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Flash Raffle 2019 #5: Win $500 in Air Travel from Delta Air Lines!

Flash Raffle 2019 Day 3: Win $500 worth of air travel from Delta Air Lines!

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar: a group of Ninjas meets up for happy hour. They throw back a few drinks, share a few war stories. One hour turns to three, and after an evening of friendly bonding, it’s time to settle up.

And that’s when the epic struggle over who pays the group’s tab begins. They all want very much to put it on their card, because generosity? Heck no — they’re after those coveted reward points! You can reimburse them later.

It’s a universal truth that Ninjas love rewards programs — and they’re very good at making the most of them.

And because they make connections all over the world for their teams, they told us they need a travel rewards program that really delivers.

Our Admin Week 2019 partner and this week’s final Flash Raffle host Delta Air Lines makes each mile count, and they have a special offer just for Ninjas enrolling in the Delta SkyBonus Program for OfficeNinjas.

But don’t let us steal all the thunder — the Ninja community let us know what matters most when it comes to corporate travel rewards. We sat down with Delta Air Lines to get the inside scoop on this exclusive program.

Ninjas Ask 5 Big Questions about the Delta SkyBonus Program

What is Delta’s SkyBonus Program?

SkyBonus is a business travel rewards program for small to midsize companies. It turns your business travel budget into rewards by converting the dollars your company spends into points.

Enrollment is free, and your flyers continue to earn their own miles in the SkyMiles program — even as they help your company earn SkyBonus points and make connections across the globe.

How does Delta’s SkyBonus Program for OfficeNinjas differ?

In addition to the usual SkyBonus perks (free to enroll, points earned for every eligible fare, employees continue to earn their own miles), a Ninja’s company will receive 45,000 bonus points when they sign up and fly on a qualifying flight within the first 60 days.

They’ll also receive the opportunity for status matching and even more coverage and opportunity to earn with Air France, KLM, Alitalia, or Aeromexico.

To enroll in SkyBonus through the SkyBonus promotion for OfficeNinjas, companies must activate their account by emailing OfficeNinjas’ go-to Delta representative who will provide a Ninja-exclusive promo code to complete enrollment.

What are the minimum requirements?

In addition to a U.S. or Canadian Tax ID, companies are required to spend a minimum of $5,000 USD in eligible flight revenue and have a minimum of five unique employee travelers each calendar year.

Please note, if your company already has a preferred airline agreement with Delta, Air France, KLM, Alitalia or Aeromexico, your company is unfortunately ineligible.

Can we still use third-party booking tools? How many people can administer the account?

Yes! As long as the Skybonus number is manually added to the passenger(s) booking on a third-party tool, your company will still receive credit for the travel. Your travelers can also add the SkyBonus number to their SkyMiles account on!

Two people can be assigned as administrators on the account. Which means, yes, you can take a vacation without worrying about bookings being put on hold.

What rewards can we choose from?

Your company’s program administrator can choose from over 65 travel rewards including flight certificates, upgrades (please allow up to 4 hours processing time), Delta Sky Club® passes, and more.

Rewards can also be redeemed for flights with partner airlines (Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia), reduced travel expenses, employee rewards, or gifts to clients. The choice is yours!

Exclusive Promo for Ninjas!

Admin Week is all about the win-win. That’s why our partner, Delta Air Lines, has created a can’t-miss deal JUST for Ninjas.

Become a new member of Delta SkyBonus Program for OfficeNinjas and receive 45,000 bonus points for your company! To take advantage of this offer, email OfficeNinjas’ go-to Delta representative, and make sure an employee flies on a qualifying flight within the first 60 days.

To expedite the process to earn miles, please provide your company name, address, title, phone, and website in your email.

Congrats to the Winners of the 2019 Flash Raffle Hosted by Delta Air Lines!

Three lucky Ninjas scored airfare credit, courtesy of Admin Week 2019 partner Delta Air Lines!

Pop over to Delta’s SkyBonus website and peruse their 300+ destinations. Then, let us know in the comments where you’d fly with a group of Ninja friends!

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  1. Sure would love to take a Delta Flight to somewhere beautiful and fun.

  2. If I were to meet up with a group of Ninja friends, I’d meet up with them in Chicago, take them to my favorite Peruvian restaurant…where we could kvetch over copious amounts of Ceviche and Pisco Sours. :)

  3. Delta is the only airline our family flies. Everything is better.

  4. I love to fly with Delta. They have great customer service from booking a flight, checking in, boarding, and flying. I would love to go to New York.

  5. One of my favorite Customer Service departments to work with within the airline industry!

  6. Spread your wings and fly my friends… good luck to all who enter!!

  7. The best was when Delta finally opened more routes to the east coast, NY in particular. Having JFK options is PRICELESS!

  8. Delta is one of the better airlines that flies into and out of our islands (Hawaii). I usually try to book with them first!

  9. This is the first I’ve heard of the SkyBonus program. This is definitely something I will be looking into.

  10. I believe in miracles. And I believe in Delta and Office Ninjas. Please and thank you.

  11. Wow, that is a very awesome program! Going to look into it right now!

  12. Love Delta! It is no wonder they came ranked number one this past year!

  13. I would love to fly somewhere tropical! But I would probably end up flying somewhere rainy ;)

  14. I wouldn’t be flying with my co-ninjas! I’d fly to Sweden to see my brother who lives and works there!

  15. Delta is my airline of choice! Have never had a chance to fly first class, however.

  16. I work for a very large corporation, but handle all the travel arrangements for the executives I assist as well as the staff in my department. I am familiar with Delta and would love to go anywhere they fly.

  17. I’d be off to the west coast! I’m an east coast girl and have never been farther west than Texas.

  18. I’d use the miles to take my husband on our long-overdue honeymoon! Fingers crossed :-)

  19. Sounds like some nice perks. I’ll have to share this with our travel decision maker.

  20. Delta is the best! I always try to fly with them if at all possible!

  21. I would fly my NA team to London to join our London workplace team for a long overdue Global team outing

  22. I do all travel arrangements for our Casino, use Delta often, it would be nice to make myself travel arrangements for a change!

  23. I would love to fly from California to Florida to go visit my family and see my baby niece!

  24. Who wouldn’t want to fly for free?!? I would like to win to visit my brother and his family this summer.

  25. I would love to win this so I could visit my family that I haven’t seen in three years. Points would be beneficial to get me there!

  26. Delta is definitely my preferred airline! Would love to have an opportunity to take a vacation.

  27. Keep up the good work Admin Professional Friends…and always remember “The best is still yet to come”…especially when you have SkyMiles in your admin tool kit.

  28. Delta is always my preference, and let’s not look past the fact that the Atlanta airport is the best in the country – as far as I am concerned!

  29. Delta is by far my favorite Airline. I just wish they had more direct flights out of Denver

  30. I would love to go SFO_JFK to meet up with my colleagues in New York for a retreat!

  31. Planning a trip to New York later this year, this would be wonderful!

  32. Great to know! I am going to be looking for programs like this as my health ed company ramps up business in New York!

  33. I would fly to California to see my football team before they move to Las Vegas. It’s been a lifelong dream to see them play!

  34. Oh the places I would fly! I’ve always wanted to visit Nashville and Miami! New Orleans wouldn’t be too shabby either!

  35. I had never heard of the Sky Bonus Program before OnCon this week! Glad to have Delta’s reps as a trusted resource.

  36. What a great program! Definitely will be looking into this for our company!

  37. My CEO prefers united but perhaps I can have this be a preferred airline for the rest of the company.

  38. I could use a getaway! I hear good things about Delta and this would be a great opportunity.

  39. I’d take the crew to Costa Rica for some much needed Pura Vida R&R!

  40. Thank you for supporting Office Ninjas! Truly appreciate the extra love this week.

  41. This would be so great for so many! I am part of the many! I would love this!

  42. Love seeing all the new Delta flights here in Seattle. Lots of options!

  43. Me and my OfficeNinja amigas would be off to the sunny beaches of Panama City, Panama! Thanks Delta!

  44. Thank you Delta for partnering with OfficeNinja for another year! *two thumbs up*

    A co-worker and I were discussion an all inclusive spa resort to fly off to for a much needed break. Maybe Delta can help make our dreams a reality.

  45. Delta has a fantastic deal going for flights out of SEA. I could use a few extra bucks towards my next trip :)


  46. Winning this would be a huge bonus, allowing a vacation this year even more possible.

  47. Awesome sky miles program with delta! When I ever get the chance I will use my program to fly my mom to Paris! We have both never been!! Xo

  48. I could certainly use a vacation before I give birth in October!

  49. Are international companies eligible to join as well? This would be great for my previous company.

  50. I would so love to win this one. I have a group of mommies that I’ve know since our kids were in our belly’s (they are now approaching 18) and we have not all ever met in person yet! I would use this to fly to visit each one of them if I could.

  51. Count me in! Delta is one of our preferred partners. Pick me, pick me!!!

  52. I would go to Atlanta. My awesome friend moved there and I haven’t been able to go see her!

  53. Saved the best for last! Fingers, toes, arms, legs crossed for this one!

  54. Delta is amazing!! What a dream is would be to have enough points for a cross-country trip to NYC!

  55. If I could fly anywhere it would be to Thailand. Many of my friends have come back with incredible stories and I’d love to also experience that beautiful country.

  56. If I could fly anywhere it would be to Thailand. Many of my friends have come back with incredible stories and I’d love to also experience that beautiful country.

  57. Oh man, that’s a great question! I think I would fly somewhere like New Orleans with my Ninja friends. It seems like such a fun place to explore with its rich history, cuisine, and atmosphere.

  58. fly me to the castles of Europe or the jungles of Costa Rica!

  59. I’d travel to Asheville NC to see my family! It’s been a while.

  60. Depending on the time of year, any of the following: Maui, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami… :))))

  61. Wish this rewards applied to large companies. I love Delta. We already have a partnership with Delta.

  62. I’d love to fly Delta and attend NinjaCon next year! What a fun way to celebrate getting my CPAs through another tax season, and an opportunity to learn as well.

  63. I’d fly to someplace warm and sunny – like Punta Cana, Bolivia, or Puerto Vallarta. My fellow Ninjas and I could enjoy fun and sun, until we’re done!

  64. Delta is my personal choice when flying, I have only had the best experience with them. I always book Delta for my executives too – the SkyBonus program is an added perk!

  65. I’d use this prize to fly to Cape Cod to see my Dad. If I win Powerball I’ll fly Delta to somewhere in the United Kingdom.

  66. Delta was my airline of choice last year for a trip to see family in Switzerland and a return trip would be lovely and comfortable on Delta!

  67. I would fly to San Fran to attend next year’s Office Ninja’s conference!

  68. What a way to close out a great week! Hopefully I get this one and can use it for a beach getaway

  69. I would use those miles to go see my son graduate from college this June 15th , he is the first one from our family to graduate from an University! So proud!! I’m a single mom and this would help :-)

  70. My #1 travel destination is Spain! Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza… here I come!!

  71. Love that this airline is growing and still offering excellent service. One of the best US carriers in the sky

  72. I would go to Switzerland and Germany with my husband! We already fly with Delta so this would be perfect!

  73. I would go to Switzerland with my husband! We already fly with Delta so this would be perfect!

  74. Thank you OfficeNinjas for another way to increase B2B with a bonus of over 40K miles at signup with Delta’s new SkyBonus.

  75. I appreciate that Delta’s program sets an achievable requirement for even a small office like ours and that we can utilize our 3rd party travel service!

  76. I’d love to be able to go and visit my mom and sister out in St. Louis! The flights there are SO expensive.

  77. Thank you OfficeNinjas and Delta Air Lines, this would be a welcome surprise!

  78. Those miles would help so I can finally see my son (he’s in the Air Force)

  79. There’s so many places on earth I’d LOVE to visit. Hawaii or Australia are at the top of the list currently. This prize would be great!

  80. A vacation is just what I need right now! Been a long 6 months of being overloaded

  81. Delta is such an awesome airline, with great perks and getting you to your destination on time! I need this soooooo bad! gOOD LUCK to everyone we ALL need it :)

  82. I’d like to be spontaneous, just close my eyes and put my finger down on a map, talk about an incredible adventure!

  83. I’m going to my family reunion in upstate New York this summer. A prize from Delta sure would help with that.

  84. Thank you Delta. I would love a vacation but I would really like to go see my 93 yr old mom.

  85. Amsterdam, Holland – our sister city, and visit relatives we’ve only met on Facebook! 🌷

  86. Ah, AWESOME PRIZE! Who wouldn’t want to take a trip with friends and family and relax.

  87. I would love to use free Delta travel to take a trip with my husband while he is still able to.

  88. I never take real vacations, if I won, I would take a trip to Hawaii :)

  89. A vacation would be very welcomed about now. Delta, take me away!! 😄

  90. We fly a lot for my daughter’s volleyball tournaments. Could use this for our next flight! Just took Delta to Atlanta a few weeks ago.

  91. The business program sounds great! But my company doesn’t have enough unique travelers! :(

  92. What a great program from Delta! My ninja friends at work would love to go on a trip to D.C.

  93. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the raffle and to learn about Delta’s Sky Bonus Program. I would love to go back to Barcelona or else visit Prince Edward Island in Canada (setting of Anne of Green Gables book series).

  94. Delta is my preferred airline and I recommend it to all our visiting authors!

  95. I’d love to fly back to Kansas City to see my family! Delta is great!

  96. I would be love to be able to travel to somewhere new – I haven’t been to a lot of places outside of Texas so the possibilities are endless!

  97. My friend is a pilot for Delta but I’ve never managed to be on one of his flights!

  98. Anyplace warm and sunny. Think Florida, Southern California, or Hawaii

  99. I’d love to lounge in the sun with some fun friends! This would be a great mental break for me.

  100. I so need this!!! I need to get away from the rain and see some sunshine!

  101. I would love to visit the Isle of Capri. Good Luck everyone!!!

  102. Delta is such a good partner! We love flying on Delta; my family and my co-workers.

  103. This would be a perfect birthday present to me as I celebrate the big 5-0 later this year!!!

  104. I would fly to Hawaii or New York City! Next Admin Bash location?

  105. It’s always great to be able to turn cash to points and travel for less (or even better, FREE!). Thanks to Delta for this program.

  106. I would love to fly anywhere there’s a beach and some reggae music playing! Love watching those sunsets over the waves!

  107. “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away
    If you can use some exotic booze, there’s a bar in far Bombay
    Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away”

  108. I am a sun and beach loving girl. Take me and my friends away to somewhere tropical for a fun and relaxing time.

  109. I am a sun and beach girl. Take me away to somewhere tropical to get away from it all.

  110. Thank you, Delta, for always supporting the All-Star program!

  111. Such a great giveaway! Thanks for your generosity! One of the partners I support, only flies Delta.

  112. ✈️🥰 Delta Rocks! Biscoff cookies are one my favorite parts of flying with Delta!

  113. Thank you for offering the flash raffles this week. Delta is my preferred airline!

  114. I’d love to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean! Warm sunshine with awesome beaches!

  115. I think it’s cool you can use the Skybonus program even if using a third party travel program at work!

  116. This would be so nice to win!! Thank you, office ninjas, for these opportunities to win and for the recognition of administrative professionals!

  117. A great way to make your travel and mile’s go further! What an amazing program!

  118. I would love these miles! I have friends in Tucson, Arizona, that I would love to go visit!!!!

  119. Delta is a dependable, on time airline that keeps my team “on time”. Thanks!

  120. Wow, I would love to get away from our Chicago area weather to a nice warm location!

  121. So many destinations on my list to see. One of my top five is New York.

  122. This sounds like a great program. I particularly like that staff can still acquire their own personal miles while the organization does, at the same time.

  123. Thanks Delta for all your support of the administrative professionals! My first international trip with my team in May to UK. So excited to be included. Would love to be the one to share perks from Delta with my team!

  124. I would love to go to Orlando, Florida for some family fun!

  125. Would love to fly to Miami to get some sun! This would be an awesome win!

  126. Would love to fly to Miami for a much needed getaway with my hubby. This would be an awesome win!

  127. Would love to fly to Miami for a much needed getaway with my hubby. We didn’t get a chance to do a honeymoon two years ago when we married. This would be an awesome win!

  128. Wow, what a spectacular program! Thanks Delta for offering the air travel raffle!

  129. I would fly somewhere to explore and relax – and not check in to my work emails! :-)

  130. My team is flying to UK in May. I have been invited to join. Have NEVER flown international and very excited!
    YES, a group of four of us will be flying DELTA.
    So excited and I know that Delta will be the BEST Partner for my team!

  131. Would love to go to the next Office Ninjas conference. Didnt get to go this year but I was so looking forward to it.

  132. A mountain escape for some R&R in the clouds – that would be amazing!

  133. Thanks Office Ninjas and Delta for this high-flying chance to win BIG!

  134. This would almost cover air for my family of 4 on that theoretical vacation we have always dreamed of taking!

  135. Where would I fly? Somewhere warm!!! These upstate NY winters can be brutal!

  136. As our main office is in San Jose, and I’m in NYC, these miles would come in handy!!

  137. Where would I fly? Somewhere warm!!! These Rochester, NY winters can be brutal!

  138. This year’s raffle items are awesome! Who wouldn’t love free air travel?! Delta a good airline, too. Thanks for the chance to win, OfficeNinjas!

  139. Most definitely would fly to some island for much needed island time.

  140. I’d go visit my parents! And then detour to a sunny beach somewhere on the way home!!

  141. Ireland is #1 on my travel bucket list! I would fly to Dublin.

  142. My executive really appreciates the perks that Delta offers and tries to fly them between his LUV flights. Thanks for bringing this opportunity to our attention and making my executives feel special when they are traveling for business.

  143. If I could fly to meet up with some Ninja’s, I would likely fly back to San Francisco and see if we couldn’t connect at Charmonade again!

  144. I’d definitely get a group of Ninja friends and fly to the next Admin Bash!

  145. I would travel to some state I haven’t visited yet, California, Washington, New York.

  146. I’m ready for some sand on my feet and a cocktail in my hand!

  147. Hmmmm – So hard to pick! I’d love to go to Tokyo. Or Edinburgh. Or Antigua, hahaha – I could go on :)

  148. Delta has been having some amazing deals lately. I went to Belgium for $343.00 R/T this past March and the experience was great. Would love to travel some more on Delta!

  149. Why pick one, when there are so many available destinations. I could totally see a crew of ninjas making swift multi-stops around the world, experiencing several great wonders in one “bound”. A little something for everyone along the way, making CDG the turn-around destination.

  150. It would be nice to have an alternative to United in Denver!

  151. I fly my boss on Delta all the time – our preferred Airline!

  152. I’d make it an extended trip to walk in my ancestors’ footsteps. I’d fly into London and see Essex, then visit Normandy, France, where my grandfather arrived on D-Day, then visit Asturias, Spain, Northern Ireland, and southern Scotland to do some genealogical research.

  153. This would be a great raffle to win! Awesome that you all are doing this!

  154. It would be a true blessing to be able to see my babies in Texas. Plus, Delta is the *best* airline around!

  155. I would love to take a vacation to Italy one day. Perhaps visit the birth place of my grandparents!

  156. I would use this to fly to this year’s IAAP Summit in Maryland!

  157. Oh wow this would finally give me the miles needed to fly to our company Maine Lake House :) I’ve only been with the company for a year including two other females in the office! Or to share with the company pool of newbies trying to see our Company Luxuries ;) Excite ME Nature is my getaway from work things!

  158. I would take Delta’s awesome direct flight from Philadelphia to New Orleans!

  159. Wedding in Dominican = October. Just saying Delta – help a friend out.

  160. I would hope my Ninja friends are cool with Europe – that’s where I’d like to head to!

  161. Btw…I would fly many places. I would use the multi-city option to hop from Detroit, to LA, to NY to Amsterdam, Goa, China, Costa Rica, TX… and list keep going. But first Goa!

  162. I would love to go somewhere where I could unplug for a little while! I haven’t taken a vacation in almost a year so I would love this!

  163. Nice raffle! We Office Ninjas certainly need some down time. Fingers crossed!

  164. I have been using Delta’s Skymiles and SkyBonus program for years. it is an excellent way to track mileage, book flights, manage flights, etc. Delta just makes it easy to fly. Thanks, Delta!

  165. Delta, I would love to visit my admin friend in Ft Lauderdale, or my church friend in Scottsdale, or see my grand new grandbaby in Estonia. I’ve never been to Napa. I adore Nashville. Delta, take me there.

  166. I think Susan Sontag summed it up best when she said “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” :)

  167. I’ve been wanting to fly down to Tampa to see my husband’s family and explore the area he’s from.

  168. With having family near Atlanta, GA, I have flown Delta since I was a little girl. They have the best customer service in the airline industry.

  169. I’m in desperate need of a getaway and to be able to fly on my favorite airline, Delta, would be amazing!

  170. Got to work with some great Delta employees back when I was an Ops manager at a hotel! If their service is anything as great as their employees were.. hope to fly with them soon!

  171. Way to go Office Ninjas! Another fantastic raffle for Admin Week!

  172. I would love this opportunity, I would get to visit my husband in Jamaica!😍

  173. I think San Francisco would be a great place to travel with fellow Ninjas!!

  174. I used to be afraid of flying. Luckily I got over it and enjoy one-two trip a year. Often on Delta!

  175. Would love to take a trip to New Orleans with my husband!
    Great idea – Delta SkyBonus Program for OfficeNinjas. Thanks.

  176. I think it is so wonderful that you are doing these raffles. I am really blessed to be included in something honoring the hard work we administrators do to keep things up and running.

  177. Somewhere near the water that’s warm and saturated in sunshine!

  178. If I have Ninja friends with me the destination does not matter. Its a guaranteed good time!

  179. Delta has the best customer service, even their airport sections are nicer that other carriers.

  180. This is what I love most about the Admin Week raffles – GREAT information about products/services that I was not previously aware of! I LOVE the fact that you can still book through third party sites and also earn SkyMiles!! Definitely signing up for the SkyBonus Program!

  181. Delta has the best customer service, even their airport sections are nicer that other carriers.

  182. This would be so amazing! I would feel blessed to get this. Single mom her and this would be a nice little something extra to take me and my little one inna trip together.

  183. Love Delta – I’ve been a SkyRewards Member for a while now. Their app makes it easy to check your progress!

  184. Sad to see the week end! What a great conference and bash this week. Good luck all!

  185. Delta fly me anywhere there is sunshine, warm weather and white sand!!

  186. Delta is always our preferred airlines! Great service and great rewards! :)

  187. This program allows us an enlightening outlook on the benefits that we can share with management, collaborators and team members. I have always been “the reservationist” but never the “traveler”. I welcome fresh perspectives and new adventures.

  188. I would love to travel to Salt Lake City as one of many destinations. Another would be Europe

  189. Hope I win! I would fly to NM to see my newly found sisters for the very first time!

  190. I don’t fly a lot but when I do I always choose Delta because they are a stellar company that works hard to ensure customer satisfaction is a priority. I would absolutely love to book a trip away from the office for some much needed me time! Thank you to Delta for sponsoring this giveaway!!

  191. I’d love to fly to Hawaii! I’ve never been there, and I’ve always heard such amazing things!

  192. I would take our group of Admins to Las Vegas for a long weekend getaway!!

  193. I would fly to Hawaii for relaxation! Hawaii is so calming and it takes your breath away!!!

  194. I am always booking with Delta for those I manage travel for… I would love to fly sometime – I’ve only flown once.

  195. Oh mine is easy and it wouldn’t really be that far; I’d fly down to Mobile, Alabama and spend some time in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, enjoying the beautiful white sandy beaches, the water, the amazing food, and good friends!

  196. I’d love to fly to Los Angelos, California! I was there several years ago, had the best time and would love to return!

  197. My company sends employees on dozens of trips a year! I can definitely see the benefits of this rewards program.

  198. Sure could of used this to be able to go to Admin Bash….Maybe boss let us next year!!!!

  199. I can think of all kinds of great places to go, but the best would be a trip to see my sister in Virginia! Thanks for the opportunity Delta!

  200. Delta is always my first choice for travel. In my opinion, they are the best airline out there. They are friendly and always willing to go above and beyond when travel plans change.

  201. This would be a blessing to win, I’d love to adventure out to Midwest or West coast!

  202. Somewhere warm and stress free! The Program sounds interesting and beneficial. I will pass along to our Travel Department manager. Thank you for this offer!!

  203. What an excellent travel rewards program! Delta is my airline of choice already, always excellent service and decent prices. And I have wonderful memories of how they made my son’s first flight super special : )

  204. This is a great program! Book for my CEO all the time, would be great to book something for me :-)

  205. I would love to take the rest of my leadership team to the California Coast for some R&R and bonding.

  206. Take me away to the Phillipeans…or at least part of the way ;)

  207. I’ve never heard of SkyBonus! I’ll have to bring this up with the travel area. Rewards are great.

  208. It does sounds interesting, however, I no longer arrange travel within our Company.

  209. I need a getaway that involves air travel. Someone else can do the driving (airplane of course)!

  210. I love rewards programs! I want to visit my family in Texas – hope I win!

  211. I’d like to fly to the West Coast since I’ve never been off the East Coast!

  212. Oh, this would definitely help during the holidays. Flying down South to see my family has become so expensive!

  213. Can you imagine time to yourself without having to support others?! Amazing!!

  214. I’d love to take a self love vacation somewhere warm and sunny!!

    1. I’d love to put my newly acquired passport to use and visit Australia.

  215. I would love to visit Russia one day! I think seeing Moscow and St. Petersburg would be amazing.

    1. San Francisco so I could attend the Admin Bash! Of course bringing members of my team with me!


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