office!

  123. My company is currently using two home Keurigs on loan – we totally need to upgrade to a commercial one. We do love our coffee!

  124. Have to have my tea every morning!

  125. We definitely love our coffee around here! Not sure we could function without it. The variety of flavors that a Keurig provides is the only way to go in my opinion to make every cup the perfect one.

  126. In our neck of the woods it’s always super cold. My Keurig is what keeps me going. The Chi Latte is to die for!!! This would be fantastic in our office….just sayin!!!

  127. Would love a Keurig for the office.

  128. After years of trying, we finally got a single brew coffee maker in the office. Everyone loves it. A $500 credit for coffee would be awesome!

  129. Simple and easy to clean! How about another cup?

  130. Cup of coffee number one down…going for the next! Gotta make it through the day so I can make it to tonight’s event!!

  131. I love the Keurig! I had one at home before I gave my old company my Cuisinart Keurig. My current office has one but it is the small version and we all drink a ton of coffee. I have to go buy coffee at the grocery store every two weeks. This would be amazing to get a commercial coffee machine since our company is growing.

  132. Amazing selection of coffees for our Keurig jumpstarts the day for me and my colleagues. We love the variety of pods that we can purchase for our Keurig. Ours is getting old and not working as well and we’d love to have a brand new commercial one but due to budget reductions we can’t afford one. We may have to have colleagues pitch in some funds to purchase a new one when our old one expires! :(

  133. tea for me, coffee for the office :)

  134. I love having a keurig in the office. It allowed everyone to have what they want to drink, when they want it.

  135. Our in office coffee machine could use a serious upgrade!

  136. So glad Keurig is working to become more sustainable! Great products – looking forward to them being more eco-friendly!

  137. Our office start our day with lattes….using every flavor we have on hand.

  138. Love my Keurig at home and having one at work is such a money saver for me.

  139. Can anyone start the day with out a cup?

  140. Every day starts with coffee; better make it Keurig!

  141. Excited to try Keurig! We may have to make a switch at our office from our current supplier.

  142. We use the Grounds to Grow program and it really is easy, and efficient. Beginning next year we will require all departments using Keurig to enroll in Grounds to Grow .

  143. We already have the Keurig–this would perfect!

  144. My small workgroup starts every day with a fresh cup of coffee from our Keurig!

  145. A good, strong cup of hot coffee is the perfect way to start my day!

  146. I’m curious how much this saves in wasted coffee. We have a Keurig in our car sales office attached to our admin office and some people sneak over to have their coffee because the water to grounds ratio is more accurate.

  147. Would be incredible to have a Keurig to use in the office

  148. Love Keurig and how we can all have our favorite coffee at work!

  149. Coffee!!! Our Keurig is so old, but has been delivering smiles each morning!

  150. Coffee is for everyone else’s safety. A must have in the office.

  151. Keurig would be a great alternative for our coffee drinkers in the office!

  152. All the folks I support at the office & my hubby love coffee and the Keurig is so quick and easy to use

  153. Appreciate the convenience and love the ease of use!

  154. I love my Keurig at home and know my office would be ecstatic to have a Keurig at its disposal. Every day would be a wonderful day!

  155. Coffee is a MUST everyday. :)

  156. Bravo on your sustainability efforts! This make me more interested in using Keurig…

  157. Our office would cease to function without caffeine!

  158. I love Keurig!! Would definitely make getting coffee at work easier :)

  159. Our Executives love the office Keurig!

  160. Love my coffee or tea in the morning. I have to have it to get my day started.

  161. Love that Keurig is working on having recyclable pods for 100% of their products!

  162. I love your “Ground to Grow On” recycling plan, and that all Keurig pods will be recyclable in 2020.

  163. Our office cannot function without coffee. It is that simple. It is what gets us going in the morning, what brings us together to “solve all the worlds problems” and to be friends. Our furnace died, but the coffee carried us on warm(ish) and comfortable .

  164. Everyone at their own pace….for me, coffee!

  165. Happy Admin Prof Day! Just bought all my other admins Starbucks Gift Cards this morning! We all live on coffee! This is an awesome giveaway!

  166. There are many coffee drinkers here in our building plus we have many visitors that come to us that enjoy coffee and tea. We bring our own Keurig pods. Love coffee to get the day going.

  167. Need my caffeine in the morning to give me that boost to start the day. I have a Keurig 2.0 at home, but not at the office. Our office is definitely in need of a Keurig !

  168. My home Keurig is the first thing that gets my attention in the mornings. Love the many options and flavors and the perfect cup every time. Sounds like the perfect office match!

  169. Both my home and office Keurig are considered essential equipment! I am so glad that all pods are expected to be recyclable and compostable. The Grounds to Grow On program is also something we will be looking into.

  170. I love the variety that Keurig offers and that it is always a hot cup of java!

  171. Our office Keurig is 6 years old and rarely used now due to no one knowing how to properly clean it. Unfortunately it was gifted to us, an expense our team would never be able to write off as a company purchase. Winning this raffle would be huge for our 18 person team at KP!

  172. We have a small personal Keurig that is shared throughout the building. It is so convenient and everyone can have fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Keurigs are awesome!.

  173. Keurig makes it so easy to get an afternoon cup of tea.

  174. Coffee of course!!! And some talk about things besides work!

  175. Love Keurig! It is our go-to in our office by all stakeholders!

  176. I so wish our office would get a Keurig! I have one at home and love it.

  177. Coffee makes the world (of work) go round! Thanks for this opportunity, Office Ninjas and Keurig!

  178. Everyone loves coffee and tea to start their day!

  179. Good advice –
    If you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, make sure you put your coffee cup down first.

  180. everyone loves their coffee and teas!!

  181. I love Keurig coffee! We have one at work but I could definitely use one at home!

  182. We’ve recently started using a Keurig in our office, and we love it!

  183. Currently my team and I start our day with our coffee or drink of choice and gather in the front lobby area of our office and talk about what our day looks like. We divide our task up. Talk about our victories from the day before.

  184. Of all the raffle prizes, this is the BEST in my mind. What Ninja doesn’t need coffee? Coffee is fuel! <3

  185. To be honest, I stopped using my Keurig at home because I felt guilty about the pod waste. I’m delighted to learn about the Grounds to Grow On program and appreciate the efforts Keurig is making.

  186. Our office brought in breakfast/donuts for staff today! Nothing like a sugar high.

  187. Nothing beats walking into the office and smelling a fresh brew. It makes me feel energized and ready to accomplish the day!

  188. We use a Keurig for typical home use in our large office – it has held up strongly for years! I can’t even imagine how many cups of coffee it makes each day, let alone in its lifetime. Everyone prefers the convenience of a Keurig. I am hopeful that we can upgrade to a commercial Keurig soon!

  189. I can’t imagine my life without Keurig. Home, work….I love you!!

  190. Oh what a delight this would be for our office…FREE doesn’t always mean it’s good. I’m referring to the coffee here in our office. I purchase coffee out of my pocket as treat at times and brew a pot or two of the good stuff. Winning this would be an awesome Admin gift to me for my team!!!

  191. Coffee, nectar of the gods. Love that cure and offers so much variety in teas and coffees and other specialty drinks.

  192. Not a fully functioning human being until that first cup!

  193. What a fabulous prize for admin day!! We know that most of us can’t live without coffee.

  194. I love our Keurig. We always have fresh coffee no matter what time of the day you stop by.

  195. We need one of these in the office. Coffee is a must and everyone has different preferences when it comes to coffee.

  196. This would be timely as we just received a request for a different coffee option in our office. I’ve always liked the ease and variety of coffees that Keurig offers with the personal and small business model brewers.

  197. My department would love to have a Keurig of it’s own!

  198. Our original Keurig stopped working after years of use (one made for home use, of course!) and the boss decided to replace with an old-school coffee maker …that now gets zero use! lol This commercial Keurig would be PERF for our office!

  199. Strong coffee and a positive mindset is the best way to kickoff the morning!

  200. Can’t start my day without my French Vanilla coffee!!

  201. I’ve always wanted to try a keurig for tea and cocoa! How amazing!!

  202. Being a 24/7-365 operation, coffee is a must and some are very meticulous about their coffee and love the options to switch it up – especially with 12 hour shifts.

  203. Our day jump starts with a half zombie morning til the caffeine kicks in. I love the versatility of Keurig where everyone can have their own choice of brew and not have to settle on that one super strong or too weak pot of office coffee.

  204. Our office could use a new Keurig machine! Good luck to all! :)

  205. Makes life so much simpler.

  206. My office stopped using Keurig due to sustainability questions, so it’s great to hear that they’re working on it!

  207. We are the Coffee Monsters here! Whoop whoop! !

  208. We have 2 Keurig coffee makers in the office (pod style) and a commercial coffee maker of another brand.

  209. Keurig’s are a great way for everyone to get the coffee they like!

  210. I’m currently the water pressure queen in the office, and I’m the reason for the chia tea k cups ;) Love it K!

  211. The Ops team can’t survive without our coffee!

  212. Ooooh! <3 Coffee is how I start my day. What an amazing system.!

  213. My new office is currently using a home brewer, but as I’ve started the way we are slowly changing. Now when you look in our Kcup basket you see tea, coffee of all types and hot cocoa for kiddo’s that visit ;) I’m currently the master at clearing our water lines, fill with water, open and close x 10 and all done a coffee maker again! Love Keurig

  214. We all meet in the kitchen (purely by chance) to grab our favorite flavor of coffee and prepare for the day.

  215. No better way to start the day! Keurig is a must have.

  216. Keurig Commercial would be a great addition to our office!
    Happy Administrative Professionals Day.

  217. We would have to shut down the office if we didn’t have our coffee in the morning.

  218. Love that Keurig is working toward conservation and sustainability!

  219. I don’t think my office would survive without our caffeine fix!

  220. I really DO love Keurig products. I didn’t know about the products for commercial use – Great News!

  221. Blinds go up to let the sun in!

  222. One big necessity for an office, thinking juice I like to call it 😊

  223. We use a Keurig in all our suites here in the main office, and it’s definitely a “business necessity.”

  224. Excited to see you offer whole bean options! Looking into upgrading our coffee solution soon!

  225. We crowd around our Keurig and jockey for coffee every morning!

  226. I don’t drink coffee, but Keurig makes tea also, so I would still like to win this!

  227. I’ve never seen an office drink SO MUCH COFFEE!! Not sure we’d survive without it around here :)

  228. Coffee is like water in the office. If you want happy employees, you need to start with a good cup of coffee!!!

  229. This article was great. We have a Keurig in our kitchen as I am on an administrative floor. The staff here love it. They have the choice of what coffee they prefer instead of one brand and remaking of a pot of coffee.

  230. I love my Keurig at home and have gotten all my children into Keurig, as well. I just bought one of my daughters a Keurig as a new apartment gift. She LOVES it!!! She said it was the BEST gift that I could have gotten her. :)

  231. Thanks for the tidbit about the recycling program! Our office uses our Keurig all day long and many people have commented about wasteful throwing the Kcups out afterwards is.

  232. I absolutely love my Keurig brewer at home (and at work) and have gotten all my children into Keurig as well. Just bought one as a new apartment gift for one of my daughters and she was THRILLED!! Said it was the BEST gift that I could have gotten her. :)

  233. Our office has a very old coffee maker. A Keurig would make a wonderful addition to the office!

  234. We’d love a Keurig for our Administrative offices!

  235. Yes, love to have a Keurig to make coffee and tea in the morning!

  236. Our office loves our Keurig but I think its just a home version…..probably really need to win this one!!

  237. Love that Keurig is working towards recyclable K pods!

  238. I need my coffee daily, no one is ever surprised to see me with a hot and an iced coffee at once :)

  239. Our office runs on coffee! This is a must!! :)

  240. Having a choice of hot beverages in the office really makes a difference!

  241. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks K cups get this office going every morning! :)

  242. I don’t drink coffee, but Keurigs make excellent tea and cocoa machines!

  243. We are a mixed bunch of coffee and tea drinkers…all day long!

  244. Coffee is such a great way to jumpstart the day! And having good coffee and a nice looking coffee bar can be very important!!

  245. In my office we jumpstart the day with lattes and a muffin from our cafeteria cafe!

  246. Life Begins After Coffee

  247. Our office just supplies normal ground coffee that is too strong, and we have to pay for it. I brought in my own personal Kuerig for my desk! :-D

  248. Yes please!!!!
    Coffee always great!!!!

  249. A good cup of coffee in the morning is a *must*

  250. Coffee is absolutely necessary to make it through the day.

  251. That’s great that Keurig will be making recyclable pods by 2020

  252. We need our coffee everyday and keurig helps with our different taste.

  253. Today we started with Administrative Professionals Day gifts.

  254. Love Keurig coffee. Quality and flavors are always on point.

  255. Who wouldn’t want a fresh cup of coffee every time at the touch of a button!

  256. We don’t currently have a coffee machine for our corporate offices but the first thing I unpacked when I got this job was my keurig mini to put on my desk!

  257. We LOVE coffee! We LOVE Keurig because it gives us good coffee! And tea! And a variety! What’s not to love about Keurig?! :-)

  258. We go down to the ground level coffee shop and have a nice hot Starbucks.

  259. What a FUN Giveaway! Wishing all the Admin Rockstars a fantastic week!!

  260. We go through a lot of coffee so a commercial brewer would be beneficial!

  261. The smell of coffee first thing in the morning or right after dinner is my fav. :)

  262. I love my Keurig at home, would love one in the office too.

  263. I didn’t realize Keurig had so many options for commercial use! And I’m really glad to see they’re doing so much to change their environmental impact. In the past, that’s been the biggest hang-up for me in terms of whether or not I would use Keurig.

  264. This would be a welcome relief to Maxwell House – we have 2 Keurigs that are only used during meetings.

  265. Love my Keurig machines – both at home and at the office. Coffee makes my admin skills kick into high gear on a daily basis!

  266. It would be so cool to win this for the office. Thanks, Keurig, for your donation for the Administrative Professional Week’s raffle.

  267. I have an amazing tea collection and tea is a must for all day energy. Glad to see there are a lot of tea options for the Keurig, too!

  268. I jump start my day with… guessed it, coffee! It keeps me functional and happy!

  269. I work for an engineering firm so coffee is a staple with us and therefore, we have commercial Keurig’s machines at all of our offices.

  270. Jump-start the office with welcoming hugs (for some), coffee and a “How are you this morning” checkpoint! Soooo, good morning all, cheers (with coffee in hand), how are all y’all doing?

  271. Currently have an ancient machine that makes awful coffee – would love to update!!

  272. With a Smile and Hello and is the coffee ready yet?

  273. The office Keurig is the first “company employee” I see every morning!

  274. Coffee is definitely a must in the mornings when I’m moving slow.

  275. Coffee, we couldn’t function without it :)

  276. I’d be lost without my morning kcups. I’d be in heaven if I won!

  277. I’d be lost without my Keurig! I’d be in heaven if I won!

  278. Our team has three Keurig units in our offices! Truly enjoy offering a variety of choices to team and guest!

  279. I didn’t realize all the options available for Keurig Commercial 🤯

    I especially love the “Grounds to Grow On” program, with this being the same week as Earth Day – this ecologically sustainable program is awesome!

  280. I don’t know what I’d do without my Keurig! I’d be in heaven if I won!

  281. All my dreams will have come true if I were to win this! I HEART Coffee!

  282. Coffee – the life blood of admins everywhere. #keurig

  283. We love having our Keurig so we can offer guests a great cup of coffee when they are visiting!

  284. My desk is close to one of our break rooms so I smell fresh coffee all day!!! Yummy!!!!

  285. I jump start my day by planning the night before. So before I leave at the end of the day, I have prioritized certain tasks for the next morning. sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. That’s the priorities in a law firm.

  286. Happy Administrative Professionals Day Everyone!

  287. Love and adore my Keurig (at home). Wish we had one at the office! Chai Latte’s in the afternoon would be dreamy!

  288. When our small Keurig breaks down . . . no one can function! Commercial size would be great!

  289. Can’t function without my coffee! Love the tea and cocoa options, as well!

  290. We love our commercial Keurig in the office! We also love that the Breakfast Blend pods are recyclable!

  291. I cannot function without coffee! Our office runs on Caffeine! Happy Administrative Professionals Day everyone!

  292. I need amazing coffee… moved from Seattle to Raleigh NC and the office I work at buys their coffee grounds for their coffee maker from Staples! Gah blah! Good way to stop drinking coffee! LOL! Happy Admin Prof Day!

  293. I don’t know what I would do without my Keurig! We drink so much coffee at mt house that I buy creamer by the case! I also order coffee from Keurig with auto-delivery, which is SO HELPFUL! I am on my 3rd Keurig machine and it is showing it’s age, so I really hope I win!

  294. Love our Keurig! Gotta have that coffee.

  295. Love the recycle option. It is something at the heart of our organization, sustainability and recycle. I wonder if there is interest in biodegradable KCups.

  296. Meghan, you’re a rock star!

  297. Our office started using the Grounds to Grow program about a year ago and are always amazed by the number of pounds of K-cups that we go through weekly.

  298. Glad to see they’re moving towards a more earth-friendly option. Love how easy it is to make!

  299. I did not know there was a difference between the home and business Keurig. Interesting!

  300. We start up with both coffee and chai to be alert and satisfied.

  301. I’ve tried to convince our office to get the Keurig so we stop wasting so many pots of coffee every day…keeping my fingers crossed!

  302. Love they are now offering boxes to recycle the K Cups. Looking into it for my office now.

  303. We don’t have Keurig at our office, but I love ours at home!

  304. Adore both our office keurig as well as my home machine. Would love to see even more compostable k cup brands

  305. Keurig is our office go to in the cube next to me. we are never with out pods.

  306. Love the life of an Administrative Professional. this week makes it all that more enjoyable. Thank you Office Ninja!

  307. Keurig is my go to home brew. It gives me a jump start on my day.

  308. We drink so much coffee in our office!

  309. We currently use a Keurig in our office that someone brought from their home so having a commercial Keurig would be nice. I only use the Keurig every other week because of the sustainability issue but I am very excited that things are being done to encourage sustainability with this product!

  310. We only start after having a great cup of coffee and we all get together again at 3:30 PM for another jump of coffee. Let’s just say we love coffee.

  311. Our keurig is so old but still cranking out coffee and tea everyday! Our patients enjoy it as much as the staff!

  312. Mmmm… nothing better than amazing coffee to start your day :)
    really tasty and convenient.

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