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Flash Raffle 2019 #1: Win a $500 Self-Care Package from Bevi!

Flash Raffle 2019 Day 1: Win a $500 Self-Care Package from Bevi!

Bevi will be joining us at Admin Bash 2019 — so be sure to say hi, and experience a Bevi for yourself.

Happy Admin Week 2019, Ninjas! This week is all about YOU and the phenomenal work you do day in and day out. And to recognize your dedication, innovation, and complete badassery, we’re hosting five days of can’t-miss Flash Raffles.

Oh, and before we forget, Happy Earth Day! To kick off this year’s festivities and celebrate workplace conservation, there’s no better organization to partner with than champion of office health and sustainability — Bevi, the smart water cooler.

We could tell you that Bevi has the best all-in-one hydration solution for your office. We could rave about how Bevi makes it easy to provide your team with on-demand, customizable still and sparkling water. We could chart out all of the waste they’ve prevented from entering the environment. We could go on and on about how, thanks to Bevi’s smart water technology, you’ll never again have to place a beverage order or empty recycling bins overflowing with bottles and cans.

But we had a better idea.

We asked the Ninja community what they wanted to know about Bevi. As fastidious vendor vetters, what no-nonsense questions did they have for the Bevi team?

They didn’t hold back! And, of course, the team at Bevi was more than happy to provide helpful answers. If you’re looking for a smart, sustainable way to keep your team hydrated, check out our Ninja Q&A with Bevi!

Ninjas Ask Bevi 5 Big Questions

Why choose Bevi over other workplace beverage services?

With Bevi, you have an endless number of choices and so much less to worry about. Unlike other beverage services, there’s no need for beverage orders, fridge restocking, or emptying recycling bins — Bevi connects directly to your water line!

And one Bevi machine gives your team a variety of drink choices. Depending on their mood, they can dispense chilled filtered sparkling or still water, or they can have some fun with a variety of refreshing flavors. Each team member can get creative and mix their perfect combination (for a popular “spa water” combo try the cucumber paired with lime-mint flavor!) without the need for bottles, cans, or additional staff time.

What does the installation of a Bevi machine entail and what pre-installation prep is required? How often does a machine need to be serviced?

One of the biggest benefits of a Bevi machine is how little you have to do. Before installation, our techs will come out to survey your space, so we’ll understand exactly what is needed for setup ahead of time.

And don’t worry about scheduling servicing. Because our machine is wifi connected, we’ll know when we need to send out a tech. We’re committed to quick and highly responsive service, so you won’t be left waiting if an unexpected issue arises.

What ingredients are in Bevi’s flavors? Can team members who are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, have food allergies, etc. still use Bevi?

We’re always seeking out healthy options for our flavors and ingredients, using the natural juices, essential oils, essences, or extracts from a variety of fruits and vegetables. All of our flavors are vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. We also provide a full list of our ingredients on our Flavors page, so your team members with allergies can always check to see if there is a flavor they should avoid.

How many people can one Bevi serve, and how often do its flavors need to be replenished?

We typically recommend one Bevi machine for every 100 employees. For larger volume areas, we typically service a Bevi once every one to two weeks. It depends on usage, but you won’t have to worry about it! As with any Bevi service task, our machine is wifi connected, so we’ll know whenever your Bevi(s) needs attention.

How much does a Bevi cost?

A Bevi can be as low as 20 cents a drink in direct costs. That doesn’t factor in the reduction of can and bottle usage, and the staff time spent on beverage orders, stocking shelves, and dealing with all that waste.

Each office is different. To get a personalized quote based on your number of employees or users, email OfficeNinjas’ go-to Bevi representative.

Exclusive Promo for Ninjas!

Admin Week is all about the win-win. That’s why our partner, Bevi, has created a can’t-miss deal JUST for Ninjas. Check it out:

Bevi is offering a free $100 SpaFinder gift card to new Ninja customers. To take advantage of this offer, sign a contract with Bevi by July 31, 2019.

Congrats to the Winners of the 2019 Flash Raffle Hosted by Bevi!

To celebrate the first day of Admin Week 2019, Bevi gave away a decadent self-care package to three lucky Ninjas! Winners received a SpaFinder gift card and hand-crafted skin and bath products from Yuzu Soap, San Francisco’s favorite creator of artisanal all-natural bath and body products.

Prize #1: Ninja Reboot

  • $300 SpaFinder Gift Card
  • $200 Yuzu Soap Gift Set

Prize #2: Serenity Ready

  • $200 SpaFinder Gift Card
  • Yuzu Soap Best Sellers Gift Set

Prize #3: Fully Recharged

  • $100 SpaFinder Gift Card
  • Yuzu Soap Best Sellers Gift Set

Pop over to Bevi’s website to check out their options. Then, let us know in the comments how a Bevi machine could improve your office!


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  1. A nice change to the filtered water now offered.

  2. We could all enjoy snacks!

  3. Save space for other items.

  4. I want a Bevi so bad! Currently talking to the partners of the company to get one for our office :)

  5. Bevi would be a refreshing upgrade to our office break room!

  6. Creates quite the tidy space.

  7. Genius! I love that it’s connected with WiFi. No need to contact the company when it’s running low because they already know.

  8. We love our Bevi – it’s a cool feature in our office and also makes my life easier – no more stocking sparkling water!! *insert praise hands*

  9. Bevi is a great product and I enjoy their flavors!

  10. I didn’t know anything like Bevi existed. Game changer, I make it a point to highlight this awesome perk whenever I give a interview candidate a tour of the office! #ilovelemonbevi

  11. I love the fact that the Bevi is Wi-Fi enabled on order to relate usage back to the Bevi office.

  12. I do think Bevi would help increase hydration levels with the variety of beverage choices. I also appreciate not having to keep a box around for storing cans/plastic bottles.

  13. Fun start to the week! Thanks!

  14. This would be an amazing addition for our office team!

  15. A Bevi would be extremely beneficial in our office as we consume a mass amount of sodas within a month and the expense is quite overwhelming. This would also cut down on the waste and also reduce recycling. I have heard of the Bevi before but I’ve never seen one. It would be awesome to have one for our office!

    1. Great to hear, Tamicka! Fingers crossed for you and your team 🤞

  16. Bevi looks amazing. Will definitely suggest it to our team.

  17. It would be a great addition to our office!

  18. This would be awesome!

  19. Bevi looks like exactly what we need for our lovely new office!

  20. Bevi is LIFE CHANGING!

  21. Bevi is LIFE CHANGING!

  22. We love BEVI! Happy Admin week everyone!

  23. Great way to get sparkling water with so much less recycling waste!

  24. Bevi would improve out office in so many ways. We have the more bare bones hot tea and horrible coffee options now, and with a group of health conscious people, having more options for healthy hydration would be amazing.

  25. Thank you for sponsoring Admin Week!

  26. Having carbonated and flavoured water would be great.

  27. I love Bevi, we sadly don’t have room in or office budget :(

  28. Waiting until we have enough members on the team to shift to Bevi… I hear good things!

  29. This would certainly be better than buying case after case of La Croix…

  30. What a cool company

  31. Much better option than having Safeway deliver “sparkling water”!

  32. Thank you, Bevi, for honoring the work administrative professionals accomplish every day to keep businesses running efficiently. Self-care gifts are meaningful and always a welcome treat!

  33. Bevi would be awesome to cut back on plastic & canned beverages in my office! So excited for the rest of Admin Week!!!

  34. Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

  35. Bevi would elminate canned sodas and provide a healthy beverage option.

  36. This sounds awesome.

  37. Great way to get flavored/ bubbly water experience with so much less recycling waste!

  38. Blended not balance work life = truth

  39. We do not even have water cooler any more… just drinking fountain water and it is not the best tasting water! This could change everything for us, if you service the Hawaii region? It sounds amazing and we are always looking for ways to do things better – part of Blue Zones!!

    1. Hey Kris! We do not service Hawaii unfortunately, but best of luck with the raffle prize :-)

  40. Looking forward to Wednesday!

  41. My previous office space had a Bevi…How I miss the cucumber flavor!

    1. Hey LaShuane! Is there room in your new office for Bevi? Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at

  42. I welcome how Bevi adds sparkle and refreshment to office hydration above and beyond what ordinary water coolers can offer!

  43. Happy Admin Prof Week!

  44. Always looking for different alternatives!

  45. Our office consumes so many canned sparkling waters. Bevi seems like a better alternative.

    1. Hey Tiffany! Bevi would be a great alternative! Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at

  46. Thanks Bevi! A spa day would be divine :)

  47. It’s been a rough week at home. A spa visit sounds great!

  48. We already have a Bevi! Love having fresh water with flavor and bubbles available to the team on tap!!

  49. I just watched the video……with today being Earth Day, this is the perfect item to help do our part!!!

    1. Hey Stacey! If you’re interested in learning about Bevi I’d love to help. You can reach me at

  50. Bevi would be super fun! Our office doesn’t have any unified beverage service right now.

    1. Hey Katie! If you’d like to learn more about Bevi you can reach me at

  51. Today is Earth Day! I’m entering to win a Bevi machine to commit our office to reducing can waste. Cheers!

  52. So happy that you’re paying attention to including the vegan market!

  53. The staff in this office work hard and play hard and do so much for others. They are so deserving of something that would help them relax.

  54. Bevi would provide healthier drink options for everyone.

  55. Great way to start off Admin week! Bevi looks amazing. A lot of us in my office have moved to drinking nothing but water and sparkling water and this is such an awesome option to give our staff to change up the normal options.

    1. Hey Lindsey! Let me know if I can provide any more info about Bevi. You can reach me at

  56. Wow, the Brevi could free up a ton of space in our break room refrigerator – it’s currently filled with bottled water for our employees and guests. Not to mention the perk of being able to offer clients flavored water on demand, talk about impressive!

  57. Love the design! Looks great! Would love one in our office!

  58. Happy Admin Week Everyone!!!! You are all Amazing!!!

  59. Our Bevi at the office is my favorite machine aside from the coffee! It’s a great way to keep me hitting my water goals!

  60. What prizes for those who make a difference for so any in their offices.

  61. Happy admin week everyone! I was just tasking my admin with TopBrewer and Bevi systems!

  62. What a neat watering system to have for the office

  63. A great prize to start of the week! looking forward to meeting you all!!

  64. Bevi is a cute name tho

  65. Whoop Whoop!

  66. This would be amazing in our office! :)

  67. I’d love to check Bevi out in my office!

  68. The Bevi system looks like a great idea

  69. Is this something that would be feasible in a really small kitchen? I’m talking no counter space at all…. Anyone else have this type of situation?

  70. Bevi already improves our office and I was thrilled there was a Bevi here when I arrived. Options of still water or sparkling, add light flavor to either type of water! Talk about user-friendly and it just works.

  71. Awesome prize packages.

  72. Happy Admin Week! Can’t wait till Wednesday.

  73. Bevi looks amazing and we would be excited to learn more about this.

  74. Bevi looks like an amazing product!

  75. Love the self-care gift idea!

  76. We have a small team now but it will be useful as our numbers increase. I see less plastic use in the office and less plastic waste.

  77. Sounds like a great prize!

  78. We could use this in the office to help our executives and staff throughout the organization feel more comfortable when visiting Administration.

  79. We have a BEVI on every floor of our 10 floor building in Cambridge. WE LOVE Bevi!!

  80. A service like this would make it so much easier to provide a wide variety for everyone’s different tastes.

  81. Would love to have this be the first Bevi in our university system.

  82. A service like this would make it so much easier to provide a wide variety for everyone’s different tastes.

  83. The Bevi machine sounds awesome!

  84. I would love to see my co-workers swap out some soda or something more nutritious. So this is a great company with great products. I also try to get some for previous jobs.

  85. We are moving locations in 2020 and I’ve made my recco to have Bevi in the new building. Here’s to hoping it happens!

  86. We’ve had a Bevi in our office for about six months now and love it. We have saved so much money from not having to buy La Croix anymore and I am so grateful I don’t have to turn over those giant water bottles anymore.

    1. Yes! No more giant water jugs 🙅‍♀️ Thanks for sharing, Brenna!

  87. Having had bevi at a former office makes me even more keen to get it in my new one!

  88. Office Ninjas ROCK! Happy Admin week to my fellow Ninjas!

  89. Our office just got one of these and it seems to be a hit in the office.

  90. This would be perfect for our office! We struggle with healthy options and good hydration.

  91. This would be a great addition to our break rooms and a great way to give a benefit to our employees!

  92. This looks really awesome. My coworkers would love it, I bet.

  93. If the company would pay for it!

  94. A Bevi in our office would be another way for us to continue to reduce waste. I think having the option for flavored water versus pop also has health benefits that are important as well.

  95. I love the thought of a more environmentally friendly option. Plus the machine is aesthetically pleasing and who doesn’t like that!

  96. Would be a cool new drink option for office staff and guests!

  97. I’m drinking my Bevi sparkling water right now! Its the best!

  98. I wish my office could have a Bevi!

  99. This is so cool!

  100. My office has been asking to try Bevi for a long time. It would be an awesome prize!

  101. We have so much waste, this could be a perfect solution to assist Uncork in cleaning up the world, one beverage at a time!

  102. Bevi would be a much needed improvement in our office!

  103. Bevi came and did a demo at our office and unfortunately I missed it! Dying to try out the product!!

  104. I’d love to see Bevi at Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific!

  105. This looks like a great option for beverages at the office, for so many reasons!

  106. Bevi would be a great addition to our office!

  107. BEVI IS AMAZING. We have the throughout all of our offices. SPARKLING PEACH WATERMELON is the best flavor. 💯

    1. ✨+🍑+🍉 = 😍

  108. Would it eliminate the endless recycling of LaCroix cans…?

  109. This is so awesome! Can’t wait for the rest of the giveaways this week!

  110. A spa day is the gift that keeps on giving!

  111. Bevi would be such a great alternative to our office rather than running out to grab soda.

  112. Received flowers cut from our rose bushes in front of the building. They’re beautiful, thorns and all!!!!

  113. Having a BEVI in the office would save our office employees from enduring the hot warehouse yo go to the vending machine for a drink.

  114. I’ve tried this machine; its awesome!

  115. AMN Healthcare strives to provide a healthy workspace/ work-life for all employees and Bevi would be an cornerstone to that very philosophy. What a grand idea, not to mention making drinking water, more exciting.

  116. This would be awesome to have in our office.

  117. Everyone deserves a spa themed gift!

  118. Wowza, I cant wait to enjoy Bevi at my work

  119. Give our break room a great look!

  120. We have tried several other vendors for beverages and this would be a great replacement!

  121. We have plenty of coffee. As a non-coffee drinker, I would appreciate an alternative option!

  122. Is Bevi available in Minneapolis?

  123. Bevi would be a WONDERFUL addition to our facility :-)

  124. Bevi would help improve our office morale, appreciation and hopefully help our folks be more hydrated, especially in the summer months. One day hopefully we can afford.

  125. It’s a great day to have a great day.

  126. Would love to try! Since we’re in a co-working space I could expand Bevi to our whole building.

  127. I bet my small office would love a Bevi!

  128. I think our office would benefit from Bevi for so many reasons, mostly the reasons listed on your web site. We would feel so pampered with such great options. I hope we can add this to our office some day….soon.

    1. We hope so too, Charmayne! Fingers crossed 🤞

  129. Love Bevi and their delicious healthy options! And the fact that it eliminates recycling is genius!

  130. Looking forward to the day when we can get Bevi in an office I work at!

  131. Definitely need a Ninja Reboot Serenity Recharge! Happy Earth Day and Admin Week! See everyone soon <3

  132. A bevi machine not only reduces the amount of single use plastic bottles brought into the space but also, provides exciting options for water consumption!

  133. Reducing waste for sure! Thanks Bevi + ON team!

  134. Bevi sounds like a great idea, especially on Earth Day!

  135. Happy Admin Week!

  136. Bevi sound’s like a great option to reduce waste!

  137. Our hospital is constantly looking for ways to improve our health. A Bevi machine would do wonders for our office.

  138. Would love to have this in the office to meet everyone’s beverage needs!

  139. we have bevi on every other floor in our building and I LOVE it.

  140. I tried to implement a Bevi machine to our office, but the monthly price is a bit too steep as we aren’t currently providing flavored water or soda.

  141. Would cut down on our LaCroix purchases and make sure everyone was happy with their water options (sparkling, still, flavored, plain)!

  142. Looks like a great product that my team could use.

  143. Great way to kick off admin week and this product looks cool!

  144. It’s more than just water and would bring up a different type of converstaion

  145. Oh. looks awesome. Do we have to keep it at work? can I take it home with me? :)

  146. I am going to see if I can talk to someone in our Finance department about Bevi.

  147. What a perfect way to kick off admin week! Looking forward to Kickoff night, ON Con, Bash, all the amazing prizes and meeting new people! By the way – we LOVE our Bevi machines!

    1. ❤️ Can’t wait to celebrate with you, Amber!

  148. I think if we had one of these in our office, people would drink more water than they do now.

  149. It would be nice to have this addition to our kitchen in all three of our locations to offer more of a variety for our staff/agents alike.

  150. Thanks Tam

  151. Happy Administrative Week my amazing, hardworking friends!

  152. This is so exciting!! Way to go admins!!

  153. Bevi would be a great way to mix things up!

  154. We have a Bevi and the staff love it!

  155. It would be great to have a variety of beverage selections. Currently we just have a water cooler that we supply.

  156. This raffle is truly amazing!! Thank you to Office Ninja’s for creating such a great group of peers and recognizing some many of us for the uncelebrated work of ensuring all the gears keep turning and burning. What a fantastic gift for whomever wins this!!

    1. Thank YOU for being an admazing Ninja, Nicole! Happy Admin Week 💛

  157. R&R pretty please!

  158. Happy Admin week! I’m dreaming of a spa day!

  159. Can’t wait to try out Bevi!

  160. I would love to win some relaxation!

  161. What a great way to start of Admin Week!

  162. I love Bevi! A spa package is much needed for this busy executive admin!

  163. Excited for Admin week! Go Bevi!

  164. Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

  165. A great fresh new way to enjoy more water!

  166. Happy Admin week and happy earth day! A brevi would help my office continue to make a good decisions for our health and earth!

  167. Happy Admin Week everyone! I’d love to have Bevi at our office.

  168. I’m very excited to see how we can work Bevi into our future space. It would be great to produce less can and bottle waste!

  169. I recently met with a Bevi rep, awesome Carmen hosted a great tasting event at my office. Bevi will reduce plastic pollution. We would stand out in our small contribution of not purchasing and providing bottled sparkling waters.

  170. We love our Bevi and look forward to the different flavors

  171. This is awesome! Just found officeninjas as well as Bevi and I think Bevi would cut down on buying as many cans of soda! We go through tons!

  172. The best thing about Bevi is no longer having to rely on the water jug delivery service we currently use!

  173. We drink so much coffee in the office and many people are saying how it would be nice if we would start having options for water. Thank you!

  174. Happy Admin week to all the ninjas out there!

  175. This is a great 1st day raffle, esp on Earth Day! Thanks!

  176. Thanks for cutting down cause of La Croix! Happy Earth Day!

  177. i’m getting bevi for the office. exciting. :)

  178. We provide beverages to lots of guests- this would be a nice alternative to coffee and bottled water.

  179. I’d love to be able to pamper myself with a win from this contest!

  180. Everyone is huge fans of sparkling water and especially flavored sparkling water so you can imagine that the beverages in our refrigerator dwindle quite quickly so having a Bevi would significantly help so we could make sure to constantly have beverages handy for employees and guests instead of constantly restocking the refrigerator. Happy Admin Week everybody!

    1. Here’s hoping for reduced fridge stocking for you and your team 🙌 Happy Admin Week, Nicole!

  181. Thanks Bevi for supporting Admin week!

  182. We are always complaining that the water takes too long to come out of the spout and that the machines break easily. Bevi seems like they have a high level of customer service and would resolve these issues quickly!

  183. We have Bevi in our office and we love it. Great taste, multiple flavors, easy to use.

  184. Bevi would help break up drinking so much caffeine and would allow those who do love drinking water another option.

  185. Bevi looks like it has a lot of options!!

  186. What an amazing give-away! Relaxation is what admins need!

  187. Is this system cost effective for a small office of less than 20 people?

  188. Amazing giveaway!! Thanks!!

  189. We installed a Bevi last year & have completely cut out the use of plastic water bottles in our office, saving $ and the environment! Happy Earth Day & Happy Admin Week!

  190. Wish our office could afford this kind of service–very cool!

  191. It’s all about the user experience and promoting a healthy and happy office. This would be perfect for us!

  192. I appreciate you all my Beautiful Admins!!! Have a wonderful week

  193. Happy Admin Week to all the Ninjas out there

  194. Thank you, Bevi!

  195. Happy Admin Week everyone! I hope I win! Good luck to everyone!

  196. We love our Bevi machine

  197. This is great! So excited.

  198. Bevi could absolutely solve so many issues with drink preferences and stocking small numbers of favorites, which then go bad.

  199. Woo hoo!! Happy Admin Week All!

  200. A Bevi would save me many hours spent on shopping and restocking. The variety of healthy drink choices (Vegan & GFree – yay) would be enjoyed by my teams and further enhance our company’s Green and Health and Wellness programs.

    1. Exactly, UC! Fingers crossed for you and your team 🎉

  201. This is awesome, hopefully we will be adding this to our office soon.

  202. Bevi has been under my radar for a long time. I’m thinking of using them once we move to the new office!

  203. Our office has already installed a Bevi on one of our floors in the pantry area. It is a more efficient way to get the flavored water (and multiple options) than for our kitchen staff to constantly prepare and refill pitchers of flavored water every day on our other floors.

  204. Happy Administrative Professional’s Week and Good Luck everyone!

  205. We already have Bevi in our office. It’s a great way to reduce waste as we don’t go through lots of bottles/cans of plain fizzy water.

  206. Good luck everyone!

  207. Less time and effort stocking the frig!

  208. Bevi knows that every admin needs a little pampering! Admin week is off to a great start! Thanks Bevi!

  209. Our office has lightened its carbon footprint by installing a Bevi and employees always look forward to trying new flavors.

  210. Just what I need! Crossing my fingers!

  211. Can’t wait! Happy Admin Week!

  212. I think this would get our office drinking more water! Competition maybe?

  213. What a great way to save on packaging waste!

  214. Nothing says happy admin day like a little r&r and a free massage! (fingers crossed)

  215. Bevi is the absolute best! Deliciously flavored water that you never run out of, and no plastic bottles hurting the environment – I’m a huge fan!

    1. Happy to hear it Nikki!

  216. A Bevi machine would so be welcomed here. But is it cost-effective for a smaller office?

  217. Oh man, do I need a massage! Fingers crossed…

  218. Happy Admin Week!! Bevi would be a big improvement over ordering and stocking sparkling water manually. Definitely going to look into all the options.

  219. Would this be an easy set-up/move for use in job trailers? We have construction trailers serving up to 20 people in place for anything from 8 months to 2 years.

    1. Hey Amy — great question. Please contact Austin at Bevi ( to see if they can fit your needs!

  220. I love Bevi! So simple and great for the environment.

  221. We love love love our Bevi machine and think every office should have one!

  222. Bevi would be AMAZING ! Less waste in the land fill and yummy goodness !

  223. This would be a great addition to our small office!

  224. Bevi would save me time and energy – I currently have to manage and order drinks by the box for the office!

  225. I love the idea as it would be good to get rid of all the soda in the office with a healthier option.

  226. I would love to have one of these in our office!

  227. Never used Bevi, but it looks interesting and something employees would love

  228. Our office/studio goes thru a minimum of 3 cases of La Croix a week. We have limited refrigerator space so it would be amazing to have a Bevi machine in the kitchen to eliminate some of the space issues, the recycling and to be able to make a refreshing sparkling beverage fresh n a reusable cup would be super “green” I tasted this product at the last Admin Bash!

    1. Green and delicious! Fingers crossed for you, Tonya 🤞 Thanks for being an important part of our community!

  229. I never heard of Bevi before, but it sure looks interesting.

  230. I love all the different flavors you can choose from with Bevi!

  231. This would be an awesome prize to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  232. Happy Monday! So excited for a great experience this week! :)

  233. Especially going into summer, this would be a great way to stop drinking hot coffee while still enjoying some flavor in my day.

  234. So excited for a great experience this week! :)

    1. Can’t wait to share it with you 🎉

  235. LOVE Bevi! What a great way to lower waste (& increase the yum)!

  236. Wish I had Bevi right now.

  237. Huge fan of Bevi! The flavors are super light and tasty!

  238. Living in the desert, hydration is essential! The Bevi would be a great addition to our office to keep everyone happy and healthy!

  239. My favorite week in spring!!! Hurray for Admin week!

  240. What a great way to keep the office healthy and hydrated

  241. Bevi would be a wonderful addition to our breakroom! When we move and actually have the space I would like to look into this service.

  242. I would love to surprise the office with this! Our finance director has enough to worry about, it would be great to take something off her plate

  243. Bevi can improve our office by cutting down on the number of bottles and cans we are using on a daily basis.

  244. Bevi would give us more options and lessen my workload of stocking up the fridge!

  245. Happy Admin Week, Ninjas! Let’s keep up the great work!

  246. I would LOVE to win this raffle! We have bottled water delivered every month and it’s crazy how much we have to recycle all t hose bottles!

    1. It really is crazy how much an office can go through — good luck, Debbie!

  247. This would be a really great way to take care of our staff! We are all so busy that we forget to keep hydrated. This would something new and exciting for them.

  248. Happy Admin Week Everyone! and Happy Earth Day! Bevi looks amazing! great website and love their “What’s all the Fizz about?”
    This would be amazing, healthy and delicious!

  249. I would love to bring this to the office, or to my home!!! Seems really exciting and useful.

  250. Happy Admin Week! It’s finally here. I have been to events where there was a Bevi system-it is really cool! If I owned my own business, I would totally get one for my office!

  251. It would be so nice to have healthy beverages like this as an option on campus. Unfortunately we see main stream sodas as the go to. It’s time we start moving forward!

  252. I was able to try Bevi out at a conference last year – super awesome! Can’t wait to see if we can get it in our offices this year. In fact, I still use my promotional water bottle they gave me;)

    1. LOVE the Bevi water bottle 💙 Happy Admin Week, Jennifer!

  253. Working on trying to get Bevi into my office once we relocate to our new location in a couple of months! :)

  254. This is so exciting! Great ideas, great comments and great week!

  255. Bevin looks like such a fun thing to have in the office. And it’s my birthday so what a fun present!

  256. Bevi is an amazing option for beverages that seriously helps the environment! An eco-friendly staple for all offices that are big on flavored water!

  257. Would love to see Bevi at T-Mobile!

  258. Happy Admin Week, fellow OfficeNinjas!

  259. This is EARTH DAY!!! We could use Bevi to continue to cut down on our bottle and can consumption of sugary beverages. This would be a GREAT way to celebrate both Admins and EarthDay!

    1. Absolutely, Krista! Fingers crossed you can bring this in for you and your team 🤞

  260. Excited to hear more about Bevi.

  261. Everyone in my office drinks Red Bulls and other energy drinks that are really not god for you. Allot of coffee and sugary sodas. Bevi would help our team stay healthy and motivated. :)

  262. Looking forward to celebrating a lot of great professionals. I really enjoy reading about the al-stars!

  263. Great information! Sounds delicious too! Would love to try Bevi to help our office staff stay healthy. I had never heard of it until I learned about Office Ninja’s. Not sure if it’s available in East Tennessee, but, if not, we’d love to be ther first stopping point for it! :-) (And winning this could also make me the office hero! lol!)

    1. We’re sure you’re already an office hero, Rebecca! But still — fingers crossed for you!

  264. Bevi would be an efficient solution for the larger office.

  265. Bevi would be a great alternative to have available to staff. Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

  266. Like the reduction of waster!

  267. Love this! Bevi machines are so great and so much better for the environment than single use cans!

  268. This product looks awesome. Do you service nation wide or is it only in select areas. Woudln’t mind having it in our office.

  269. Love all the options.

  270. Happy Administrative Professionals Week, everyone!

  271. Happy Admin Week … aka BOSS week!

  272. Wow, I love this idea!

  273. Happy Admin week! Flash Raffle Day 1 started with a bang! I am liking this!

  274. Bevi is fantastic!! The flavor options are unbelievably delicious.

  275. Happy Admin Week!!

  276. Our office doesn’t use anything like this – I wish they did! This is SO NEAT!

  277. Savings! Low cost and individualized drink choices!

  278. I love that it is something for everyone. I personally get bored with just plain water. The idea that I can choose my flavor and make it sparkling is awesome. Such a smart idea.

  279. We would have a healthy alternative to sugary sodas!

  280. I got the chance to experience Bevi at a conference, the flavors are so great and I love that it’s healthier for you, and you can switch out the flavors every month!

  281. Bevi is an amazing idea/service and I am glad it is finally taking off soon they will be everywhere.

  282. Looks amazing. Would love to see one in action!

  283. This would be a great addition to any office! Happy Admin Week!

  284. Bevi is a great product — and great that you’re highlighting it on EARTH DAY, since it can help reduce waste going to landfills, or to the Great Pacific Garbage Island floating in the Pacific Ocean, which is twice the size of Texas.

  285. So excited for Admin Week!!

  286. AS always, an interesting idea.

  287. I believe our office has tried one and people loved it

  288. I’ve heard a lot about Bevi, and believe my office could benefit from it.

  289. Everyone in our office loves our Bevi machine

  290. I know people in my office would love to have flavored water options. Having them at our fingertips instead of going to the fending machine would be spectacular!

  291. Happy Admin Week To You All!!

  292. If I owned my own business, I would definitely have a Bevi system. I have been to events that have had one, and it’s really great.

  293. happy Earth Day to all!

  294. This is awesome! Never heard of it but will definitely be looking into it!

  295. Our Office would love this!! So much more convenient than cutting all the different fruits up each day….
    Would love more info.

  296. As always, timely information.

  297. Earth Day Week & Bevi !! A Win Win!!

  298. What a great idea to incorporate more water and more options for everyone in the office. Plus, Office Ninja’s always need a little pick me up! Thank you!

  299. Happy Admin Professionals Week!

  300. Bevi seems like a neat system.

  301. We are always seeking healthy options for drinking water. Bevi looks like a good fit.

  302. Happy Admin week to all those that make it happen! This is the first time I’ve heard of the Bevi but I love the idea of having sparking flavored water at all times in the office.

  303. With a Bevi system, healthier drink choices would be a no brainer!

  304. I ‘d be interested to learn more about Bevil.

  305. I would love Bevi for our office but on a non-profit budget we don’t have any funds for treats like that. So sad, because I think it would be a really fun option that our staff (especially me!) would love!

  306. This sounds like a great product. Happy Administrative Professionals Week

  307. I installed a Bevi machine three months in our office and it’s been a game changer! People love the choice of sparkling or still and the many flavors Bevi offers. It’s been a huge cost savings as well – Bevi is definitely a win win for our office!

    1. Love to hear it, Gina! Happy Admin Week!

  308. Interesting concept. I wonder if it does sodas in addition to flavored waters. We definitely go through a lot of waters, still and sparkling, in addition to vitamin waters. But a good portion of our drink refrigerator is canned sodas.

  309. Seems like a great way to help the entire office be a little healthier.

  310. We are definitely interested in the benefits of Bevi in the office

  311. What a great way to start off Earth Day – with Bevi!

  312. Best week of the year!

  313. When beverages becomes a staple nice to have office bonus, BEVI is gonna be my go to beverage supplier!

  314. I love the idea of Bevi, but I have a few obstacles that I’d love any advice or observations on:
    1. We have plastic and paper cups (recycled and compostable) in our office of about 300 people, so even with getting Bevi it seems we would be creating waste. We give out a nice tumbler to all new hires, and have some real dishes in the cabinets for use, but sadly the majority of our staff uses one use cups. Any tips to cut this down?
    2. While we go through a lot of sparkling water (and water with our filtered water machines) but we still have lots of soda and juice options in our drink fridges. Has Bevi considered offering other beverages in their machines, or is is limited to sparkling and still water options?
    Thanks for what you are doing, I hope I can eventually find a way to integrate Bevi into my office!

    1. We have similar issues. We have people grabbing bottles of water and running to meetings. We use all washable dishes and utensils and try to limit disposable things aside from our soft drinks, beer and water containers. We were thinking of getting the Bevi bottles to give out to the team and use purchase disposable cups for a quarter and then gradually just encouraging the team to use their personal cups. It seems like a hassle, but overall I think it could be great!

  315. Our office wants to really start drinking better options than Diet Coke and I think Bevi could be a real game-changer for the office!

  316. Woo! Admins Week 2019!!

  317. This is such an awesome deal and I am so glad I learned about Bevi, what a cool solution!

  318. Happy Admin Week to all you super Office Ninja’s our there! You are amazing!

  319. Woohoo! We are actively considering Bevi to replace our can consumption at work. Looking forward to Admingling as well!

  320. Bevi could be a budget game changer for our office.
    Celebrating all the Admins & Office Managers our there this week! You Rock!

  321. This is great! I wish I was able to attend the admin bash.

  322. We’re a smaller office, so normally snack runs are completed by me! I’ve started using Amazon Prime Now, but I think having a monitored beverage solution would be much more efficient, since we’re a pretty thirsty bunch!

  323. I would love this at my workplace! I’m trying to save money and reduce calories, and having fresh, flavored waters would be fabulous.

  324. Bevi would be a great addition to our office remodel!

  325. Drinking more water makes us feel better and adding flavor and bubbles is my key getting me to drink more. What a very cool idea!!! I’m assuming that you are nationwide?

  326. Thanks!! Love my Bevi Coffee Mug… Part of my morning routine! <3

  327. happy admin week all!

  328. Can’t wait to get Bevi into the office and get the copious La Croix orders out!

  329. Bevi would allow my team more options to drink during the long hot triple digit desert summers.

  330. What a great way to reduce waste in the office!

  331. Like bringing the spa to the office…I love that you can create your own drink! So often people stand in front of the vending machine, not really liking any of their choices. And this is a healthier option too!

  332. Since our company is trying to become more sustainable, this would definitely fall into that category. I also like the time management of no more ordering, restocking and recycling.

  333. A must-share with my fellow admins at work. Thanks!

  334. Bevi would help our office due to the amount of bubble water we go through (it’s disturbing)

  335. This would be such a great feature for our office as well as an enhancement

  336. Going to have to do some research on Bevi now!

  337. Tried Bevi at the ELS Forum in Austin. Definitely an interesting concept!

  338. Looks like this could be a great way to cut out the endless amount of cans that are in the office. So many cans….

  339. Bevi would provide healthier drink options for my co-workers.

  340. I love our Bevi! It’s great to have so many options, and without the plastic waste.

  341. My office would love this! We have a fridge full of sodas, but may have to do away with it just because we need the space. I think my budget would be happy with this switch too!!

  342. Working the Bevi system into our office remodel budget!

  343. This is Awesome!

  344. This is awesome! Much needed in many offices!

  345. This would be money and planet saving. Win-Win. Looks like delicious flavors

  346. What a great concept; I’m very excited to check out Bevi options for my workplace!

  347. This would be an awesome item for our office.

  348. We would love to have this in our office!

  349. What a cool option for the office!

  350. Excited to see what the week brings!

  351. Bevi in our office is one of the best things they could’ve done. It sits right in front of me all through the work day so I can easily pop over to the machine and refill.

  352. The option to have sparkling water on tap would make many people in our office very happy!

  353. Gotta love Bevi!

  354. My office installed a couple of Bevi machines recently and I love it! I have to take the elevator up 11 flights to get a taste, but it’s worth it!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, we are thrilled to hear that you love your Bevi! Sounds like you need a Bevi on your floor too ;-)

  355. This would be a huge improvement to my office and I think it would be appreciated greatly by all the staff.

  356. We go through a lot of soda cans and bottled water in our office. We do recycle but Bevi would be great!

  357. We have a water machine but this would up our game!

  358. Bevi–so much better than a lime-encrusted water fountain, here in the land of hard water!

  359. I would love to win!

  360. What a treat for the office and eco-friendly too!

  361. Bevi would offer a healthier option to the soda machine in our breakroom. Hope to win and share with my office mates!

  362. I love Bevi, the flavors are great and it reduces waste. A win/win for any office

  363. We just had our Bevi installed last week & my team loves it! It’s so great to see them switch from soda to a much healthier alternative while also upping their daily water intake. Thanks Bevi!

  364. Great Earth Day feature!

  365. My company is moving to a new facility and I hope I can convince them to invest in a Bevi!

  366. Our team would love this! No more boring water coolers! It would give our office a whole new look and vibe! :)

  367. Yay! One of my favorite weeks of the year begins!

  368. What a great promo! Thank you for the opportunity. And, besides Admin Week, Happy Earth Day to all!

  369. This is going to be a great week…I just know it!!!

  370. I know my office would love to have something like this–any time we have something extra, my team’s eyes light up

  371. This would be a nice alternative to plain water and definitely an improvement over a soda choice.

  372. This would be a HUGE hit in our office!

  373. We actually have just started using Bevi (since late February) and I love the impact already. Our staff drank a lot of canned sparkling water and as a result I had too much time invested in buying and stocking that product. Not to mention, I cringed at all of the can waste. If it wasn’t for the fact that I drink the Bevi too, I’d forget that it’s even here since I don’t have to do anything to maintain it.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Rachel, our goal is to make life easier for Office Ninjas and reduce waste from bottles and cans! Would you mind leaving a review on our reviews platform too?

  374. Bevi would encourage myself and my co workers to stay hydrated. With all of the options available, there is something for everyone. Sounds like a dream!

  375. Bevi is a great idea!

  376. Bevi would be a great way to get everyone on a healthy start this summer!

  377. better for the environment drinking choice!

  378. We’re worth it!

  379. Woke up extra early to see what the raffle would be today. Starting off Admin week right!

  380. Hydration station!

  381. Happy Admin Week to everyone!! YAY US!!! : )

  382. This sounds amazing.

  383. We love our Bevi machine – got the first time it came out and the sales guys enjoy!

  384. Wow, how cool is this. Happy Admin Week to all!

  385. Thanks Bevi – Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

  386. Bevi is Eco friendly. Better way to hydrate. Great flavors.

  387. Great way to stay hydrated!

  388. We have a Bevi machine in our office :)

  389. We need healthy options! At a previous job, we had another machine but it was mainly sodas. I really hope we have this added to our new renovation.

    1. It’d be the perfect addition to a renovation. Fingers crossed for you, May!

  390. So excited for Admin Week!

  391. We love Bevi! Some of the best money we’ve spent as an office and for myself as an Office Manager.

  392. Would love to learn more about product offerings.

  393. This is very interesting. I’ve never heard of this product before.

  394. Admin week! Thanks for celebrating us @Office Ninjas

  395. I would love to get rid of our soda fridge and replace with a Bevi!

  396. Thank you, Office Ninjas, and thank you, Bevi, for being such a great supporter of office assistants!

  397. OfficeNinjas Rock!

  398. I’m so excited to be celebrating Admin Week/Day this year! It’s my first time in the 4 years I’ve been an Office Manager! :)

  399. Our annual theme at the office this year is “Wellness”, this would be an awesome addition to the office and fits in perfectly with our mission for the year

    1. A Bevi machine would be the perfect fit — Happy Admin Week, Kelly! 🎉

  400. We have looked into it already.

  401. Love the idea behind Bevi machines. Hope to have one in our office someday!

  402. Happy Earth Day!! USe Bevi, save the planet.

  403. Starting admin week off strong with Bevi! Our main office has a Bevi but as an admin in one of the smaller offices it’s something we’ve been dying to do around here. Strawberry lemongrass all the way!

  404. Happy Administrative Professionals Week everyone!

    It sure would be awesome to not have to worry about beverages (or haul water bottles/soda cans all over the place).

    1. Preach it, Kelly. Fingers crossed for you 🤞

  405. I’ve gone as far as getting pricing for a Bevi. It would help reduce our waste and reduce time spent buying other sparkling water. My office isn’t quite big enough yet but hoping that changes in the next year!

  406. Happy Admin Week everyone!

  407. Sounds really interesting. Could be a nice alternative to other beverage options

  408. Happy Admin Week!

  409. We are moving into a new building. Looking forward to introducing Bevi as an option!

  410. It would allow people to have more choices in the office, which I know is something my colleagues would appreciate!

  411. Bevi sounds super cool! We use bottled water right now due to our dated building. Once we move I’m hoping to switch to something more environmentally friendly, like the Bevi

  412. Happy Admin Week to all the fabulous Admins out there!

  413. A healthier choice of beverages available!

  414. WE LOVE OUR BEVI MACHINE!!!! We had other drink alternatives, including costly water filters, sodas and juices on tap, and purchased bottled water. The Bevi machine has changed the game. With the option to switch up from flat and sparkling water, we canceled our other water services. Bevi is our single source other than purchasing water bottle. And the flavor options are great.

    1. Great to hear, Kenya! Thanks for sharing 💙

  415. Bevi sounds great. Something that everyone can enjoy!

  416. I am always looking for ways to create and improve our wellness environment in our office. This is something new and different which would generate some interest! Thank you for making Admin week special and happy Admin week to all!

  417. Hooray for Admin Week! Bevi is awesome! Had a chance to try it at a recent ELS Forum! Great partner and supporter of Admins!

  418. This is a really cool product!

  419. Bevi sounds amazing!! Can’t wait to try this product!!

  420. Bevi could be a better alternative to the water machine we currently use

  421. Bevi is awesome! Can’t wait to check them out

  422. This is awesome! Thank you for always being so supportive of Admin week!

  423. By giving staff a variety of drinks to choose from instead of coffee and water!

  424. Bevi looks like it would be awesome for our office as we go through four five gallon bottles of water a week!

  425. Happy admin week! Bevi could be a neat alternative to our soda machines! :)

  426. Give us more options to stay hydrated in our office.

  427. This looks like an amazing system that any office would love. Thank you for letting us know what you’re about and giving an opportunity to win an awesome prize! Happy Admin Week everyone!

  428. I would love a bevi in our office. It would replace the dreaded soda machine which is always understocked.

  429. Love the sound of the services they offer – just not sure we have the budget for it right now. It’s now available in WI so will have to do some more research to see if it is something to bring to our offices.

  430. Happy Admin Week! Good Luck to all Office Ninjas !
    Also, Happy Earth Day, from a tree hugger and proud of it!

  431. I’m excited to try this product!

  432. This would be so fun to have in the office! We currently have several “water stations” throughout our building, but this would be even better!

  433. Thanks for the recognition of admins everywhere!

  434. Love this concept!

  435. This would be awesome! Save me many trips to Sams Club.

  436. This would be great in our office

  437. Happy Admin Week, Ninjas!!!

  438. Great to see what others are excited about and will to share so others can come onboard and partake in this amazing product.

  439. Happy Monday!

  440. Wish we could get this outside of Aramark!

  441. Bevi would be a great way to go green. Our office is all about sustainability!

  442. Sooo excited for ON Con and Admin Bash on Wednesday!

  443. The Bevi would allow our police officers to stay hydrated and have a healthier selection of drinks.

  444. I would love to have one of these in our office!

  445. We have not used this product in our office before. I am excited to look into seeing if this will be functional in our office.

  446. These products look amazing. I would love to try them.

  447. That would be something we really could use. We only have a vending machine for canned beverages.

  448. Happy Admin Pro week!!!!

  449. We are a nonprofit, so low cost, healthy beverage options are top priority

  450. This would be awesome for our office. No more water fountain!

  451. Happy Admin Week! We have a Bevi in our office and it’s a big hit!

  452. Wish we could get a Bevi, but our office size is a little too small. Great product that we had at my former company!

  453. Love that the hustle of admins everywhere is celebrated! Thanks Bevi!

  454. Woo hoo! Time to recognize our hard working admins this week!

  455. This would be great!

  456. Working on getting one for the office!!

    1. Hey Sonia! That’s great! Please let me know if you have any questions –

  457. Starting off Admin Week in an amazing way!

  458. Coconut Water! Earth friendly! I’m in!

  459. It would be a fun treat for an afternoon pick-me-up!

  460. Love having Bevi and was thrilled to see it was already there at a new position I started recently.

  461. We spend a lot of time stocking refrigerators with beverages, Bevi would eliminate that so we can focus on other things!

    1. Hey Brooke! Bevi would be perfect for you guys! I can help answer any questions you might have about Bevi. You can email me at

  462. This will for sure encourage better than water cooler talk ;-)

  463. Bevi could improve our office by spicing up the drink choices.

    1. I agree. I can help answer any questions you might have about Bevi. You can email me at

  464. Bevi would be a welcomed change to the office by providing healthy choices. The variety of options looks delicious.

    1. Hey Julie! I can help answer any questions you might have about Bevi. You can email me at

  465. We’d LOVE a Bevi in our office! It would allow us to have all of our favorite flavors available at our fingertips – not to mention being better for the planet. What more could we ask for on Earth Day? 💕🌎

    1. Hey Kristin! I can help answer any questions you might have about Bevi. You can email me at

  466. This sounds amazing! We have quite a few employees who are making changes in order to be healthy. I am definitely going to pass this along to the person who makes this decision!

  467. Bevi would be great for our office!

  468. Brevi would be such a game changer in our office!

  469. Providing a greater variety of snack options

  470. Looks amazing and my co-workers would love it too!

  471. I was just reading about Bevi! I would love to get one for our office, but we are very small satellite office with only 13 employees that travel often, so I don’t think we would use it enough for me to be able to justify the purchase to my boss :(

  472. Options for water other than NYC Tap. Big earth saver

  473. Better choices

  474. We love our bevi!

    1. Hey, Deva! I’m glad you love your Bevi.

  475. Bevi is in our Portland office, awesome product.

    1. Thanks, Darlene! Glad you’re liking it.

  476. I installed a Bevi in my office in January…we *love* our sparkling water options. Downside is that if the machine is handled by one of Bevi’s partners, it’s not *quite* as hands off as described. Still much better than stocking cans of seltzer and the footprint is a lot smaller too.

    1. Hey Aleiha! Thanks so much! And thank you for the honest feedback. We are currently working with partners to improve level of service. Best of luck in the raffle!

  477. I’m so glad I found Office Ninjas! I’m new to the admin world – going from teaching to now an Office Manager. I’ve loved every minute of the switch, but I definitely have a lot to learn. I accidentally found Office Ninjas, and I love the practical blog posts! And I’m right in time for Admin Week!

    1. Aimee – Welcome! I did the exact switch 10 years ago and I’m sooo happy I made the change. There are so many skills from teaching that you will find translate into the office really well. Wish you much continued success!

  478. Bevi would be a great addition to our office complex café. Happy Administrative Professionals Week to all!

    1. Hey Pearl! I’d be happy to give you more info about Bevi. You can reach out to me at Best of luck with the raffle.

  479. Would love to try Bevi in our office!

    1. Hey Rosaline! We’d be happy to offer a free tasting. Feel free to reach out to me to set this up. My email is

  480. A Spa Day is what the doctor ordered after this year’s tax season.

    Bevi looks like an amazing product.

  481. Happy Admin Week!!

  482. ESD loves bevi!!

  483. We have the “wild west” of meeting supplies at our office, with each department doing their own thing.

  484. I can’t wait to see all that Admin Week has to offer and the new ideas I can get for my office!

  485. I’m not familiar with this at all, but I’d like to know more.

    1. Hey Amy! If you’re interested in learning more about Bevi please let me know. You can email me at with any questions.

  486. Bevi would certainly cut down on staff travel time to refill our current water cooler bottles. And since the current bottles can be changed ‘incorrectly’ and cause a huge mess, this would save on cleanup time as well. But the biggest plus is having fresh, infused water and no need to worry about running out!

    1. Hey there! If you’re interested in learning more about Bevi please let me know. You can email me at with any questions.

  487. Can’t wait to learn more about Bevi and try it.

    1. Hey Andrea! If you have any questions about Bevi, please let me know. You can email me at