Flash Raffle 2019 #4: Score $500 in Meals from Caviar for Companies!

Delivery menu fatigue is real. Caviar for Companies delivers (and caters!) meals that will satisfy your entire company’s tastes. And we at ON HQ can attest — the customization and order management features available in their web app will make food-organizing anxieties disappear faster than a platter of fresh pastries on the breakroom table.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Ninja community let us know what matters most when it comes to corporate delivery and catering. We sat down with Caviar for Companies, our Admin Week 2019 partner, to give Ninjas the inside scoop on group ordering and today’s Flash Raffle giveaway!

Ninjas Ask Caviar for Companies 5 Big Questions

Can staff place an order themselves through Caviar without needing credit card information?

Yes! Set a spending limit, share a link with your team, and let Caviar for Companies do the rest. Your staff will be able to make their own selections and place orders without needing to input credit card information as long as it’s under the company allocated budget.

What if my team doesn’t want food from the same place?

We designed our “Group” offering to be a quick and easy, grab-and-go process, so team members can dine and get back to their day. There’s no need to argue over which restaurant to choose — groups can select up to eight restaurants in a single order. Employees pick their own dishes and have the ability to customize by dietary preferences like gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian, with each meal arriving individually labeled.

As for catering, we offer lots of variety in meal options, but each catered meal typically comes from one restaurant.

How closely do deliveries arrive to their scheduled delivery time?

For scheduled orders, you can expect to receive your food anywhere within the 30-minute window prior to the scheduled delivery time. For ASAP orders, the delivery window (and any relevant updates) will be provided in the order tracking URL and in-app.

How does the ordering process differ for a large catered event?

Large catered events are an elevated ordering experience. A team of friendly, professional Caviar catering captains will be staffed on-site to prep, plate dishes, and serve your team. You can choose from white-glove catering, or keep it more casual with drop-off.

Either way, all of our large catered event orders are guaranteed to be packaged and ready to serve upon delivery. Our restaurant partners are even happy to label the platters and trays, so no setup is required on your end!

Is Caviar for Companies available in my city?

Our Caviar for Companies white-glove catering service is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York. Our Individual and Group offerings are currently available in 18 markets nationwide and expanding.

Flash Raffle Day 4, Hosted by Caviar for Companies!

Three lucky Ninjas scored a generous dining credit, courtesy of Admin Week 2019 partner Caviar for Companies!

Pop over to the Caviar website (not on an empty stomach) and check out their delicious options. Then, let us know in the comments what is your team’s most requested cuisine, and which of Caviar’s restaurants you’d order from!


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  1. Beverly Jones-Gibson

    I would do the County Fair and the ‘Cue’ wich Sandwich Package. The guys would flip!

  2. Beverly Jones-Gibson

    Our monthly meeting usually consists of food from Sardis, however, Everyone has been requesting different food and Hill Country Barbecue Market would fit the bill! I would do the County Fair and the ‘Cue’ wich Sandwich Package. The guys would filp!

  3. Karla

    It is great to have options, good options, especially when we order lunch almost every day!

  4. Corliss

    Thank you Caviar! You were great at the admin bash! Love your variety of choices!

  5. Nina

    My team loves steak – so we’d request from any of the nearby steakhouses !

  6. Michelle

    We do weekly staff meetings and I’m always looking for new lunch options. This is a great way to add variety.

  7. Cassandra D

    Order from Serious Pie.

  8. Joelle Bailey

    They don’t deliver in Phoenix,AZ but I am happy I can use when I am at work in San Francisco. I hope you come to Phoenix soon!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Perfect plan, Joelle! 🙌 Good luck!

  9. Tracy Foreman

    I love ordering catering

  10. J Burk

    Looks great! Thanks for the the info

  11. Jenna b

    Looks great! Thanks for the the info

  12. Amber

    Would be fun to try!

  13. Vincent Parisi

    I can’t wait to try them. I had a great convo with a rep at the Bash!

  14. Lexi

    My coworkers and I all have such different tastes, this would be a game changer when it comes to ordering lunch.

  15. Kirbi

    We use Caviar weekly and love it!

  16. Irene

    Always looking for more options to give teams when they need a brown bag lunch

  17. Helena Chevalier Stehlik

    Like the “up to eight restaurants to choose from”

  18. Li

    Yum! Excited for new options!

  19. Sue C.

    I’m in San Diego… no Caviar here. :-( Hmmm… maybe there should be an additional giveaway for those of us not in the three areas they service??!! :-)

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Hey Sue! You can always use Caviar if you’ve got events in other areas 😉Happy Admin Week!

  20. Ashley Goldsmith

    Mexican is always a favorite for me and my team.

  21. Judy Sheffield

    Our guys love to eat! They would love this!

  22. Michele Zessman

    Love all of the options. My team would too.

  23. Sili

    Who doesn’t like food prize?

  24. Valerie86

    Love the idea of being able to order from different restaurant as a group. I donour busy season catering so I’ll be interested in if they are available in our area. Thank you!

  25. Sol

    I love all the food options and food variety. It’s a great food concept!

  26. Cheryl Alvis

    Are you serving the NW corner of Washington state? I’d be thrilled to hear you are!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Not yet!! Just Seattle and Seattle Eastside. We’re always expanding though. Keep up at trycaviar.com for region updates!

  27. Felicia F

    I like what Caviar has to offer. It’s nice to have options in the workplace to accommodate every taste bud.


    Having really good delivered food is part of living and working the good life.

  29. Amy

    I see a lot of hungry bellies who who like this!!!!

  30. Barbara N

    Always looking for new ideas for catering!

  31. Amy

    If only we were in a populated area….we have nothing here.

  32. Josie McCoy

    You’re making me hungry!

  33. Jennifer Dinis

    This sounds great. May just be what we need.

  34. Scott Miller

    We use Caviar often and love it! Whether choosing a place that offers catering en mass, or setting up a cart for everyone to choose their own meal, it’s a big hit!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Great to hear, Scott — thanks for sharing!

  35. Debbie Orens

    What awesome food!

  36. Reggie C

    Interested to see what the Austin network is like!

  37. Tarah

    Cool concept! My office loves the simplicity of ordering pizza, but it’s always nice to switch things up!

  38. Anna Ali

    Our office will pretty much eat anything! Looking forward to this being available in more areas :)

  39. Leisa Vandehey

    This one is easy… My team love fresh, healthy, environmentally friendly food, so sushi from Bamboo Sushi NW would be a big hit!

  40. Grace M. Pollert

    Loved hearing more about you at ON CON!

  41. Michelle F.

    We use Caviar all the time but it’s exciting to hear that they started something new that focuses on business orders~

  42. Starin

    Do you have plans to come to Denver anytime soon?

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Hey Starin! Not exactly sure when, but we’re always expanding. Keep track of trycaviar.com for region updates this year!

  43. Dawn

    I love that employees can order from up to eight restaurants and that the individual meals are labeled! Also, I love that the catering provides dishcards (ingredients, allergens), since I make my own whenever I have a catered lunch.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Hey Dawn! Yes! Our dietitians handle all that work for you. If you want to learn more about how we do ingredients, allergens, menu planning and nutritional facts, we’d love to give you more info! My colleague Julian can help at [email protected]

  44. Josh Thomas

    I really like that an office can order from up to 8 different restaurants!

  45. Gina Worrall

    Love the concept. Hope it comes to Phoenix soon!

  46. Kay Ray

    Food always helps to bring people together!

  47. Cheri

    I wish this were available in Colorado!

  48. Kelsey K

    Sadly Caviar is not in our area yet but our most requested foods are Italian or Asian food in the office for special events. Hope to see Caviar near us soon!

  49. Barrett Shaw

    Excited to try this for our organization.

  50. @verlancelot

    We’ve used Caviar a few times recently, and… MMMMM!!! It makes things easy, the options are great… What else can you ask for??

  51. AmyBH

    Pizza is always the most popular, but when that gets old, they want a taco bar. I’m in Richmond, VA – no Caviar available here.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Pizza is a go-to. And you can always use Caviar when you have out-of-town events 🙌Happy Admin Week, Amy!

  52. Tanya F.

    Nice! I am in!

  53. Amber M.

    Love that there are options for both small and large orders and from a variety of places

  54. Jolene

    This would be so helpful since we have multiple locations.

  55. Julie A Bock

    Love the option to be able to order from up to a different restaurant and have the bill and go directly to a different project. Simplifies life.

  56. Paula A

    Sounds great hope they come to Texas

  57. Mary H

    Sounds amazing! Being able to have my group just from several options instead of everyone having to order from the same one would be so awesome.

  58. Cindy Pavelchik

    Seems easy to use

  59. Annette

    Great service. I’ve used for a few meetings in the past.

  60. Michala


  61. Cheryl R

    Sounds delightful but I am waiting more restaurant choices in my area.

  62. Leslie Hall

    I’m very interested in Caviar but haven’t tried it yet. This is a good push to do it!

  63. Sherri

    My office would love this!

  64. Gwen

    Yum! Our staff would love this!

  65. TL

    Our team likes many different types of cuisines and would be excited to order food from Oren’s Hummus or Sprout Café.

  66. Paula A

    My Department loves any type of food. Having Cavier service Houston, Tx and the surrounding areas would provide a variety of services

  67. tiffany

    Way to go, Byron! What an inspiring story! Important to keep our employees happy and fed :)

  68. Kat

    Hello Poke!!

  69. Demita

    Awesome idea! I am hoping to try something different and get everyone’s feedback.

  70. Kris Wade

    Can you deliver to Hawaii?!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Not yet but we’re always expanding! Keep checking trycaviar.com for region updates.

  71. Ethel Kruger

    I don’t know what is available in the Omaha, NE area. I love that there are a lot of options.

  72. Jennifer Wisniewski

    Looks amazing!

  73. Deanna

    First time seeing Caviar and their options. Pretty cool!

  74. Stacey A.

    Caviar is my go to favorite vendor – love to see this even easier option!

  75. Karina

    What a great option. This is my first exposure to Caviar

  76. Shannon A

    Do you have any plans to expand to the South Bay and/or Central Coast areas?

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We are in the South Bay and would love to serve you! Reach out to [email protected] to see how we can help!

  77. Heather Bowen

    Yummy! I love seeing all of the Officeninjas partners!

  78. Joanna H.

    This is a great concept…I like the idea of having various options!

  79. Andrea Estrada

    Is this similar to Foodsby?

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We do also deliver office lunches, but we can do any meal you need (breakfast, dinner, happy hours) too and range from expensing individual meals at work to company wide catering! We work for any size. Do you think you’d be interested? Reach out to [email protected] for more details!

  80. Kimberly Leegstra

    The Team loves pizza, especially from Harry’s on Gold Street. However, there are a few who prefer a healthier meal. Caviar would allow us to order in for everyone easily. Not all of us have company cards, especially me, the admin, but I do the ordering, so, the idea having an account with a predetermined budget takes care of my biggest problem! Thanks!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Having a healthier options and easier ordering makes all the difference — fingers crossed for you, Kimberly!

  81. Yvonne Robertson

    I’ve never heard of the company but everything looks terrific so I can’t wait to win and try it!!!!

  82. Kelly Iwatsuru

    Love that there are so many options… Every office loves food.

  83. Kennedy

    Love this!

  84. Andy

    nom nom Caviar ;-) .

  85. Jami

    My office loves Caviar!

  86. Leila Shooshani

    Caviar’s catering function has saved me many a times! Plus I used them for a small remote office’s lunches on a bi-weekly basis.

  87. Rebecca S

    I’d love to try Caviar for Companies! Great concept.

  88. Christina Bowers

    Like the fact that individuals can place orders as well, very convenient!

  89. Renae

    It’s so great to have reliable solutions for meal ordering!

  90. Jeteca Larson

    This would be fantastic as a quick and simple solution for snacks and treats in the office!

  91. Nicole Valk

    We love ALL food! To name a few restaurants that we would order from would be: Sprouts, Oren’s Hummus (YUM) and Sancho’s Taqueria!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      ALL food for the win 🙏Fingers crossed for you, Nicole!

  92. jenny

    we love tacos in our office!

  93. Emily

    Love that you can order from up to 8 different restaurants!

  94. Barbara Cohen

    never heard of them but love the idea.

  95. Kari Furse

    I have never heard of this company. Nice to learn about you!

  96. Leticia

    Looks amazing!

  97. marieebee

    This looks great, Caviar for Companies! It totally beats me bringing in donuts for the office.

  98. Laura Swallows


  99. Ali

    I should be ashamed of how much I use Caviar..

  100. Nancy

    sounds great – I love the idea that people can choose from more than one restaurant. That’s usually the hardest part in meal planning – trying to find one place that covers all dietary needs.

  101. Barrett Reinking

    My company is growing crazy, I would love to have as many options as possible.

  102. Nicki

    First time hearing of this, would certainly be very useful in our office!

  103. ASamayoa

    I love that people can choose their own meal!

  104. Dezilou0619

    Options are the best… thanks for your service!

  105. Jen W

    So cool, didn’t know that Caviar can do all of this!

  106. Melissa B

    This looks like a much easier way of getting lunch orders together for meetings!

  107. Sharon Shaffer

    Hope you’re in Northern VA

  108. Michele T.

    Caviar is perfect for small or large groups. There are many options in Seattle, which is great.

  109. Lacey Horton

    all the noms!

  110. Carol Simoes

    Caviar has some good restaurant options.

  111. Gina Van Dusen

    looks like you are not in our area (Eugene Oregon). :-(

  112. Sydney

    I like that you can have team members order for themselves! Saves a ton of time

  113. Nikki

    Our office doesn’t necessarily have a favorite cuisine but we love to mix it up and try different things so it’s great to see all the options!

  114. Stefanie Whaley

    WOW, how have I not ever even seen this before today? What a cool concept for all kinds of needs. I’m going to investigate this some more! So cool!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Excited to welcome you to Caviar Stefanie! Let me know if you have any questions [email protected]

  115. Kathryn Flint

    Love Love LOVE Caviar! I love their restaurant selections, ease of the app and online ordering, as well as quick delivery & turn around time.

  116. Jacqueline

    I’m always looking for a great caterer!

  117. Nicole Faria

    With an admin that is stuck in a rut, we have the same 3 options for food offered weekly. This amazing raffle win could really open the eyes of our admin and team to have a great team approach to building food orders for individual veins of our units. I would love to try this!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Sounds perfect for you and your team, Nicole! Good luck!

  118. Crystal Hansen

    Love the idea of letting people place their own orders for smaller/ team lunches!

  119. Lucia

    This is so convenient! As an admin that often coordinates with offices in multiple locations, this is the perfect solution to taking care of all catering needs in one go!

  120. Nina Thomas

    I’ve been wanting to try your snacks and this is a great way to go!

  121. Donna G

    Our group loves Mexican food. Tocaya Organica looks amazing!

  122. Becki Bowers

    Glad they have partnered with vendors to fulfill office catering needs.

  123. sarahb

    I love this idea!

  124. Denise Dentley

    I love this concept. Our office prefers ‘grab-and-go’ food, but we need options because we have vegans, vegetarians, lactose-intolerant, and gluten-free staff, all on the same team. A build your own type of bar usually works best.

  125. sarahb

    This is awesome!

  126. Jordan K.

    Wow, this sounds amazing for ordering more Asian food which can be hard… Wish this were in Denver but will let our new LA outpost know about it :)

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Please do! Happy to let you know any more info on LA! Have your LA team reach out for any questions: [email protected]

  127. Oxana

    I love Caviar services. Use them a lot for my clients and for event planning.

  128. Oxana

    Love having options

  129. Oxana

    Love to have options

  130. Amanda G

    Hope the service is available in Phoenix, AZ soon.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We’re always expanding. Keep checking trycaviar.com this year for updates!

  131. Brenda Lepinski

    I love Caviar.

  132. MoWRE

    I’ve used Caviar for personal purchases, but had no idea that they offered corporate catering!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      YES! So many awesome offerings. Check us out to see if we’ll be a fit for your company!

  133. Lori

    Adding to my wish list!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Great! Let me know of any questions I can answer in the meantime! [email protected]

  134. Charmayne Druley

    I hope that this service comes to our area soon. Would be great to order for multiple locations in one site. Sounds like a time saver, and everyone gets a choice.

  135. Corinne

    Looks great!

  136. Jamie L

    It doesn’t make any sense for me to enter today’s raffle since Caviar does not service my office or home location which is disappointing.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Jamie, we’re always expanding! Keep checking trycaviar.com this year for updates on your region!

  137. Stephanie

    Congrats! So exciting.

  138. Krissie Bacho

    Our team loves Mexican and Thai food! Those are our go-tos when ordering from Caviar.

  139. Sasha O

    Caviar makes ordering food for everyone easier! Thank you!

  140. Stephanie S

    Caviar is great. We use them often for our meetings and trainings. I haven’t tried them for happy hour, yet. That’s a great idea.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      The happy hour menus are amazing. Excited for you to try!

  141. Monica A.

    Sounds great but not available in Tucson, AZ yet.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We’re always expanding! Keep checking trycaviar.com this year for updates!

  142. Monica Calzada

    Super excited about this!

  143. TiffanyO

    We LOVE Asian Fusion at the office, so something similar to Urban Belly would be perfect!

  144. Patrick Dunne

    Admin Bash was the most fun I had in a long time! I can’t wait for the next one!

  145. Melinda Saretzky

    Love different food ideas!

  146. Sonya

    Food is the great office equalizer!

  147. Cassey

    I’ve heard a lot about Caviar, but haven’t tried it yet. Can’t wait!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      YES! Feel free to reach out to me for me for any questions. [email protected]

  148. Kim R.

    I love the selection and dependable service! Thanks Caviar!

  149. Sarah J

    I would want to try them all!

  150. Tiffany Z

    Caviar saved the day for us last week! We had a candidate in for an interview and needed to cater lunch last minute.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We love to hear that! Keep using us, and check out our website for other awesome ways we can serve your company!

  151. Gabriela Sucher

    It looks like excellent food selection!

  152. Glennie

    Sounds like a great office food solution!

  153. monica m

    Darn. Doesn’t look like they’re in Seattle yet.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Hey Monica! We are in Seattle! Happy to serve your company. Let me know of any questions, my email: [email protected]

  154. Miriam

    Can’t wait to try Caviar at our office!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      YES! Excited for you to try us. Reach out for any questions! [email protected]

  155. Korri

    My office loves Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern & Mediterranean food. I’m sure Oren’s Hummus would get a lot of love from us on Caviar!

  156. Julie Hagelshaw

    Good to know. Thanks.

  157. Yvonne

    Looks great!

  158. Yvonne


  159. Angela W.


  160. Ferlin B

    This is a great idea.

  161. LaTonya Latimore

    Are they coming to the Chicago Area?

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Hey LaTonya! We are in Chicago! Happy to serve your company. Let me know of any questions, my email: [email protected]

  162. Lindsey Turner

    This is such a great resource! Can’t wait for it to be available in our area!

  163. Cathy Pikes

    What a great concept!

  164. Janice Filbin

    When will Houston be covered?

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Janice, we’re always expanding! Keep checking trycaviar.com this year for updates.

  165. Courtney Beard

    This would be great!

  166. Susan D

    Cavair is a small office game changer when it comes to getting meals when you are too small for catering.

  167. Jess H

    I like ordering food for the office, but this makes it easier to give employees more input!

  168. Terri Mullan

    Love the option to have more than one restaurant for delivery, and the white-glove option – AWESOME!!

  169. Christine

    Love the concept of this!!! Is it available in my area? Milwaukee, WI

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Not yet but we’re always expanding! Keep checking trycaviar.com this year for updates on your region!

  170. Renee Roberts

    Great product!!

  171. Laura S.

    Ordering food for meetings and events has always been one of my least favorite things to do. This sound like a great solution!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      YES! Check us out Laura! We’d love to see how we can serve your company.

  172. Jere Gabriel

    Great concept! Brilliant!

  173. Vesna Cottrell

    Bummer – I checked out the caviar website and it said – “Sorry we currently aren’t serving your area.” But are we still eligible to win a backup catering prize?

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Hey Vesna! Yes, still eligible! You can just use the credit when you have an event out of town. Happy Admin Week 🎉

  174. Sandy Stevens

    I’m definitely letting my office manager know about Caviar for Companies. I’d love to try it out.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      AMAZING! We can connect over email, and I can answer any questions. [email protected]

  175. Kim Moore

    Amazing food, easy to order, an event planners dream come true!!!

  176. Sara Haubold

    I love that your crew makes their own selections, eliminating so much guess work and worry about dietary restrictions.

  177. Julie

    Unfortunately, this is not available in our area.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Julie, we’re always expanding! Keep checking trycaviar.com this year for updates on your region!

  178. Angie Holliger

    I order food several times a week. I haven’t used Caviar before, but will be checking it out for sure now!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Please do! We’re beyond happy to help. Sign up on our website to get set-up, and please reach out to me for any questions! [email protected]

  179. Ann Wehrlie

    Catering is one of the challenging ‘to-dos’ for meeting and event planning. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Of course! Have a Caviar Catering captain do all that work for you. Sign up on our website and please let me know of any questions! [email protected]

  180. Adrian Jauregui

    We use Caviar for our monthly Staff meetings. =)

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      AMAZING. Love to hear that!

  181. Lori Daveggio

    We love Caviar and will be using them more and more!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Amazing!! Excited to keep working with you Lori!

  182. laura d


  183. Becky Shoaf

    This would be a welcome addition for our office needs!

  184. Vida Holmes

    Pizza is life for our team

  185. MJ K

    Love that everyone can order and not have to use their own card!

  186. Kristen Wilkie

    Always need new ideas

  187. kelly

    healthy is good

  188. Cassaundra Walker

    Great variety!

  189. Kathy Mueller

    Sadly, we have a caterer on our college campus that we are supposed to use exclusively. However, their kitchen will be down this summer and this would be a welcome change!

    1. Lauren at Caviar for Companies

      Absolutely! Would be thrilled to give you more information on how we can help this summer. Make sure you sign up on the Caviar for Companies site!

  190. Ronna M

    This would be great!

  191. CatherineSME

    What a great idea! I wish Caviar was available in my area – I would definitely advocate for my firm to take advantage of their services.

    1. Lauren at Caviar for Companies

      We’re always expanding. Feel free to submit your info now, and we’ll be sure to let you know when we expand into your area!

  192. Mo Alston

    Love this service!

  193. Laura

    Caviar keeps our office fed!

  194. Kathy Kubik

    I love that you can order from 8 different companies! Definitely want to check this service out!

  195. Teena Singley

    I would choose Souvla – Hayes! Everything looks delicious, but would have to include the Greek Frozen Yogurt!

  196. Virginia Venious

    Love the variety!

  197. Claire Wichelmann

    This seems like a handy service.

  198. Anita Maasen

    Surprisingly, sushi is a fav with our group!

  199. L.Parris

    I wish this service was in our state! Great concept!

  200. Jeri Smith

    I’ve used them in the past. They’re great!

  201. Lesa Redfield

    This sounds good, I am North of Chicago

  202. Karen Moyer

    Looks like a great place, wish they were located in my area.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We’re always expanding Karen! Keep checking trycaviar.com for region updates this year.

  203. Jill Alexander

    Ordering food is quite a challenge. I love this idea!

  204. Chim Loy

    A true office ninja knows how to stay within budget, keeps it simple, and maintains the smile on the employees’ faces at the same time. The secret? Caviar!!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      What a quote! Thanks Chim. Thanks for supporting Caviar for Companies :)

  205. Claire R.

    Love this service!

  206. Judith

    This is a great idea! It’s something we can use for our quarterly staff luncheon. We get together, celebrate the people who are having birthdays and anniversaries and work anniversaries and just catch up with everyone who has been flying through the days. How handy would this be for us?!?

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      SO handy! Excited to work with you Judith. Let me know of any questions you have, would love to get you started! [email protected]

  207. Melissa 0770

    I would love to find a service like this in our small city

  208. Karon McMakin

    This sounds like a great solution for catering to our group. Would love to win this!!

  209. Jennifer B.

    Sounds great.

  210. Anna S

    My team LOVES salads – but I’d love to get them to branch out more and order from different places!

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Yes!! We have salads and so so much more. Choose from different restaurants or mix & match each day. Let me know I can help you get set up!

  211. De Ann

    Too bad there’s not one in Fort Myers, FL. It would be a great addition to the area and food choice.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We’re always expanding De Ann! Keep checking trycaviar.com for region additions this year.

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Yes!! I think our “Group” options might be perfect for your small team. Sign up on our website to learn more info & get started. :)

  216. Rebecca Schwant

    good concept. a simple google search “Caviar for Companies” did not produce your website though. Glad OfficeNinjas provided the link. Would have liked the opportunity to do a quick online check to see if available in my area without filling out a profile and waiting for a rep.

    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Oh no! To showcase our Catering offering, we went through an exciting rebrand this month from “Caviar for Teams” to Caviar for Companies”, and it’s still a pretty new change! Please check out our website here: https://info.trycaviar.com/us/en/for-companies

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Yes we are! In select regions. Reach out, I can let you know if we service your area! [email protected]

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Hey Ivona! We actually are in Dallas! For Individual and Group. Reach out, we can get you more information on a plan that may work for your company? [email protected]

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Stacey, we’d love to be your new Catering go-to. We have registered dietitians that makes sure the food your company gets is top notch (and has ingredients/nutritional facts!) How big is your team? Happy to chat on email: [email protected]

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Hey Julie! You should definitely check out Caviar for both locations. We’re perfect for multi-location offices, with dedicated account manager here to help. Reach out at [email protected], I’d love to hear more about what you need!

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      We offer Individual & Group in Brooklyn & Queens! If you might be interested, let me know! [email protected]

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    1. Lauren at Caviar

      Aimee thank you so much for your comment. What cities is your company in? Would love to start a conversation [email protected]

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