Flash Raffle 2019 #2: Win a Three-Night Stay at Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, CA!

Benchmark Resorts & Hotels will be joining us at Admin Bash 2019 — so be sure to say hi.

Bringing Ninjas together through events like Adminglings, Admin Bash, and now OfficeNinjas Con is a big part of what we do and love at OfficeNinjas. (We’ve produced over 70 events!) But organizing these experiences is no joke — it takes a lot of strategic planning, nimble collaboration, and a respectful acceptance of those inevitable panic-inducing surprises along the way.

No doubt, you’re nodding your head right now. It’s a scenario of which Ninjas are all too familiar. Coordinating company-wide gatherings and team activities is an exercise in organized chaos. And that’s not even including what it takes to ensure these events are productive and memorable!

So, when it comes to choosing a hotel, you want a partner who understands what’s at stake — and who can help pull off an unforgettable experience.

There’s a reason our Admin Week 2019 partner and today’s Flash Raffle host Benchmark Resorts & Hotels took top honors as Best Overall Boutique & Lifestyle Hotel Brand in the 2018 Stella Awards. Providing phenomenal experiences is what they do best.

We sat down with them to get the deets on how they make corporate event planning personal and do it with flawless collaboration.

Ninjas Ask Benchmark Resorts & Hotels 5 Big Questions

What differentiates Benchmark from other hotel brands?

All of our hotels have their own unique voice, inspired by the natural setting and local landmarks. We all carry one common theme: we genuinely love to serve our guests and be true partners in our communities.

Our guests enjoy transformational experiences (like rafting down Snake River at Snow King Resort in Jackson, WY, or adventuring through the mountains at Chaminade Resort & Spa’s on-site ropes course). We truly enjoy being the liaison between our guests and the local culture, and work with you to find activities that best match the personality and needs of your team.

Where are Benchmark properties located?

Ninjas work in a variety of fields, so we provide a variety of experiences. We have unique destinations in 19 states spanning the coast to the slopes (and offering a range of resources to match)!

When you choose your venue by experience, you’re able to hone in on what really matters to your team. Would an obstacle race on the waterfront bring your group together, or would they benefit more from a night of digital golf?

How much does it cost?

While this will vary depending on the location and length of your stay, one thing everyone at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels has in common is a genuine desire to serve our guests. For example, at Chaminade Resort & Spa, we offer all-inclusive pricing.

That’s right: meals, accommodations, event space, AV, taxes, gratuities — the works. You won’t need to worry about that coffee-guzzling VP of Sales or the presentation that requires a little extra technical savvy. We’ll keep your team fueled and set up for success throughout their entire stay.

What size groups can you accommodate?

We work with groups as small as 10, and accommodate much larger groups as well. Our planning team will be here for you every step of the way to ensure your event runs smoothly, from strategy to execution.

Each of our meeting destinations offers unique programming and activities to keep your group engaged. We’ll help you lead company-wide exercises or smaller team-building competitions, explore unforgettable landmarks, or attend a skills class.

Do you offer special discounts for groups?

Yes! Just like our destinations, each location offers unique packages and ways to save on group experiences — as well as special perks to go along with them. Our hotel meeting experts are here to help you with this, too, and will work to find the best fit for your team AND your budget.

Exclusive Promo for Ninjas!

Admin Week is all about the win-win. That’s why our partner, Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, has created a can’t-miss deal JUST for Ninjas. Check it out:

Benchmark’s Chaminade Resort & Spa is offering a team building event deal: book a team event with a minimum of 20 rooms per night for two nights and receive:

  • 50% off the resort fee
  • Two for one Signature Classics team building events
  • One per 50 comp rooms

To take advantage of this offer, email OfficeNinjas’s go-to Benchmark representative.

Flash Raffle 2019 Day 2, Hosted by Benchmark Resorts & Hotels!

Thanks to our Admin Week 2019 partner Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, three lucky Ninjas won a stay at the Chaminade Resort & Spa, a spectacular mountaintop retreat in Santa Cruz, California!

Pop over to the Benchmark Resorts & Hotels website to check out their stunning options. Then, let us know in the comments what you’d most like to do on a dream weekend getaway.


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  1. Annette Mikkelsen

    Would have fun soaking up the views, sun, beaches and relaxing atmosphere!

  2. HJJ160

    I’d love to have some of the spa treatments especially the Antioxidant Body Wrap and Massage – 80 Minutes and one of the facials.

  3. Lexi

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  4. Cassandra D

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  5. Nitters

    Sounds like there are lots of options of luxury travel, relaxation and Fun!!

  6. Alexandra White

    A perfect mix of getaway: a well-appointed place to rest my head surrounded by nature, a little luxury. A fireplace, good food, fresh air, mountains, and ocean.

  7. Carol

    Leave my laptop and my phone in the room and hit the pool!

  8. Kathleen

    Take me away!! It looks amazing!!

  9. Kristin Schmidt

    I enjoyed the website itself as it’s easy to maneuver and really shows off what they offer. I like the variety of properties and different styles of stays too.

  10. Suzanna Erlichman

    Oh, man! I NEED this one!

  11. Annalise Phomvongsa

    I like what I’ve reviewed thus far and glad to see so many properties in FL!

  12. Stacie

    Yes, Sounds Amazing!

  13. B.Hughes

    Great info to keep handy… esp. for small group options!

  14. Darshana Dave

    This is an amazing option for corporate level events and travel. Thank you!

  15. lemenu

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  22. Grace Atkinson

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  23. Daniela G

    I’d love to have my first real vacation with my fiancé! We’d spend our time hiking and swimming.

  24. Leisa Vandehey

    I appreciate that they will work with groups as small as 10!

  25. VK

    We all need a getaway sometimes!

  26. Tracy Painter

    Fabulous ideas I can share with my for their travel. Thanks!

  27. Janet Tarr

    This is a beautiful place! I would love to be able to check out the facilities and report back to my doctors for their annual retreats.

  28. Jennifer

    Gratitude for this amazing share! Love it!

  29. Karen Moe

    It is impressive that they thought to incorporate the venue with the activities they offer. I also appreciate that they are all-inclusive. Usually AV is an added pricey expense and you deal with an outside vendor. Great job Benchmark Resorts & Hotels!

  30. Lisa McElrea

    This place looks amazing!

  31. Jenn

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  32. Angeline R. S.

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  38. Lindsey Hughes

    Looks fabulous! Will definitely consider for our next Sales QBR.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Let us know how the Chaminade team can help Lindsey! We <3 taking care of sales teams!

  39. Barbara N

    Chaminade is spectacular! Would love this!

  40. Erin

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      The views just might be my favorite part about working on property at Chaminade! Breathtaking!!

  43. JillRM

    Looks amazing!!!

  44. Katy Harth

    Excited to share this opportunity with my fellow admins, and this service with my other events managers. This would be a great fit for some of our employee getaways that we plan each year!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Thanks for sharing Katy! We so appreciate you spreading the word!

  45. Mallory T

    What a gorgeous property!

  46. M Steph

    The idea to have all-inclusive packaging is a good idea. However, for small startups, I wonder if the pricing with all inclusive items is worth the price.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Would love to get you pricing info M Steph! We’re always happy to modify our package inclusions to make sure you aren’t paying for things you don’t need. We want to make our package work for you, not the other way around!

  47. Leslie C


  48. Michele

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      YAY!! Let us know what we can do to help the next time you’re on the hunt for a great location! We’re here to help!

  54. Denise Labrado

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      That’s the TRUTH!

      We’re so excited to be participating. Wish we could give EVERY ninja the R&R they deserve!

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    Don’t think ever stayed in a Benchmark Resort but this looks like an absolutely fantastic introduction to the brand!

  72. Andrea Spencer

    This looks like a great location for a Strategic Planning meeting. It has the right balance of fun intertwined with a casual working atmosphere. The setting appears very relaxing but also intimate enough for meaningful collaboration and brainstorming.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      That’s us! Fun, casual, relaxed and intimate!

  73. Rei

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      Team Chami <3s this incredible admin community!!

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      Yes! The Boardwalk is such a blast! Have you checked out the summer concert schedule yet? They just posted it a few weeks ago!

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  85. Cheryl Taylor

    This visit would serve a double purpose for me: (1) serve as a site visit for future senior leadership off-sites; and (2) afford me an opportunity to experience the type of getaway I coordinate for many others. Thanks for this amazing offer!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Fingers crossed for you Cheryl. I know the Chaminade team would love to have you visit!

  86. Chandra M

    Dream weekend getaway? Sit by the pool slathered in Sunblock, drinking a margarita, reading a book next to the love of my life (of course my husband)…

  87. Nakia Laushaul

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  93. Anita Maasen

    Seriously, it sounds like we could all use a little time away from technology and the demands that we deal with on a daily basis. There is goodness in having a solid change to reset and recharge.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Absolutely, Anita! Recharging is SO important ⚡️Hoping you get some time for yourself this Admin Week!

  94. Barb Vandenberg

    Would love an opportunity to check this place out!

  95. Karen D Meyer

    Hike and relax – enjoying the natural rhythm of nature and the ocean! What a great getaway place so close to the Bay Area for corporate retreats and meetings!

  96. jessica

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  97. Courtney

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  98. ValerieC

    Wonderful program the promotes great products such as Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, but most important, promoting Administrative Assistants.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We <3 admins! The work you do each and every day is AMAZING!

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      Let us know how the Chami team can help Debbie! Would love to make you look like a super star and create the best QBR for you yet!

  103. Ana Weddall

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      Fingers crossed for you Lisa! Would love to get you the pampering you deserve.

  110. Jennifer Anderson

    I love how you guys incorporate appreciation with getting the word out about these products. I’ve been an EA for 30 years and am so happy to see that administrative professionals are being recognized for their contributions and of course, their buying power. Thank you for shining the light on us!!!!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Right?! This is exactly why we love OfficeNinjas. We are so excited that they give us the chance to participate in bringing you all the recognition that you deserve!

  111. JoAnn Hill

    Looks fantastic! maybe a long weekend this summer!

  112. Valerie S.

    What would I most like to do on a dream weekend getaway? Relax poolside, schedule some spa time, and eat amazing food :)

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  117. Vaughn-Shane

    See, these are the little (BIG) things that make ninja-ing totally okay at the end of the day. Where’s the closest zip-line…?

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We’re so stoked to hear the love. Because you guys all deserve this kind of appreciation!

      If you’re a zip-line lover like I am – check out Mount Herman Adventures. 15 minutes from Chaminade and SO MUCH FUN. Also, Chaminade has a super fun ropes course onsite. Sans zip-line but all of the other adventurous fun!

  118. Kirbi

    What an ideal location! Close enough to SF, yet far enough to feel like a getaway!

  119. Phiandra Peck

    My dream weekend getaway would include an ocean view, hiking, swimming, time to read, shop, and people watching. Thank you for being an APW sponsor.

  120. Shelia Jernigan

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  121. Jackie Parr

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  122. Nadirah

    Looking amazing!

  123. sarahb

    If only my non profit had more $$$!!!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Don’t let $$ stand in your way! If your team is flexible with offsite dates we can always try to make something work. Team Chaminade has a number of non-profits that they work with each year!

  124. Bianca Flores

    Relax, bring my paints and easel and some wine!

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    I’ve heard such great things about the Chaminade! I would love to check it out!

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    All inclusive in Santa Cruz???? Sun, wine, surf, wine, beautiful views… WINE… that just sounds too good to be true!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      You’ve got to try the Alfaro Pinot Noir that’s always available onsite. Delish!

  132. ChrissyB

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    1. OfficeNinjas

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  149. TL

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      Thank you RaeDyne! We’d love to work with you!

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      All day, everyday! Wine and massages. We love the way you think!

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    1. OfficeNinjas

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      Thanks for the love Helena! We hope you’ll be back soon!

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    1. Brynn Kessler

      Brunch, facial and shopping – YES! Can we join you? ;)

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    1. Brynn Kessler

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  201. Amber B

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  203. Helena M

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  204. MichelleM

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  205. Alicesun

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  206. Shelly Doine

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  208. Crystal Hansen

    Awesome! I am already checking out the Benchmark site for executive retreat ideas! (And personal vacay ;)

    1. Brynn Kessler

      So great! Be sure to check out Lake Arrowhead Resort in SoCal. One of my favorites!

  209. Miriam

    Such a gorgeous place! I’d love to go here and unwind. Thanks Office Ninjas!

  210. Jessica

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  211. Laurie

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  212. Melissa B

    Love It!! Looks like an amazing place to relax!!

  213. Myka Williams

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  214. Susan Melton

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  215. Tara Barnes

    As a working mom of two young kids, I would SLEEP, fuel my body with healthy food, exercise and meditate.

  216. Angela W.


  217. Nicole Valk

    I would RELAX! Enjoy some time at the beach and enjoy the yummy food that Santa Cruz has to offer! A girl can only dream!

  218. Sherry Hogelucht

    I love the “All Inclusive” options. Thank you Benchmark for offering this great Raffle! —-Sherry

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We’re so excited to be participating!

  219. Jeteca

    Beautiful! I need this! :)

  220. Lee S

    Very interested to learn more about this group. Seems to be worth a look for our quarterly and annual offsites.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Lee S let me know how I can help! Here to be a helpful resource for you!

  221. Wendy J Forbes

    Santa Cruz is a wonderful destination to get away. I have heard nothing but good things about this resort.

  222. Leslie Ulwelling

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  223. Tiffany Q.

    What a beautiful property and location! Looks perfect for either a relaxing weekend or hosting an event.

  224. Regina Sanchez

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  225. Lindsey Turner

    I love that they have all-inclusive options. I would spend a weekend by the pool reading a good book. Some unwind time is much needed.

  226. Rebecca Schwant

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  227. Jeannie S.

    Santa Cruz, a view with a beach, and some R&R and what a perfect place for business and fun !

  228. Lori H

    To be honest….nothing!!! Well, maybe relax, and breathe…

  229. Lacey Horton

    I love Santa Cruz! Can’t wait to check out a new space! ;)

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    So awesome! I can totally see myself using this as we plan for our offsite next year!

  231. Gytahnna

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  232. Kathryn Flint

    Thank you Benchmark. I look forward to learning more.

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    I stayed at this property years ago. It is truly beautiful!

  238. Charmayne Druley

    Wow! What an amazing gift! I have never been to any resort, but have seen many photos. Such an amazing idea for a getaway. Thank you so very much for the recognition-I truly appreciate it! Good luck to everyone. (We are all winners, no matter what)

  239. Shelley Mcginn

    I can’t wait to check out one of these hotels!!!

  240. Joan Feifar

    On a getaway I’d put away my phone, leave my laptop at home and unwind with no to-do lists!

  241. Safiya Carter-Thompson

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    Seems like a great option for a company retreat.

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    I sure could use some rest and relaxation! Benchmark says they love to serve and I could use some serving up!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We’re here for you!

  252. Shannon

    Great resort with a great view! Easy team to work with for meeting planning, too. Woo hoo!

  253. Donna Gehlken

    This resort is so amazing. I love Santa Cruz. My son is in college at UC Santa Cruz. It would be perfect for a visit–I could see my son and also relax at a great hotel to take in the beauty of Santa Cruz!

  254. Jo Ann Y

    Sip a mimosa, relax and read a professional development book and not worry about anything exploding at work for an entire day!

  255. Amy N

    Looks amazing; would be a great place for a retreat!

  256. Jacqueline

    I’ve been to holiday events at the Chaminade and am always impressed. The resort is beautiful. I would love to experience staying a night or two!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Great to hear, Jacqueline 👏 Happy Admin Week!

  257. TS

    Great Fun!

  258. Audacious Admin

    Thank you, Benchmark!!

  259. Jolene


  260. Robin M

    I would love to be able to take a trip like this – for work or play!

  261. Brieana Krueger

    This place looks like the perfect spot for our company offsite this year! I could use the R&R!

  262. D Strimbu

    I know what chain I am booking with next!!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      YAY! We’re here to make you shine!

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  266. Alaina

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  267. Brandy

    Looks like a great place for an executive meeting. And it just so happens I have one coming up in July that I need to plan!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Let us know how we can help Brandy. We’d love to take care of your execs in July!

  268. Bethany

    The experiences sound so good, and glad to hear their is a price range of different options.

  269. Grace M. Pollert

    Chillin out maxing, relaxing all cool, trying not to sunburn while I read next to the pool…

    1. Brynn Kessler


  270. Nikki

    A weekend getaway to relax and unwind sounds like a dream! I would love to enjoy the atmosphere and quite frankly not do anything! A logistics-free trip would be a perfect vacation :)

  271. MJ K

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  272. Patrick Dunne

    These giveaways keep getting better and better

  273. C COFFMAN

    RELAX AND REFOCUS – 2019 has started off with a bang… both parents passed within 45 days of each other and my husband underwent a kidney transplant a month ago.

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  294. Alex Byrne

    Great giveaway!

  295. Sounita

    Worked with Chaminade for a team event a couple years ago and it was an awesome experience!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Sounita! We thought working with you was awesome too! Can’t wait to have you back again soon.

  296. Leticia

    Chaminade Resort & Spa is amazing property. Would love to get back again.

  297. MB

    So smart to have an all inclusive option!

  298. Jessica Ferstand

    I love a getaway, and if I can learn about properties that my company may be able to film with I can cross mutiple items off my list. I love to relax, to shut off and enjoy time away from my hectic office, but I never forget who I am and what I do.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We <3 working with film crews!

  299. Melinda Saretzky

    One must always make plans to getaway to reboot and refresh, even just for a night. It makes all the difference.

  300. Jennifer Banta

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  301. Deborah Kirsner

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  303. Tana

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  304. Korri

    My organization has held retreats at the Chaminade (before my time) and loved it! I’d like to experience the wonderful service & location that my coworkers still talk about.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Fingers crossed for you Korri! Would love to get you out to Chaminade!

  305. Joanna H.

    I could use a RRR moment, too much going on…I can Release, Relax and Revive my mind, body and soul!!!

  306. Terri Blackert

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  307. Jo Sumrall

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  308. Angela F

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  310. Liz M

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  311. Nancy Gardner

    I would take long walks, naps, and lounge by a pool…..that would be paradise to me!

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  315. Kristen Wilkie

    Enjoy some sunshine after a long cold winter and spring

  316. Cheryl Briscoe

    The perfect environment to relax and enjoy the beauty of mother nature at it’s finest. At the same time, participate in some awesome outdoor opportunities that push and challenge the limitations we often times set for ourselves. This trip would create balance where needed in my world!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Sounds like a plan, Cheryl! Fingers crossed for you 🤞

  317. Judith

    This sounds wonderful! Who wouldn’t want time to learn in, relax in and just enjoy a place like this!

  318. Sonya

    I love AIs …relaxing and wildly entertaining!

  319. Austin Baker

    I am ready for a getaway! Would love to do some filming and marketing to promote their brand if I win!

  320. Kerri Fagan

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  321. Nancy Avalos

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  326. Sandy K

    This sounds like an amazing getaway!

  327. Ivona

    Benchmark is a great company – one of my favorite bosses of all times works for them now and they are a great supporter of the EA community.
    I am staying at their San Antonio Riverwalk property in September and am looking forward to experiencing their hospitality.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Thanks for the love Ivona! So jealous that you’ll be out at Hotel Contessa soon. Such a great spot! Let’s connect so I can make sure the team knows when you’re coming!

  328. Kay Ray

    Some of my stress was relieved just reading this! Yes, I would love to win this raffle and then bring back my amazing experience as a possible meeting place for future events.

  329. Josie Gonzalez

    You guys rock when it come to appreciating us!! This would be a well deserved getaway for one of these NINJAS.

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  338. Laura D


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  341. Anne-Marie Held

    Great timing! I’ve been looking for an offsite location for our summer Sales Meeting

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We’re here to help! Excited to chat summer, sales and fun with you!

  342. Melanie M.

    I would love to get away to one of the beach destinations, sit in a chair all day with a drink, and just take a nap!

  343. Sheri Kelley

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  349. Gina Lewis

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  351. Barrett Shaw

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  352. Kay Dority

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  357. Cheryl Burns

    This is such an awesome trip package! I am grateful that there are so many companies out there that are willing to donate such awesome prizes for Admin Week.

    1. Brynn Kessler

      We <3 admins!

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  359. Laura Snyder

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  361. Debbie Slocum

    Excited to join office ninjas!😊

  362. Kathy Kubik

    I hadn’t heard of this property company, I’m adding it to my list when I search properties for our quarterly Sr. Leadership offsite meetings. Thank you!

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      Awesome! We’re here to make offsite planning easy for you!

  363. Erin Schuster

    Great locations corporate incentive travel!

  364. Claire Wichelmann

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  365. Cheri

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  380. Stefanie Biaggi

    Always looking for new resources for corporate travel. This is great! Thank you!

  381. Marieebee

    I don’t think there is a place close to me but it will give me a reason to take a trip!

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      Marieebee let us know where you’re located. We can keep you updated on new properties as they come up! We’ve added 5 new locations in the last 3 months and are always adding to the portfolio.

  382. Jennifer Newman

    So awesome! Has my wheels turning for our annual retreat!

  383. Cynthia Whitley

    Turtle Bay in Oahu! Just chillin by the water, drink in hand and the whole week ahead of me of doing nothing!

    1. OfficeNinjas


  384. Jackie


  385. Sandra Schrawder

    It’s always good to learn about new places to hold meetings where the staff is helpful and the atmosphere is relaxing.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      A great place for you AND your team 😍 Happy Admin Week, Sandra!

  386. Leslee Bachus

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  387. Jill Alexander

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  388. Corliss

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  395. Minerva Ontiveros

    Wonderful place for team building! Will share

  396. Carol

    Looks beautiful. Would enjoy the relaxation and getting outside.

  397. Shirley Pennywell

    Not only is it a beautiful getaway. I’ve held successful team offsites there years ago with very large groups. The meeting rooms, accommodations, and meal plans were wonderful and coordination was easy.

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      Thanks for the love Shirley! We hope to get to host you again soon!

  398. Caryn Sucharski

    Loved reading all about the Benchmark Resorts & Hotels. The Chaminade Resort looks like an incredible place to recharge and rejuvenate. Would love to be able to unwind mentally and physically for a bit from a huge amount of stress that I have right now. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this raffle!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Thank YOU for every thing you do, Caryn! Fingers crossed for you 🤞

  399. Amber M.

    This looks like a perfect weekend getaway!

  400. Linda Jolly

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  413. Maegon F

    What an awesome idea! Already told my boss about it and it’s going on our company dream board.

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      We can’t wait to make that dream come true!!!

  414. Jeri Smith

    This has been on my travel “wish list” for years!

  415. Ashly Roush

    I would like to enjoy a vacation instead of working during it plus since we are about to have a baby it might be a nice babymoon.

  416. Jeri Smith

    This has been on my “want to visit” list for years!

  417. Kaytlin Hemmert

    Never been to Santa Cruz, this resort look beautiful. Seems like a perfect way to unplug from work and recharge. I couldn’t think of a better way to relax. After a lovely vacation getting back to work will be wonderful. you’ll have a clear mind to and a clear look on your upcoming work.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      It’s amazing what a little break can do! Thanks for being a part of our community, Kaytlin!

  418. Kristin Mars

    Chaminade looks amazing – what a fantastic prize!

  419. Cindy Beauchamp

    Very nice venue. Glad to have learned about them through ON! I’m always looking for somewhere new to host my team.

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  429. Ronna M

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  430. CC

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  443. Dezilou0619

    That abaccus bed is awesome… I am “a Baccus” you know. LOL!! Best of Luck to all of those who enter. What a fun prize!

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  445. Sheri DiMaggio

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  446. Tiffany M.

    Sounds Amazing!

  447. Nicole K.

    I would love to just unplug and relax with some serious me time. Working full time, and being a single mom sometimes I forget to take care of myself. Or even more honestly I don’t because I am so busy putting my son first or peoples needs at work I put myself to the back.

    1. OfficeNinjas

      It’s a problem with you Ninjas — you think of yourself last. Hoping you can find some time for yourself this week, Nicole 💛 You deserve it!

  448. May

    Always up for a new place for teambuilding events

  449. Ann Wehrlie

    Sounds incredible! I have a group to recommend this space to for a biannual retreat.

  450. Mindy Beard

    I would love to go see my Grandkids and then relax as I have been working on home construction.

  451. Deborah Adelman

    A getaway, a spa, sunny California. Win3 Sounds wonderful!

  452. Rachel Jacobson

    The Meditation Nook is an interesting add-on to the suites. I’d love to use that!

  453. Doris Moroskie-Blewitt

    I can’t think of a better way to celebrate APW!

  454. AH

    How pretty! Looks like a great place to build a team.

  455. J. Witthuhn

    Looks like the perfect way to recharge one’s batteries. :) The rooms look fantastic! Great idea to have an all inclusive package for a meeting. Makes the planning very simple.

  456. GraceC

    Looks amazing! Would love to explore somewhere new!

  457. Lindsay Zhang

    Ahhhh we’re planning FOUR major fundraising events right now and I could use a break!

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      Whew! You DO deserve a break! We’re rooting for you and hope the fundraisers bring in more $$ than ever before!

  458. Courtney

    Oh wow! I’d get in a lot of relaxation…but I also would need to check out the craft beer, and go on a hike!!

  459. Alison A.

    So great to know more about this and the services that are offered! Will definitely be reaching out!

  460. Tawny Moore

    Sounds like a great place to stay!

  461. Jamie Buller

    I would love to sit back with a book and relax. Breathe!

  462. Rachel S

    A dream weekend getaway would land me someplace warm and sunny…perfect for being outdoors and exploring!

  463. Karen Moyer

    Great article, nice place would like to visit

  464. Stacey Roberts, CAP

    This looks beautiful. I wish I could convince our Exec Team to take a little team building retreat here!

  465. Jilenez

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  466. Sherri

    Terrific resort for an offsite. Love Chaminade! Great location and beautiful property.

  467. Xia Luu

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  468. Sherri

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  469. Stephanie Nance

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  472. Theresa

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  473. Cynthia B

    So would use this to come to Admingling next year!

  474. Rhonda Ostwald

    Besides chilling, I would love to explore the area and possibly determine if it’s a viable location to bring our board of directors’ meeting.

  475. Aubrey K

    Beautiful resorts – good to know there is a location near Chicago!

    1. Brynn Kessler

      Eaglewood is so great! Night golf, bowling onsite…and the food….!!!!! SO good!

  476. Brittany Hablitzel


  477. Janie Eller

    I would most like most to practice a little R&R that everyone talks about. :-) As ninja’s ourselves that’s difficult to do, even though we highly suggest it to others. :-)

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      Yes – it’s YOUR turn. Fingers crossed for you Janie!

  478. Priscilla

    Relax, unwind, and enjoy the scenery!

  479. Bobbi-Anne Lombardo

    Love that this is not only perfect for a personal getaway but great for team building events and corporate groups too.

  480. Caroline O

    These sound fantastic! What a great concept!

  481. Priscilla

    Relax, unwind, and enjoy the scenery

  482. bcWRE

    Will be passing along!

  483. Heather B.

    Putting this resort on the short list! Sounds amazing!

  484. Stacey Paget

    It’s always nice to find new properties to hold our meetings!

  485. Tina Wheeler

    Seriously – how cool is that bed? Thanks for the giveaway, Benchmark!

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      Right?! It helps with counting sheep ;)

  486. m

    ack! sign me up!

  487. Cortney P

    Looks beautiful!

  488. V Moore

    Something to actually make me take a vacation! Sign me up!

  489. Sara Cass

    I’m in! :)

  490. Kay Nicholson

    Amazing idea for next team outing. Love the idea of ALL inclusive. I can’t wait to plan our next team event. I will definitely be saving this one in the EA Book of Knowledge.

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      This EA Book of Knowledge sounds SOOO valuable! What other nuggets do you keep in there? ;)

  491. Jennifer Glass

    Looks dreamy!

  492. Alice S

    Love the all-inclusive pricing for conferences. Makes it so much easier!

  493. Pearl Taylor

    Looks like a great place to read a good book and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

  494. Brittany Ballard

    Not only would it be a relaxing trip, but I’d get the rare chance to visit with my best friend who lives just outside of Santa Cruz! Talk about a refresh from work!

    1. OfficeNinjas

      Fingers crossed for you, Brittany!

  495. Shelley Rappè

    3-nights in Chaminade? When do I leave?

  496. Stephanie

    I absolutely need this in my life!

  497. AmyBH

    Looks absolutely amazing. Would be perfect for my upcoming wedding anniversary. I’d probably spend a whole day just exploring the resort!

  498. debbie

    This fun and wonderful

  499. Tiffany Harris

    I would love to have some time with my hubby without the kids. We could use a reconnect and today is our 14th wedding anniversary.

  500. Jenna Killion

    relax in paradise

  501. Amethyst

    3-nights in Chaminade? That will be heaven! The breeze, deers, the hikes and the landscape scenery! Precious!

    1. Brynn at Benchmark

      The deer! Part of the Chaminade family :)

  502. Michelle Goraj

    Would love this to rest, renew and restore my spirit.

  503. Mysti Nundahl

    Sleep! Uninterrupted, peaceful sleep…followed by some adult beverages soaking up the sun possibly a swim!

  504. Katharyn Brown

    What a great idea for a corporate retreat!

  505. Lynn

    Oh to relax … what a lovely thought! I’m in!

  506. Jamie L

    The Meditation Nook on the suites is such a great idea!

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